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She helped me with the cleaning washing, cooking and she is a funny, happy lady. Izzy is an intelligent, inspiring, but inquisitive young creature. He has many questions for you if you like children Izzy is a good company. Just give him time and he will be a good friend. Judah is a cute, witty boy with good humour and little jokes. While he is playing around, you don't even notice that he is around as he plays quietly. Finally, Naomi is the most beautiful and happy experience I had had with this family.

If she likes you and jumps into your arm, you will really enjoy her company as a little angel I love the idea of introducing and exposing these little kids to new cultures despite their young age Keep in touch and welcome back any time as you are going to settle down in Morocco.. Now, you have a reliable new friend I recommend this little family as a resourceful, culture -exchange and reliable couple. Left by Workawayer Kimmy for host.

I stayed with Uncle Musti in Marrakech for just a week, and it has been a wonderful experience! On the first night of my arrival, I had the opportunity to have dinner with Musti's guests and friends at a traditional riad -- we enjoyed Moroccan music and authentic cuisine. Throughout my stay, Musti gives us tips about visiting Marrakech. He gives … read more me a lot of flexibility for exploring Marrakech, while I help him with light tasks, such as researching how to plant seeds, and dealing with some technical issues with his computer. He is kind, generous, open-minded, and knowledgeable in the practice of well-being.

I would recommend staying with Musti in Marrakech to explore authentic Moroccan culture! My experience with Kimmy was a fantastic one. She is a happy, funny, smart, easy -going, hardworking and reliable volunteer. During her stay at my place, she has never said no to anything I asked her to do, helping me around the house in Marrakesh and in the countryside. Too, Kimmy is good at exploring my culture as she socialised easily with … read more locals sharing food, dancing, jokes with both my guests and my friends.

Besides, Kimmy is a good cook. She prepared us delicious dinner that everyone liked I hope you come back next June. I recommend Kimmy strongly to your place as a reliable volunteer. Left by Workawayer Nora for host. I will never forget my stay with Musti! He is such a calm and wise person. Always teaching us a lesson about food, the moroccoan culture or life in general. He took his time showing us around Marrakech so we got to know the hidden places and the real moroccoan culture!

It was such an intresting experience and I learned a lot. The work is not hard … read more at all, mostly just cleaning. It is truly all about cultural exchange. We had some interesting evenings with other workawayers where we exchanged cultural differences. Also I had a lot of fun when we went to the country side, where we got to know some lokals. They showed me how moroccoan dresses are made, and we played with the children, even though we where not able to understand a word. But the people there are just so friendly and welcomming that it didnt matter.

I will never forget my time with you Musti, I can't thank you enough for that experience!! Thank you especially for taking care of me when I was sick, he is such a kind-hearted person. I highly recommend you to stay with Musti when you are in Marrakech! You will learn about healthy food, how to bargain your way through the suks, and what the moroccoan culture is really about.

Thank you so much Musti!!! I will miss you and Anna the dog so much! My experience with Nora was a fantastic and gorgeous one. This smiling and kind little girl is hardworking, laid back, generous, serious, commited, cultures -explorer, inquisitive, sociable, helpful and very caring and careful. During her stay at my place, she willingly and happily helped around the house with everything I asked her to do. In the … read more countryside, she surprised me with her skills of planting and doing hard work renovating my second house. Besides, Nora is an adorable girl, thinking about other people and giving sacrifices to please others kind-heatred.

Too, Nora is a sociable person who knows how to connect with people via talks, cooking, sharing, teaching dancing, playing guitar What's more, Nora is a quiet girl who works slowly but steadily Many thanks for everything my dear loveable german daughter. I hope you come back with all your family members. They are the most welcome. I strongly and gladly recommend Nora to your place as a very good reliable volunteer.

My experience with Maggie was a good and inspiring one. This smiling young girl is hardworking, strong, sincere, happy, cultures-explorer,sociable and committed volunteer. During her stay at my place, she helped me around the house in Marrakesh, and helped carrying heavy stuff in the countryside with interest and zeal. Too, Maggie is a sociable … read more person as she gets on well with everyone spreading energy around her which make people like her at once. She inquired about many cultural issues and values trying to understand other cultures and their people. While her friend Marry is a polite, adorable person.

She too helped with everything I asked her for Many thanks for everything dear friends. You may come back at any time you like I strongly recommend Maggie to your place as a strong and reliable volunteer. Gladys is a kind, happy, good company and organized young girl. During her stay at my place, she helped me around the house and outside Marrakesh in the countryside. Too, I really enjoyed her funny stories and sarcastic remarks on many topics. Besides, Gladys speaks good English to connect with people. I recommend … read more Gladys at your place as a good volunteer.

Left by Workawayer Gladys for host. Uncle Musti, thank you for hosting me at your home and showing me around Marrakech! I met amazing locals and volunteers during my stay. I had a wonderful time jamming traditional music and preparing regional food with local families. It was great fun sharing travel stories and hunting for Moroccan cookies with you! The work is light and hours are … read more flexible. Marrakech is a beautiful red city with busy markets and there are always lots of places to visit.

Take care and all the best to you! My experience with Marwan was a good one. He is super flexible, easy going, hardworking, cultures explorer and reliable. During his stay at my place, he helped patiently around the house in the city and in the countryside. Too, he likes to learn new skills and to broaden his horizons in different topics.

You have a … read more house in Marrakesh now. You can come back at any time you wish. I recommend Marwan to your place as a strong and good volunteer. Left by Workawayer Marouane for host. My 1st Workaway experience was wonderful with Uncle Musti. I stayed in his home for about 10 days. I met many volunteers who taught me a lot of things. Big thanks to them!!! Uncle Musti showed us around his city Marrakech and shared many information about the area with us.

We helped in his house in the countryside and had an great time working … read more together. We enjoyed his friends' delicious meals! Staying with Uncle Musti was really nice Thank you for everything! Left by Workawayer Soren for host. Where do I even begin?? Musti is an extremely generous host… he truly wants his guest to feel as if they are at home. My best memories are from the countryside. As far as Musti himself… he is so, so patient with his guests and just wants people to enjoy themselves and have a nice time.

He goes out of his way to introduce his guests to local family friends of his He is truly all about the culture exchange… if you want to learn about Moroccan culture and the people and how to barter and how to cook Moroccan cuisine, this is your Workaway! Thank you Musti! My experience with Soren was a great and spiritual one. This kind and wonderful girl is hardworking, serious, reliable, funny, happy and spreading happiness and energy wherever she is.

During her longer stay at my place, she worked hard helping me around my house in Marrakesh and doing hard renovations in my second house in the countryside. She has clever views while discussing topics.

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Despite her being serious, she can swift into funny jokes, entertaining stories, witty kidding Most importantly, Soren is an energy spreading due to her flexible personality. Whomever she met, she makes friends easily and in no time. Many thanks, dear friend for everything. You are welcome back with Dominic at any time you wish. I strongly recommend this strong and energetic young girl to your place as a reliable, amusing and adorable volunteer.

Left by Workawayer martin zopa for host. We all need a mentor to show us the way. My experience with Musti was very good. As I am new to the country and the culture, I needed someone who would be there to guide me and support me at any time. Musti is very comfortable in his role as mentor to Moroccan culture as he has been doing this work for decades. He introduced us to traditional … read more Moroccan food, music and dance; he showed me the etiquette involved in participating in the hammam; he worked alongside us when we were renovating his country house.

When I told my friends and family that I would be visiting Morocco, the general response was negative, and I was given a whole lecture about all the things that could go wrong when in dark Africa. Yes, my three months in Morocco have been challenging. But the challenges came from how I responded the the adventure. My experience in Morocco taught me that there is nothing that I cannot handle as long as I am willing to develop patience, tenacity and endurance. I have developed a tremendous respect and admiration to Arabic culture in general and Islamic traditions in particular.

Taking the time to pray everyday has become part of my routine. Living with Musti makes this easy as he also honours daily spiritual practice. My experience with Martin was an interesting, spiritual, intellectual and fruitful one. This wise and meditative man is hardworking, strong, serious, religious, cultures and religions -explorer, calm, and a reliable man. As soon as he came to my place, he not only helped with spiritual matters like bridging the gap between religions, but also, … read more taught me some principles of meditation and well-being massage as well as helping around the house with cleaning, washing, gardening, and cooking Martin is an intellectual man with clever opinions about varied topics, especially religions and well -being In my country side house, Martin showed a great commitment and strength helping me renovating and gardening with interest and good zeal.

Finally,Martin offered me a copy of one of his important and great books. Many thanks for everything, my brother. It is such a wonderful experience with you Let's keep in touch not only as good friends, but also as colleagues exchanging tips of teaching.. I strongly recommend Martin to your place as a strong, sincere, reliable and intellectual volunteer. Left by Workawayer Patrick for host. My experience with Patrick was a good, and important one.

He is a very strong man, committed to his duties, funny, cultures -explorer, very dynamic, good story -teller initiative -taker and a great traveller. As soon as he came to my place, he started working, cleaning, washing, renovating, digging into my garden Besides being energetic person, he like cooking and exploring my culture via trying as many foods as possible and making many new friends.

Further more, Patrick is a reference in sportive tips, massage, and news, of course it makes sense as he is a sportsman by profession and experience. In addition, Patrick is a sociable person due to languages he can speak, but also thanks to his willingness to serve people and to learn from them Last but not least, I thank you a lot for everything.

I hope you can come back at any time you like. Now you have a home in Morocco. I strongly recommend Patrick at your place as a real and genuine volunteer who understands the philosophy of Workaway site. Left by Workawayer Khalis for host. My experience with Khalis was a good and nice one. This lawful young man is hardworking, committed, serious, calm, easy-going, and reliable volunteer. During his stay at my both houses in the countryside and in the city, he worked hard and with zeal helping me in cleaning, washing, internet, building, carrying heavy things When it comes to … read more cultural exchange and exploring my culture, Khalis has got good and clever ideas and opinions about different topics especially law, society and philosophy.

Many thanks my dear friend, you will be always welcome to come back to explore more and more your origins as I felt that you belong more here than to Europe. I strongly recommend Khalis to your place as a good, reliable, hardworking and genuine volunteer. Left by Workawayer Tim for host.

Thank you for your kind words musti. I was impressed and happy about your way of living, inviting and learning about the world. Thank you for sharing so much with me, it was a pleasure to work with you. And your house on the countryside is a small oasis. All the best to you. My experienxe with Tim was a nice and inspiring one. Tim is a strong, flexible, laid-back, quick -learner, kind, cultures -explorer, happy and reliable volunteer. He helped around and outside my house, namely in the countryside.

Though, it was not a good trip to the countryside the first time I forgot to bring the keys , Tim showed a good … read more mature understanding,.. Too, he makes friends easily, being Open -minded and eager to discover many new skills and experiences.. Many thanks my friend for your help. It is a pity you can't come to the fiesta of this evening, prepared by Two sisters coming from a totally different culture, Maybe, we can meet somewhere sometime in the future.

I strongly recommend Tim to your place as a good, enjoyable, and genuine volunteer. Left by Workawayer Angelika for host. Thanks Musti for the wonderful feedback. It's just like you are:a very kindly, openminded, helpfully man. I enjoyed the week in Mustis home very much. It was my first workaway experience and although it was strange in the beginning, I had then a very good time. It was interesting to learn much about the maroccan, Muslime culture, to become to know … read more some friends of him and to feel so invited in his life. I respect Mustis generosity and think, it's an ability to have many different people in his home and work simultaneously engaged in school and care for own needs in a good way.

Hope you can make a lot of good contacts and friendships in the future and travel around. My experience with Angelika was a good and interesting one. She is energetic, helpful, kind, committed, serious and happy at the same time. Angelika is also a good cultures - explorer and a sociable person. During her stay at my place, she helped me around the house with eagerness and good will, sharing food, cleaning, washing Too, she tried … read more to discover many things about the new culture despite the short time she had to stay here.

Besides, Angelika socialised well with my friends by sharing their food, music, dances and even Arabic language All in all, I strongly recommend this strong and energetic lady to your place because she's a good ,reliable and genuine volunteer. Many thanks for everything, dear new friend. I hope we can meet again sometime somewhere in the future. You are welcome if you happen to come back. Vielen Dank Musti, dass du uns so nett bei dir aufgenommen hast! Man merkt, dass du Freude hast, Menschen um dich herum zu haben, mit ihnen Sachen zu unternehmen, zu zeigen und sich auszutauschen!

Wir hatten eine tolle Zeit, in der wir viele verschiedene Dinge erlebt haben. Zum Beispiel Roller fahren in Marrakech, dort ein ganz besonderes … read more Erlebnis, wir haben Hammam ausprobiert, seine Freunde getroffen, mit ihnen Musik gemacht und uns wurde gezeigt, wie man die traditionelle Tajine macht. Musti ist ein lustiger, offener, manchmal etwas schusseliger, flexibler, lieber und jung gebliebener Mensch, mit dem der kulturelle Austausch einfach sehr gut gelingt!!

Er hat Vertrauen in das was man macht und so kann man selbst entscheiden, wobei man im Haus oder auf dem Land hilft. Danke nochmal, host des Monats definitiv verdient!! You can only contact Workawayers who have an active membership. My experience with this amazing and sympathetic couple was a nice, interesting and happy one. Josi is hardworking, serious, committed and lovely young volunteer. During her stay at my place and in the countryside, she was an excellent help for me, doing the washing, cleaning, cooking, the shopping Despite her young age, … read more Josi is a quick -learner, and a good listener.

Also, Josi is a polite, a bit shy pretty girl. She will never disturb anyone while she's around. Further more, this nice girl is an inquisitive, explorer of cultures and looking to broaden her horizons via reading and asking me many clever questions. On the other hand, Matthis is an intelligent, strong, laid-back, commited, and nice workawayer. During his stay at my place and out, he was always ready to help me with any tasks alloted to him.

Also, Matthis is more practical in his work and often times he suggested better ideas for many help around the house. I hope we can meet somewhere sometime in the future. Maybe, we can travel together as I feel comfortable accompaning you. I strongly recommend this young couple to your place as reliable and ready to learn new skills and to discover new cultures. My experience with this amazing couple was just wonderful and blessed.

Despite their short stay at my place, they fulfilled all … read more their helping tasks without being ordered or told what it should be done. I love such people. Too, this beautiful couple is respectful and grateful as they left their place clean and tidy. Besides, they liked socialising with real locals as they enjoyed partying with my friends Many thanks for everything my dear loveable friends. I really liked your company.

I hope you can come back at any time you wish. I strongly recommend this fantastic couple to your place as a genuine and reliable couple who understands the philosophy of Workaway principles and work accordingly. Thaaaanks for open yourself and your home to a fancy no-mad like me!! During my stay here, in the very center of old town in Marrakesh, i could My experience with Eneas was an interesting one. He is hardworking, patient, quiet, easy-going, helpful, inquisitive, strong and cultures and Islam explorer. During his stay at my place, he did everything that was to be done around the house.

Too, he helped patiently buy and press olive oil during the whole day in a far countryside. Besides, … read more Eneas is a spiritual and intellectual boy despite his young age, he can discuss and voice his opinions about different topics especially society, religion, art, well -being Thank you very much my dear friend for everything. I strongly recommend Eneas as a strong, reliable and good volunteer. Hola Musti! Gracias por hacernos descubrir otra manera de vivir.

Gracias y que tengas buena salud. Ariane is hardworking,active,cultures explorer and is interested in learning more handy crafts jobs. As soon as she came to my place,she helped me with everthing in and out of my house. Too,she is a good cook. Whereas,Pepe is a hardworking,serious,and a strong young man. He was a great help too. He likes to discover new skills and new ideas. I really enjoyed having this kind couple at home. Many thanks for evrything. I hope we can meet once more.

I strongly recommmend this couple to your place as they understand the workaway philosophy. Left by Workawayer Pia for host. It is hard to put my stay at Musti's place into words! Thanks to Musti I completely immersed into the moroccan culture - not a touristic version of it but the real one. He introduced me to many different people from different ways of life and I got to experience olive harvest, baking bread, weekly markets and hunting down organic food. We had very … read more interesting conversations about lots of different topics and you can feel that Musti loves his job and loves hosting people to actually get to know them and their style of living.

This week has been very enriching to me! It was an unforgettable adventure! I would have never found a way out of the narrow alleys and small streets in the Medina if hadn't showed me around. I loved to taste all different kinds of foods and learned many new things. Thank you Musti for your way of showing me your world. Not one day was like the other and your understanding helped me a lot to get a grasp of the moroccan culture. Thank you for the delicious food and the many recipes I learned.

Thank you for the long discussions and the adventures into the countryside with or without roundabouts. My experience with Pia was a happy and important one. This smiling and nice girl is very reliable, cooperative, generous, happy, intellectual, very clever, laid -back, calm, and inquisitive young traveller. During her stay at my place, she helped me generously around the house with eagerness and care as if she was caring for her own house.

Pia … read more always took intiatives in working without being told what to do. She is too intelligent to wait for orders. I really appreciate her deeds. When it comes to cultural issues, Pia is an excellent arguer. It is not easy to convince her as she is well informed maybe due to her speaking and reading in many languages.

Besides, this happy young girl likes to discover new skills and experiences through learning how to bake and cook as well as how to be respectful to other cultures. So, she enjoyed travelling outside Marrakesh to meet and learn from genuine people, not from touristic ones. All in all, I really thank you from my heart about everything. I hope that you invite your parents to come to my place so that we can meet somewhere sometime in the future. I strongly recommend Pia as a committed,reliable,grateful,and happy pretty young volunteer.

Left by Workawayer Ayushi for host. I couldnt stay with Musti uncle for as long as I would have liked due to a visa issue, but my short time with him was very memorable. He took me through the market on the first day, helped me find the best food, helped me get reasonable prices for the things I wanted to buy, helped me arrange a desert tour, taught me about organic food, and took … read more me to the countryside to meet his friend at his farm!

I learnt so much in such a short time. But more than that, he is incredibly kind and warm-hearted, which made me feel at home. My experience with Yushi was interesting intellectual, happy and a fruitfull one. Since her arrival to my place, Yushi always helped around the house and outside it in many ways. I felt cared for as if she was caring about her own Dad. What's more, this young pretty smiling girl is intellectual due to her law studies. So, she informed me about … read more different topics about India and Europe. Too, we exchanged many cooking tips and cultural issues and values.

Besides, her mom invited me to visit them in India generously. All in all, I recommend Yushi to your place as a genuine, serious and reliable volunteer. Many thanks my dear Indian daughter for everything. I really appreciate your company during your stay. My experience with this amazing couple was fantastic,amusing,and happy.

During their stay at my place, they helped around with everything needed. Polly is a serious, hard working, commited girl. Too, she is good at cooking. She cooked us Argentinian delicious dish. Besides, I practise my bad Spanish language with her. Gustavo, on the other … read more hand, was hardworking, collaborative, easy-going, patient and ready to take initiatives for helping without being told what to do.

I appreciated his help a lot. Further more, I had longer interesting and funny conversations with him in both Spanish and English. It was a nice time. I really enjoyed your company. I strongly recommend this couple to your place as strong and reliable volunteers. Left by Workawayer Ewan for host. I have been staying in Morocco for the past 6 weeks, not at Musti's but visiting him from time to time to experience Moroccan life, meet new people and help him out around the house. He's been super hospitable, open and willing to share his life and experiences.

I'm really glad to have had the chance to meet him and other guests who have passed … read more through. My experience with Ewan was a great one. He is serious, hardworking, sociable, quick -learner, kind and a reliable volunteer. As soon as, Ewan came to my place, he started helping other guests with the cleaning, washing, cooking and every task that was alloted to him. Too, he had inspiring ideas in organizing things in rooms. Besides, he kindly, … read more bought me organic turmeric from England. Ewan is a good talker and listener to cultural issues and values : he held both interesting and funny talks with my friends, guests and enjoyed musical Moroccan music Many thanks for everything my dear friend Come back anytime you like to socialise with my students or friends or family or all of them together All in all,I recommend Ewan to your project as a genuine Workawayer.

Left by Workawayer Michael for host. Musti welcomed me into his home while I was looking for a place to stay last minute, and he graciously hosted me for two weeks. He was very kind and gave me lots of advice about traveling and living in Morocco. Additionally, Musti is full of wisdom, experiences, and stories to share. I really enjoyed our regular conversations about international … read more development, cultural differences, history, and traveling. We also cooked together, had some small chats in Spanish and French, and met many different people along the way.

Musti is very passionate about cultural exchange and about helping others see different perspectives. I remember one day when we went out to a Berber village in the countryside to attend a meeting about helping the poor in the area. I was really fascinated by this because even though I didn't understand the language, I was able to see a different way of life than I would have if I had followed the "Moroccan tourist trail.

Thank you for all of the experiences and the inspiration! I hope to read all of your stories when you eventually finish writing your book! My experience with Michael was an excellent one. He is very hardworking, committed, reliable, laid -back, energetic, self -reliable, cooperative, sociable, cultures -explorer, and a nice young man.

During his stay at my place, he did everything I asked him to do with pleasure and willingness. He never mind to leave room to other guests and moved … read more to sleep in the sitting room in stead of his room. Too, Micheal is hard working, as soon as he has a task to do, he does his best to accomplish it eventhough he is tired. Besides, Michael is a quick learner and a big listener and talker when it comes to socialising I recommend him to your place as a genuine volunteer Many thanks for everything my dear friend. Since our return to Lisbon, Mr. Musti has been at the center of our travel narratives.

It was a blessing and a unique opportunity for us to get acquainted with this gentle and kind gentleman from Marrakesh. Our meeting was brief but intense and full of meaning, and in a short time we knew that we were in the presence of a rare person in the … read more World.

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Talented, active, wise and cultured, with many talents, stories and suggestions to share, Musti helped us not only in our journey and discovery of this wonderful country through a cultural exchange of gastronomy, philosophy, religion and history but also in our last day, giving its care and medicine assistance to Manuel and Jacqueline.

Musti has a strong sense of humor, is smiling, patient and has an inspirational approach to life. We take with us many valuable suggestions for our life and we wish to be in his pleasant company in the near future to drink a beautiful ginger tea. With love, Manuel and Jacqueline. My experience with this amazing and beautiful couple was just fantastic, heart-warming, inspiring, amusing and very positive.

As soon as Jack came to my place, she turned it as clean and tidy as if it has never been dirty before. Too, besides being a serious girl, who takes initiative to help, she is also good … read more at cooking. Furthermore ,Jack is an intelligent girl who wants to explore other cultures despite her limited knowledge of English, she shared with me many experiences, especially of medicines, health issues and food,, all these via my poor Spanish and our translator, her kind boy friend, Manuel. My husband writes me a letter every year on our anniversary. They are a chronical of our 23 years together.

My children's future selves, the people that they've become after I'm long dead. I want to know how the story turns out. You're not that important to everything. Figure out where you are that important and double down there instead. Write your plans in pencil, because even if you think you know yourself and you don't! My life was better because she was part of it. Jeremy Cowart is the most influential photographer on the internet by Huffington Post. Jeremy is a creative entrepreneur making real, sustainable change.

If Jeremy's humanitarian efforts inspired you, you'll enjoy Live Inspired Podcast guest and charity: water founder Scott Harrison on ep. The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. My hard drive. My life's work is on my hard drive. I don't want to lose all the things I've created in the last few decades. Outside of Jesus himself. A friend of mine told me I should quit my job and work for myself. Then two years later he said I should buy a camera and start shooting.

Don't be afraid. You got to go for it. You've got a lot of ideas and a lot of creativity. Just believe in yourself. Even if you fail, you're still going to learn. He made the world just a little bit better. Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn't know you had, and dealing with fears you didn't know existed. My mother has played such an important role in my life.

Today, I share how she so generously loved to me, my siblings, my father and so many more. I mentioned my mother was the first guest on the Live Inspired Podcast. Listen to our conversation on ep. On Thursday, award-winning photographer, artist and entrepreneur Jeremy Cowart joins us to share how he's using his influence to change lives across the world. When Meik realized his native Denmark is routinely ranked the highest in the United Nations Happiness Report, it sent him on a mission to unlock what drives and what prohibits human happiness.

Registration is open now for less than 48 hours. Register today! My photo albums. My mom. It's all going to be fine. Just happy. Join the waitlist now. Many say Walker broke into the mainstream by sounding different than anyone else; our conversation is a reminder that to live inspired , we must be ourselves. Registration opens soon! Join the waitlist. I was a little more carefree growing up. We can do that by taking ourselves less seriously.

Your pair of hands would be of great help in Marrakech, Morocco

I picked up a piece of scrap metal from my first date with Laney, bending it into a ring. She still has that ring. She wore it all through college. There is still time but my dad. I'd put aside all the fear, pride and messing around to just talk to him for a little while. My father told me, "the way the actually judge a man is how he helps someone that cannot help him in return. One, don't drink. Two, I would tell my year-old self the same thing I'd tell my year-old self It's going to be okay.

On Not Taking One Breath for Granted

I'd hug him and tell him you're going to be alright. He loved her. He loved. I have the desire to leave every person I talk to feeling better, better than I found them. Today, I share a story submitted by Grace M. Today we talk with the amazing author, Judith Viorst! If today's episode inspired you to cultivate your childlike spirit, you'll love Live Inspired Podcast ep.

Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann. I can't count my husband because he'd be my 1 date even after 60 years. I wouldn't mind seeing my mother and asking her all the questions I was too dumb to ask her when she was alive. Listen to people's stories, don't gossip, enjoy their joys, sympathize with their sorrows and be trustworthy of their secrets. Don't; be so dumb and self-absorbed. Open your eyes. Look around a little more and stop worrying about what your hair looks like. And grateful, too, for sunlight on the garden.

We've had nearly guests on the Live Inspired Podcast. As we gear up to celebrate World Book Day, I want to share the most mentioned books by our guests. We live, play and work at an ever-increasing pace, amidst a lot of noise — yelling, fear, anxiety, texting, streaming, email. In this environment, we long for hope and humanity, but often give more reactive responses than ever. Today, we identify how we can influence our daily moments to make them more inspired. Whether you're leading a large corporation, stuck in carpool traffic, or both: Today's conversation will give you tips and motivation to live a more inspired life — one intentional interaction at a time.

If you liked learning about how your mood can influence others, you'll love Live Inspired Podcast guest Jon Gordon, author of The Energy Bus , from ep. I'm in awe of how he's showing up and the courage he's exhibiting. Scott Peck said life is difficult and it's a journey. Life is a dance between being shaped and shaping life. All we have is right here, right now. Learn to be present, not worry about the future, and not be critical of the past. He cared. We only had 45 minutes scheduled for his interview.

That , my friends, has never happened before. Today, our conversation with Judith will challenge you to build a pause into your week, nourish your community and remember that you are so much more than what you do. Take in the wisdom of our elders. Books with photographs of my children. Before you make a major change in your life, ask yourself, "what would it be like every morning to do that thing?

Would it feel good or would it feel bad? Trust yourself. Stop doubting everything you do. Stop wishing you'd done everything differently and realize that everything happened for a reason and move on. I set a good example for my children. Fifteen-year-old Sparsh shares about being born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, or "Brittle Bone Disease", and how he hasn't let it define his life.

He radiates positivity while owning his disability with awe-inspiring grace. If you enjoyed Sparsh's optimistic outlook of his disability, listen to Live Inspired Podcast ep. Resilience and optimism. My dad said I had a smile that would light up anyone's face. My MacBook. Jesus and I would ask him, "how and why is it that the life that is so imperfect, you made it perfect the way it is? No matter what happens in your life, don't give up on your passion.

No matter how many bones you break, your voice will never break. You can do anything in life, you've come here for a reason. Sparsh it not years-old yet! Though I struggled, I refused to suffer. And because I refused to suffer, I conquered. Today, I take pause to celebrate Doctor's Day and share the important role play in all our lives. Tsifutis, who I recently got to have lunch with and thank in person. Hear about these and how they apply in your life on one of our most listened to episodes: Live Inspired Podcast ep.

The Kindness Diaries, streaming on Netflix, is a series that follows Leon Logothetis as he travels the world relying solely on the kindness of strangers, which he pays back in unexpected, inspiring ways. Join us to rekindle your belief in human kindness and its power to change the world… starting with your own. I discovered Leon and his amazing story after I enjoyed his series streaming on Netflix. I am a child. Many of us lose our inner kid and I haven't. My passport. Nelson Mandela and I'd ask, "How did you spend 27 years in prison and be kind to the people who put you in there?

Keep going. It's all going to be okay. He came, he saw, and he loved. Today, my friends, we are stepping into spring! Nature is blossoming in front of us; offering a reminder that the best in life is yet to come. More than seven million Americans struggle with some form of addiction. Today, Fr. Tom debunks an often-taboo topic by sharing stories of redemption and healing — including his own. Tom Hoar! If you have questions or feedback, you can always send them to me and my team at podcast johnolearyinspires. If you enjoyed today's episode, Live Inspired Podcast guests Teri Griege share her story of overcoming addition on ep.

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  • Jim Martin on discovering our best life on ep. The Gospel of Matthew. It challenges us not to live minimally but to strive for the life of virtue. A pair of rosary beads my aunt Helen gave me on the day of my ordination. It represents my relationship with God through true prayer and my family. Jesus, of course. I'd ask, "Didn't your dad do a great job with this view? Don't drink and go to meetings.

    There is nothing to be afraid of. He saw people in pain and tried to bring them a message of healing and hope. Join me every Monday for a quick burst of inspiration during Monday Moments. Michele Cushatt is a self-proclaimed expert of trauma, pain and the deep need for human connection. As a three-time cancer survivor, mother of six, author and speaker, Michele's warmth, strength and transparency will remind you that you're not alone. Michele shares her story, how hope got her through her struggles and how it will help you through yours.

    Today, you'll be reminded that your best days remain in front of you to live a more inspired life. Have someone you want to hear on the show? Email me at podcast johnolearyinspires. We've welcome other guests onto the Live Inspired Podcast that have overcome cancer diagnoses and are living inspired. Listen to author Christine Cain on ep. I was very playful and full of imagination.

    I've lost some innocence and natural playfulness and I miss that. I'm trying to rediscover play, joy and laughter. I used my Bible through the darkest days of my life. I wrote all the ugly, hard questions in there and have become part of my journey. It's evidence of the grace that got me through. The other would be my dad. He died of terminal pancreatic cancer eight weeks before my third diagnosis. I would love to hear him share how all the different pieces of his hard life came together.

    You're not failing, you're learning. I was frustrated that I allowed my emotional triggers to get the best of me. It's changed how I talk to myself and how I approach all my children and to teach them that they're going to make mistakes. Sister, you're in for a long road. It's going to be harder than you can possibly imagine. It's going to take you to a point where you're not sure you're going to want to live. But I promise you, if you hang in there and keep making the choice to wake up and live you're going to be so glad that you did.

    She never stopped believing that love would win. Every Monday moving forward, join me for a quick burst of inspiration during Monday Moments. Each week, I'll cover a different topic that will spark you to live more inspired. This week, I answer questions submitted from three Live Inspired community members. Tune in to hear my answers! Lisa K. Which has been your favorite, and why? Chris F. You seem like a person who one of my best friend's, my dog, would love! What lessons could dogs teach humans? Alison J. What are some small things I can do day-to-day to help others?

    If you ever have questions or feedback, you can always send them to me and my team at podcast johnolearyinspires. See you here next Thursday! During his eleven years as a business leader at Build-A-Bear Workshop, Manley Feinberg implemented solutions inspired by his extreme outdoor adventures in the Himalayas, Uzbekistan and El Capitan in Yosemite.

    Today, Manley shares compelling tales from the trails that led to lessons in leadership that will help you overcome your challenges and live more inspired. My endless, boundless energy level. A couple of guitars my mother bought me when she passed away. My mother. It's been 18 years since we've had a physical conversation and we have a lot to catch up on.

    My mother always told me I could do anything I wanted to do, and believed in me. She always reminded me I have an amazing purpose in this world. Don't worry about what people think. I'd tell my year-old self the same thing. Manley was an amazing father, husband and friend to everyone he met with no exceptions, loved them and they knew it. Today, I share a story submitted by Mike F. Mike has done something truly amazing by applying the Live Inspired 7 — the questions we ask every guest at the end of our Live Inspired Podcast episodes — to his own life Listen to last week's Monday Moments with Dennis Gillan on ep.

    The Bible, chapter of Job. Tomorrow you discover your wealthy uncle shockingly dies at the age of ; leaving you millions. What would you do? A tin cup with holes in it that I brought back from the prison camp. I keep that cup just to remind me of the challenges I face and the value of the challenge. She endured so much while I was over there, but never placed blame. I never heard her say a bad word about anyone. The longer I live, the more I appreciate her approach to forgiveness. You can choose to be a loser or a winner or choose to give away that choice. Looking back, what advice would you give yourself at age 20?

    Believe in a purpose as the highest priority. He was a servant. I could dream big. I tried to do crazy stuff as a kid. We made a potion out of crayons and dirt to make me fly. Then, I put on a cape and jumped into cow manure! A medallion that I carried in combat. I gave it to the love of my life when we got engaged. When she has to go into dark places, I wanted her to have the same medallion with her. Abraham Lincoln. And hold everything together with a nation that was literally pulling itself a part? Get back to those basics.

    But in those moments, know that there is light coming. There is truth and love in people in this world. There is more light and hope than darkness. Never forget that. He learned to love and learned to leave by serving others. I am honored to be joined by my dear friend Dennis Gillan to discuss a topic that desperately needs to be revisited: suicide prevention. Take this powerful episode as reminder that the best is yet to come. You've likely seen some of their viral hits that have amassed nearly one billion views!

    Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I read it once a year. Playful and imaginative nature. I try to bring it into the culture of SoulPancake. It's passed to the oldest woman in every generation and represents family, tradition and togetherness and bridges generations.

    My grandfather. He grew up with seven siblings, five of which died before they were adults. What is the best advice you've ever received? Professionally: hire people that are smarter than you. Personally, self-care is important. There is a very long life ahead of you. I have a very long life left to live. In honor of Valentine's Day I went deep into the vault -- we're over episodes deep now! He'll give us practical tips to love and live! This episode originally aired in June Les is a co-creator of the match-making software behind eHarmony, psychologist, professor, author, husband, and father.

    My laptop. My wife Leslie, she loves the beach. Master the capacity to adjust to things beyond your control. Life is unfair. Slow down a bit. A man who loved his family with all his heart. Take a picture of you and your loved one, you holding a pen about to write, of your letter, whatever you choose. Legal residents of USA. Full rules here. The book Proof of Heaven ignited a conversation around the globe about how heaven can be scientifically proven by examining near-death-experiences NDE. Today we are joined by Dr. Alexander to discuss his NDE, how it changed his understanding of science, the world we live in today, the life beyond it and what it means in your inspired life.

    Through much of my academic career, curiosity was drilled out of me and the last 10 years have been a strong reawakening of an extraordinary, unbridled sense of curiosity. My dad's pocket Bible that was with him during World War Two because it got him through so much and is a rich source of connection to me. Albert Einstein. My son, Eben Alexander IV, encouraged me to write down everything I remember about my near-death experience before reading anyone else's experience.

    Love yourself. The best way to manifest that is to show love for other beings. Love, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance and mercy are the greatest gifts we can give ourselves and others. I made progress. I awakened. Catch by Joseph Heller. Staying a little weird. It's important to love the life you're living. The book my partner made featuring photographs of our lives. It's a beautiful thing to want something that originates from yourself.

    Just chill out! It's okay. You can be weird the right people will love you for it. Be smart. Be curious. Be kind. She helped me feel better. Enjoy thinking about a current topic through an inspired lens? Listen to Sue's inspired take on what we can do in the wake of growing gun violence here. John Grisham's book, A Time to Kill. I was a risk taker. A photo with my sons that is very important to him. Mickey Mantle. I think his answer would be about a lot of things we talked about today. Something controlled him that he couldn't gain control over. It's not always as it seems.

    Try harder in everything that you do. He did everything he could to help young adults and adolescents who struggle with addiction, substance abuse and mental illness. Today's episode is about you. Specifically, how to make sure is absolutely your best year yet. I'll give you a peek at the exercise created by Jinny Ditzler I complete every year to ensure I have my best possible year. My friends, these are just a few of the goals I set and then achieved thanks to this process. Registration is open for a very limited time. Register today so you can join us and make Your Best Year yet here.

    Email shannon johnolearyinspires. Next week on the Podcast, my guest will be my old friend Steve Grant. Check out his amazing story here. Today we are going to talk about how you can get better results in life and business by activating your creativity. Today, you'll learn how this concept will help you live more inspired.

    Audacity and day-dreamy-ness. Harriet Tubman, my grandmother who I was never able to meet, people who are long gone. Keep on keeping on, persevere And also, "please and thank you" will set you apart one day. She was brave before she was masterful. Today, I share 3 of the most formative lessons I learned during my recovery. One is a favorite I share on stage from time to time. One I've never shared before.

    I hope they fuel you to live inspired today. Enjoy this episode on life lessons from my doctors? Check out Ep. Don't miss it. Check it out here. Today, we've got a really fun treat for you! An awesome lesson on love and how to fill your home with it just in time for the holidays My friends, rehabbing isn't just meant for homes, but more importantly, for our hearts, lives and towns, too. Erin: Love in the time of Cholera. It's a love story that happens across decades. Beautifully written, colorful. I recommend to anybody. Ben: A Childhood by Harry Crews. I wish I did more with my hands. Ben: I was much more naive and trusting as a child, which is hard to have as an adult.

    Ben: Probably the anniversary books for Erin. Erin: My grandfather who died. I wish I got to spend more time with him. Ben: Erin. Its the only way to be proud of it and own it. They were right. Ben: Try harder to get Erin. Ben: He loved everyone. Bob's books have sold millions of copies and after hearing our whimsical conversation - ripe with lessons on how to love everybody, always - you'll know why.

    My friend, you are in luck. You won't be able to listen to Bob and not live inspired. Join us. They are awfully good. Childlike faith. Artwork my kids made when they were young. Mark Twain would be really interesting to talk to. I'd ask him questions about hope, confidence, purpose and meaning. From my grandparent, that it's possible.

    Swing for the fences! Keep your eye on your own paper. Write your own music. View all 26 comments. The most feel-good story of all time? Despite a plot of idealized happiness, the cast of characters are not without flaw. The moments of conflict, though never described in severe terms, are the kind of dilemmas that transcend time and place. And the mountain, the healing mountain, is the perfect setting to mend.

    Purely from a style perspective, I was equally impressed with Spyri The most feel-good story of all time? Journeying up a mountainside, destined to live with a strange, fearful uncle. View all 4 comments. Aug 15, K. Absolutely rated it liked it Recommended to K. Shelves: , childrens. Not only to catch up with my Reading Challenge I am behind by 10 books as of this writing , but also, most of children's books have life lessons that can be good reminders for the coming year. New Year always means new beginning, new hope.

    Do you remember when you were still in school and after reading a story in class, the teacher asked you what was the lessons you learned from it? So, in this year's series of children's books, I will try to list the ten lessons I was reminded while reading a certain book. Sometimes we feel helpless and all we have left is to pray.

    Sometimes God does not give what we ask for because it may not be good for us yet or there is something else, a better one, that He will give us. Never been to Swiss Alps, the setting of this novel but one of my favorite movies is "The Sound of Music" and that opening scene where Maria is singing on top of the mountain is gloriously beautiful. With the global warming and the continuous degradation of forests worldwide, I wonder how that mountain looks like now.

    The goat shepherd boy, Peter, did something unforgivable and "the little man" inside him haunts him that he could not eat, sleep and he becomes suspicious of all men who go up to the mountain as he thinks his uncle will give him in to the police. Until he decides to tell the truth. In this world of chaos, full of deceits and treachery, it is nice to be reminded that no alibis or justifications can cover up misdeeds and injustices.

    We should all come clean and the sooner the better. These all sound like motherhood statements and pies in the sky. However, Heidi has nothing in her heart but to love her grandfather, grandmother, Peter, Clara and all the characters in the book. In the end, she becomes happy. If only life is as simple as this. However, we all know that we reap what we sow, so why resist? It is better to be in the bright, happy side. Most sickness are psychological. Most diseases are caused by the environment. Too much stress.

    Processed food. Fast food. Clara, the invalid, gets well when she stays with her positive friend Heidi atop the mountain. But this book, Heidi was first published in and The Secret Garden in so this must be the original. This is a much-used plot in children's books but still holds true. We grownups, we parents, have many things to learn from our children. If you are a parent, you know this.

    No debates. My mother and father love dogs, cats, fowls, birds, monkeys, etc. So, when I was growing up in the province, our backyard was like a zoo. However, I did not know that goats can be nice to take care too. Goat meat is one of the favorites of some men here in Manila to go with their booze. Rather, embrace it. Heidi did not go back to the mountain to resist studying. Rather, she brings her writing materials and books to the mountain and study there with her friend Clara. She even teaches Peter to read. Heidi has not done a nasty thing in her life so when she speaks even the stubborn Peter pays attention.

    CURE ALS! Rest in Paradise Dad 12/27//30/15 on Pinterest

    The grandmother's frail body and gloomy world suddenly bright up when Heidi is around. No, I don't mean the dirty way. The grumpy hermit-like grandfather living alone on top of the mountain because he hates the world is convinced by Heidi to go back to the town. She has that very positive influence to everyone around her including his now-cynic grandfather. Very positive novel.

    Said to be the one of the most-read most-loved ever book in Switzerland. This has been translated to 60 languages and read by all people around the world. You are not well-read if you have not read this. This sound like coming from my grumpy side, don't you think? View all 21 comments. Sep 26, notgettingenough rated it really liked it Shelves: childrens , changed-my-life.

    Mostly during primary school my chosen prospective career was saint. Ah, but then there was the period where I discovered Heidi and as I read and reread it a bunch of times, I most fervently wanted to become a goatherd, with all that this entailed. The bell. The sleeping snuggled into warm hay in the attic. The eating of too much cheese. So taken was I with the idea of Switzerland that when we were asked, about grade 6, where we were going for the term holiday, I — who had never been on a holiday Mostly during primary school my chosen prospective career was saint.

    So taken was I with the idea of Switzerland that when we were asked, about grade 6, where we were going for the term holiday, I — who had never been on a holiday because we were way too poor — said Switzerland. I just might have gotten away with this but for the fact that my mother taught in the senior school. Since I had further elaborated when pressed, that we were going by boat — another fixation I had throughout childhood, seafaring — and the term holiday was a mere fortnight, news soon spread through the school that my mother was leaving her teaching job.

    By no means goatherd territory, but still. You can see Geneva as a straightforwardly beautiful city. You can see it through Australian eyes as having that aesthetic qualities of age that our cities so lack, not to mention the mountain backdrop the like of which we would never see at home. Or you can see it, I discover, as a young child would whose dreams were always of other places. It breaks my heart, the idea that I might have disappointed that little hopeful dreaming thing I was once, and I have found it a very emotional experience being in this dream I once went to sleep with every night.

    Yeah, well. Sometimes they do. View all 11 comments. Jun 12, Katie rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Chilren, adults, adults reading to children. Shelves: children-ya , favorites. Thanks to all the bowdlerized, Disneyfied stupidifications it's been through, poor old Heidi's story gets a bum rap. In fact, Heidi is no sap, and more to the point, her friend Clara with the wheelchair is no timid Victorian dying violet.

    Somebody plonked this great big book in my lap when I was seven years old, a good reader, and in need of something heavy to hold me down on a long car trip. It worked; it took me off from my flat prairie summer to a land of purple mountain peaks and jumping goa Thanks to all the bowdlerized, Disneyfied stupidifications it's been through, poor old Heidi's story gets a bum rap.

    It worked; it took me off from my flat prairie summer to a land of purple mountain peaks and jumping goats and snow that piled up above the windows in the winter. Heidi comes to live with her grandfather when she is five years old, up high on the mountain where he shuns and is shunned by the village below. For the next three years, she sees almost no one else but the goatherd, Peter, and his mother, grandmother, and the goats. She is never lonely; she is like a nature spirit, communing with the wind, sun, trees, eagles and flowers. It is only when her aunt comes to take her away to Frankfort, to be a companion to ill, housebound Clara, that homesickness and loneliness set in.

    Heidi's rescue concludes the first half of the book, the half most people know; how Heidi heals the people in her life is the second and more interesting half. I have returned to this book so often that my edition is all worn out and crumbly, with the plates falling out. Spyri creates a world I would like to live in. I don't know if it ever existed. There are elements of melodrama in the story that are sometimes too sweet for the modern palate, but the scenery is vivid and honest and the pathos is, for the most part, truly felt.

    View 1 comment. This was so precious! Heidi is a basic white girl with a fondness for mountain air and goats. I cried a lot out of happiness reading this book The tears flowed out of my eyes without me noticing them The story begins well and is lively and after certain chapters after the first half, to be precise , the novel contains only pure and innocent happiness.

    Each chapter in the second half gets better and the happiness begins and flows through the chapters making the reader very sentimental and longing for such lovely landscapes, friendships, relationships, and hap I cried a lot out of happiness reading this book Each chapter in the second half gets better and the happiness begins and flows through the chapters making the reader very sentimental and longing for such lovely landscapes, friendships, relationships, and happiness. I do not want to say anything about the plot. I just only want to make some observations. This is a lovely book for the kids and as well as for the adults.

    For Kids: It will teach them first and foremost that Love is the foundation for happiness of man. It will teach them to establish lovely relationships. It will teach them to love all. It will teach them to love the landscapes, the environments and the animals. It will teach them to pray. It will give them much to cheer about. For Adults: It will speak to them of forgiveness. It will speak to them of the vanity of riches, or rather it will teach them the right usage of riches.

    See a Problem?

    It will teach them to appreciate the richness of relationships and the expansive nature. It will take them to their innocent childhood memories. In her lifetime when she was asked to write her autobiography, she replied thus: "The external path of my life is very simple, and there is nothing special to be mentioned.

    My inner life was full of storms, but who can describe it? View all 18 comments. Heidi is a childhood favorite. All the evils of the world might be cured by mountain air, kindness, and goat's milk. Vividly descriptive. Just whisk me to the Swiss Alps, bright with myriad blossoms, fragrant with fir and pine, alive with birdsong. The blessings of nature surround, the sun shines down all around, and never an unkind sound. Heidi is five — pale and small — when she first moves to Grandfather's simple alpine home, where the heavens twinkle right into her sleeping loft.

    Soon she's running barefoot, limber as the goats, burnished in the sun, glowing with health. Then the dark days, abducted by nasty Aunt Dete, hustled away to dreary Frankfurt and Fraulien Rotten-weiller. Heidi, wasting away, miserably homesick, day after day. Young Klara, wheelchair-bound and brave. Klara's kind grandmama. A foolish houseman, afraid of ghosts. The wise doctor. The reunion. Even now, I choke up when Grandfather and Heidi are reunited. If he can cry on the sly, then so can I.

    Tenderhearted but gruff is Grandfather, an outcast with a shameful past. The Prodigal Son, neatly simplified and personified for children. Young Peter, a boy on the verge. His kind, blind grandmother. Bread and hymns. A timeless classic for children, a non-romantic romance, for on Grandfather's mountain, everything ends well. Somewhat sappy, slightly preachy, probably idealized, yet I fall for it every time. Spyri surprised a few chuckles out of me, too. Movie with Shirley Temple. View all 6 comments. My two favorite aunts gave me Heidi when I was eight years old.

    I don't know if it was Christmas or birthday; all I know is I have them to thank not only for this but for Anne of Green Gables and my very favorite stuffed bear Snowball , bless their names forever. As with Anne , I read Heidi over and over and over , and followed up with some of the sequels from the library, and loved it dearly; unlike with Anne , though, I haven't read Heidi in many years. The Goodreads Kindred Spirits group chose it as their "Akin to Anne" group read for last June, and I fully intended to join in then, but in the end it took being faced on December 30 with a Challenge shortcoming of two books for me to pick up what surely had to be a quick read so as to meet my goal.

    It worked. I was a little worried. Childhood memories are fragile. It doesn't take much to stain a current opinion, leaching backward to taint what was so beloved. But, I'm happy to say, Heidi came through it just about unscathed. Peter didn't, but I'll come to that. The story: Heidi is an orphan at six, and lives with her aunt until said aunt gets a job and decides that the girl's grandfather is just going to have to serve his time looking after the child, no matter how alarming his reputation is. Just about everyone Aunt Dete meets exclaims in horror at the idea of leaving the poor child with the old man, the Alm-Uncle; he hates everyone, and makes no secret of it.

    She's doomed.

    Dete is not an admirable character, but I will say for her that she is tough: she ploughs on despite the exclamations of horror and barely even gives the Alm-Uncle a chance to say no before she vanishes, leaving grandfather and granddaughter together. And it's fine. It's better than fine. Heidi flourishes, with her grandfather providing quiet but loving support and the goats and Peter providing entertainment, and her own active nature keeping her constantly occupied. And Grandfather flourishes a bit himself, softening and expanding a bit.

    And when that aunt of hers pops up again a couple of years later and sweeps Heidi away with her again to dump her on a wealthy household that needs a companion for wheelchair-bound Klara, Heidi's small following on the mountain suffers her loss. It was startling how much I remembered. I, who have trouble remembering details from a book I read last month, remembered the white rolls, and the kittens, and what happened to the wheelchair; I remembered the hayloft beds maybe because I wanted one so badly when I was little and the wonderful goats' milk and the other bed behind the stove.

    And it was all still very, very sweet. Except for Peter. I was taken aback by what a nasty piece of work he had the potential to be. I remember loving Peter. Perhaps that was because of the other books, but here — here he is selfish and lazy and greedy, and a little stupid. He shakes his fists at the interloper on Heidi's time, and then there's the wheelchair incident; he did damage. He was a little scary. If he hadn't had the fear of capture put into him, and hadn't had the Alm-Uncle's influence curbing his behavior, it seems like he might have ended up a serious problem.

    Heidi is a type of little heroine which I tend to doubt is written much anymore. Everything impacts her personally, from the grandmother's blindness to the tribulations of the goats. She's a simple, entirely selfless child with no desire to be anything else. She's not clever, per se; she can learn and learn quickly when she wants to, but she'd rather be out romping with the goats than reading. Which, now that I think of it, very likely has a good deal to do with her decline in Frankfort with Klara: she went from having hours of exercise in the fresh air, along with a simple diet very simple — I was a little shocked at the amount of bread and butter and cheese and milk, and the paucity of meat and green vegetables to almost no exercise and three meals a day of rich food with more processed flour, at that.

    No wonder the child felt poorly.

    19th Self-Published Winners

    It wasn't just homesickness and worry over the elderly folk on the mountain. The rest of the cast of characters were very satisfying. Peter's mother and grandmother were drawn as simple, grateful folk; I've been trying to remember what it was that I read in which the poor characters continually refused gifts, even of things they needed desperately, because they could not accept "charity"; Peter's family had no such compunctions, and the gifts they received did what they were supposed to do: they gave joy to the recipients and the givers.

    I loved the doctor and Klara's grandmother — they were beautifully drawn. I wanted to smack Klara's father a bit, or at least to find out what was so very important in his business life that he had to abandon his daughter to the servants and the aptly-named Frau Rottenmeier for months on end. The French maid was surprisingly bitchy though I can't help but wonder if some of her comments weren't effectively translated; they were delivered as cutting remarks, but read like cryptic non sequiturs.

    The butler, Sebastian, was a love. And, last but not least, I enjoyed watching the grandfather show a bit more depth and three-dimensionality by the end of the book. The affection I have for the book remains intact. I love it when that happens. Jul 13, Hilary rated it really liked it Shelves: gave-up-but-may-try-again , friendship , female-author-or-illustrator , nostalgia.

    We stopped reading after the first pages. We have listened to an audio book that I think must have been an unabridged reading of the book, as we feel that we know the story completely and reading the book isn't bringing anything new for us. As we have many books on our to read shelf at the moment we are going to put this on hold and perhaps return later. Johanna Spyri's Heidi is a novel that is not only an enduring classic first published in , still going strong, a perennial favourite, and still remarkably enjoyable , but it is also one of those books that can be read and perhaps even should be read on a multitude of different and equally rewarding levels.

    And like with many children's classics I consider personal favourites, my review will consist of primarily musings and detailed analyses of certain parts and aspects of the narrative. I w Johanna Spyri's Heidi is a novel that is not only an enduring classic first published in , still going strong, a perennial favourite, and still remarkably enjoyable , but it is also one of those books that can be read and perhaps even should be read on a multitude of different and equally rewarding levels. I will also provide information on English language translations of Heidi and possible considerations for choosing certain editions over others.