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The long-awaited sequel to the cult bestseller Metro , the second volume in the Metro trilogy, Metro continues the story of survival and struggle that unfolds in the mazes of the Moscow subway after WWIII. As the entire civilization was wiped out by atomic bombs and the surface of the planet is polluted with neclear fallout, the only place suitable for men to live The long-awaited sequel to the cult bestseller Metro , the second volume in the Metro trilogy, Metro continues the story of survival and struggle that unfolds in the mazes of the Moscow subway after WWIII.

As the entire civilization was wiped out by atomic bombs and the surface of the planet is polluted with neclear fallout, the only place suitable for men to live are shelters and bunkers, the largest of which is the subway system of Moscow, aka the Metro. The year is There's no hope for humans to return to the surface of Earth, to repopulate the forsaken cities, and to become once again the masters of the world they used to be. So they rebuild a strange and grotesque civilization in the tunnels and at the stations of the subway.

Metro 2034

Stations become city-states that wage trade and war on each other. A fragile equilibrium is established. And then all can be ruined in matter of days. A new horrible threat looms that can eradicate the remains of humanity and end our era. It would take three unlikely heroes to face this menace. The basis of two bestselling computer games Metro and Metro Last Light, the Metro books have put Dmitry Glukhovsky in the vanguard of Russian speculative fiction.

Metro tells a previously unknown part of the greater Metro saga that some only know from video games. Whether you're new to this series, are a fan of the first novel, or want to explore the world of Metro in depth, Metro is a perfect read for you! Featuring blistering action, vivid and tough characters, claustrophobic tension and dark satire the Metro books have become bestsellers across the world. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. More Details Original Title. Other Editions Friend Reviews.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Metro , please sign up. I was really interested in the idea of Metro so I went to have a look and came across the sequels however Im more interested in the story of the version. Do I need to read first in order to understand or enjoy or is ok to just read first? Tass In metro , everything related to the metro 'world' is explained more thoroughly.

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  • Some characters also come from metro , although I do not …more In metro , everything related to the metro 'world' is explained more thoroughly. Some characters also come from metro , although I do not think you need to read it to understand the sequel. Anyway, I highly recommend metro , it's way above its sequel less.

    Can this be read as a standalone? The blurb made me think so, but then I saw here that it is part of a series. Tass You can do it but I do not recommend it. From my point of view the first, Metro , is 'the Metro book'. Metro is just a low quality sequel to …more You can do it but I do not recommend it. Metro is just a low quality sequel to stretch the success achieved with the original novel. See all 5 questions about Metro …. Lists with This Book.

    Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. I am really dissapointed. I loved Metro and I expected Metro to be equally good or even better - well, I shouldn't have had such a positive attitude. The only thing that stayed as interesting as in the first book is the postapocalyptic universum of people living in the Moscow metro but still, Metro showed us more of the metro and, in my opinion, did it way better. In Metro , characters maybe with exception for Leonid who wasn't my type, but still a really interesting person I am really dissapointed.

    In Metro , characters maybe with exception for Leonid who wasn't my type, but still a really interesting person tend to be boring. Ok, I can't complain about Homer, but Sasha-Alexandra just sucked.

    Metro 2034 (A year after the events of Metro 2033 ) Audiobook OFFICIAL ENGLISH FULL Part

    I really wanted to like her, I tried so hard! And in some parts I did, but her pathetic "love" for Hunter broke everything. None of others really touched me. In my opinion, I might have found it better if I hadn't read the first book before that one - but the author set the target of excellence with first book and couldn't reach it himself writing the second one. View all 7 comments.

    What a disappointment! My main problem here is the lead characters: for the life of me I could not engage in either of them! I miss the first person singular perspective that Artiom provided us with in the first book, and would have expected that Hunter would fill that place here. Or perhaps all. In Metro everyone seems to be running around all over the place like decapitated chickens, even if they do have a mission too.

    I mean, get on with it already! The ending, on the other hand, seemed rather rushed to me. Again, admittedly, so was the ending in the first book, but there I was left with a depressing sense of doom: will we ever learn? Despite its flaws, I would probably have liked it better if I had not read Metro I wanted to enjoy this book since I enjoyed Metro and its video game adaptation, but this was a serious disappointment. What I enjoyed about the first novel - the sheer idea of people surviving the nuclear apocalypse in a vast, sprawling network of underground subway stations and the possibilities it presented - is almost entirely absent from this book.

    What it does instead if go for a much more straightforward storyline, which is unfortunately far less compelling and interesting. The previo I wanted to enjoy this book since I enjoyed Metro and its video game adaptation, but this was a serious disappointment. The previous installment read at least at times almost like a collection of loosely related stories in the universe, bound by the protagonist and his quest, which takes him through the different stations of the metro, each of which is unique.

    In this case the author introduces two protagonists one of whom appears in the previous novel , whose stories interconnect and who both have to accomplish an important goal together. This doesn't sound terrible at all, but this time round Glukhovsky makes it so horribly boring. His characters are paper-thin especially Sasha, the teenage girl , and a recurring character from the previous novel is made to be a walking stereotype of a madman traumatized by war. The characters are unlikable and unbelievable, their relationship is cringy and to make everything worse they constantly engage in conversations about deep subjects with each other and other characters that they meet along the way.

    However, none of this is profound or enlightening in any way, just flat and uninteresting, and successfully removes any sense of tension or interest that the reader might have developed at the beginning. I found myself struggling to finish it, and only did it out of a sense of duty.

    Metro - Wikipedia

    I struggled to finish this and wouldn't recommend it to anyone, especially to those who liked the previous installment and would like to see more of the underground world of the metro. I know that the author wrote one more book set in this universe, and I might still read it, but for now my enthusiasm to do so has been substantially cooled. View all 5 comments. I say 'sort of' as it doesn't really follow on from the events of the first book in the series. Obviously, we're still set in the Metro of Moscow, where humanity is on the brink of extinction living in a post-apocalyptic world.

    The Metro has survived and adapted 20 years after the first nuclear weapon was fired. Instead of one big underground system, we're introduced to a type of Greek polis city system, wit "The Fates, good and evil! Instead of one big underground system, we're introduced to a type of Greek polis city system, with their own government, politics and environment. Dmitry Glukhovsky takes a lot of influence from Greek literature and history, which isn't a bad thing - some novels I've read that become saturated in a authors knowledge, whether it be Greek influences or something completely different such as sowing - actually I've never come across a knowledgeable author regarding sowing!

    Arytom, the main character from Metro is only mentioned by various characters as a person of awe. Is he alive or was he blown to bits when confronting the Dark One's? We don't really know. A favourite character of mine does return however, Hunter. Changed psychologically from his encounter with the alien Dark One's, he has forgotten himself - conflicted between wiping out mankind in the Metro or saving mankind which was his original mandate. He is rather badass, not much of a looker though, but then he is Russian and it possibly doesn't help being exposed to radiation.

    We never find out what happened to Hunter between the previous novel and this one - we can only guess he was damaged by the Dark One's. Besides Hunter there are three other important characters in Metro - Homer, who is a old man, he wants to write a history of the previous war and of life within the Metro, he seems to be lacking inspiration. He shortly isn't lacking in this, as Hunter selects him for a mission. Then there is Sasha, daughter of a former commander of one of the Metro's poleis who was banished.

    She finds herself attempting to influence and calm down Hunter - a interesting dance going on there. Finally there is Leonid, a sort of musician - the story got weird with him, as he seemed to influence people with his music, very strange. Anyway, Leonid wants to seduce Sasha. He concocts a story about a 'Emerald City' that is just beyond the boundaries of the Metro. A sort of Atlantis and Great Library in one. This was so terribly written, it just made no place being there, if you want to confuse the reader, you did it there.

    I always find it amusing when reading Russian fiction, the authors always seem to use a characters full name. It's rather a quirk I've come to chuckle at instead of groan. Groaning isn't a good thing, what next, apathy? I've not really touched on the story. Hunter is pissed off, he is a confused mesh of wanting to kill everything and everyone and of saving everyone and everything. Sasha is his foil, she helps he remember what he was. To a extent Homer also does this. Hunter wants to purge a virus that has spread through a neighbouring poleis Tula , by purging he means the station itself and the populace.

    The posit of the story sits around his fight within himself mentally and of Homer and Sasha. A nice side story fleshed out by the author is Homer's attempts to write something credible. Metro is essentially about fate and chance. Can a awful experience Hunter change who you are, or can a chance meeting bring you back from the brink and remind you of who you really are Sasha. From a fictional point of view, it is whatever the writer wishes to put to paper.

    From a realistic point of view, I like to believe the 3 Fates and 9 Muses have no business telling me what to do - so I'll stay in my world of me making the decisions thanking you. As for Hunter, I'm not sure it's just his broken mind telling him what to do! My impression of was of a disappointing let down on many fronts. Firstly it's been one years since Arytom disappeared, there is hardly any mention of him.

    Secondly, Hunter returns but without Arytom? Thirdly the story is really confusing for the first half of the novel. The story plays out through the point of view of Hunter, Sasha and her father. Then there is Homer and his fumbling with literature and continual reminiscing of the past. Later on the story is actually told through Homer's written words - all very confusing and not clearly defined. I really struggled with the first half. I don't put down books, but this one I wanted to move on from. What changed? All three stories converged into one, which was great, as the stories became a story and didn't feel so disjointed.

    Leonid the Piped-Piper of Moscow Metro doesn't really make a appearance until later on, which was great as he turned out to be a weird mystical character who had no place in the novel. He just didn't sit right with me. Overall the translation is very strong, which for a Russian novel is a good thing - as sometimes things do get lost in translation. What more can I say?

    Well a lot more moaning actually, but I'll save it and leave it to the reader to decide. It was an unexpected improvement upon Metro I didn't like Metro as much as the hype made me think I would, and therefore hesitated quite a bit on reading the follow up, Metro Yet I'm glad I did, very glad.

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    • It takes a bit of time to get used to the way the three stories are told at the same time, but once they start overlapping it's a real treat for lack of better words. That what I missed in Metro , the depth and emotional involved and way of describing it, certainly made up to It was an unexpected improvement upon Metro I didn't like Metro as much as the hype made me think I would, and therefore hesitated quite a bit on reading the follow up, Metro Lovecraft's astonishing tales blend elements of horror, science fiction, and cosmic terror that are as powerful today as they were when first published.

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      But their destination brings them to an ancient mystery and an even greater struggle. Intent on rebuilding Ultramar, the returned primarch Roboute Guilliman wages war on the treacherous Death Guard - but as he battles his corrupted brother, the intervention of a greater power threatens all he works for. In the void and upon the worlds of Greater Ultramar, the battle for the Imperium continues. Intent on rebuilding his home realm and using it as base to reconstruct the ravaged stellar empire of mankind, the returned primarch Roboute Guilliman proceeds with his war to drive Mortarion and his Death Guard Traitor Legion from the domain of the Ultramarines.

      The Ruhar hit us on Columbus Day. There we were, innocently drifting along the cosmos on our little blue marble, like the Native Americans in Over the horizon came ships of a technologically advanced, aggressive culture, and BAM! There went the good old days, when humans got killed only by each other. So, Columbus Day. It fits. When the morning sky twinkled again, this time with Kristang starships jumping in to hammer the Ruhar, we thought we were saved. A year after the events of Metro , the last few survivors of the apocalypse, surrounded by mutants and monsters, face a terrifying new danger as they hang on for survival in the tunnels of the Moscow Metro.

      Featuring blistering action, vivid and tough characters, claustrophobic tension and dark satire, the Metro books have become bestsellers across Europe. The book: Unlike Metro , which follows the accounts of Artyom, this book is told in first person from about 4 different characters Hunter, Homer, Sasha, and Artyom for a very small portion. There are multiple switches between each character within each chapter.

      This sometimes is done very cleverly, leaving you on an exciting cliffhanger; but most of the time it feels like it just gets in the way of the story. Another downside to this is, 2 of the 3 major characters I did not find very interesting at all and felt myself wishing that they would just focus on Hunter. This book has extremely little connection to the first novel, it is not a direct sequel, its almost like a spiritual successor. The story was FAR less action packed than the first novel.

      There are almost no battles with mutants in the entirety of the novel; no fights between factions; very few action sequences where characters are battling for survival in the bleak Moscow Metro. Instead of Artyom's quest across the entire metro, through hostile factions, up onto the surface to explore red square and the Kremlin like in , this is the story of a few people traveling to a somewhat nearby station to access a potential threat to the metro. The author was clearly trying to focus on creating a more romantic and philosophical theme that ended up being rather heavy handed.

      All in all, its worth listening to if you were a big fan of the first novel especially if you plan on completing the trilogy but if you're looking for the same action packed and post-apocalyptic setting as the first novel, it may be a let down. The narrator: Just like in the first novel, Rupert Degas does a fantastic job of narrating the audiobook. He does a different sounding Russian accent for every character you come across in the book.

      The story wasn't the greatest, but the performance of Rupert Degas is some of the best I've ever heard of any audiobook I've ever listened to. It was hard to follow right out of the gate. I had to give this one a second listen. It has nothing to do with the first book or either of the video games. You are very deep into the story before they bring up the main character from the first book and his inclusion will make you wish they left him out of this story.

      This book is about Hunter, a young girl, an old man and a mysterious virus. The author didnt tie the two books together enough for me I guess. He does have the protagonists big reveal tie into the dark ones but waites almost untill the end of the book to do it. I guess if you really want to learn more about the dark ones and what became of them, you'll just have to play the video games.

      Still, this book is definately worth a listen, just dont go into it expecting to learn anything more about the events and characters of the first book than you already know. Starts out interesting and thrilling, but then the story turns out to be flat and linear without any thrill. Honestly I was disappointed that this story wasn't about Artyom and while he was featured pretty late in the book I really wished that they hadn't named the book Metro because I was led to believe that it was continuing the story of Artyom but aside from that the story of Homer, Sasha, and Hunter was a good one and this book really builds on world of Metro and is well worth a read- or listen.

      Not as good as the first in the series, but good none the less. I really wish it would have started where the first left off, but the events of the first are barely mentioned. This book is about Hunter and a new group of people. So if you're expecting to know what happened after the events of it's not really here. I will say it's still a good listen though.

      More books by Dmitry Glukhovsky

      Now I'm gonna check out A strong vocal performance cannot salvage this hasty and heavy handed sequel. The book fails the reconcile it's philosophical musings to the actions of its characters, leaving the listener with a furrowed brow from bewilderment. It was extremely anticlimactic. I kept holding on, hoping that there would be some explosive discovery or some surprising connection to the original story's characters. That never happened.

      I'd be hard pressed to even summarize the story to a friend because so little happened. The narrator did an amazing job, again. Compare your time and score against your friends with the added leaderboard functionality and try again. Experience 3 original Metro missions as a specialist from the different factions.

      This pack also includes 3 new deadly weapons including the Hellbreath, Medved, and the Silent Sniper Rifle. Download this item to receive the RPK. Forged before the apocalypse, this is a light machine gun of Soviet design to be at your side for underground survival. Description Share this Try on. Luckily this shirt survived the nuclear war. Get your hands on one now! Download this avatar item. Let your avatar exit the Metro with this animation! If you plan on stepping foot outside of the Metro, you'll need one of these stylish gas masks! Show off your ability to tame even the most gruesome Metro creature with this Lurker pet!

      The world of Metro is a harsh place. Your avatar will need this Heavy Armor Outfit to survive! The Metro isn't much of a tourist destination, but you can equip your avatar with this remnant from before the war! Turn off the lights and take out your enemies with these custom Metro Night Vision Goggles! Season Pass is for the ultimate Metro fan.