Journey Into Time

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To understand that these two processes are the same implies taking a perspective that is able to see at least two different time-based processes together at once. But more than just being a change within time it is also a movement into time. Our limited and often confused understanding, Spinoza argued, stems from experiencing things only from a perspective within time. I think we can see this in some of his theories about teaching and learning.

‎This Is a Journey Into Time (Live) by Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers on Apple Music

Vygtoksy specifies that what he means by system is based upon on the model of mathematics. One implication of what Vygotsky is claiming about conceptual thought, following Spinoza, is that the role of the teacher is to help children move from experiencing things within time to understanding their meaning outside of time. The fact is that we can only see things from within time and within contexts.

That is just how thought works. But if he was wrong, he was wrong in an illuminating kind of a way that can help us to understand what education is really all about. That there can be a movement into time as well as a movement in time is the essence of education. One way to re-interpret Vygotsky's ZPD is not that the teacher leads the child from a perspective within time to a perspective outside of time but that the teacher leads the child from seeing things only within one time context, that of the physical present, to being able to see the same things also from the point of view of other time contexts.

Science does not provide us with timeless truths — no more than does religion or art - science is an ongoing fallible dialogue about the truth of things, a dialogue between real people in real contexts. However, the time and the space of the cultural dialogue of science is very different from the time and space of talk in a classroom.

Journey Into Time

The time-space of the dialogue of science extends over thousands of years and is global in reach. The role of the science teacher in the classroom is to weave together the very large time-space perspective of science with the smaller and narrower time-space perspective of a face to face dialogue with a child in a classroom. It is one thing to observe a feather and a metal ball fall at the same rate in a vacuum chamber in a You Tube video perhaps ; it is quite another thing to derive from this an understanding of the concept of gravity.

Knowledge arises in science as the answer to questions that are asked within a dialogue.

This Is a Journey...Into Time

For a child to acquire conceptual understanding they need first to be a participant in the long-term dialogue of science. The Padua Baptistery, 14th century, Giusto de Menabuoi. Publisher iUniverse.

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Goddess Athena and her people: a journey into time

This book illustrates the range of timescales that play a role not only in our lives, but also in the lives of all living beings on earth. We start in the center of the book with examples that are familiar and then, depending on the direction you read, we move to faster or slower processes.

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Each page is dedicated to one timescale, and has a sequence of ten images, which illustrates the shifting stages in that time period. The text explains and expands what you see in the photographs, and the key words give further interesting details.

【 Journey Through Time 】