No Second Chance

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I often agree with your reviews. This time I do not.

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This French series is not good. Most of the leads are false. A lot of what happens is completely irrelevant to the main story. This French series is a waste of time.

Paperback Editions

It is not well done! I appreciate that! False leads were indeed a big part of the series. I think they were trying to keep the viewers off guard until the last possible moment.

Q&A: Harlan Coben Chats About ‘No Second Chance’ And Career Switch

Skip to content. Is Richard the good guy or the bad guy? The series is currently available on Netflix in the U.

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You have an opinion about this topic. Yes, you do.

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Share it here. Cancel reply. Previous Previous post: Review: Sister Cities. Next Next post: Review: Belle. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. No, it never really came up. All my book have been translated and they seem to do well. A lot of times, the American televisions may want to try to make it too ordinary. So why would I want to do it in English and have a smaller audience? Thet sent me names, sometimes they sent me the audition tapes. Sometimes I watched the movies with the people in it.

No Second Chances

I wanted to modernize the book because I wrote it in , and it came out in and If I had written it now I would have written it with a female lead. It works well with a female character because we can play out the maternal instinct of the mother and we get to have an actress like Alexandra to play that part.

Sidney recommended Francois. I had actually met Francois years earlier. He did a marvelous job. I spoke to the producer, and I also spoke to my friend who was the creator of the show and he only had nice things to say. We met and saw that he had the same vision. When he saw the first draft of the script he had the same problem that I had.

People in Hollywood always say you know what this is like?

French adaptation of Harlan Coben's 'No Second Chance' arrives on Netflix

Never, I never think of that. I think about telling the best story I can. I worry about what will be the best story. Great TV series always translate. The way you make a universal story is by not making it universal story. When you try too hard, you lose it. I make my stories very specific about family, suburbs and New Jersey. And the more specific I get with that, the more universal the appeal.

People all like the same thing, they all like great stories. What prompted you to get involved in various films and TV shows all of the sudden? About a year ago I realized that I wanted new worlds to conquer. I sold a lot of books , and felt ready to tell stories in a different way. Taking one of my novels and turning it into a great show.