The Depiction of Ireland in Martin McDonagh´s Plays (German Edition)

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Order By: Top Matches. Kobo ebook. Available for download Not available in stores. After months pass without a culprit in her daughter's murder case, Mildred Hayes pays for three signs challenging the authority of William Willoughby, the town's revered chief of police. Log In Sign Up. Yet considerable controversy surrounds the play. Yet what is represented on stage? More specifically, who is represented on stage? Psychotic as he is, does Padraic represent anyone in the real world?

I contend that critics have very largely overlooked an obvious real-life, Irish republican who provided McDonagh with a model of sorts for Padraic. In fact, rather than critiquing state-created stereotypes of Irish Republican violence, McDonagh may be the unwitting dupe of British military propaganda. I will suggest that two cats in the play are the analogues of famous Irish republicans and I will also offer a likely explanation for the lengthy wait that the play endured before reaching the British stage.

The genesis of the play is clear.

Deconstructing Irishness

These devices wounded fifty-six passersby, killed outright Jonathan Ball aged three, and mortally wounded twelve-year-old Timothy Parry. The playwright was angry with the IRA—who would not be? But beyond what he learned in the press, what did McDonagh know of Irish republican violence? Born in Camberwell, London, in , he grew up in that city. His mother, a cleaner, came from the town-land of Kileenduff in County Sligo and his father, a construction worker, hailed from 1 An article in The Guardian transiently makes the connection: McDonald Henry.

During summer vacations the family would return to Galway, and on these occasions McDonagh picked up a flavor of the local dialect and customs. When in his teens, his parents returned to live in Galway, leaving their two sons in London. There is no evidence to suggest that McDonagh was exposed to, or sought to study, advanced nationalism.

Although McDonagh placed Mad Padraic occupationally in a relatively unknown paramilitary organization and physically in an island off the west coast of Ireland possibly in order to allow himself room for creative maneuver unhindered by issues of verisimilitude , both job and location exist in the real world.

Padraic is described as a lieutenant in the INLA, an acronym little known in the wider world, but at one time greatly feared by the inhabitants of the U. In alone—by far the most deadly year of the Troubles—almost people died in political violence. Given the formal manner of its inception, however, its relative size, and the fact that its true parent organization soon lapsed into military desuetude, a more accurate definition of the INLA would be that of a vigorous side shoot bursting from a dead branch on a venerable old tree, a shoot encouraged by the successes of its large, energetic, competitor, the PIRA.

This resulted in the deaths of eleven off-duty soldiers and six civilians including four young women , and injuries to dozens of others McKittrick. At a time when McDonagh was reaching puberty and presumably beginning to take a heightened interest in the Troubles, Dominic McGlinchey was assuming 3 Some sources suggest he finished it in His recklessness soon emerged in the results of subsequent bomb attacks.

One Catholic youth had his head blown off when he touched a booby-trapped motorbike helmet left as bait for an unwary British army patrol. This act of the rawest possible, anti-Protestant savagery caused a wave of condemnation to sweep through the British and Irish presses. Ironically McGlinchey gave the interview, his first ever, in order to distance himself from the Darkley killings. A row developed in Irish government and opposition circles when the interview was published because McGlinchey openly promised to assassinate Ian Paisley, leader of the Democratic Unionist Party.

How could it be, people asked themselves, that someone like this could be given the freedom of the Irish press? First, McGlinchey and Padraic shared a history of serious attacks on their childhood friends. In Lieutenant, Davey recalls an event reminiscent of this.

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And then pinched his wheelchair! It has worked for me down the years.

The vast majority of such killings took place at a distance by rifle or bombing. In the event of a closer approach, the method of choice consisted of a shot to the torso from several yards to injure and bring down the victim followed by shots to the head to finish off the job. Padraic has an entirely different style. Padraic goes all the way up to ya. Padraic goes all the way up to ya, and then uses two guns from only an inch away. I think the two guns is overdoing it.

From that range, like.

In Bruges: Cutting Edge of an Irish Diaspora

McGlinchey had emerged from Portlaoise prison in , the year the play is set, a model prisoner in his later years and a student of Irish constitutional law, having—amazingly, in the circumstances—served a few years for mere firearms offences. Surviving one assassination attempt, the next came in February McGlinchey and his sixteen-year- old son were leaving a telephone box, having just rented a video from a store near his home, when three men drove up and attacked with a pump-action shotgun and at least one handgun.

Herein lies a striking similarity to the relationship of Padraic to the feisty Mairead.

§ 2 Definitions

Ah, Mairead. Free for kids to run and play. Free for fellas and lasses to dance and sing. Free for cats to roam about without being clanked in the brains with a handgun. One fecked cat each.

Slant Magazine

Individual identity is the unique sense of oneself whereas social identity is created by a collective sense of belonging to a group and of individuals identifying with other members of the group. Cultural identity is more specific with individuals having the sense of belonging to a distinct ethnic or cultural group. Identity, especially for a whole country, is inter alia the knowledge of those things that we above have defined as culture. To sum it all up, Irish identity is the knowledge of shared values, beliefs, customs and traditions, of a common language, history and territory.

Before I start off with de- constructing the Irish identity, I would like to mention that the identity of a people or nation or state therefore one could also call it a national identity usually is the result of the influence of and the exchange and discussion between different social or political movements within a country of which each one promotes its own idea of identity. So there are a lot of different opinions within a society about which things should be included in the concept of the national identity. The final result is determined by the access a movement has to state and public sphere, the openness of the public sphere towards its messages and also the receptiveness of other movements or wings to its message.

The Irish constitution of defines the island of Ireland, including its islands as the territory of the Irish Nation. The first pre-Irish speakers settled there in the sixth century BC 9. Even though there are now more than 70 million people in the world claiming Irish ancestry 10 , the important point is that one can say that the Irish always had a country of their own and have never been expelled or their country or been a minority in another country, like e.

The official language of the Republic of Ireland is Irish or Gaeilge. And still only Furthermore, one should bear in mind that this figure comes from a census and is therefore a self-reported proficiency, i. I only met one person in nine months in Ireland whose mother tongue was Irish. However, Irish still is the official language of Ireland so it must be essential to the Irish national identity and must have seen better times. So where are the roots of the Irish language? But it took until the fifth century until there emerged something one could describe as literacy in Irish.

The monasteries introduced written education in Ireland and a lot of scholars from all over Europe went to Ireland because of its reputation as the "island of saints and scholars".