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  1. Adsense Case Study – How I Made Over £11,500 From Adsense By Building Niche Travel Sites
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  3. How I Built A Niche Site Earning $/Month from AdSense
  4. 26 Examples of Successful Niche Websites

One of the many mistruths surrounding Google Adsense is that you need hundreds of thousands of visitors to your site to make a decent income. This is simply not true. This Adsense case study will show you how! Making money from Google Adsense is actually fairly straight forward. Here are some top tips for earning money with Adsense…. Pick a niche that has plenty of paid advertisers using Adwords. I also look for niches where some of the paid advertisers are big brands, ie Travel. The travel sites which I have done well with are localised to a certain popular holiday destination.

They have 3 different revenue streams; Adsense, Affiliate Links Booking. The research is fairly straight forward. There are paid and free tools you can use to cut down your research time. The best place to start is by manual research. A quick Google search will reveal if a particular keyword has paid advertisers.

In the UK where my sites are focused , Booking. See the example below. AdSense is just the logistics, but you are still selling your site to advertisers that want to sell something to your visitors. Second, I have seen pages succeed in any of these fields and understanding why is a key question for them. For most of them it is just a large amount of traffic that compensates the low rpms. They normally needed many years to reach this point.

Adsense Case Study – How I Made Over £11,500 From Adsense By Building Niche Travel Sites

Few of them have a special ingredient that they are not even aware of. I have seen such pages lose a lot of their performance when they made larger updates to their layout, ad setup, or user experience. For someone who is new to online advertisement I would strongly recommend to check his idea against the key point in this article to see if it has a performance. Choosing the wrong approach will cost you tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid time or unused potential. This is me speaking from my own experience again.

Hi Thomas, interesting article. Another thing to consider in adsense sites is if the viewers have the possibility and authority to buy something. Most viewers could buy something for themselves, but once you target B2B, it becomes more complicated. Thanks for the post. Question about news sites. What I really want to know: Does your whole site have to have one common theme for adsense to be most optimal? Hi Rick, I am happy that my article raises such good questions. AdSense can be flexible on a single page basis. A page with a high demand topic might still do great on a news site.

Please help i am currently working on a single page website kind of a webapp and i need to be confirm if i can use adsense on it. AdSense prefers websites with deep content and user value. Please have a look again on my site, should i create a privacy policy and other necessary pages , if that would be ok. You still need a privacy policy in many countries which generally states which data you are storing and how.

I run news site with non-english language, combo fail then. Thank you for this knowledge. I have try english site but never get rank on Google, so sad I think it is because I have bad grammar in English, just like you see right now, haha. So I decide to growth my non-English language. Thank you for sharing your experiences! A lot of traffic might compensate for a low rpm and I wish you good luck with it.

There are countries where living costs are much higher than in English speaking countries for example in Scandinavia like Finland, Norway or Sweden. Of course, all depends of the niche and the amount of competition. Of course to get same amount of traffic from smaller country is harder but it is good to remember that in the UK there is much more competition. From a smaller country you can find less competition from highly paid niche.

Little experience from Russia and not even trying anymore. Hi konda. Thanks for pointing that out! I completely agree that there are countries in Western Europe where you can have a better ad performance for Non-English content. Thanks again Thomas. I have an English blog that I started to translate because I live in Spain. I just started with a new ad network and they offered to monetize both.

On the other hand, I have done nothing to promote my Spanish one and the traffic has grown pretty quickly. I run english site with global niche with 60 posts, but there is no traffic , maybe because I was newly built the site. There are a lot of strategies to get more traffic. Try to get better with one or two of them and you will succeed over time. So I started to improved the content and target people in those places as well.

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As well I noticed that when Alexa rank improves the next week the revenue improve as well. Hi Moises, thank you for your comment. With Spanish sites, this would also be my suggestion. I noticed on my own sites that Spanish traffic from the US and Spain is worth much more and can also be targeted with specific content. Thanks for your posts..

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  • Wanted to add my own experience here- as a caution to anyone trying to build a website purely for monetization. My adsense account was suspended about 9 years ago, and every google account associated with it has been completely blocked from accessing any part of adsense.

    The reason for the suspension? CPCs vary widely in value. They depend on the type of advertisements. Google takes a cut of every click an advertisement receives. Google has made an entire business out of putting targeted advertisements in front of web searchers.

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    Advertisers can bid different amounts for certain keywords. Google chooses the highest bid and puts the advertisement of the highest bidder on your site.

    1. News sites

    At the same time, Google analyzes the keywords on each page to determine if the page is relevant to the advertisement. Google also takes many other factors — including the quality of the advertisement and your own personal data — into account when displaying advertisements. As I said above, there are some people who make hundreds of thousands of dollars per month from AdSense and there are some who make just a few dollars. You will make more money from AdSense if your website features keywords from a competitive niche.

    One click on a high-value advertisement may be worth hundreds of clicks on a low-value advertisement. But you need to be realistic. If there was an easy way for anybody to sit at their computer making 5 figures, then everybody would be doing it. Making a lot of money with AdSense takes creativity, intelligence, and, most importantly, a dedication to hard work. Building a website about a topic you know and like is significantly easier than building a website on a foreign and confusing subject.

    There are dozens of other good reasons, but those are the most important ones. The more you know about a topic, the more content you can write. The more content and traffic your website has, the more AdSense revenue you can earn. Today, even someone who can barely send an email should be able to create a website in under an hour. There are a number of ways to simplify each step.

    How I Built A Niche Site Earning $/Month from AdSense

    Many web hosting companies give new users a free domain upon signup, for example, which means you can skip step 1 and go straight for step 2. WordPress is the most popular CMS out there today, which is why most web hosts offer one-click installation of WordPress on all hosting accounts. Unless you know web development coding languages, then you should use WordPress or the CMS of your choice to build your website.

    When you create a new page or new blog post, editing the content is extremely easy because everything you see on screen is what is going to be displayed on the page. Thanks to new online tools, building a website has never been easier than it is today. Instead, build your site and create at least 10 to 15 pages of good content.

    26 Examples of Successful Niche Websites

    Write blog posts about your topic and create unique, original, and entertaining articles. Flesh out your menu system, fill out the sidebar, and consider creating a header logo. Once your application is complete and approved, you can start posting advertisements on your site. You can customize your advertisements to display different color schemes and box styles. You can also choose to display only text ads, only image ads, or a combination of both.

    As far as color schemes and box styles go, you want to choose a design that blends into your site. They think writing a word post a few times a week is going to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors to their site. Give your visitors a good reason to visit your website. Make them want to come to your site. There are countless ways to do that, but here are some tips:. Keyword research lets you spot important trends before they occur. It lets you capitalize on up-and-coming keywords and find niches which nobody else is talking about. It also lets you see if there are opportunities in popular high-volume niches where websites already exist.

    You can use a number of online tools to perform keyword research.