Micah Continental Commentary (Augsburg Continental Commentary Series)

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  1. Micah: Continental Commentary Series [CCS]
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An older form of this annotated bibliography can be found in R. Hess and G. Wenham, eds. Eerdmans, , pp. The volume itself is a unique collection of essays on teaching the Old Testament from a variety of perspectives. A special note of appreciation is due to Robert Hubbard and the late Robert Alden, whose earlier bibliography formed the basis for what follows.

Archer, Jr. Revised edition. Moody, A conservative, occasionally polemical, always detailed and informative introduction. Baker, ; second edition, Evangelical undergraduate survey with excellent photos, maps, charts, sidebars, and a CD with lots more photos. Helpful outlines of books and reviews of the most important ideas and term.

Birch, Bruce C. Fretheim, and David L. A Theological Introduction to the Old Testament. Second edition. Abingdon, An important survey of literary, theological, and ethical dimensions of the Old Testament. Broyles, Craig C. Interpreting the Old Testament. A Guide for Exegesis. Baker, Evangelical scholars discuss methods of Old Testament exegesis and criticism for interpreting the text.

Childs, B. Introduction to the Old Testament as Scripture. Fortress, A canonical approach to the text and books. Collins, John J. Introduction to the Hebrew Bible. A Short Introduction to the Hebrew Bible. An up to date and readable survey of Old Testament and apocryphal scholarship from the standpoint of modern criticism.

An Introduction to the Old Testament. Zondervan, A helpful up-to-date Evangelical contribution. Longman finished the project after the death of Dillard. Eissfeldt, O. The Old Testament: An Introduction. Harper and Row, The classic liberal Protestant introduction. Harrison, R. Eerdmans, ; Hendrickson, Comprehensive Evangelical discussion of introductory issues for its time. Hill, Andrew E.

A Survey of the Old Testament. Third edition. LaSor, W. Hubbard, and F. Old Testament Survey. Eerdmans, Second edition, A reasonably up-to-date introduction from a balanced Evangelical perspective. Soggin, J. Introduction to the Old Testament. Westminster, The current standard in place of Eissfeldt; weak on literary approaches. Sweeney, Marvin A. Scholarly and critical introduction to the Old Testament as Jewish Scriptures, with a close text-by-text interpretation. Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible. A careful, Evangelical discussion of the meaning of the biblical text whose primary purpose is to identify its theological significance.

A series on books of the Bible that assembles significant quotations from Patristic and later Christian commentators passage by passage through the book being studied. Isaiah Wilken and Song of Songs Norris have appeared thus far. Dictionary of the Old Testament. InterVarsity Press. The volume on the Prophets has not yet appeared.

Micah: Continental Commentary Series [CCS]

Exploring the Old Testament. Written from a British Evangelical perspective. Forms of Old Testament Literature. Analysis of books of the Old Testament in terms of their structure and the forms of literature found in them. The best set of paperback surveys of methods of Biblical interpretation. Moody Press: Four volumes by H. Wolf Pentateuch , D. Howard Historical Books , and C. Bullock Poetic Books and Prophetic Books. Old Testament Guides. Sheffield Academic Press. These are the most useful for current discussions of the major interpretive issues and approaches on each book of the Old Testament.

The Oxford Bible. Oxford University. These volumes deal with collections of books e. Sawyer and genres e. Septuagint Commentary Series. The first English attempt to produce a literary commentary on the Septuagint text, with special focus on Codex Vaticanus. Volumes on Genesis, Joshua, and some of the apocryphal books have appeared. Sources for Biblical and Theological Study. Collections of the most important articles in the particular field, whether specific biblical texts e. Hess and D. Tsumura on Genesis or on methods e. Carter and C. Meyers on social sciences approaches. Anderson, Bernard W.

Contours of Old Testament Theology. Brueggemann, Walter. A provocative approach that structures the discussion around the metaphor and imagery of the courtroom. Old Testament Theology: An Introduction. A useful review of key topics in the field by a leader in Old Testament theology. Childs, Brevard S.

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Old Testament Theology in a Canonical Context. Classic on canon with a sensitivity to the New Testament. Old Testament Theology. Philadelphia: Westminster, Emphasis on the covenant. Along with von Rad, the giant in the field in the twentieth century. Gentry, Peter J. Crossway, Goldingay, John. Volume One. Israel's Gospel. Israel's Faith. InterVarsity Press, Evangelical and readable survey of the theological message of the narrative books of the Old Testament.

Volume two considers major theological themes related to God, Israel and the nations. Volume three examines relational and personal topics. House, Paul R. IVP, A work that outlines God's nature and acts in each book of the Old Testament. A narrative approach designed for college and seminary students. Kaiser, W. Toward an Old Testament Theology. Emphasis on promise themes. Martens, Elmer A. Bibliographies No. A helpful survey of more than five hundred of the most important works, listed by subject. Ollenburger, Ben C.

Marten, and Gerhard F. Hasel, eds. The Flowering of Old Testament Theology. Eisenbrauns, A collection of classic articles. Revised and updated in by Ben C. Preuss, H. Focus on Yahweh. IVP Academic, Useful for introducing the major themes discussed in Old Testament theology and the major biblical approaches to them. Sailhamer, John H. Structured study on how to do Old Testament theology. Smith, Ralph L. A helpful source for summaries of debates and positions on a wide breadth of topics.

Terrien, S. Focus on the wisdom literature. Von Rad, G. Salvation history approach that tries to explain how Israelites did theology. Along with Eichrodt, the giant in the field in the twentieth century. Waltke, Bruce K. A great conservative Evangelical journey through the Old Testament. Zuck, Roy B.

micah continental commentary augsburg continental commentary series Manual

A Biblical Theology of the Old Testament. Dallas seminary faculty contribute their perspectives on each major section of the Old Testament. Block, Daniel I. Hess, R. Zion, City of Our God. History, religion, and theology of Jerusalem as revealed in the variety of Old Testament literature. Grand Rapids: Baker, Current understanding of the role of the Messiah in the Bible and its context. Unique examination of the family in each of the major sections of the Bible.

Satterthwaite, Philip E. Hess, and Gordon J. Baker and Paternoster, A current assessment of the exegesis of key Old Testament texts. Baker Academic, Bright, J. A History of Israel. Westminster John Knox, Standard of the last generation, heir of the Albright school. Dever, William G. Polemical but useful survey of biblical historiography and postmodern interpretations. Fleming, Daniel E. Cambridge University, Liverani, Mario. Israel's History and the History of Israel. Peri and P. Equinox, An elegant example of the method that reads the historical texts of the Bible to uncover ideological bias.

Mathews, Victor H. A Brief History of Ancient Israel. Louisville: Westminster John Knox, Moderately critical review of major issues regarding the study of the history of Isael. Merrill, Eugene. Reflects a careful reading of the text and a respect for its witness.

Miller, J. Maxwell and John H. A History of Ancient Israel and Judah. An updating of a classic critical study. Provan, Iain, V. A Biblical History of Israel. An Evangelical historiography. Steven Notley. The Sacred Bridge. Carta's Atlas of the Biblical World. Carta, See under Atlases. Shanks, Hershel, ed. Ancient Israel. From Abraham to the Roman Destruction of the Temple. Biblical Archaeology Society, Popular writing with each chapter written by one or two experts in the field. Some of the most important of these papers have appeared in the following four volumes:. Hoffmeier, James K.

Magary, eds. Do Historical Matters Matter to Faith? A study of historical and introductory issues in light of current research and challenges. Long, V. The Art of Biblical History. Foundations of Contemporary Interpretation vol. The balance of historicity, literary art, and theology in the history writing of the Old Testament. Millard, Alan R. Hoffmeier, and David W. Baker, eds. Important articles on the methods and interpretation of various Old Testament passages in the light of ancient Near Eastern comparisons.

A useful and readable survey of this critical approach to the primary historical books of the Bible, from a position sympathetic to the theory. Thiele, E. A Chronology of the Hebrew Kings. Remains the most convincing interpretation of the chronology of the monarchy. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, Important archaeological arguments against the historicity of the biblical exodus and in favor of a largely indigenous people in Canaan who bacame Israel.

Israel can be ethnically identified in the twelfth highlands of Palestine. Life in Biblical Israel. Library of Ancient Israel. With color photos and drawings, this is the best discussion of the realia of life in biblical times. On the Reliability of the Old Testament. Evangelical application of archaeology and especially ancient Near Eastern texts to the Bible. Levy, Thomas E. The Archaeology of Society in the Holy Land. Facts on File, Although it covers a larger period than that of the Biblical time, it is the first systematic presentation of social archaeology in Israel as written by leading archaeologists.

Mazar, Amihai. Archaeology of the Land of the Bible: 10, B. Doubleday, A more recent work by an experienced Israeli archaeologist. Meyers, Eric M. Five vols. Oxford University, Stern, Ephraim ed. Simon and Schuster, Supplementary Volume 5, Biblical Archaeology Society, Essential reference guide for sites. Stern, Ephraim. Archaeology of the Land of the Bible. Volume II. The most comprehensive and up-to-date survey of the later Old Testament period. Enlisting dozens of Evangelical scholars, this work provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date discussion of the relationship between the Bible and all relevant primary sources contemporary with its origins.

Wilson eds. Volume I: A-Da. Volume II: De-H. Hendrickson, A thorough and remarkable collection of archaeological and especially textual data on a wide variety of topics and the evidence for them in the Old and New Testament, the Ancient Near Eastern and Greco-Roman worlds, and the early Jewish and Christian worlds. Rainey, and Zeev Safrai, eds. The Carta Bible Atlas. Macmillan, A standard atlas that provides individual maps for many significant Bible events. Beitzel, Barry J. Global Book Publishing, A beautifully presented atlas with helpful surveys through the historical and geographical texts of the Bible.

Bimson, J. New Bible Atlas. Tyndale, Excellent combination of price, color maps and illustrations, and archaeological commentary. Brisco, Thomas V. Holman Bible Atlas. Up-to-date images, maps, and photos with running commentary. Cleave, Richard. Photography and Satellite Cartography. Lion, Stunning aerial and satellite photography. Pritchard, J. Harper's Atlas of the Bible. Best on indices and gazetteer in relation to the maps. Synthesizes both a comprehensive history of the Levant and a geographical study of the region, with the focus on the land of Israel during the biblical period.

Rasmussen, Carl G. Zondervan Atlas of the Bible. Excellent on the "big picture" maps and perspectives of the terrain. Many large maps and color photos. Rogerson, J. The Atlas of the Bible. Visually dazzling color photographs as well as discussion of geography and archaeology. Abingdon Bible Map Transparencies. This is a wonderful set of full color maps for both Old and New Testament events and places. One of the best for overhead projection. Smith, George Adam. The Historical Geography of the Holy Land. This is an classic with vivid word pictures of the Holy Land.

Survey of Israel Maps. Survey of Israel, continuously updated. Hebrew and English. This is a set of scale maps that cover the entire area occupied by modern Israel. Includes all significant political and topographic features with many sites of antiquity noted. Beyerlin, W. Chavalas, Mark W. Various specialists provide introduction and commentary as well as translation of key texts. Lawson Younger, Jr. The Context of Scripture. Volume 1. Canonical Compositions from the Biblical World. Brill, Volume 2.

Monumental Inscriptions from the Biblical World. Volume 3. Archival Documents from the Biblical World.


This is the new Pritchard see next entry as a current compendium of ancient Near Eastern texts in English. There is an abundance of footnotes and cross references to biblical texts. Nissinen, Martti, with contributions by C. Seow and Robert K. Prophets and Prophecy in the Ancient Near East. Society of Biblical Literature, A compendium of prophecy texts from the ancient Near East. Princeton University Press, Two volumes of a paperback epitome of this larger volume have also appeared. A multi-volume series that continues to grow and to present full translations with notes and sometimes transliterations of texts from the across the ancient Near East.

Sparks, Kenton L. A superb introduction and commentary on the most important ancient Near Eastern literature related to the Bible; with full and complete bibliographies. Wyatt, N. Sheffield, Contemporary translation of religious texts that provide the essential background for understanding "Canaanite" religion. Briant, Pierre. Winona Lake: Eisenbrauns, At more than 1, pages this corrected English translation represents the best synthesis on the Persian Empire. Mesopotamia and the Bible: Comparative Explorations.

A collection of approaches to different archives of Syrian and Mesopotamian texst and their relation to the Bible. Collins, Billie Jean. The Hittites and Their World. An up-to-date review of the history and society of ancient Anatolia. Gurney, O. The Hittites. Penguin, A classic of a culture with important relevance to the Bible. Hallo, W. Wadsworth, One of the most widely used brief histories.

Peoples of the Old Testament World. Ancient Egypt: Anatomy of a Civilization. Routledge, A social study of Egyptian life and culture. A History of the Ancient Near East: ca. Here in Micah —15 , the shocking surprise is reserved for the nations. A rhetorical lawsuit unfolds in which the LORD indicts Israel for ingratitude, a focus on ritual rather than justice, and greed. Micah constructs a foil: a skeptical worshipper who objects that God is impossible to please —7.

The following section is disrupted in the Hebrew, but the gist is clear: since God's people have permitted fraud and economic injustice, they have been punished in kind. Because they have unjustly devoured, they now experience gnawing emptiness; because they hoarded, they now are unable to keep their possessions safe from the sword This chapter is a sophisticated contrapuntal exercise that many scholars contend was liturgical in origin.

The prophet, Zion, and God speak to one another and, in voicing this dialogue, create a multidimensional theological response to the threat and promise continually experienced by the Israelite community. First, Micah laments the desolation of his land and the wickedness of his people —7. Micah addresses a warning to his audience and asserts once more his own reliability as one who trusts in the LORD ; cf. Zion finally confesses her sin and affirms that she too looks to the LORD, rebuking any enemy who might be rejoicing prematurely over her downfall — Micah responds, promising Zion's restoration and the defeat of her enemies —13 , and, turning to God, he intercedes on behalf of his people God assents to the prophet's intercession The prophet is emboldened to declare the impending defeat of oppressive nations —17 , praising God for God's mercy and assuring the people that God will forgive their sin — This powerful dialogue shows the prophet effectively bringing his people and God into a renewed covenantal relationship.

Within the corpus of the ancient Hebrew prophets, Micah enjoys a unique claim to authority: the prophecy about Zion in is taken as confirmed by the Jeremiah traditions Jer — Jeremiah's citation of Micah by name is the only instance of one prophetic book explicitly confirming the authority of another biblical prophet.

Fragments of commentary on Micah in two Dead Sea scrolls, 1Q14 and 4Q, interpret sections of the book —9 , —12 , and —16 in light of theological and political issues relevant to the Qumran sectarians. For example, one fragment 1Q14 interprets the prophet's indictment of Samaria and Jerusalem as applicable to a conflict between the leader of the Qumran community and an opponent. Micah has served as a rich source for rabbinic intertextual exegesis Neusner as well as Christian apologetics Ferreiro and homiletics Parsons Christian interpreters have used Micah toward diverse ends, including to propound christological and Trinitarian claims, to reflect on ethics, to read Zion allegorically as the heavenly Jerusalem, and to undergird reform efforts within the church.

Micah's prophecy about a messianic ruler from Bethlehem —5 is taken up in the New Testament as predicting the birth of Jesus Matt —6.

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  • From that cultural expression, and thus from Mican roots, have arisen many artistic reflections on Bethlehem. Portraits of Micah abound in art. It is a key text for advocates of social justice and for politicians who have found it advantageous to use biblical allusions in their rhetoric, including some founders of the United States Dreisbach Micah is featured in a declaration of ecumenical understanding authored by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel's Delegation for Relations with the Catholic Church and the Holy See's Commission for Religious Relations.

    It has served as a touchstone for grassroots development and relief efforts as well. Among countless examples are the Haiti Micah Project, established in to feed and educate orphaned Haitian street children, and the Micah Challenge, a worldwide network founded in to reduce global poverty in fulfillment of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. All Rights Reserved. Select Bible Use this Lookup to open a specific Bible and passage.

    Start here to select a Bible. Quick S earch. Bible Verse Lookup. Subscriber Services Contact Us Help. All Biblical World Biblical Rulers. Print Email Cite. Micah Source: The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Books of the Bible Provides accessible, authoritative coverage for all major topics pertaining to the study of the Books of the Bible. Background Information. Literary History. Structure and Contents. Historical Superscription Reception History.

    Micah The book of Micah is a brilliant piece of ancient Hebrew rhetoric. Judgment against Regions and Capital Cities —16 A. Against the whole earth —4 B. Due to the transgression of all Israel —16 1. Against Samaria —7 2. Micah laments 3. Against Judah and Israel —16 II. Judgment against Corrupt Leaders — A. For economic injustice —11 1. Against those who scheme for personal gain —5 2.

    Rebuke of those who prefer oracles of promise —11 3.

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    For wickedness and economic exploitation —12 1. Perpetrators of harm will be punished —4 2. False prophets will be abandoned by God —7 3. Micah models authentic spiritual power 4. Leaders' malfeasance will leave Zion desolate —12 III. Promise of Preeminence of Zion —8 A. Establishment of global authority of Jerusalem Temple —5 1. Torah for all nations —2 2. God's justice renders war obsolete —4 3. Editorial qualifier reinforcing privileged status of God's people B.

    Restoration of the banished and injured —8 IV. Rebuke to Zion for faithlessness —12 1. Zion's impending punishment and rescue —10 2. Nations are ignorant of God's plans —12 B. Zion will rout her enemies — 1. Zion commanded to muster troops — 2. Promise of a messianic leader and others to defeat Assyria —6 3. Promise of Israel's restoration among the nations —9 4. Promise that God will destroy enemy nations —15 V. Dispute with Israel —16 A. Call to attention —2 B. Israel indicted for failing to trust the LORD —16 1. Divine deeds from past history as basis for righteousness —5 2.

    Micah ventriloquizes a skeptical objection —7 3. Micah answers the objection 4. Explanation for Israel's indictment —16 VI. A Community Reconstructed through Dialogues —20 A. Micah laments —7 1. The prophet is spiritually bereft 2. No righteous remain —6 3. Micah models authentic trust in God B. Zion rebukes her gloating enemy —10 C. Micah reassures Zion —12 D. Prophetic intercession rebuilds the community —20 1. Micah pleads for the people 2.

    God responds favorably 3. Micah 1. Micah 2. Micah 3. Micah 4. Micah 5. Micah 6. Micah 7. Anchor Bible 24E. Product Close-up This product is not available for expedited shipping. Add To Cart. The Action Bible. Roar: Watch For God Wristbands pkg. Register Board, Dark Oak. Hans Walter Wolff applies redactional and form criticism to the book of Micah, resulting in this thorough commentary. Discussing the many parts that make up Micah, and their relationship to each other, Wolff focuses on the development of the final form of Micah.

    This is a valuable commentary for scholars and pastors with an interest in critical studies and technical issues related to Micah. Related Products. Claus Westermann.