Go, Tell It On The Mountain

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Go, Tell It on the Mountain > Lyrics | Anonymous/Unknown

Since , they have gathered with other musician friends during the Christmas season to perform an annual benefit concert. Pass the Peace Contact Found Wandering. Streaming and Download help. If you like Found Wandering, you may also like:. I love this song so much I listen year round..

Go Tell It On The Mountains - Bob Marley

One of the few modern Christmas albums that features hymns, and that's it's my favorite Christmas album. Rereading Go Tell It on the Mountain in the light of Baldwin's later sustained attacks on the church particularly The Fire Next Time, , it's clear that he was deeply critical of religion; and yet I'm not convinced that his work became more secular.

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The church never gave up its hold on Baldwin, who was preaching in a Pentecostal church at 13, but he gave it up to write. As late as he talked of how "once I had left the pulpit, I had abandoned or betrayed my role in the community". Like many African-American artists at the time, including Richard Wright, Ollie Harrington and Chester Himes, Baldwin headed for Paris, a city that offered - at least on the surface - respite from stifling sexual and racial discrimination.

With no regular income or fixed address, he endured poverty, illness and depression as well as a brief spell in jail for the theft of a bed sheet , but he was soon writing for avant-garde literary journals, including Paris Review and Zero, and in Commentary published a brief version of what would become his first novel, under the title "Death of a Prophet".

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It was there, as Baldwin recalled, "in that absolutely alabaster landscape, armed with two Bessie Smith records and a typewriter, I began to try to re-create the life that I had first known as a child and from which I had spent so many years in flight". Set in Harlem in the late s, the novel describes a day in the life of year-old John Grimes, the son of Gabriel, a fierce Pentecostal preacher, as he struggles with his growing sexual awareness and the warnings of the church that thunder through the novel: "You is in the Word or you ain't - ain't no half way with God.

But while aggressively critical in places of Pentecostalism's rigid distinctions between the saved and sinners, the spirit and the flesh, Baldwin's novel is tinged too with nostalgia and wonder. John is a confused adolescent boy.

Go, Tell It on the Mountain

He cannot look at anything without having it painted in the light of the church. According to the church, he is committing sin because of his own nature, which is the cause of his confusion. The story includes racial injustice, both as a background theme, and in one flashback sequence as leading to John's biological father's Richard's suicide.

Richard had been wrongly imprisoned and beaten, despite having proclaimed his innocence. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Go Tell It on the Mountain First edition.

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The New York Times : May 18, October 16,