THE PHOTOGRAPH (Japanese Edition)

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  1. A World Of Eikoh Hosoe: Spherical Dualism Of Photography (Japanese Edition) by Eikoh Hosoe
  2. After 30 years, Japan prepares to resume commercial whaling
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Shinji Sato, who has run an izakaya restaurant in nearby Ishinomaki for 35 years, was a relatively late convert to whale meat.


But in regularly eating whale meat, Sato is going against the culinary grain. Domestic consumption has plummeted from , tons in the s, when it was an important source of protein, to less than 5, tons in recent years. Some observers have pointed out that the coastal expeditions will be much smaller than previous research hunts and would save hundreds of whales that Japan once caught in more distant waters. I can tolerate it in Japan, where everyone suffers the same fate, but anywhere else, where you can mute your phone, I look like an incompetent fool who got his first smartphone in "You can mute that, you know.

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A World Of Eikoh Hosoe: Spherical Dualism Of Photography (Japanese Edition) by Eikoh Hosoe

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See all articles. Latest in Gear. Image credit:. Sponsored Links. From around the web. Page 1 Page 1 ear icon eye icon Fill 23 text file vr. Japan controlled the Marshall Islands between the two world wars.

After 30 years, Japan prepares to resume commercial whaling

But almost immediately questions were raised over what the photo actually showed, with Dorothy Cochrane, curator for the Aeronautics Department at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, telling CNN she wasn't convinced. It has not persuaded me," she said. Kota Yamano, a Japanese military history blogger, was skeptical about the photo as well. Shortly after learning about it, he searched the term "Jaluit" in the National Diet Library and quickly found the photo in a book.

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The whole thing took about 30 minutes, he said. Holly, the blogger, said the lack of Japanese soldiers on the dock suggested it was not taken in Then in came the war on China and military activities in the Marshall Islands by the Japanese. There is not a Japanese person on that dock. If it was , there would be Japanese soldiers there," he said. This photo was reportedly published in by Futabaya Gofuku Ten. Writing for CNN, Cochrane said Earhart was one of the most revered women and pilots of the s and an international celebrity when she vanished.