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  1. "Become a Laird or Lady" - from Gift Republic
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  3. One Night with the Laird

Unfortunately, the novel has such problems with consistency, contrivance and credibility that it needs major revisions to be readable. I give it two stars and hope that it is revised so all readers can enjoy the plot ideas. Six years separate Thayer and Elspeth's first encounter from their engagement, and after having seen battle, Thayer is not interested in making another widow. So he comes up with the brilliant plan to have his twin brother stand in his stead as the groom. Thayer figures that after about six months, he and Faolin can come clean with their mother.

She'll see how great Faolin and Elspeth are together and won't cause a ruckus. The switch is made, and then Thayer begins to get jealous, finally promising his fiefdom to Faolin if he'll give Elspeth up. Then Elspeth's castle is taken by the English, Faolin and Elspeth's brother imprisoned, and drama ensues. From the beginning, the story is bogged down by minutia, leaving the reader wondering if the story will ever pick up.

Unfortunately, the story never does, and until the end holds onto its daunting pace. The book ends nearly pages after the climactic battle. While I appreciate a book that doesn't rely solely on narration to move the plot along, here, many of the dialogue driven scenes can be trimmed down to ease the flow. Also, stories in which two characters change places are classic, but it is important that the misconception is kept consistent.

There were many places where Faolin's name was used where it should have been Thayer's, and vice versa. Even at the end, the big reveal only happens to one person.

"Become a Laird or Lady" - from Gift Republic

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One Night with the Laird

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Ransom (Highlands Lairds #2) AudioBook by Julie Garwood - Part 1 of 2

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