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They began in everything much sooner than us, but made no progress afterwards; like the ancient Egyptians, who first taught the Greeks, and became at last so ignorant, as not even to be capable of receiving instruction from them. The celebrated Metastasio has made choice of pretty nearly the same subject as myself for one of his dramatic poems, an orphan escaped from the Edition: current; Page: [ ] destruction of his family, and has drawn his plot from a dynasty nine hundred years before our era.

I have endeavored to describe the manners of the Tartars and Chinese: the most interesting events are nothing when they do not paint the manners; and this painting, which is one of the greatest secrets of the art, is no more than an idle amusement, when it does not tend to inspire notions of honor and virtue. In labors of this kind I have spent above forty years of my life. But observe the following words of a Chinese author, translated into Spanish by the famous Navarrete.

The celebrated Ming was accused of hating Tien and Li, and the Emperor Vang: when the old man died, they found amongst his papers a panegyric on Vang, a hymn to Tien, another to Li, etc. This tragedy was produced in When revived during the Revolution it was enthusiastically applauded. The scene represents part of the house appointed for the consuls on the Tarpeian mount: at a distance is seen the temple of the capitol. The senators are assembled between the temple and the house, before the altar of Mars: the two consuls, Brutus and Valerius Publicola preside; the senators ranged in a semicircle, behind them the lictors with their fasces.

The scene represents an apartment in the palace of the consuls. The following correspondence has peculiar interest. I am at present, like the pilgrims of Mecca, turning their eyes perpetually towards that city after leaving it, as I do mine towards the court of Prussia. This is a tribute which I pay to the lover of arts, the sensible critic, and above all, to the philosopher much more than to the sovereign.

Your majesty knows by what motive I was inspired in the composition of that work. The love of mankind, and the hatred of fanaticism, two virtues that adorn your throne, guided my pen: I have ever been of opinion, that tragedy should correct, as well as move the heart. Of what consequence or importance to mankind are the passions or misfortunes of any of the heroes of antiquity, if they do not convey some instruction to us?

Why may we not go back to the histories of those ancient ruffians, the illustrious founders of superstition and fanaticism, who first carried the sword to the altar to sacrifice all those who refused to embrace their doctrines? They who tell us that these days of wickedness are past, that we shall never see any more Barcochebas, Mahomets, Johns of Leyden, etc. The action I have described is terrible; I do not know whether horror was ever carried farther on any stage. A young man born with virtuous inclinations, seduced by fanaticism, assassinates an old man who loves him; and whilst he imagines he is serving God, is, without knowing it, guilty of parricide: the murder is committed by the order of an impostor, who promises him a reward, which proves to be incest.

This, I acknowledge, is full of horror; but your majesty is thoroughly sensible, that tragedy should not consist merely of love, jealousy, and marriage: even our histories abound in actions much more horrible than that which I have invented. The story of the two brothers Diaz is well known; one of them was at Rome and the other in Germany, in the beginning of the commotions raised by Luther: Bartholomew Diaz, hearing that his brother embraced the opinion of Luther at Frankfort, left Rome on purpose to assassinate him, and accordingly did so.

Herrera, a Spanish author, tells us, that Bartholomew Diaz ran a great hazard in doing this, but nothing intimidates a man of honor guided by honesty. Herrera, we see, brought up in that holy religion which is an enemy to cruelty, a religion which teaches long-suffering and not revenge, was persuaded that honesty might make a man an assassin and a parricide: Edition: current; Page: [ 8 ] ought we not to rise up on all sides against such infernal maxims?

These put the poniard into the hand of that monster who deprived France of Henry the Great: these placed the picture of James Clement on the altar, and his name amongst the saints: these took away the life of William, prince of Orange, founder of the liberty and prosperity of his country. Salcede shot at and wounded him in the forehead with a pistol; and Strada tells us, that Salcede would not dare to undertake that enterprise till he had purified his soul by confession at the feet of a Dominican, and fortified it by the holy sacrament.

Herrera has something more horrible, and more ridiculous concerning it. I have remarked, that all those who voluntarily committed such crimes were young men like Seid. Balthasar Girard was about twenty years old, and the four Spaniards who had bound themselves by oath with him to kill the prince, were of the same age. The monster who killed Henry III. In England I was once a witness to how far the power of fanaticism could work on a weak and youthful imagination: a boy of sixteen, whose name was Shepherd, engaged to assassinate King George I.

What could prompt him to such madness? They took pity on his youth, offered him his Edition: current; Page: [ 9 ] pardon, and for a long time endeavored to bring him to repentance; but he always persisted in saying, it was better to obey God than man; and if they let him go, the first use he made of his liberty should be to kill the king: so that they were obliged at last to execute him as a monster, whom they despaired of bringing to any sense of reason.

I will venture to affirm that all who have seen anything of mankind must have remarked how easily nature is sometimes sacrificed to superstition: how many fathers have detested and disinherited their children! I have myself seen instances of it in more than one family. If superstition does not always signalize itself in those glaring crimes which history transmits to us, in society it does every day all the mischief it possibly can: disunites friends, separates kindred and relations, destroys the wise and worthy by the hands of fools and enthusiasts: it does not indeed every day poison a Socrates, but it banishes Descartes from a city which ought to be the asylum of liberty, and gives Jurieu, who acted the part of a prophet, credit enough to impoverish the wise philosopher Bayle: it banished the successor of the great Leibnitz, and deprives a noble assembly of young men that crowded to his lectures, of pleasure and improvement: and to re-establish him heaven must raise up amongst us a royal philosopher, that true miracle which is so rarely to be seen.

In vain does human reason advance towards perfection, by means of that philosophy which of late has made so great a progress in Europe: in vain do you, most noble prince, both inspire and practise this humane philosophy: whilst in the same age wherein reason Edition: current; Page: [ 10 ] raises her throne on one side, the most absurd fanaticism adorns her altars on the other. It may perhaps be objected to me, that, out of my too abundant zeal, I have made Mahomet in this tragedy guilty of a crime which in reality he was not capable of committing. The count de Boulainvilliers, some time since, wrote the life of this prophet, whom he endeavored to represent as a great man, appointed by Providence to punish the Christian world, and change the face of at least one-half of the globe.

Sale likewise, who has given us an excellent translation of the Koran into English, would persuade us to look upon Mahomet as a Numa or a Theseus. I will readily acknowledge, that we ought to respect him, if born a legitimate prince, or called to government by the voice of the people, he had instituted useful and peaceful laws like Numa, or like Theseus defended his countrymen: but for a driver of camels to stir up a faction in his village; to associate himself with a set of wretched Koreish, and persuade them that he had an interview with the angel Gabriel; to boast that he was carried up to heaven, and there received part of that unintelligible book which contradicts common sense in every page; that in order to procure respect for this ridiculous performance he should carry fire and sword into his country, murder fathers, and ravish their daughters, and after all give those whom he conquered the choice of his religion or death; this is surely what no man will pretend to vindicate, unless he was born a Turk, and superstition had totally extinguished in him the light of nature.

Mahomet, I know, did not actually commit that particular crime which is the subject of this tragedy: Edition: current; Page: [ 11 ] history only informs us, that he took away the wife of Seid, one of his followers, and persecuted Abusophan, whom I call Zopir; but what is not that man capable of, who, in the name of God, makes war against his country? It was not my design merely to represent a real fact, but real manners and characters, to make men think as they naturally must in their circumstances; but above all it was my intention to show the horrid schemes which villainy can invent, and fanaticism put in practice.

Mahomet is here no more than Tartuffe in arms. A spirit of indulgence would make us all brothers; a spirit of persecution can create nothing but monsters. Your holiness will pardon the liberty taken by one of the lowest of the faithful, though a zealous admirer of virtue, of submitting to the head of the true religion this performance, written in opposition to the founder of a false and barbarous sect. To whom could I with more propriety inscribe a satire on the cruelty and errors of a false prophet, than to the vicar and representative of a God of truth and mercy?

Your holiness will therefore give me leave to lay at your feet both the piece and the author of it, and humbly to request your protection of the one, and your benediction upon the other; in hopes of which, with the profoundest reverence, I kiss your sacred feet. This day sevennight I was favored with your Edition: current; Page: [ 13 ] excellent tragedy of Mahomet, which I have read with great pleasure: Cardinal Passionei has likewise presented me with your fine poem of Fontenoy.

Signor Leprotti this day repeated to me your distich made on my retreat. Yesterday morning Cardinal Valenti gave me your letter of the 17th of August. Many are the obligations which you have conferred on me, for which I am greatly indebted to you, for all and every one of them; and I assure you that I have the highest esteem for your merit, which is so universally acknowledged. The distich has been published at Rome, and objected to by one of the literati, who, in a public conversation, affirmed that there was a mistake in it with regard to the word hic, which is made short, whereas it ought to be always long.

To which I replied, that it may be either long or short; Virgil having made it short in this verse,. Solus hic inflexit sensus, animumque labantem. The answer I think was pretty full and convincing, considering that I have not looked into Virgil these fifty years. The cause, however, is properly yours; to your honor and sincerity, therefore, of which I have the highest opinion, I shall leave it to be defended against your opposers and mine, and here give you my apostolical benediction.

Pontificatus nostri anno sexto. The features of your excellency are not better Edition: current; Page: [ 14 ] expressed on the medal you were so kind as to send me, than are the features of your mind in the letter which you honored me with: permit me to lay at your feet my sincerest acknowledgments: in points of literature, as well as in matters of more importance, your infallibility is not to be disputed: your excellency is much better versed in the Latin tongue than the Frenchman whom you condescended to correct: I am indeed astonished how you could so readily appeal to Virgil: the popes were always ranked amongst the most learned sovereigns, but amongst them I believe there never was one in whom so much learning and taste united.

If the Frenchman who found fault with the word hic had known as much of Virgil as your excellency, he might have recollected a verse where hic is both long and short. I cannot help considering this verse as a happy presage of the favors conferred on me by your excellency. Scene, Mecca. End of the Fifth and Last Act. This tragedy is founded on historical truth. A duke of Brittany, in the year , commanded the lord of Bavalan to assassinate the constable of Clisson: Bavalan, the day after, told the duke it was done: the duke becoming sensible of the horror of his crime, and apprehensive of the fatal consequences of it, abandoned himself to the most violent despair: Bavalan, after giving him time to repent, at length told him that he had loved him well enough to disobey his orders, etc.

The action is transported to another age and country for particular reasons. Henry A. Fleming and an Introduction by Oliver H. Copyright, , By E. DuMont Owned by The St. Hubert Guild New York. Poliphontes, Tyrant of Messene. Narbas, an old Man. Erox, Favorite of Poliphontes.


Mérope by Voltaire

Marquis Scipio Maffei. ACT I. ACT II. End of the Second Act. End of the Third Act. ACT IV. Loading Results Add your customer review. Customer Photos. The photos you have taken with the product ordered will be posted here when you share with us. Upload Your Photo. Upload Your Photo Close X. Customer Name. No file selected. Twitter username Optional. Instagram username Optional. Diamond Diamonds have been admired gemstones of desire since ancient times.

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Lemon Quartz Classified as a semi-precious stone, Lemon Quartz fascinates jewellery lovers with its fresh colour. It is mostly found in a colour range from a clear lemon to a very vivid yellow. Zultanite Classified as a semi-precious stone, Zultanite amazes with its unique colour-changing feature.

Depending on the source of light and from different directions this very rare found gemstone is visible in different hues. Lime green in daylight and peach and cherry pink in dim light. Green Topaz Classified as a semi-precious stone, Green Topaz differs itself from the Blue Topaz with its green colour that is often associated with loyalty and love. It provides inner body peace, intellect and helps to solve problems and to get a good health. Green Sapphire Classified as a precious stone, Green Sapphire owns it special colour from light mint green to dark rich green through the presence of iron.

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It is said that this rare gemstone is very soothing and that it calms the eyes and raises trust of the wearer. Orange Sapphire Classified as a precious stone, Orange Sapphire makes the heart of those loving the orange colour beat faster. Black Diamond Black Diamonds are the diamonds which have a different crystalline structure called as polycrystalline.

It means that it's kind of like many diamonds smashed together. Since it is totally pure carbon crystal in its structure, it is generally called as "Carbonado". However, technically they are diamonds which are even harder and more rare than white diamonds. Pink Sapphire Classified as a precious stone, pink sapphire was considered extremely rare until new deposits were discovered in Madagascar, in the s.

Pink is among the rarest colours for a sapphire. These stones can come in all sort of shades, from baby pink to vivid, intense magenta. It is said that, pink sapphires represent loyalty, trust and sincerity, hence they are very popular when it comes to choosing a stone for an engagement ring.

In Hinduism it is associated with the root chakra and it is believed it encourages healthy sexual activity, feelings of stability and security. It also promotes successful business and helps with building self-confidence. With this darker shade, London Blue Topaz stands out and is adored by those who want everything except the ordinary.

With its specific green tinge,and the dark grayish undertone, London Blue Topaz is perfect for the engagement rings if you want to show how extraordinary your love is. Ironically, the price does not reflect its rarity. The most accurate description would contain words like rare, shimmer, durable, outstanding clarity and brilliance.

Color that is naturally caused by the touch of manganese, might vary from a clear silvery pink, to peach and purple-pink, making Morganite exceptional and outstanding. Similarly to Green Emerald, Morganite is a symbol of divine love, which could be caused by the reason that both stones are the varieties of Beryl. An excellent choice for a unique engagement ring or as a present for that special life-time occasion. Amethyst Classified as semi-precious stone, Amethyst is the purple transparent variety of the mineral Quartz.

Amethysts most often derive their beautiful colors from iron impurities in their crystalline structures, though they can also be colored by natural radiation exposure. Green Tourmaline Classified as semi-precious stone, Green Tourmaline Verdelite is combined with numerous metals to form its boron silicate body which is one of the most complex crystal structures. It owes its emerald green colour to the chrome it has in its structure. The stone is believed to attract luck, success, abundance and prosperity.

Being one of the most popular and affordable gemstones, it is associated with success and prosperity. Emerald Classified as precious stone, Emerald is a valuable gemstone; the deeper and more vivid in the color of green. Emeralds, among the rarest of gems, contain birthmarks which mean numerous inclusions and surface-reaching fractures. As the gem of Venus, Emerald symbolizes eternal youth and rebirth. Blue Topaz Classified as semi-precious stone, Topaz is a stone found in huge and flawless crystals and can be faceted into thousands of carats gemstones. It varies in very occasions as colourless, yellow.

With a good hardness combined with a relative abundance and availability, Topaz with a naturally blue color is very rare. Garnet Classified as semi-precious stone, Garnet is a combination of several closely related minerals having similar physical and crystalline properties. Garnets vary in colors and size. However, the mostly known color of Garnet gemstones is dark red and regarded as the stone of passionate devotion.

Ruby Classified as precious stone, Ruby, being hard, durable and rare, is one of the most desirable gem. Even transparent rubies of large sizes are even rarer than Diamonds. The ruby has been a symbol of vitality and royalty for centuries. Sapphire Classified as precious stone, Sapphire is a variety of corundum and a transparent, often blue gemstone associated with peace and happiness. It is second with Ruby to the diamond in terms of hardness.

White Sapphire Classified as precious stone, White sapphire is a kind of sapphire in colourless form. A sapphire takes its colour from the trace elements when it is forming. That white sapphire is free from the touches of those trace elements makes it rare and unique. Fire-Opal Classified as semi-precious stone, Fire opal is a transparent form of opal which does not usually show any opalescence or exhibit only bright green flashes. Its colour varies from yellow to orange to red.

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  • It is also thought to promote imagination and dreams. Quartz Classified as semi-precious stone, Quartz is provided widely from igneous and metamorphic rocks. It is often coloured as rose and smoky or by impurities. Being a soft colour, ranging from very light pink to medium pink in intensity.

    It varies in color from light grayish brown to deep black. Tanzanite Classified as semi-precious stone, Tanzanite is a blue or violet gem variety of zoisite, containing vanadium. A recently discovered gemstone, Tanzanite has become one of the most popular and snazzy gemstone. It is believed to represent life. Swarovski Crystal Swaroski is a small piece of crystal, cut in smooth and hard curves with high technology.

    What distinguishes it from the others is that its cut gives it a shiny semblance close to diamond when it is subject to light. Swarovsky Green Swaroski is a small piece of crystal, cut in smooth and hard curves with high technology. Swarovsky Dark Blue Swaroski is a small piece of crystal, cut in smooth and hard curves with high technology.

    Swarovsky Red Swaroski is a small piece of crystal, cut in smooth and hard curves with high technology. Peridot Classified as semi-precious stone, Peridot, smaller than three carats are very common but the ones over five carats are rare and therefore have a higher value. The color of individual peridot gems can vary in the tints of green. It is said to bring the wearer power. Aquamarine Classified as semi-precious stone, Aquamarine is a gemstone which consists a light and bluish green variety of beryl.

    Its name speaks for itself; For centuries, this timeless gemstone with the colour of water has been a symbol of youth, hope, health and fidelity. Pink Tourmaline Classified as semi-precious stone, the pink tourmaline, the most well-known and fashionable colour of tourmaline gemstone which has the largest colour spectrum.

    Therefore, it is known as the rainbow of all gemstones. Green Amethyst Classified as semi-precious stone, Green Amethyst is light green quartz crystal. Green Amethyst is a stone which promotes an intuitive capability coupled with love. Yellow Sapphire Classified as semi-precious stone, Yellow Sapphire is a naturally occurring kind of Sapphire which is a variety of Corundum. The stone is associated with fertility and good marriage. Pearl The pearl is the oldest known gem and has been considered the most valuable for centuries.

    Merope wife of Cresphontes

    What distinguishes pearl from other gemstones is that it is organic matter derived from a living creature - oysters and mollusks. Being called the 'teardrops of the moon', pearls can vary in colours; pink, white and black. Onyx The black onyx gemstone is a variety of chalcedony and it is a member of crystal class. It is a grounding stone, believed to keep the wearer related to reality, and cause the internal imbalances and outward negative energies to go away. Brown Diamond Brown diamonds are brown coloured, fancy diamonds that are considered to be one of the most popular diamonds.

    Having beautiful colour combinations; brown diamonds are also described as cognac diamonds or champagne diamonds, depending on their attractive colour range from light to dark. Brown diamonds are gemstones that are currently a growing trend in the jewellery industry.

    These diamonds are certainly your type of diamonds if you are a brownaddict and want to take a unique road on your journey to high end jewellery! Blue Diamond Blue diamonds were first found in India and brought to the West in the 17th century. These alluring diamonds, carrying the hue of the oceans and skies, hold their extraordinary shade and certain set of characteristics.

    Similarly with any other coloured diamonds, blue diamonds can exhibit a wide range of tones, from pasty shades that recall a fair sky, to steel blue or to an intense deep sea. Names such as baby blue, royal, navy or midnight are also commonly used to classify these rare diamonds. Yellow Diamond Yellow diamonds currently own a high market demand amongst other coloured diamonds. Yellow diamonds can also be referred to as Canary, as in a Canary Yellow Diamond or occasionally as Zimmy.

    They expose a beautiful appearance when suited with halo and solitaire settings but can also be arranged elegantly with other settings as it has a very unique combination value due to its alive complexion. If you are interested in a yellow diamond, you certainly have many alternative settings to stunningly decorate this rare diamond with! Green Diamond Symbolizing nature, growth, harmony, endurance and fertility, Green Diamonds are highly valued and admired natural gemstones. There is a set of tones that a green diamond puts itself forward in.

    Green Diamonds are considered to be the most tranquil colour for the eye and contain a very strong emotional correspondence with safety. This may be the reason why many jewellery lovers opt for a green diamond not just on their rings but also on their earrings and pendants! Pink Diamond The most sought after diamonds, Pink Diamonds are certainly all ladies favourite companion when it comes to jewellery!

    See a Problem?

    A dreamy color combined with the excellence of a carefully shaped and sorted diamond is a wish come true. Evoking a sense of luxury and romance, Pink Diamonds are spectacular additions to a woman's jewellery collection. Just as other coloured diamonds, Pink Diamonds also come in different hues from light to dark and these tones are referred to as faint, very light, light, fancy light, fancy intense, fancy deep, and fancy vivid. White Topaz White Topaz is considered to be a semi-precious stone, a silicate mineral, carrying a high resemblance to the diamonds.

    Although less harder than them 8 on the Mohs scale , white topaz is celebrated for its clarity and transparency. Probably it is no coincidence that White Topaz is said to assist spiritual healing, change negative thoughts into positive, to help you to find your route, your purpose and to provide you with the extra energy that is so needed sometimes. If you are looking for the jewelry with an eye catching stone, capable to provide the clearness and limpidity equal to the diamonds, white topaz most definitely can be the best choice.

    Dark blue colour with no ability to reflect light. Basic quality for fine sapphires. Basic quality for fine emeralds. Dark red colour with no ability to reflect light. Basic quality for fine rubies. Basic quality for fine amethyst jewellery. Diamonds include obvious inclusions that are detectable under 10x magnification and easily visible to the unaided eye. SI diamonds have slight inclusions that are noticeable under 10x magnification and often visible to naked eye.

    These blue diamonds are definitely the most preferred choice when it comes to Blue diamonds. Green Swarovski Zirconia: Holds the same properties with green cubic zirconia. The difference is that Swarovski is a worldwide known brand for synthetic stones.

    However, it is a synthetic stone unlike emerald, which is a natural gemstone that comes in various shades and qualities. Swarovski Zirconia: Holds the same properties with clear cubic zirconia; colorless and bright. The difference from cubic zirconia is that Swarovski is a worldwide known brand for synthetic stones.

    Cubic Zirconia: Cubic Zirconia is a man-made material used as an affordable diamond alternative in jewellery for its durability and brilliance.


    This synthetic stone can be clear and colorless as well as in different colours and shapes. Dark Blue Swarovski Zirconia: Holds the same properties with blue cubic zirconia. However, it is a synthetic stone unlike sapphire, which is a natural gemstone that comes in various shades and qualities. Red Swarovski Zirconia: Holds the same properties with red cubic zirconia.

    However, it is a synthetic stone unlike ruby, which is a natural gemstone that comes in various shades and qualities. VS diamonds are known to have very slight inclusions that are not visible to the naked eye and can only be seen under magnification. Diamonds with VVS clarity contain very very slight inclusions that are extremely difficult to detect under 10x magnification.

    These inclusions are not noticeable with the naked eye. The "slight to very slight inclusions" are not visible to the naked eye and can only be seen under magnification. Refers to "very very slightly included" and it is known to be one of the highest grades, ranked under internally flawless and flawless. Basic quality for fine white sapphires. Basic quality for fine pink sapphire jewellery. Basic quality for fine yellow sapphires. Basic quality for fine citrine jewellery. Basic quality for fine garnet jewellery.

    Basic quality for fine blue topaz jewellery. Basic quality for fine peridot jewellery. Basic quality for fine aquamarine jewellery. Basic quality for fine fire opal jewellery. Some small inclusions are visible with the naked eye. Basic quality for fine rose quartz jewellery. Basic quality for fine tanzanite jewellery. Basic quality for fine smoke quartz jewellery. Excellent AAA graded Smoky Quartz is high quality gemstone and can be found at world's finest jewelers.

    Most preferred choice when it comes to Smoky Quartz. Difficult to find and known as the best quality for smoke quartz jewellery. Basic quality for fine morganite jewellery. Basic quality for fine tsavorite jewellery. The system used to state how much pure gold is found in an item: Gold - 14K gold contains 14 parts gold and 10 parts of another alloy metal s ; commonly varying in silver, copper, zinc, platinum or palladium, making it To make silver durable enough for use in jewelry, pure silver, which has a 0.

    The copper or other metals are added to strengthen the silver and the resulting product is 0. Acceptable quality marks for sterling silver are sterling, sterling silver, ster, and Because of its hardness and durability, pure platinum is often mixed with other metals to make it more malleable.

    The most common alloy metals paired with platinum are copper, palladium, rhodium, iridium, and titanium. Four times stronger than gold, platinum is renowned for its hardwearing properties, resistance to damage and wear, and its substantial heft. Only metals marked with a purity designation are considered high-grade platinum. It can be used as a bleaching within the manufacturing of white gold. The remaining metal alloys are usually silver and zinc.

    It is ultimately precious not only because of its exquisite beauty and durability but also because it is not easy to locate Platinum in many parts of the world. Did you know that in order to produce a single ounce of Platinum, a total amount of 10 tons of ore must be mined? At GLAMIRA we gather our metals, used in our production process, from the most trusted suppliers worldwide and with great care and value. Our customers place their credence in us therefore it is our utmost duty to provide them the excellence they deserve in the pieces we offer. Platinum is a hypoallergenic metal and with its durable and stainless structure, it enables a long usage.

    Gold jewellery is made of gold and an alloy of different metals required to process it. The amount of gold depends on the gold karat that you select. This product is available as a single earring and as a pair of earrings. Please note that if you select the pair option you will receive two identical earrings.

    Each gemstone grading has different characteristics such as color and clarity, describing the quality of the gemstone. Colour for Swarovski and other stones. The precise colour can vary depending on the chemical composition of the diamond. The colour-grading scale for diamonds ranges from D to Z. The highest colour grade and the whitest stone available is a D colour diamond.

    It is also the rarest colour grade and have a higher value. Diamonds in the G to J colour range have a hint of body colour and are considered Near Colorless. Ideal colour for a diamond is generally considered as H colour. Metal refers to the base material that is used to produce the jewellery. The colour is determined by the combination of the metal with the other alloying agents.

    Center Stone :. Center stone is the primary stone on a jewellery. The carat of a center stone is larger than the other ones. The clarity for a gemstone depends on its type. All of these shapes have different forms and attributes. Stone Shape :. Gemstone Diameter :. A diameter dimension refers to actual appearance of a gemstone. Stone diameter is considered to measure the actual size of a gemstone better than a carat weight, due to the various cutting options.

    The width refers to the measurement of the ring from one side to the other. You can measure how wide your ring is on your finger. Ring thickness is measured in millimeters; vertically from the inside, against the finger, to the outside. It refers to the stones ranging from zirconia to diamond. It also includes their clarity and carat weights. It refers to the process of polishing, inlaying, granulation upon the facade of the shank.

    This refers to the wedding ring shapes including flat court, slight court and traditional court. Being flat on the outside and a light curve on the interior are typical characteristics of a flat court. Slight court refers to the ring profile which is slightly rounded on the inner and the outer court. Traditional court is a heavy rounded inner and outer ring court. It is a mixture of different metals. As the combination of different ratios of metals, alloys modifies the properties of pure metals to produce desirable characteristics.

    As to the precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium or platinum, the manufacturing takes usually place after the metals have already been alloyed. Mixture of different metals might be in different colours such as white, yellow, red etc. Engraving your item will not affect its eligibility for free resizing, lifetime warranty or repair. However, engraved items can only be returned for store credit and not for money refund.

    If you have a particular choice between GIA and HRD, please contact our customer support after you have placed your order. If you are not familiar with this ring size scale, tell us your size in any international ring size format and we will make it for you! Enamel is basically a jewellery ornament applied with coloured glassy substance, translucent or opaque, fused to the surface of articles made of metal. To gain a perfect fit, the length of the bracelet can be adjusted accordingly with the chain link attached to the clasp.

    How to modify your anklet length? To gain a perfect fit, the length of the anklet can be adjusted accordingly with the chain link attached to the clasp. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Scotland and France in the Enlightenment. Bucknell University Press. Katalog zum Reichert, Wiesbaden , S. VNR AG. The St. Hubert Guild. Retrieved 31 October