If Im not carved on the palms of Gods hands, Ill eat your hat.

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Wait, let's go back to freshman year when College wasn't on my brain at all I just wanted to live life and party till I fall. That name you speak is not for me. I am stuck in the age that you love to mock, but it wasn't my fault I couldn't stop the clock. Two thick braids have unraveled into soft curls, grinning crooked teeth turned to bright whitened pearls. Temporary Dreams. Do you ever wish you could go back to sleep?

A place where you've already achieved All your hopes and dreams? Do you ever wish you could be asleep Instead of being awake, And wanting to scream? Dear Students. Students Aren't human Schools only pretend To give a shit And be prudent Because in their eyes You're only a statistic. Moving Forward. As I wake every morning I thank God I'm alive. Because the decisions I've made shouldn't have let me survive.

You and Me or You and Her. Ding Dong as the bell floats away, Acqua Di Gio surrounds you, The taste of your lips on mine, My blood boils as it touches your face, Finally my worries are lost. Verbal Filter Glow up. I glow and I grow everyday a new way when I was young I had no filter a slip of the tongue too common. The Sun and the Color Yellow. Favorable Change. There once was a British Indian girl, Who lived in British world.

Eating her fish and chips, But still loving her Indian dips One day she was told, That she would have to leave her usual mold. He walks just as honorable as he stands He talks with intelligence and compassion He has the determination to withstand, The actions that take a toll on his passions. A gold mirror always hung on my wall, I've never seem to think of it at all. The Unknown. The way he looks at the other guy I am truly unhappy, but it's unclear why Nevertheless my wife approches my side. Give Up Your Illusion. Roses are red, Violets are Blue- Bubbles are all the colors of the rainbow Just like me and you I lean in for a kiss Then you push me away But that's more than okay Becuase you'll love me one day.

Proud to be an American. From George washington's cherry tree, to the JFK incident that we heard on the the seven o'clock news. Promised by Donald Trump to build a border wall all the way out to the sea,. God's Love. Heaven Can Wait. Did you know you ruined my life? I heard you laugh while you did it, Did you know you ruined my life? With your words so insipid,.

For years I lived in the pages Of other places, of other ages. I lived alongside heroes so brave I helped countless lives be saved. I lived in the pages of books young and old And in stories not yet told. Like the crew of a ship whose captainHas never sailed beforeTo unfamiliar shore. Overcoming Adversity. I come to the same house everyday and act like a different person And yes I said house Because a home is where love and dreams prosper and a house is made of brick, wood and dust.

I wish I could write. I wish my pain could write a song, powerful enough to save all the broken hearts that were done wrong. If only I could find a place, quiet enough for my mind to not give way,to chase. A Girl's Dream. A girl always wants what she dreams. The mirror is her biggest foe. One day she is beautiful,. Everything comes to an end.

Whether it be falling into the water, or hearing your heart shatter, your car of life will drive around the bend. Your heart will not beat, and you'll breathe your last breath. When You Dig A Hole. When You dig a hole, where does the dirt go? And do You dig it fast or do You dig it slow? In the end, a hole is a hole But once You are in, it is time to console.

To get out of the hole, here is a clue:. Digital She. She is not really brave curdles life never mind the grave like a teen fancy life she crave confined in a cocoon she feels when 'they' deny her thrills Deeply travel she seeks an outing off the shores. The underneath of my heart solely encampeth the own you, buzzing with joy,as if never leapt leaping with love,as if never to yield Love that won't just stop about seeking the clarity of,.

Years of change. Freshman year, with glasses sheek. She walked with tears, and an orchestra geek. She had a crush, that broke her heart. He made her blush, but not enough. Left quickly as a dart. How Much I've Grown. Have you ever felt that you had the best of friends? That you and your friends could get past al the twists and bends? That no matter what you went through, you would still be entwined? Grow With The Flow. Life begins to zoom. Growing up too soon. Been six years in school.

The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses (Part 2)

Not my first crush but closest to first love. Went through things no kid ever should've. Years of off and on revealed to be. Lost Girl. Innocence, purity of the heart and soul. Distant from the grasp of reality. Untouched, unharmed, unphased by philosophical question. Who are we? Isn't It Crazy? The happiest point in my life, Is somewhere I'm supposed to be, Your youth shouldn't be filled with strife, Instead it should be carefree; But that has nothing to do with me, But I'm blessed with a family,. Divided we stand. Like when they blew up the Twin Towers or when we invaded Iraq. The Painting is a Mirror.

Too much on the mind but not enough to say There's something magical about writing And coughing on the foam of a latte Too much to say but not enough to see Listening to the people singing. Rainbow stripe skirt. When the doors opened, my back was turned But the voice that came in caused my skin to go numb.

I peered towards the sound that rose up from a girl With a rainbow-stripe skirt and a tone unconcerned. Come live with me and be my love, I want to wear it like a glove; I will give you all that I am, My heart, my soul, with no exam. Don't care, they Care. Fear, the Animal. Dangling Above the Trees. I stared below at the thousands of trees That were so small they looked like broccoli I stumbled ahead while my knees shook heavily As if laughing at my attempted bravery.

Thinking with my Heart. A Change Within. Past is Future. If we are ever to last We must learn from our fumbles And we must stay humble. Bubbling, rippling, boiling fears Red hot steaming ears. Anger from the little voice The one you have no choice To ignore. He can shake you to your core. Soon you fear he is right. Overcome awkward - Meet people.

What did I do to have met you? Breaking Free. I am the small voice that fades into the background, I am the cowardly dog who puts down their head, I am the thought that never gets to be expound,. Surrounded by Crowds. Moving Onward. My biggest fear, A most realistic dread-- Was once the day You would move away And leave me behind. A beloved sista,. I Pledge Allegiance. Stage Fright. March On. Soggy boots stomp on crumbled lands No tears are wept for their bloody hands Legs of lead and Hearts of steel. Courage is the Key. Safety, comfortability, contentment Things we all long to feel.

But we find ourselves in resentment Aching hearts we conceal. Fear, Risk, Uncomfortability Things people fight to avoid. What I Tell Myself. I tell myself to get out there And hold my head up high and long. To Not Be Alone. No, a chase? What If? If I could spell fear then I wouldn't, Given the chance, I'd scream it in its face, You would begin to stutter but you shouldn't, Fear was designed to put you in your place,. Fills The Space. My heart races Eyes blood red Loneliness fills the spaces Were happiness fled.

You never touched me but I hugged you. Call Me a Liberalist. Daughter vs. Dad Drunk Edition. My Dad drinks, I don't and I plan to keep it that way. Everyday at my house it's a battle. Roses are red Violets are blue, I was afraid to talk about sex with you. I didn't know what to say, I didn't know how Please me why this is such hell. Talking with trust. Scared of rejection Scared of judgement I'll stare at my reflection Every moment. The Hidden Impact. Standing, Front of the room, All eyes on you, As your sweat pours through your shirt, Shivering under the searing lights,.

I May, I Will. Run as fast as your feet can tread When you get here I may be dead Use the force that God gave at birth Please use your endless mirth. How to cure Metrophobia. Afraid to Fall. It was my first time dating, And I had no idea how good it would be. Teigra's Lament. Moon children we are of claw and fur, less I am without, cast away in their wrath. Burning, breaking, hurting, taking, Could we use a little more decision-making. The Familiar Voice. Overcoming the fear of mistakes. Black and White. Just words. Same Old Song.

Confusing World. Comin' up in this confusing world You're not sure if you're a boy or a girl You told me not to tell your parents But could your haircut make it any more apparent? Somebody help me get through this. Too Fat For Fame. I remember it like it was seconds ago. Anxiously, Waiting in the hall for my group to be called To awe a table of discriminators And teach these other girls a thang or two as if I was an educator.

My Pizazz. I only understood numbers. I thought I was fine, But that was poorly defined. I often dream that problems can go away and hide, But often times, what becomes clear, is that they just stay inside, I procrastinate the schoolwork that would take away from my day,. Again Confused and lonely, but not alone Wondering about life.

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Money or Happiness. You are only making things worse. I hated running the race, everyone was starring and giving a weird face. A Step To Making Friends. To overcome is hard For me, the first step was just the start We were standing about twenty feet apart I started walking up to them and they put up their guard.

I can't help desires. They will come from deep inside, With no way to hide. I don't wish to disgrace them, But only to keep them calm.

Analects of Confucius 論語

Rudy Valle. Overcoming My Eating Disorder. Why do I look like this? Oh God, I hate myself,. Until Now. Until now you are still burdened Sins with and without you reign Sin has caused terror in your age You are hopeless and discouraged. Asian dad with a stick. Progress report has arrived I may not make it out alive Mailman came too late My dad's anger bout to escalate Sitting here in fear Man I need a beer Still underaged. Fight My Lies. I'm a liar. Wish I wasn't, but I am.

The desire to make her like me.

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My apologies, it's a scam. I don't want to sit alone at lunch so please form me into what you fancy. I'm the new kid, a clean slate, I'm a people pleaser and that's ok. Till Death do us Part. The day is already complete. Aya tha kuch banne mei. Kuch toh karke jaunga. Khuli aankho se jo sapna dekha Poora mei kar dikhaunga. Reality before Religion. Embarrassment for most, failure for me.

No matter how hard I work. I just smile and smirk,. On Stage. My feet pitter pattered as I walked towards the stage. My hands are starting to become clammy. I wonder, should I walk back or engage? Things I won't admit. Oh my lady am really honest Of all I have met you are the finest Your glow engulfs,every single moment. Falling Up. The horizon faded. The ailerons, jaded. The winds blew fast and through. The comms whirred. Myself, concerned. I clutched the yoke and heard a croak. All Shades of Brown are Green. All these years I had been hoping to find the courage to achieve all of my wildest dreams.

I did not realize that courage comes from within. If you could see Brown the way I see Green,. Ice through your veins Your confidence wanes A door shut tight You can't make it right You're a failure. The Four Letter Word. The Sharp and Cold Razor. Whose razor is that? I think I know. It's owner is quite sad though. It really is a tale of woe, I watch her frown. I cry hello. Her Ap'pear L 'ance. Yes, a pearl, from an oyster.

So unique in this world,. Just Breathe. By myself, I am so calm, But, in a group Hot sweat lingers on my palms. My heart begins to pound, I begin breathing shorter and faster I feel the anxiety all around. Overcoming Tryouts. Walking into the gym, The butterflies in my stomach turn. I watch a boy warm up and wish I could be as good as him. My stomach continues to churn. In My Pocket. Frozen memories Lost in time Tattered corners Forever mine And in my pocket you may lay Until I need you again someday. Don't Fear the Fight. Not much you can do about Fear, but Take the Wheel and start to steer.

If you let it, Fear will steer you. Hold your Course ever so near you,. You can't tell me. Fear of The future. Fear, Such a silly word. Courage, Something I never had. Living and breathing, Never doing as I pleased. Terrified to speak, Always weak in the knees. Never knew how to say,. Discourse Between Lovers; and Reconciliation. I Have you any comprehension? Breaking the Mold. Will I ever be who I was taught to be? Will I ever grow into the mold that was created for me?

Though life is meant to be lived with free will. The Itsy Bitsy Spider. The itsy bitsy spider crawled up inside my brainDown came its fangs and induced all my painOut came my hand and smacked it on my veinAnd I realized that I still felt my pain the same. I Can't see in the Dark. I can't see in the dark. My footsteps only bring me in deep. How am I supposed to take a leap? When I'm gone, what should be my mark? My feet stumble as I go. What lies before me? A creature in the dark sea,Waiting to devour in the faint glow?

The fear. Sprinting in the dark towards an ominous finish line. Track Athlete. I whispered with the devil and he told me what to do. He said some people might not like it, even me, and it's true. Whether it's a noose around my neck, or a bullet in my head, he said he doesn't care at all; he just needs me dead. Dark Shadows. Scared of Getting Better. Leap of Faith. Way up there? I'm with the band. In this place I walk alone. Holding my instrument, the trombone. I did not know the people here, but I walked in there freshmen year. My fear was gone in not a month for with my new friends I did triumph.

Going First. Going first. So easy it might seem. It starts feeling like a dream. It's rattling me from within. How bad can it be? Like the calm mellow sea. Everyone is looking at me. I feel anxiety. Ups and downs. Cheer of Champions. The beauty as they tumble and fly across the air. The grace they have when stunting and the jumps they do with care! The bell rings, My eyes sting. My hands shake, I want to run from this terrible fate.

But it is to late,. How I fought my fears. Fear is near, fear is here. What do I do? No, wait! I fell from the horse, I cannot loss, I will be the boss! Straight back on the horse. Determination and stready coarse. I Love Me. I take my heart and stick it on my sleeve With my mind opened to start, I open my eyes and see That whenever they are jealous, and call me names, my heart is what matters I wont play these games. Hopeful for the Future. He's All Around Me. The Dark Figure. Aren't we all just souls with tear-away faces. Within and Without Self.

Forward is all we ever know The change from inside Outward shame to hide Toward the present answer, "No. Sinister Lies. Tell me again, your sweet sinister liesCross your heart and hope to die. Tell me again how she was only a friend,Only one kiss that's the end. Tell me again why you sneak out at night. One Step Forward. I should not fear it, but it's inevitable, The image of I standing with my brand that has reached beyond my expectations The less I believe the more it becomes debatable. Public Speaking. The Bravest. Can't Escape What's in My Head.

Thoughts of terrible things in my head. My loved ones might leave me behind. Or they find me in the gutter, naked and dead. Trying to relax. Need to stop thinking. Now I'm swimming in the ocean. Spent two weeks preparing this speech Never once thought I'd finally reach The stage in the auditorium What I'd give to do it all again Practice a little bit more Right now breathing is a chore. Brutal truth or beautiful lies? Why not a bittersweet compromise? But you told the truth, spoke through the pain,. Expectations of a High School Senior.

When I Was Four. I dreamt of a glowing blue square That seemed to look at me with an ice cold stare. It chased me in circles around my own house, But my screams were no louder than a mouse. Good-bye Fear. Many a fear have I. Many insects have had to die. Socialization, spiders, death, and a bug. Eventually these fears shall all be swept under the rug. Fight the fear. Nothing to Lose. Shrinking away from what terrifies Only to leave what could have been good Building up courage to face the fear Only to gain what experience withstood.

No Love to Receive. In a pitch black room Yet there is no fear. The thunderstorm and gloom Yet there is no fear. Driven to the Gates. Relentless driving to another break Each rest stop another wreck at stake Driven to the gates Where the lights shown luminiously Road to all fates Take away everything painlessly. A Limerick for Life. Often in life, I lost my will to fear, Quivering in fright when conflict came near, But then I grew strong, And learned right from wrong, So now life is filled only with cheer.

Stress - tormentor of my dreams I stay up all night, It causes me anxiety My back begins to slouch Lack of sleep eyes become darker. I'm surrounded with darkness. All I can say is that; Help me O' father of sand Help me to stand. My eyes are full of sleep Help me,clear my weep. Fill my eyes with joy Build me again,I'm a broken toy. Where have you gone. The dreams of my life are crushed alive. Where have you gone, I can't see the dawn. I remember the day when there were fawns in our lawn, Where have they gone? I lost my brain and brawn,.

When you are old. When you are old,don't get sold. This world will sell you like a gold. What you gave them, They will forget them. They have demon inside And their soul has died. How you cared for them when they cried,. Fly with Me. The Gambler. You've hurt me once and you've hurt me twice, but now it's my turn to throw the dice. I play my cards and I pay the toll, who knows what fate the dice will roll. I'm addicted to something new; It feels like a magnitude; Each day it becomes renewed; My heart is split in two; I'm beginning to get blue; But this addiction is like glue; It won't move;. Who would have thought that it would be me one day Watching you from a distance being A-okay Laughing without a care and loving life all day While I break inside knowing it won't ever be okay.

Sweet Sorrow. My love, I try to love you whole heartedly But unfortunately It's only temporary I love and dine with you with an affable smile But I keep a dish of promiscuity under the table now My kisses are full of guile. Lizzy, my dearest love story My first love full of endless symphony You and I shared a unique chemistry A jewelry that spaerkled beautifully You were, loving you was my sweetest melody. Divine Life Speaks. Divine life speaks Every time I hold the bic And open my book to jot these lyrics Every line conceives divinity in all my scripts And with these lips.

Roses are red and violets are blue Love is so beautiful and true I really found this in you Since the day I met you Sylvia, my baby boo So sweet and loving too Good Times. Fresh in tuxedo And am fly like an eagle My touch down needs no Heathrow Fresh to death and the spot is packed with people I can't wait to mingle Having a good time is my motto Mommy pick your bottle. Giving Into my Fears. Holding onto my hopes Yet I'm still letting go. Keeping all of my faith, but the demons, they know. They drive me into the darkness, and I feel so alone.

My hands feel so cold. D Mind Against Delivery. I try to communicate verbally But my mind is against delivery Because am being held hostage mentally Subconsciously unaware of what I do physically Am spiritually lost inside this body Neglected in every city. Denied and Rejected. My parents fornication Resulted in procreation In her womb began my formation But the debate of my termination Was the topic of their conversation Which led to their separation. Broken People. I was your project For a short time.

I was fine. If you try to change minds just by yelling. If you try to change minds just by yelling, Nobody will buy what you're selling, So put down the knife, Get on with your life, 'Cause cursing folks out ain't compelling. Painted with Anxiety. I'm in a room full of people Smilin' and laughin' And I can't bring my mind to joining them now or hereafter. I'm thinking about death, And I'm thinking about darkness. Dollar signs. My dreams have long been set. Every breath that I take as the night turns bright I sit in my room as I plot and I write bout society and shit that goes bump in the night so here is the stroy so please sit tight.

This for all them lil babies out the North you hear me? Look, gang This that d. A Memory. It felt like I was walking on glass. Every step I took hurt even more than the last. How can you forget the late nights where neither of you went to bed? Lights flicker People bicker Eyes role back Vision goes black Then theres a shake Like an earthquake The body tenses Energy only one of the expenses Head jerks forward.

A Lament for the Queen of Nine Days. Where now, I pray, is Lady Jane? Now she is here on Tower Hill, She walks with grace unto the block, She stands a queen, not pale nor ill. Come hither to this place to die! I Am Feeling Weaker. The code of life. Fifty open tabs while trying to reduce the complexity All these algorithms landed me in a world of perplexity Sorting this life's array having so much randomness In search of an approximate solution for NP-completeness.

Alone Is Okay. Do you ever feel afraid of being left out?


Do you ever feel like no one sees the tears flowing out? Do you ever feel like the third wheel in a group of twenty? Do you ever feel like this? Oh yes, plenty! Routine MRI. Blood Orange. Make them all happy. White ox, no filter. I want you to know that even though you're away, not a minute passes that I don't think of my Bae I love every part of you and I don't just mean aesthetically, although, of course, you're gifted genetically. Suess Got Me Through. Yes I'll Pick My Happiness.

Yes i'll pick my happiness. Why is it so difficult to trust You with my life? To hand over the keys, to physically pry my tight fingers Away from the controls midflight. You, knowing end from the beginning, knowing which way the wind will blow,. To the days You hurt me, but I still give you my all.

Intervention - Critical Role - Campaign 2, Episode 63

With that first venomous kiss that you placed upon my lips,. Nervous Breakdown. The black cloud of doom takes over. Am I starting to turn insane? As the force only grows stronger. The walls continue to shrink. The floor beneathe me removed. Hard life. They tormented me made me sad. But I'm gonna stand up. It's a hard life you know. Get thrown. Annoying Orange. There is an annoying orange fruit, Who considers himself as quite cute. A sprite would start raving mad Then beating this funny lad With some leprechaun magic, "Hoot, hoot!

The Future. Experienced and at heart young , A fire burning bright behind the eyes and above the tongue. Familiar with life's ways a veteran at making it through everyday and turning a path into a chance to convey. Gen Z. This is us, a black hole for a face. Wear too much makeup and you're a public disgrace. Do It While You're Scared. The day I've always imagined is here. I spent nights without sleeping for this. This is all you've ever wanted, but you are scared.

It's now or never", I would say to myself. This is not a war story but one of victory. I can hear the freedom bells ring and my heart sings because once I was a captive now liberated by the King. No More. No more hurrying away from the deans, Frantically pulling down a grey pleated skirt. No more half-hearted games of basketball In that unwashed gym shirt.

The Ballad of Van Zandt. Come ye, all young and old, To hear the story that's never told! In foregone Texas, a county dwelled- It's name: Van Zandt; and it's men rebelled. The South's creed had created their hate,. I got two brothers doing life and one in the dirt. I got a perfect son thats never walked because his legs don't work and he shits and pisses in a bag but whatever.

Vegan Christmas. Ode to the Volvo. Tell Her. The howl of endless bullets in the dark It seems I am heading to the graveside And maybe if I don't return back Tell my mother that I have tried. The Struggle. Plz world peace. I had dream that one day we could make world peace Aint nobody else believe in et dream but me My moms told me the world will never change I said mom yes it will just wait and see. Breathe In. Sunshine, Apricots and Honey. A cloudy mind Riddled with thoughts From demons and lies. Flowers bloom from her chest, Fed by the tears That fall from her eyes. So much love to give, Not enough To satisfy.

My family. I see a family someday whom despite the storm and quake stay together, They stay together even I'm these harsh weather, These are people whose bonds are strong, A family everyone wish to belong,. The Ride. Up, up, up. Just by thinking about it I became nauseous.

I really didn't want to do this because heights always made me a bit cautious. In that moment I wish I wasn't such a daredevil. Growing Up Through Life. Growing up through life, The pressure to find a job is high. Pills of Happiness. Feeling negative Factor of causative Method of Gram-positive Crystal violet stain emerged Pessimistic purged Optimistic surge Lotion your tongue with pills Emotions fulfilled. Melanin In my life I've never seen melanin so dark Perfect and beautiful as her mind She passed by and her dark fragrance stained my white heart And it left an indelible mark.

Learn to accept. Sensitive, over thinker, emotional weak. Yet help, I do not seeek. To myself I keep. Poetry is my escape through the weak. My emotions I do supress and I'm pretty sure i'm depressed. November 21st. I see it when I close my eyes, I see it right before the sunlight rise, I see it in my darkest visions, I see it when the eerie glow of my thoughts envision. It has eyes, dark, like a black hole. Add our store to your favorites and receive exclusive emails about new items and special promotions! If you are not completely satisfied with your order please contact us before leaving any feedback.

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