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  1. Only Evil Continually Part 1 (The Order of Melchizedek)
  2. Hebrews –28 ESV - For this Melchizedek,… | Biblia
  3. The Deity and Superiority of Christ
  4. The Gospel in Hebrews

Only Evil Continually Part 1 (The Order of Melchizedek)

Melchizedek was said to have instructed Abram in the Torah, and handed down the robes of Adam to Abram. He was clearly acting the role of priest in his encounter with Abram. The rabbi's hold that perhaps the priestly line was to originally descend from Melchizedek, yet because he first blessed Abram, God brought the priestly line forth from Abram's descendants instead. Nevertheless, this blessing brought much prosperity upon Abram, Isaac, and Jacob.

Whatever the interpretation, it is clear that Melchizedek represents some sort of Christ figure in the Old Testament. His name means "King of Righteousness", and he is called "King of Salem", which is another word for "peace". The Biblical history of Jerusalem also begins with this passage, as it is the earliest Biblical reference. He is the first priest mentioned in all of the Bible.

He used the name El-Elyon to stress the power and absoluteness of the Most High God, as opposed to the many gods of the Canaanite pantheon. This led Abram into the land of Canaan. It would appear, thus, that God had already established a priesthood of some sort in Canaan, in anticipation of Abram's arrival and eventual settlement within. Abram willingly tithed one-tenth of all he had to God's Priest, thus indicating his subjection to God's servant. If the bread and wine was brought as refreshment for Abram and his troops, a very large amount would have been needed, perhaps alluding to the fact that Melchizedek was a man of great wealth and resources.

The bread and wine, however, may have been ceremonial only, as a thank-offering to God for the deliverance of Abram.

Hebrews –28 ESV - For this Melchizedek,… | Biblia

Many scholars claim this "Salem" to be Jerusalem. Thus, "the King of Salem" is King of Jerusalem. However, Jerusalem, in the time of Abraham, was under the influence of the Jebusites. Jebusites were descended from a Canaanite tribe. Jebus, the Jebusite, is later said to have been King of Salem. It is likely, therefore, that the Jebusites practiced the worship of the same Canaanite gods and goddesses condemned continually throughout the Old Testament.

Consequently, it is natural to assume that this particular "King of Salem" could not have been a Jebusite. Yet, how would he become King of a city like Salem? How was it that Abram recognized Melchizedek? After all, Abram had been called to a land he knew nothing of. Melchizedek's priesthood is recognized as being superior to that of Aaron. It is also evident he is superior to Abram. He receives Abram's tithe, and it is he who blesses Abram, thus the one blessing is in fact superior to the one receiving the blessing.

The majority of commentators on Genesis and Hebrews consider him to be an ordinary man, used as a type of Christ. This theory does not seem to adequately answer the questions raised about him in scripture, nor does it seem to place enough importance on the man whom Jesus is said to model in priesthood. If the genealogy of Genesis 11 does not possess gaps, then Shem would have lived until thirty five years after Abraham's death, dying at years old.

If Shem is indeed Melchizedek, the name is then used as a title, not an actual name. This title would seem to fit the biblical account of the Godliness and righteousness ascribed to Shem. The following scenario is not an unreasonable one. Sometime after the Dispersion of Babel, Shem, under divine guidance, moved to the place where God would one day establish His throne. There he ruled as a peaceful sage, a "King of Righteousness". Thus it is possible he did in fact reign as King for a time in Salem.

This does not necessarily have to contradict the biblical account of Jebus, King of Salem, and the Canaanites ousted by King David centuries later. It is quite likely that Shem passed down the patriarchal records to Terah first, then perhaps to Isaac , after Abraham's death. Scholars have used this theory to point to the reason why there are no sections in Genesis named "The generations of Abraham". Genesis has been sectioned "The generations of Terah", because it is written by Terah.

Genesis - carries the title "The generations of Isaac", written by Isaac, the son of Abraham. During the time of this encounter , Terah, Isaac, and Abram were all alive. Terah lived in Haran for 60 years after Abram left for Canaan. Isaac was 35 when Terah died, and 45 when Shem died.

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These calculations assume no gaps exist in the Genesis record. In this respect, the eternal priesthood of Melchizedek can be viewed as referring to the line of the promised "seed of the woman". This seed was handed down from Adam, through Shem, through Arphaxad son of Shem , to Abram, through Judah, son of Jacob, and eventually to Jesus Christ, a descendant of the tribe of Judah.

Proponents of this theory argue that the order of the Melchizedek priesthood is an eternal order, preserved by those men chosen by God throughout history to represent Him to mankind, and intercede on behalf of mankind to God. Adam, thus, would be the first priest in this order, as he had no mother nor father, nor was he born, but created by God from the dust.

The Deity and Superiority of Christ

Jesus Christ, then, is recognized as the last priest in this order. He does not possess any descendants, neither does He have an end of life. The context of the passages from scripture also seem to talk of a specific person, not a general "order" of which a certain man was a member. This can be seen in Abram's tithe.

The first mention of tithing in the Bible is found in Genesis Abram is said to have given Melchizedek "a tenth of everything". Abram is reported to have refused any spoils from an ungodly nation, thus he took none of the spoils Gen. Thus, though the Bible does not specifically state this, it is quite possible that Abram did in fact give one-tenth of ALL that he had to the High Priest. Another theory remains which claims this figure was actually Jesus Christ Himself, in one of His pre-incarnate forms.

This claim does correspond most readily with the literal interpretations of the scripture concerning the nature and person of the mysterious king of Salem. Hebrews undeniably speaks of the person of Jesus Christ. Only Christ can stand up to the literal meaning of this verse. Questions arise in response to this theory as well. Some argue Melchizedek is said to have been made "like unto the Son of God". This was not the same as being made AS the Son of God.

Another part of this argument points to Hebrews This verse claims he is a man. This could not have been true of Christ pre-incarnate, proponents argue. However, the theory most consistent with the literal translation of the Bible, and the theory with the least difficulties, is the one which points to Melchizedek as a pre-personified Jesus Christ.

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An easy to read history of Israel from ancient old testament times to today. I consider myself a Yahshuan Son of Yahweh. I renounced Christianity about 30 years ago. The name, Jesus, is erroneous for the simple fact that in.

Passages for Further Study

Read More. The people who try to claim they are God's Chosen People a. The jews. Do you have a theory on the identity of Melchizedek?

The Gospel in Hebrews

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Jesus has a mother and a father. All of us can remember being in third grade and learning about George Washington and the cherry tree, … Melchizedek Some theologians have pondered the identity of Melchizedek for as long as 'a time, not remembered by man'. Either he was a pre-personified Christ, or the Adam from another planet unfallen who was on a mission for God.

The Order of Melchizedek (part 1) - Nader Mansour

He was called the Prince of peace as was Jesus. Is this correct? If so, can someone show me where to find this information? Both were in the line of the priesthood and their lives overlap Abram's. Many names at the time are … "Yes, I would like to know how I could find the age of Melchizedk when he died? Apparently, Melchizedek is a priest … Click here to write your own.

He even brought bread and wine to Abram. Shem died when he was Nimrod died in year after the Flood. Out of the blue a voice came out saying "I am Melchizedek. It does not have to wait until we die a physical death. Melchizedek was someone who attained the fullness of Christ. There is actually only one Moroni son of Mormon, but … Melchizedek could easily have been Jesus. Not rated yet It is not impossible at all to think that Melchizedek was indeed Jesus Christ. First I will deal with the arguments against. There were several gods being worshiped at that time.

Not rated yet 6. Melchizedek's Covenant with Abraham Abraham knew of him. The levitical priesthood was not perfect. God show's us in many ways. Melchizdek taught "faith" as THE Answer. Because he became a man of flesh and blood, he is able to save us, for one of our human race died in our place and overcame death and the Devil in his resurrection. He is the great and final Prophet, far surpassing Old Testament mediators of revelation—prophets and angels Heb.

Therefore, the gospel that he brought is even more important than the law that was given to Moses through angels Heb. This is because Jesus is a priest according to the order of Melchizedek who, unlike the sons of Aaron, lives forever and thus has a perpetual priesthood. He is the Great High Priest who presents himself as the final offering, bringing the end to sacrifice and saving to the uttermost those who come to God through him Heb.

As children of Adam we are fallen, and we do not exercise proper dominion over creation Heb. We are held in bondage by the fear of death and by him who had the power of death, the Devil Heb. Left to ourselves, like Israel of old, our hearts are unbelieving and rebellious Heb. In a word, we are needy sinners in need of a gracious and mighty Savior. And that is just what God has provided in his incarnate Son, Jesus Christ. Fourth, as strongly as any place in the Bible, Hebrews warns of the danger of apostasy—in five passages: Hebrews —4; —; —; —39; and — Plainly, the original readers of Hebrews were in danger of turning from the faith they had formerly professed.

However, Hebrews also asserts that God not only saves his people from their sins but also keeps them saved to the end Heb. And one of the means that God employs to keep us is to warn of the folly of deserting him who saves us freely by his grace. There is nowhere else to turn. Fifth, Hebrews exhorts professed believers to persevere Heb. It is true that God saves us once and for all. But that salvation is not static but dynamic. It is as dynamic as the living relationship between God and his people made formal in the new covenant; Heb.