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More leave every year. The city whose culinary history and geography I know better than almost everyone has made it clear that I will never own any piece of it. They are all grieving someone, missing someone, worried about someone. I told him I could if he wanted me to, but only if he wanted me to.

Because it was.

travel | art | volunteering | ruminations

The whole thing. Even the hard parts. They have to. The consequences of not doing so are not pretty. I was also considering collecting some writings of my own and binding them together to be my bible…. Suddenly, I realized that this was all a mistake. I barely have …. Posted on Nov, 13 by Ian MacKenzie. Posted on Oct, 29 by Ian MacKenzie. Posted on Aug, 8 by Ian MacKenzie. I tell stories or more accurately the stories of other people through the medium of film.

My personal worldview is revealed through the types of stories I share. Later on, …. Posted on Jul, 25 by Ian MacKenzie. The real is a dream. And then I played with a thought experiment: You sitting in morning traffic is a dream.

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Working a job you may, or may …. Posted on May, 9 by Ian MacKenzie. Posted on Jan, 10 by Ian MacKenzie. Photo: akakumo In , I learned our society was in serious trouble. The site chronicles peak oil and the ensuing economic downfall that will have us all in mud huts, …. Posted on Jan, 7 by Ian MacKenzie. This is a bit late in coming, but like most things… it was put off until the right time. Last year, I wrote my resolutions for Looking back on them, I realize I actually did a pretty good job.

I attended Burning Man. I am extremely blessed to be spending my summer vacation in a gorgeous setting in a very expensive house in the south of France. You would think the owner of the house would be happy and carefree, but It has become widely accepted that our brains and bodies are plastic. We can largely shape them through our diet, life experiences and mental and physical exercises.

Personal Musings

From personal experience, I can al True friendship is when I am not sure what it is about entrepreneurs that makes us risk taking thrill seekers, but every entrepreneur I know is an adrenaline junkie. We kite board, heli ski, race cars, and keep finding new c As an aside, I was introduced to Mark by Jeremy Levi By Stacie Rabinowitz So Fabrice has been writing a lot lately about the joys of friendship and how much he enjoys all of the wonderful people who fill his world. In keeping with this theme of warm a In order to add a bit of diversity to the writing, I am opening up the blog to outside posts.

Shoot me an email if you have anything you really want to share with the world, whether it is transcendent I just finished watching Season 4 of Lost and I have to admit I am impressed. The show has rekindled its magic and has by far the most interesting storyline of any drama on TV currently. The end of S They were by far the most interesting company. As you might have suspected given my prior post on the topic The Teutonic Viagra , I have been lusting for the Audi R8.

It had caught my eye before seeing Ironman, but its role in that movie cemented I remember vividly that when I was a kid the summers seemed endless. Time has accele I often get asked by college students whether they should start their own businesses right out of college or whether they should join an established company.

The reality is that at that stage in your When I explained how I raised my very first round of financing in a recent post, a number of you asked me to count the story of my first company. The story is a lot less sexy and purposeful than that Most of us put very little thought into buying gifts for our friends.

For some reason people seem intent on buying me ties and cufflinks. People: I appreciate the gesture, but I am an Internet entrepr Greg Galant at Venture Voice just started a new series where he asks former show guests a question. You can find my answer to his first question below and on Venture Voice. The first time I had to ra In most countries trains are much more reliable than planes — they are not affected by the weather or runway, air traffic and gate limitations.

In light of the numerous flight cancellations and the I have a confession to make: I love Diet Coke. I find it tastes great and is extremely refreshing. In fact, so much so that for a while I only drank Diet Coke and I drink a lot so I was consuming more We are extremely satisfied with the product.

Homeowners hate to sell their houses for less than they paid for them. When prices fall, instead of adjusting to the new reality, homeowners keep their price expectations hoping that their house will My Aston Martin V8 Vantage is drop dead gorgeous, but the rea My dogs turned 3 respectively on March 2 and 4. I am happy to report that Harvard is as spastic, crazy and happy as ever while Bagheera remains incredibly sweet, smart and nice.

I had the pleasure of attending Renaissance Week-End www. Renaissance Week-End is a gathering of interesting people from all disciplines who ba Somehow all my Princeton friends started taking personality tests a week ago to see if they had changed over time so I decided to join them. The mother of an OLX employee called in Argentina to report a robbery in progress across her street.

I have always been a huge fan of Maria Sharapova — not only because she is drop dead gorgeous, but also because she is so passionate, intense and determined. She played phenomenally well this Austr They just had a special issue on the US and the American Dream and asked me to write an article on the American entrep While was a year of transition with the break after Zingy and the creation of OLX, was a year of consolidation. I put my disagreement with the acquirer of Zingy behind me. I made two new Int Their d Historically, I would have said being in love is the single most wonderful and important thing.

However, some may argue being in love is an ephemeral sensation that is Over the past year, I blogged a few time about the importance of deliberate practice in achieving high performance A Star is Made, A Star is Made — Part 2 and how one of the two types of geniuses A few weeks ago I had the great pleasure of attending a small salon on ethics, spirituality and religion. I was humbled by the intelligence and insight of the attendees: public intellectuals, authors, In a recent article I wrote how most successful entrepreneurs were not innate geniuses but got their success from relentless trial and error.

As several of you pointed out, my description did not acco It all started with an innocent question. There is ever more evidence that we humans are extremely primitive. Psychologists are demonstrating time and time again how easy it is to prime us. In a recent example, college students were asked to Friends keep wanting to invite us to showers, bachelor parties, rehearsal dinners, weddings. Where does this sense of obligation come from? When did it become socially unacceptable to say no? I find t Silverjet www. It is my true pleasure to announce that I received my green card!

As much as we think of ourselves as extremely rational and intelligent beings, there is a growing body of evidence that suggests otherwise. We are easily primed by things we hear or read. The decision To some extent most of the large cities around the world are the same: cosmopolitan, diverse, offering tons of potential activities and a rich art scene. However, there is something quite special abou The advent of positive psychology, as mentioned in my recent posts on happiness, is leading to a revolution in psychological counseling.

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As depression, anxiety and other ills seem to be largely caused Dogs rule! My computer recently crashed and as I was restoring my files, I came across an article I wrote for Les Echos, a French financial paper similar to the Financial Times, in March I felt compelled t ComputerWorld recently ran a fun report on 21 products that did not live up to the hype.

Some products were ahead of their time. Some just did not have the right business model and some were just not A friend of mine just showed me this great video on Youtube about what Web 2. This time I am not blogging about how lucky I have been in the past but about how lucky others have been. Paul Kedrosky, a venture capitalist, recently posted the shareholder information from the You The games allow people to fe David Cowan, a partner at Bessemer Venture Partner, did the best intro speech ever to a recent Richard Dawkins speaking event.

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Let me know if any of you mee I did not run out of things to say either. I tried to combine work, kite boarding, tennis, and hanging out with my brother and cousin for a week in Miami and noticed I did not have time to do anything While true polymaths like Leonardo da Vinci are rare, there is an increasing body of evidence to suggest that having diverse interests makes you better in everything you do.

To some extent, this is c I wanted to share with you a wonderful idea called ChangingThePresent. Through this site, which partners with the world's top not-for-profits, you can buy presents like one hour of a cancer resea Check out Swivel.

Personal Musings | rama arya's blog

Einat Wilf, a young up and coming Israeli politician and intellectual, wrote an interesting article a few years ago on the sense of entitlement that easily becomes engrained in smart and talented peop It turns out our parents were right. Brushing our teeth, flossing and using Listerine daily does protect us from cavities. As I used to defer to authority, I duly complied and have never had a cavity Would any of you know of a way to have Alexa aggregate all the traffic on site.

Needless to say using france Yesterday, as I was reflecting on this new beginning, I was overcome by great feelings of joy, pride and ambition. In many respects, this moment is the purest moment we will experience on this advent Experts have been arguing for a while that real estate is over-valued by looking at a number of metrics; e.

I am not back to the U.

What is Tokusatsu? (And Why Do I Like It?)

As I mentioned in a previous post, I had gotten lucky once as a company I had helped in its early days ended up going public and doing very well. It just happened again! Their closing sentences for most articles are usually very sarcastic and they use a very ironic tone in many articles. Some entire articl I am a big believer in gestalt. A gestalt is what you get when you absorb varying and often seemingly unrelated tidbits of information and then take a leap beyond the pattern that emerges.

The importa While traveling in Argentina and Spain, I came across an amazingly fun racquet sport called padel. Not to be confused with the American paddle or platform tennis, this fast paced game is a mixture of VentureInside www. One of her In my previous post on the topic, I decided I was going to speak more openly about what I am actively doing.

Recently, I found myself venturing off the topic of entrepreneurship as I talked about labo Life is essentially a large prioritization exercise — how much time you allocate to work, your significant other, your friends, your family, etc. Even within companies as there is only so much a tea To date, I have not really talked about what I am working on — partly because I was figuring it out and partly because I felt it was better to have something substantive to talk about before going p Every once in a while we are faced with making a decision that will change our life.

We reach crossroads where the path we choose to go down irremediably closes down the other paths. To help me make t The guiding theme of my current vacation is to meet entrepreneurs from the world over. Over the past four and half years, I have had the pleasure to share a wonderful journey with all of you.

Thanks to your passion, dedication, grit, commitment, tenacity, and to some sheer luck, we have Check your inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription. Skip to content Personal Musings. I had the pleasure of being a guest on the PopHealth show to discuss the importance of health and well-being I had the pleasure of being invited to the PopHealth Show. Ode to Bagheera To my great chagrin, my beloved Bagheera passed away a year ago. How I was hacked, and all my cryptocurrencies were stolen!

Some thoughts on cryptocurrencies To anyone living in the West the purpose of Bitcoin and the blockchain can seem opaque because we have functioning legal systems, rule of law, no capital controls and respect for property rights. Nontraditional approach to wealth management I realize this blog post might appear douchey as its content only applies to very few lucky entrepreneurs. Apparently I am the top French business angel of ! Technology and the Future of Work Technological progress continues unabated.

My Rematerialized Life In October , at the end of my Update on the Very Big Downgrade, I explained that the super high occupancy rates of high end hotels and Airbnbs in New York were forcing me to move location every f Life in I was recently interviewed by Alliancy to discuss the world in My friends are the best — part 2! Great birthday wishes from Dazeinfo: Happy Birthday Fabrice Grinda: The Extraordinary Tech Entrepreneur Dazeinfo wrote a really nice article for my birthday full of surprisingly accurate information. The wonderful world of mobile apps!

Asset Light Living After the NY Times article, a number of you have reached out asking for the full list of items I live and travel with.