PT-Symmetric Schrödinger Operators with Unbounded Potentials

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  3. PT-Symmetric Schrödinger Operators with Unbounded Potentials
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An Overview of PT Quantum Mechanics Part 2 (Hugh Jones)

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Timetable and abstract PHHQM07

We cannot take responsibility for items which are lost or damaged in transit. For purchases where a shipping charge was paid, there will be no refund of the original shipping charge. Publisher Description. Solution methods for R-linear problems in Cn electronic. Matrix Anal. Howard C. Elman, Gene H. On the convergence of line iterative methods for cyclically reduced nonsymmetrizable linear systems. A Unified theory of nuclear reactions. Unified theory of nuclear reactions - Feshbach, Herman Annals Phys. Carl H. FitzGerald and Roger A.

On quadratic and bilinear forms in function theory.. London Math. Roland W. Conjugate gradient-type methods for linear systems with complex symmetric coefficient matrices. On certain inequalities and characteristic value problems for analytic functions and for functions of two variables. Friedrichs and A. On the wave function renormalization in a simple model.

Freely available

Pure Appl. Alberto Galindo. On the existence of J-selfadjoint extensions of J-symmetric operators with adjoint. The theory of matrices. Translated from the Russian by K.

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  • Level crossings in a PT-symmetric double well.
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Hirsch Reprint of thetranslation. Stephan R. Interpolation and complex symmetry.. Tohoku Math. J 2 , 60, Stephan Ramon Garcia. Conjugation and Clark operators. In Recent advances in operatorrelated function theory, volume of Contemp. Means of unitaries, conjugations, and the Friedrichs operator. Approximate antilinear eigenvalue problems and related inequalities electronic. The eigenstructure of complex symmetric operators. In Recent advances in matrix and operator theory, volume of Oper.

Theory Adv. The norm and modulus of a Foguel operator. Daniel E.

PT-Symmetric Schrödinger Operators with Unbounded Potentials

Poore, and James E. Stephan Ramon Garcia Unitary equivalence to a complex symmetric matrix: low dimensions. Poore, and Madeline K. Stephan Ramon Garcia Unitary equivalence to a complex symmetric matrix: a modulus criterion. Matrices, 5 2 Stephan Ramon Garcia and Mihai Putinar. Complex symmetric operators and applications electronic.

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  5. Complex symmetric operators and applications. II electronic. Stephan Ramon Garcia and William T. A non-linear extremal problem on the Hardy space. Recent progress on truncated Toeplitz operators. In Blaschke products and their applications, volume 65 of Fields Inst.

    Operator Theory. Stephan Ramon Garcia and James E. Unitary equivalence of a matrix to its transpose 68 1 Stephan Ramon Garcia and Warren R. Complex symmetric partial isometries. Some new classes of complex symmetric operators. Khakim D. Ikramov, and Andrey B. Alan George On the growth factor in Gaussian elimination for generalized Higham matrices. Gilbreath and Warren R. Remarks on the structure of complex symmetric operators. Integral Equations Operator Theory, 59 4 Giordanelli and G. The real spectrum of the imaginary cubic oscillator: An expository proof.

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    Introduction to the theory of linear nonselfadjoint operators. Translated from the Russian by A. Feinstein Translations of Mathematical Monographs, Vol. American Mathematical Society, Providence, R. Spectral projections of the complex cubic oscillator. Spectral instability for even non-selfadjoint anharmonic oscillators. Spectr Theory, page to appear. Nicholas J. Factorizing complex symmetric matrices with positive definite real and imaginary parts..

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    Ikramov and Andrey B. Putinar J. Spectral Decompositions and Analytic Sheaves. Oxford University Press. Normal Semi-Linear Transformations. Jung, E. Ko, and J. On scalar extensions and spectral decompositions of complex symmetric operators. Math Anal. Ko, M. Lee, and J. On local spectral properties of complex symmetric operators.

    On complex symmetric operator matrices. Zhu K.

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    A canonical decomposition of complex symmetric operators. Operator Theory to appear. Symplectic gravity models in four-dimensions, three-dimensions and two-dimensions - Kechkin, Oleg et al. John P. Alain Grosjean, and Georges Jolicard. A simple method for complex eigenvalues. Ian Knowles. On the boundary conditions characterizing J-selfadjoint extensions of Jsymmetric operators.

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    5. Statistical mechanics of pseudo Hermitian systems in equilibrium.
    6. The energy spectrum of complex periodic potentials of the Kronig–Penney type.
    7. The Pauli equation with complex boundary conditions - Kochan, D. Kochan, D. The Pauli equation with complex boundary conditions. Compact linear operators on functional spaces with two norms. Integral Equations Operator Theory, 30 2 ,. Calculation of the metric in the Hilbert space of a PT -symmetric model via the spectral theorem.. PT -symmetric models in curved manifolds. Peter Lancaster. A Krein space approach to PT symmetry - Heinz Langer and Christiane Tretter.

      Corrigendum to: [Czechoslovak. Peter D. Symmetrizable linear transformations. Subspace iteration for complex symmetric eigenproblems.. Sound Vibration , Systematic search fot PT symmetric potentials with real energy spectra - Levai, G. A33 Foguel operators with complex symmetry. Brice M. Xuhua Liu and Tin-Yau Tam. Unitary similarity to a complex symmetric matrix and its extension to orthogonal symmetric Lie algebras. Prokhorov M. Compact Hankel forms on planar domains.. Theory, 3, Square-integrable solutions of a second-order differential equation with complex coefficients.

      J Math. Oxford Ser. Symmetrisable functions and their expansion in terms of biorthogonal functions.. Nimrod Moiseyev.

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      Non-Hermitian quantum mechanics. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. PseudoHermiticity versus PT symmetry 2. PseudoHermiticity versus PT symmetry. The necessary condition for the reality of the spectrum - Mostafazadeh, Ali J. Ali Mostafazadeh. Pseudo-Hermitian representation of quantum mechanics.

      Methods Mod. Jan Nesemann. Nikolai K. Operators, functions, and systems: an easy reading.