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Of course not every society is totalitarian. Some are more lenient than others. But every civilization, from the tiniest groupings of tents to the largest empires, have standards by which they define themselves, which holds the group accountable. The question of who sets those standards is profound enough for an entire book and can hardly be addressed in a single blog post. But underneath just about every form of government is the premise that a productive and orderly society necessitates an imbalance of power. Sometimes through conquest and the propagation of a royal bloodline.

Sometimes from a person who wins a majority of votes.

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But in any case once power is won, people tend to want to hold on to it. Even very powerful and authoritarian rulers have in some cases hired court jesters. It was a common practice in medieval and Renaissance times for a jester to make crude and unflattering remarks towards the royal court and their assemblage. It has even become something of an archetype, the professional fool who acts as the safety valve, releasing tension with jokes.

Catalog Record: Imaginary castles in Western European literature | HathiTrust Digital Library

The fish drank so much French blood, it was said afterward, that if God had given them the power of speech they would have spoken in French. And yet there are other examples where jesters were banished from their courts for going over the line. After a long and successful career, Charles I unceremoniously banished Armstrong on the spot.

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  • Bruce died of an overdose shortly before his case was overturned upon appeal. Power dynasties may be harder to keep track of since there are so many cooks in the kitchen. But the egos of those in power are still fragile; some can abide court jesters and eccentric behavior more than others.

    When I was a kid the most prominent critics of mainstream comedy were conservative Christians. Many of my own friends and family.


    I never told my parents, but I thought it was hilarious. Fire and brimstone did not rain down on me. Albeit, I was not a person with any power. I was just a kid.

    Historic Castles and Monuments | Hôtel SPA le Roi Arthur

    Over the years South Park has put many different versions of hypocrisy within its crosshairs. Although nowadays it spends almost no time satirizing religion or conservatism—not that religious or conservative hypocrisy has disappeared. Namely, journalists who consider themselves progressive activists. Some have gone further, claiming SP has had a direct role in the rise of the alt-right. Nobody talks about locking up comedians anymore. But as progressive values and wokeness have made great cultural headway since the Obama years, the question about how they will handle newfound power is still relatively open.

    The paradox which has yet to fully germinate is what happens when a cultural and political movement predicated on uplifting those without power gains power itself? Who then is the dog and who is the underdog? Many tenured comedians have had negative opinions on the changing tides; Mel Brooks, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, John Cleese, Ricky Gervais, and Stephen Fry have all been vocal opponents of the limitations that a new set of standards has imposed upon their creative processes. But last week the heat was on Norm MacDonald because of comments he made in a Hollywood Reporter interview critiquing what he considered certain overzealous strains of the MeToo Movement.

    Norm was promoting his new Netflix show Norm MacDonald Has a Show , a casual wide-ranging grab bag of what Norm usually does on his podcast and his comedy specials. Now are you thinking twice before anything comes out of your mouth? But other celebrities and publications have had far edgier and more wide-ranging hot takes on the MeToo Movement, with hardly as much controversy.

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    Examples here , here , here , and here. And a recent Pew poll shows similar results. But the Norm MacDonald story was never meant to reflect the concerns of a wider culture, it was concocted from beginning to end by the media itself. Reporters asked him the questions and reporters wrote the op-eds criticizing his answers.

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    Although, in the end, nobody forced Norm MacDonald to apologize for his comments. He may have been advised by his manager, or he might have felt pressure from various camps, or he may have felt he said something out of line and apologized of his own accord. Who holds the power in a democracy is not always a straightforward question.

    We live in an age of mini-kings and mini-queens; there are many castles with many functions. Some castles fight. Imaginary Castles: Understanding and Pulling Down Strongholds is an easy-to-read teaching on a crucial topic for the body of Christ. How to recognize and destroy strongholds in your life. How to prevent strongholds from forming in the first place. How to help your loved ones get free from the illusion of bondage. Author Michael W. He enjoys camping, backpacking, playing paintball, and praise music.

    Michael resides in Greenwood, SC with his wife Linda, daughter Breanna, an ugly dog, and an arrogant little cat. He also has two adult children that have left the nest: Gwendolyn and Stephen.