The Bakers Daughter Remembers the Holidays

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  1. The Baker's Daughter Remembers the Holidays
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  4. The Baker's Daughter Remembers the Holidays

My memories of living and traveling in Germany served as my imaginative landscape and fueled my hunger to research the country and its people during those last awful months of World War. Teaching at the University of Texas at El Paso, many of my students wrote about their fear and anxiety regarding the deportation of family and friends.

I imagined many in Germany Aryan, Jewish, etc. Did anything surprise you? Of course the research into Nazi Germany unearthed deeply disturbing facts.

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The Baker's Daughter Remembers the Holidays

The Lebensborn Program, for one, took me months to emotionally process. I searched for every opportunity to disprove its existence. Then I realized that disbelief, unwillingness to confront the truth and take a stand, was a similar reaction to many German citizens. It was so unfathomable that it pained the soul.

Not possible , I said.

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How could any human being do such things? Instead of pushing it away, I tried to harness that response and use it to shed light on dark secrets. The same was true of our present-day border issues. I see it on the news, at the grocery store, in my neighborhood. Lisa: So we have two women protagonists: Reba in present day and Elsie in the past. Which perspective did you find was the easiest to write? Which was the most difficult? The Josef chapters were the most psychologically taxing. They knew right from wrong, just as we all do. So then, I asked myself, how could they?

Or, in this specific case, how could Josef rationalize and live with his actions. As the author, I had a responsibility to present his perspective without my own emotional judgments. That was difficult, but I believe those dark chapters are essential to the book. Lisa: Familial relationships play a significant role in the novel, specifically daughterhood. There are many similarities and some stark differences between how Reba and Elsie appear as daughters in the novel.

Q&A with Sarah McCoy, author of The Baker's Daughter - Christi Craig

The dynamic between mothers and daughters—women of varying generations—seems to be a reoccurring theme in my writing. Each new generation believes it is more advanced than its predecessor. However, history has proven to be a gigantic record spinning round on different threads but in the same motion. Our lives overlap whether we chose to acknowledge it or not. Both Reba and Elsie struggle to find themselves, to establish their own beliefs and make choices in alternate environments. Their places on earth may differ, but their journey is the same. The deep love and deep conflicts of daughterhood are undeniable.

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    The Baker's Daughter Remembers the Holidays

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    The Bakers Daughter, Louise Johncox

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