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So McTee got to work, listening to the recorded arrangements and transcribing them for full orchestra. It proved to be a fizzy nightcap for a festive evening. Slatkin transcribed the track, adding a full orchestra to the original strings and percussion. The result is scintillating, the strings given a feast of notes to negotiate. After Brahms it might have seemed incongruous, but it worked Detroit Diverse! TAC Calendar Workshops. Log In Insights. Build Skills with The Daily Practice Challenge See noticeable improvement in finger strength, accuracy, and speed so you can learn songs faster and play with more confidence.

TAC Pickers Community Forum Where like minded people talk about acoustic guitar gear, playing, and exchange acoustic inspiration. Wilson Companion to the Ballroom , Played by Patrick Bonner.

Fisher’s Hornpipe

Edden Hammons Collection, Disc 2. Scott Skinner attributes the melody to J. Skinner Harp and Claymore , ; pg. B:Calvert Collection Page Z:P Whittaker Scottish, Reel. A Major.

Fisher's Hornpipe: sheet music + guitar TAB -

Composed by blind musician Hing Inner of Sutherlandshire. A note in Walker says "this reel inserted by request as it was the subject of some discussion in the Banffshire Journal in and was never before published. Scottish originally , Canadian; Reel. Sources for notated versions: Kenny Chaisson b. Cranford Winston Fitzgerald , ; No. Lowe A Collection of Reels and Strathspeys , Surenne Dance Music of Scotland , ; pg.

Composed by fiddler Tracey Schwartz. E Major. T:Pay the Reckoning. T:Jackson's Bottle of Brandy. T:Fishing for Eels. Z:transcribed by Paul de Grae. Scottish, Strathspey. Canadian, Reel.

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G Minor. T:Fishing Rod Reel. C:Ward Allen. Z:Transcribed by Bruce Osborne. Old-Time, Breakdown. Phillips Traditional American Fiddle Tunes , vol. Canadian, March cut time.

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Canada , Cape Breton. In his notes for the air Williamson calls it "a quirky piece of unusual structure. AKA and see " Appin House [1]. Cooke gives three texts for this tune:. Wis du at me bridal, fit the gutters, fit the gutters. Wis du at me bridal, fit the gutters brawly. Dat I wis and 'Be me deid', Me and pirrie Mallie. Wis du at me wedding, Jaanie Nittle, Jaanie Nittle Dat I wis and 'Be me deid' and got a chunk o lairvin.

Dat I wis an 'Be me soul' AKA and see " Appin House [2]. Chappell Popular Music of the Olden Times , vol.

S:Sharp — Country Dance Tunes Irish, Hornpipe. Murphy, Co. Cork, Ireland [Breathnach]. Fitzgerald was a travelling fiddle master and a contemporary of Corney Drew, who wrote a music manuscript dating from , after which he emigrated to America and was lost to history. His manuscript survived in Ireland , however Dan Herlihy has a copy, Paul says. Source for notated version: Brendan Mulvihill Baltimore , Md.

Irish, Polka. Kimmel accordion player from N. Ireland, Co.

Fisher's Hornpipe

Source for notated version: fiddler Johnny Henry b. Sligo [Flaherty]. American, Schottische. Norton was probably a band-leader or principal instrumentalist in the eastern Massachusetts area in the mid th century. Five dollars was quite a sum of money in those days. Howe Jigs and Reels , c.

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T:Five Dollar Job Schottische. S:Howe — Jigs and Reels c. Canada, Cape Breton.


Composed by Cape Breton fiddler and composer Dan R. MacDonald Cameron Trip to Windsor , ; pg. American, Reel. Several hundred years ago it referred to the five of trumps in the game of don or five-card, and more lately, in underworld usage, to a five year prison sentence. Rounder , John W. The tonality is blurred to a great extent between minor and major versions, as the 'C' note can be either sharped or natural. T:Five-Leaved Clover, The. K:A Dorian. E Flat Major. Five men went together x2. Four men, three men, two men, one man.