Silence Is Not An Option

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  1. When You Blow Past the Guard Rail
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  4. Silence is Not an Option
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When You Blow Past the Guard Rail

This past July the Circle of Protection decided to shine a light on the rogue actions of ICE in general and the silent raids in particular, with a large scale demonstration and street blockage in front of the check in center. The street was peacefully held for over 5 hours with 17 of us eventually arrested and held overnight in the main jail of Broward County, FL. All charges were eventually dropped. On our next opportunity to visit our friends in Krome, we learned that those visitors who had protested at Miramar had been banned in retaliation and would no longer be allowed to provide humanitarian services at the facility.

This situation provides us with another opportunity to call attention to the human rights violations committed by ICE in our names. From this adversity our Shine a Light campaign was born. We are now part of a new coalition led by Freedom for Immigrants demanding that ICE acknowledge that community members do not lose their right to protected speech as the price to enter an immigrant prison.

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Speaking the truth to power and forming coalitions with those with big shoulders is always the right thing to do when silence is not an option. Personal Stories Detention Reporting. Freedom for Immigrants - November 05, Bud Conlin When fear does not rule, power and truth can prevail.

Wake Up Christians - Silence Is Not An Option by Shane Idleman

Share this article. Freedom for Immigrants. Previous Post. As a result, the Internal Revenue Service IRS now prohibits churches and other nonprofit organizations from endorsing or opposing political candidates. Bill Clinton, who was running for president. The church received hundreds of contributions.

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Beyond express endorsement of or opposition to candidates for political offices, pastors and churches may engage in many permissible activities. Churches may host voter-registration drives or forums at which candidates address the congregation or answer questions from a moderator, or be a host site for balloting. Churches may corporately support or oppose local, state and federal laws. They may oppose or support constitutional amendments and citizen initiatives, including petition drives for marriage amendments.

Silence is not an Option

Pastors can preach on biblical, moral and social issues such as homosexuality, poverty and abortion. They can urge their congregations to register and vote, and can acknowledge visiting candidates. Contrary to popular belief, pastors can personally endorse or oppose political candidates out of the pulpit, work for political candidates and contribute money to them. If a pastor personally wants to endorse a candidate, he should make it clear that his endorsement is a personal one rather than a corporate endorsement by his church.

Pastors and churches may expressly oppose or support individuals, for example, being considered as judicial or cabinet appointments. It is time for pastors and churches to become the moral conscience of the community.

Silence is Not an Option

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The research suggests otherwise. In April, the U.

When to Draw the Line

Big Think Edge For You. Big Think Edge For Business. Preview an Edge video. Videos That black hole photo: How event horizons bend time, space, and light. Sponsored by Charles Koch Foundation Understanding what tolerance means in a highly polarized America. Videos There are 2 types of god. Only one is within the boundary of science.

Shameless Mom » Silence is Not an Option

Why the community that sings together stays together Singing is universal. Keep reading Show less. Why are intelligent people more likely to abuse drugs? Photo credit: Itay Kabalo on Unsplash. Numerous studies have confirmed the link between intelligence and substance abuse. However, the mechanism for this correlation has been difficult to pin down. Why would more intelligent people, who should ostensibly know better, practice such a risky habit? For first time, U. Wind and solar saw the biggest increases in April. Spring is when coal-generated electricity is typically lowest, and when hydro-generated electricity is highest.

American coal-fired power plants are shutting down at record rates, putting thousands of jobs at risk.

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