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How many books are in this series? What happened with Mira and Sinclair? Are they the next book?

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Too much left hanging. I'm not opposed to cliffhangers, but this is making me crazy. Maybe it's making me want to read more and more. I don't know. We will see when the next installment is release if I decide to continue. No one understands that better than Anya Dare, a bear shifter and single mother to twin bear cubs, Owen and Lucas.

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Anya already has a difficult time trying to keep up with the cubs especially since their favorite hobby is playing with the tail of a very lazy jaguar shifter, Cole McDermott. Cole realizes that he shou Abandoned After the SAU Sifter Accommodation Unit forced the Ursines, the Canines and the Felines to live together in one compound everyone knew that life was bound to become harder. I loved how the attraction between Anya and Cole was there from the beginning, how Anya resisted the bond that knew they could have but at the moment her cubs are gone she becomes feral.

Unseen This one is quite special since we get our very first glimpse at the Unseen pack. Nicole Bradley lost her young son because of the SAU brutality. When he finds out about Nicole son he heart aches for the lovely woman who refuses to listen to reason. Unseen was a great story and I really loved it. I was so intrigued. I do hope we see more of the Unseen pack though. Abandoned and unseen were two great additions to the Branded series. Action, suspense, romance, bear and jaguar shifters and two incredible bear cubs.

It had everything! The more I read of this series the more I like it. I like that the characters and the packs are intertwined throughout the books. You will want to read the first book as it sets up the premise for the stories that follow. She has twin boys who are curious and full of mischief. She fell for a human once and was betrayed by him. She was left with a beautiful gift of two bear shifter cubs. Her brother has been protecting her as much as she will allow. Cole is a feline protector and helps guard the compound. And he surely is not prepared for his feelings toward their fiery mama.

I enjoyed all the interactions between Cole and the cubs. Anya fighting her attraction for Cole only added to the sexual tension in the story. Ultimately they end up being a perfect match for each other. Together, they are able to eliminate one of the most dangerous threats to their kind. The compound can breathe a bit easier for a while. Unseen We meet the Unseen in the first book. I admit, I was very intrigued and could not wait to read more about them.

In this story we again meet Tucker, a polar bear shifter. He catches Nicole Bradley, a wolf shifter, as she is trying to sneak into the SAU complex to get vengeance for the death of her son. Nicole has escaped the shifter compound to get to her target. They live off the grid.

The Unseen are trying to sabotage the SAU from the inside and Nicole storming into the complex could very well not only endanger her but all the work the Unseen have accomplished up to now. This installment was the most suspenseful so far. A lot was on the line for all shifters if things went foul. He was all muscle and heft but a big softy inside. He recognizes Nicole as his mate and takes time to convince her that the two of them together will be a good idea. This series just gets better with each new installment.

I eagerly wait to see what mayhem the shifter world will come up with next in order to unsettle the US government. A mama bear whose main concern is the care and safety of her twin sons and a seemingly laid back jaguar. With the changes that have taken place in the compound that the bears, cats, and wolves are now forced to share everyone is needing to make adjustments.

Sharing power and responsibility outside of their packs doesn't come easily to any of them, but in order to keep everyone safe concessions are having to be made. For Anya, things are about to become even more dangerous for both herself and her sons. Her sons are the key to a crazy man's plan for fame and possible fortune. What he doesn't count on is the fact that the packs are able to band together and all of them, especially Cole is going to take their responsibilities very seriously. There's a fast burning but sweet romance between Anya and Cole, a mad dash to save innocent lives, and the coming together to a degree of the shifters forced to find common ground.

Ryan was even able to get me excited about possible upcoming storylines. Cole's friend Gibson's as well as Anya's brother Oliver's stories are two that I am looking forward to reading. Nicole is on a mission to avenge the loss of her son and she doesn't care what she has to happen to do it. The humans who are responsible will be made to pay even if costs her her life to do it. Risking his community's safety and putting the larger Unseen community at risk as well isn't in the plans, but Tucker is willing to help Nicole.

They are just going to have to get help from Sinclair, the alpha of the Unseen pack. Unseen had plenty of action and laid the groundwork for how the Unseen will impact how the governing of shifters will develop and change. SAU is being infiltrated and will hopefully be taken down with the help of humans who acknowledge the huge injustices against shifters.

Strong personalities, intense desires, and a different set of mating standards makes the story enjoyable. I've been craving paranormal books and I especially love shifter stories so reading this one was easy. I haven't read the first book in the series but I caught on quickly. I do love shifters that aren't just wolves and this one has lots. Bears of all types, cats abound and of course wolves. But all is not as it seems. The first half of this book is the story of Anya, I've been craving paranormal books and I especially love shifter stories so reading this one was easy.

The first half of this book is the story of Anya, a grizzly bear, and her neighbor Cole, a cat. They fight their attraction but are drawn together to chase after an old enemy to the pack. Their attraction becomes impossible to ignore. The second half is about Nicole, a morning wolf, and Tucker, a polar bear, who isn't part of the captive shifters. Nicole is hunting the killer of her child when she meets Tucker. Both her wolf and his bear are drawn to each other and they end up working together to bring the killer to justice.

It seems that this series is a group of novella length stories that tell individual stories in the same world. Each one furthers the overarching story of a world where humans do not trust shifters. I enjoyed the stories and I'm certainly interested in reading more. Like most novella length stories, things move quickly. And since shifters and mating is involved, hearts are claimed quickly.

I like that actually. I might have liked a little longer stories.

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It's a great, fast read. If you enjoy shifter stores, this is a great one to spend an evening with. Two fantastic stories in one book! I feel so lucky that these two fantastic authors got together to create this dark and frightening world where there is so much sadness yet love can grow and shine through. Abandoned by Carrie Ann Ryan — This story is filled with surprises and hope. I love that bear shifter Anya Tucker is tall. Having sexy jaguar tracker, Cole McDermott, close Two fantastic stories in one book!

Having sexy jaguar tracker, Cole McDermott, close enough that the twins can give him a hard time is giving her fantasies of him giving her something hard in return. But when the twins are stolen Cole may be her only hope for finding them. They are living off the grid and trying to change the plight of the shifters. Wolf shifter Nicole Bradley is hunting down the SAU bastards that shot down her 5 year old son and that hunt takes her across the path of Unseen polar bear shifter Tucker Stone.

At serious risk to life, limb and his heart Tucker goes against his nature to help Nicole hunt down the last. Maybe Tucker can give her a reason to go on. That is if they live long enough. If nothing else these stories will leave you with a feeling of hope.

Restoration's Journey (Unseen Dominion, #2)

That these characters can go through so much and come out of it with hope for the future you can do no less. First story was not very strong on the plot side. No new developments really. So 3 stars for it. The second story was much better - there was action, story development, new characters. Almost 5 stars. Great read Loving these books. The idea of imprisoning someone else to cover up things they did is horrible.

The things these people did disgusting. The characters of the story try to fight a wrong done. Hopefully they will succeed. Im tired, and my reviewing powers are severely depleted due to 5th grade shenanigans today. Will review later. It was okay, and i liked it alright, just meh-ish. Abandoned and Unseen I'm dying to see how the final showdown plays out with Markham.

I enjoyed the twist and turns to get to their mates. I hope they'll be free soon. I only read abandoned I received an ARC copy from the authors in exchange for an honest review. Abandoned When bear shifter, Anya Tucker fell in love with the wrong man, the only thing she left with was a broken heart—and her two bear cubs.

When her sons meet the lazy cat next door and fall heads I received an ARC copy from the authors in exchange for an honest review. The scenes with him and bear cubs are wonderful, full of sweetness, but they also show the love and protective instincts that every shifters nourish for every kind of puppy. From the start the relationship between Cole and Anya is sparkling, Anya is a tough mumma bear and she is not so fond about Cole, but everything changes when her youngs are in danger and comes into play the real Cole, the protector, the tracker of the pack, which goes against all the rules to help Anya, entirely disinterested, willing to risk his life for her and her babies.

Their relationship changes, suddenly overwhelmed by the events. A beautiful story, very hot, always set place in a dark reality, because of the cruelty of humans, who deprived of their freedom the shapeshifters, keeping them understo strict control in their camps. A hard world, which puts a strain on the various races of shapeshifters, but teaching them to live among other races in order to adapt and survive. This is the story of the whole series that I liked the most. For its two protagonists, their story, Nicole's past, how she's strong and her desire and need for revenge, but especially for Tucker Who would ever think that a polar bear could be so hot?!

I'm not kidding, he is one of the most beautiful and intense alpha I've ever read, a pity that this is just a short story, he deserves a full-lenght book, because he's amazing. I love he back-and-forth with Nicole and his attitude as caveman. Dominant, ruthless but very protective of Nicole, willing to do anything to support her and keep her safe, but he didn't prevent her from achieving her revenge, against whom brutally killed her son. Tucker is one of the Unseen, a group of shapeshifters who managed to evade capture and identification by humans, a group that is trying to destroy from within the human organization that has imprisoned the shifters.

Their role is crucial, but keeping their identities secret is equally important. The story has a great plot and is written beautifully. Wish the stories were a but longer to allow a bit more fleshing out but the stories are good and of course well written by both authors.

K, I am going to preface this review by saying that I don't normally like collaborative series. It's just too difficult to make them feel seamless to me. Add in the fact that in order to hit proper page count they normally have to be novella length for each piece--which usually means those insta-lust and love situations that always make me cringe--and I don't always set out to buy them. With the Branded Pack series, however, I don't feel ANY of that, none of it, and after each and every installment, all I'm left with is a deep desire for more!

Abandoned and Unseen are stories 3 and 4 book 2 of the Branded Pack series, and while it is a running series, they can absolutely be read as standalones. The worldbuilding is set up enough in each story that even if you were to pick this up without having read Stolen and Forgiven you would be just fine. The series just keeps getting better and better More deep and intriguing characters, more compelling storylines In Abandoned, we fine all 3 Packs being forced into the same compound. Not only do each of the shifter Packs have to deal with being forced into captivity, now they have to deal with sharing their very limited space with other predators and people with very differing personalities, habits, etc.

Anya is a single mother raising her 2 adorable bear cubs, and her territory border butts up against that of an aggravating--if insanely sexy--jaguar, Cole. Despite Anya's very apparent dislike of Cole mostly stemming from the fact that she wants him and doesn't WANT to want him they're forced to work together when Anya's children are kidnapped.

The chemistry between Anya and Cole was undeniable, but it was fun to see them both try until they could no longer fight the pull and simply let the fireworks happen. And boy did they ever In Unseen, we get our first glimpse into the Unseen Pack--those rare shifters who avoided capture and captivity by the humans.

Those without the brands and the collar. And they're all just a little bit Nicole is a wolf shifter still grieving the loss of her son. The main goal in the pit of her being is revenge. Some way, somehow. When she finally thinks her moment has arrived--on the anniversary of her son's death no less--she's thwarted by a very persistent and utterly captivating and rare polar bear shifter. Tucker knows immediately that Nicole is meant for him, and he will do anything to make it happen.

Even let her put herself into danger, something that goes against every bone in his very large and sexy body. Outside of the amazing story between Tucker and Nicole, we get glimpses into what I HOPE will be our next tale s --Mira and Sinclair, some more SAU secrets, a deeper understanding into how everything happened with the shifters' captivity in the first place, and more. Abandoned and Unseen were fantastic installments in the Branded series and I cannot wait to see what happens next. Carrie Ann and Alexandra have a winner with this series. Abandoned: 4 Stars!!

Anya is a bear shifter who has been hurt in the past and had her heart broken by someone she trusted. When the twins come up missing on Abandoned: 4 Stars!! When the twins come up missing one morning, Anya turns to Cole for help to find them and is forced to place her trust in someone else for the first time in a long time. I really enjoyed reading this paranormal romance short story and it was a touching tale of overcoming past experiences and learning to love again.

The chemistry between Anya and Cole was definitely intense and the sex scenes between the two were smoking hot. I really enjoyed reading this story and highly recommend it to anyone! I will definitely be following this series to see what happens next! Unseen: 4 Stars!! Nicole Bradley is a wolf shifter and has been through the unthinkable when her son was murdered right in front of her in cold blood by one of the guards in charge of keeping the shifters under control.

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Tucker is a polar bear shifter and a member of the Unseen, a pack of rebels that refuse to follow the rules set forth by the humans and have come together as a sort of band of misfits. The two cross paths while Nicole is hunting down one of the guards who were involved in the murder of her son and the connection is instantaneous for both of them.

There is no question that they are mates. While the presence of Judas in the series pushed the story a bit too far into Christian territory for me, he presented some interesting dilemmas, and prompted some interesting questions. I quite liked the way he was explored, the influence he had on the other characters, and the justifications he presented for his actions. As willing as I was to accept his role, though, the story lost me completely when it started dealing with angels. It was at that point that I started skimming, looking ahead, and waiting for an end, as opposed to anticipating it.

Overall, Innocent Blood started out slow, with very little of consequence happening early on. There was some absolute carnage at the halfway point that got me interested, with what seemed to be some legitimate stakes involved, but the potential was just as quickly erased.

What we're left with is a religious thriller that becomes more tedious than tantalizing. It will probably appeal very much to the right audience, but I'm convinced now that audience simply doesn't include me. Originally reviewed at Beauty in Ruins View 2 comments. Apr 16, Kaora rated it it was ok. I spent the entire book going between one and two stars, finally settling on two because of the action packed ending. The book has a great premise.

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It is Dan Brown with vampires strigoi mixed in. Should be awesome right? First of all I found the characters cliched and completely illogical. There is no rhyme or reason to the characters' actions. For example Elizabeth Bathory killed hundreds of young girls in ho I spent the entire book going between one and two stars, finally settling on two because of the action packed ending.

For example Elizabeth Bathory killed hundreds of young girls in horrific ways, yet as soon as she meets Tommy she sees her son in him and feels protective. You had two daughters. None of those hundreds of girls that you murdered reminded you of your daughters? You even killed a mother in front of her daughter. And we're expected to believe you had some sort of "change of heart" when this little boy comes along?

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And the priest Rhun the lover of Bathory, when he finds out what she is he locks her in a coffin for four hundred years. Do you think she'd come out repentant? I'm reminded of a joke I heard once. If you lock your wife and dog in the trunk of your car for a day which one will be happy to see you? Can't imagine how she felt after years. And Erin. Why in the world are you so reverent of Bathory? In this one instance, Erin agreed with Bathory. The countess had gotten a raw deal-turned into a strigoi, imprisoned in her own castle, then in a coffin for years.

An example of the great editing, several chapters later: For once, Erin found herself agreeing with the countess. What is with this kinship these two women seem to share? Still, Elizabeth had to admit the historian had an athletic grace about her and a fine mind. In another time, another life, they might have been friends. Or she might have watched you suffocate in a box or cut out your heart to examine it. Or eaten you.

I'm not even going to get started on the "romance" between Erin and Jordan. It's never good what you feel like it would have made a better book if the main character s died half way through. View all 10 comments. The Vampires Bite I really did enjoy The Blood Gospel. I was expecting the second installment to begin where we left off and to be filled with the action and discovery of the first book.

In fact, I listed to the audiobook version of the first installment which was narrated by the same person. I don't always advise when I am review The Vampires Bite I don't always advise when I am reviewing an audiobook but in this case, the narration played a major role in my rating. Bad narration can ruin your enjoyment of an otherwise entertaining book.

Plot summary After the events of the first book, our heroes, human and vampire, come back together to save the world as foretold in the Blood Gospel. The previously unknown and evil leader of the strigoi and human alliance reveals himself and his plan to begin Armageddon and told in the Book of Revelation.

Are our heroes fighting against inevitable prophecy, being used for some other purpose or fighting against the pride and presumption of a single man. The Good They Did One Thing Right I read the first in the series nearly a year ago and quickly realized I could not remember the majority of the plot from the first installment. While most subsequent books in a series require some recap, I think it is lazy and poor writing to provide a recap on the reader by dumping the info in a massive download. Rollins and Cantrell expertly recap the first book by reminding us of events from time to time throughout the book.

Despite my lack of memory, this kept me from feeling lost as I read the book. This might be a bit of exaggeration but seriously, I have high expectations when I read a James Rollins novel. Generally, the characters well devised, the plot is taunt while moving quickly and the story is well research and intelligent. Unfortunately, none of these adjective describe this book. While there were many characters, they were often confused, disoriented and unsure of themselves. While I appreciate a good broken and unsure character, I was never able to grasp exactly what it was that motivated the characters beside the desire that the world not end from scene to scene.

The characters were simply not interesting or not likeable. This is quite the accomplishment considering I liked each of the characters in the first book. The plot failed to get off the ground. The plot was as confused as the characters. Most James Rollins novels involves characters unfolding or solving some mystery. In this novels, the characters spent the majority of their time chasing shadows without much in the way of a plan. In the end it was only in part luck and logical leaps that allowed them to figure out the pieces missing to solve the puzzle.

Additionally, this volume lacks Rollins trademark action. There is very little confrontation between characters and when there is, our heroes are impotent and unable to act. What is with this Guy It is hard for me to understand how I can find great enjoyment in the narration of the first book but despise it in the second book. In this book it is as if the narrator took vocal lessons from some daytime soap stars.

The pace was soap opera dramatic throughout and ran the gambit from melodramatic to cheesy.


The voices he used were mostly bad. The female voices were either childish sounding or sounded like an effeminate man. I feel as if I would have enjoyed this book more and rated the book higher if I have read this as opposed to listening to it. I you have choice, pick up the book and skip the audio. Final Thoughts I have read interviews with James Rollins where to states that his writing partner, Rebecca Cantrell, is the one who is providing the dark and taunt atmosphere of the novels. In this case, there was more atmosphere than content.

While the novel made you feel as if you our late at night standing under a streetlamp with a light fog at your at your feet and pack of vampires at your back, the reader become lost in the fog, knocks his head on the lamppost, falls into the fog and is devoured by the undead. A sad day for James Rollins. I make an effort to give you the information so you can make an informed decision before reading. I am simply giving approximations. Scale 1 - Lowest 5 - Highest Sex - 2. Beyond this, there is also discussion of the erotic feelings when one is turned into a vampire.

Several of the characters recount these experience and feelings. There is significant sexual tension and desire between two of the characters for much of the book. Language - 2 As in most James Rollins novel, adult language is at a premium. I do not recall any uses of the f-word and only minor usage of other adult language.

Violence - 3 There is considerable less violence in this installment. Most of the violence in Rollins novels occurs in confrontations. In this volume, the characters spend their times tracking the bad guys and there are only a few confrontations. A few people die during the confrontation but there is not graphic of gratuitous violence. There is some mild monster violence when there is a recounting of the characters transformation in a vampire state. View all 9 comments. Aug 30, Beth rated it really liked it Shelves: thriller , own , edelweiss , paranormal , mystery , supernatural , vampire.

Innocent Blood is a very dark mystery thriller with a huge paranormal twist. Think DaVinci Code with vampire priests Saguines , fallen angels and other immortals. Literally this story had it all. This memorizing story takes place on the brink of an Apocalypse, orchestrated by Judas himself. There is also a historical element that pulls in infamous characters from history into the storyline.

All are still playing at political Innocent Blood is a very dark mystery thriller with a huge paranormal twist. All are still playing at political machinations to achieve their goals. What probably amazed me the most was how well Rollins and Cantrell took the purely evil and convoluted it into the gray. Good isn't always good, evil isn't always evil and there is a huge gray area in between.

Character's interpretations of good and evil play a huge role in the outcome. There is an absolutely twisting of the Christian biblical belief system, hence the comparison to the DaVinci Code. Every once in a while you hit a book that is so original its shocking, Innocent Blood definitely amps up the shock value.

Non-stop, pulse pounding action will keep you on the edge of your seat and riveted till the end. This book is set for publication on December 10, Jan 01, Rick Soper rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed this book. I've enjoyed all of James Rollins' books, but when you add Rebecca Cantrell into the mix, you really get a different tone and texture to the storytelling. Like Clive Cussler does in most of his books Rollins is always mixing historical facts within his fiction to come out with a plausible and entertaining story.

Rollins books are very action oriented, pulse pounding, and work very well for guys like me who enjoy that kind of stuff. I haven't read Rebecca Cantrell's ot I really enjoyed this book. I haven't read Rebecca Cantrell's other novels yet, but I've read all the novels and novellas in this series and I can tell you that her influence adds more than a little femininity and sensitivity to Rollins writing style and the combination of the two give the reader a very different reading experience.

The Blood Gospel that came before this novel had one of the great hook-you-in endings that I've read in a long while, and Innocent Blood takes right up where the Blood Gospel left off with the characters that survived trying to move forward in their lives while being dragged right back into the mystical world they thought they left behind. Like many Thrillers this is a chase from beginning to end, that takes twists, turns, and throws surprises at you around every corner. I don't want to give too much away, but there are quite a few bible references in here, to go along with all the supernatural creatures, but the authors throw such a creative spin on everything that you can't help but be entertained.

The fury with which they bring the story to it's cataclysmic conclusion was just awesome and had me flipping pages way too late in the evening. I'd highly recommend this book and I am looking forward to the next book because the ending once again has me hooked. Jul 28, Jon Kurtz rated it really liked it. The strength of this series is the unconventional relationships between the characters. Humans work with vampires Sangiunes backed by the Catholic Church in order to rid the world of the stigoi bad vampires and other corrupt creatures set on the ruin of the world. At times you're not sure if the humans are viewed as teammates or T-bones.

Blood flows freely, but grievous injury does not always equate to death. Be prepared for the roller coaster as main characters lose limbs, die, or almost die, return, turn into vampires, become human, and on and on and on. It actually makes the story telling richer as there are few limits.

Rollins and Cantrell use a well-considered recipe of "forbitten" love, loss, and tragedy to turn emotions on a dime. In addition, they pour in the occasional pint of ruthlessness, deceit, and loss over the centuries to develop the characters and provide souls to the soulless. In this installment, as in the first, the main theme is one of good versus evil. Evil is well defined, though, as indicated previously, it's not always easy to pick out the good, whether they be human or otherwise.

Even those wearing vestments and white collars are suspect. Having revealed no specific information about this novel to potential readers which isn't always easy , I provide Innocent Blood with a 4. I've put it off, being too sad that it will be over to pick it up. Sadly, it is a choice made by too many children throughout the world today.

Though the setting of the film is in the turbulent early 80's El Salvador, the wartime experiences it recounts are still being replayed. Based on the life of its screenwriter, Oscar Torres, Innocent Voices is arguably one of the most powerful movies ever made about the impact of war on civilians. As a young person growing up in the Central American nation, Torres and his peers feared reaching twelve years old, as that was the age at which the government army forcibly recruited boys to fight the leftist insurgency.

Courageously, he and director Mandoki evoke a bitter, humane narrative which laudably does not shy away from the emotional and physical damage wrought by conflict. Over the last several years, I have documented the lives of war-affected children living on both sides of the gun throughout the world, including nations still fighting such as Colombia, Sri Lanka and Uganda. Until recently, journalists, interested observers, and humanitarian workers only knew the hard, cold numbers of the child soldier experience. In more than three dozen conflicts around the globe between , and , children under the age of 18 years are actively participating in combat as scouts, cooks, porters, sexual servants and front-line fighters.

The only avenues out for these child warriors are capture, risky escape, wounding, or death. Because of Innocent Voices , we now know so much more about what happens to children when adults fight. The poet Edna St. Vincent Millay once wrote, "Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies. The El Salvador of his youth was a place where fathers were mostly unseen and adulthood was dreaded. The graceful Chilean actress Leonor Varela is Chava's mother in the movie, and like so many women whom I met throughout traveling Africa and Latin America, hers is an awe-inspiring, constant well of strength.

The first-time actor Carlos Padilla plays Oscar Torres as a child in a performance which can only be described as transcendental. The expression on his face during the climactic scene by a river is bound to haunt viewers for days afterwards.