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For Lily Fielding, the small, safe Caribbean island is all she's ever known. But the appearance of an intriguing newcomer is about to change everything for this unworldly vicar's daughter, for the A forbidden affair… Five years ago Abby Laurence would have given anything to be Luke Morelli's mistress. The taste of his lips and the burn of his touch offered a safety and sanctuary she craved more than anything.

But Luke's love was off-limi But escaping to the Highlands sounds like an ideal opportunity to get her rebelliou An unwanted desire… With the death of his wife still raw, Jack Connolly's mood is dark and dangerous. He's not looking for a woman, until he meets buttoned-up but beautiful Grace Spencer, who stirs his senses back to life. Yet Jack cannot act o Rachel Clairborne is a blonde beauty but, tired of being judged on her appearance, she's never let a man close. For the moment she's focused on finding her mother, who abandoned her family for the sultry paradise island of St Too hot to handle, too strong to deny Dominic Montoya was darkly handsome and, oh, so dangerous to know.

Cleo knew he was strictly off-limits. But she couldn't turn her back on him altogether; he had information that could change her whole life She's fought to keep their child a secret. Isobel has never forgotten the night Brazilian millionaire Alejandro Cabral took her virginity. The image of Alejandro's dark, sexy body has left a lifelong impression on her - as did his seed.

He wants her as his mistress Before meeting Joe Mendez, Rachel was a single mom coping with a difficult daughter and an irresponsible ex-husband. After meeting Joe Mendez, Rachel's life has been turned upside down! The Italian's savage passion When Juliet meets broodingly handsome Italian Raphael Marchese, there is an instant and dangerous attraction between them. But because of the pretense Juliet has agreed to in order to help a friend, Rafe mistakenly th The marriage was over Five years ago, Jane's marriage to Demetri Souvakis ended. Devastated and betrayed, she left him and started a new life.

Now Demetri needs an heir and demands a divorce. But they have one last ni Because of their baby The last person Olivia expected to see when she returned to her hometown was her ruggedly handsome ex-husband. Joel Armstrong was the reason she'd stayed away so long. The breakup of their marriage had been swift, but the Shadows in the night Liam Jameson is a world-famous writer of paranormal thrillers. But fame has its price, and now Liam lives reclusively on a remote Scottish island. Then Rosa Chantry knocks on his door and throws his world upside down.

She had to give him what he really wanted -- a baby! Jack Riordan was gorgeous and a real man. However, Rachel had her fears about her husband: But a real man needed a real woman -- and She's innocent -- he wants her! Eve Robertson lives a quiet life in a secluded village, and she wants to put her turbulent past behind her. However, her newfound stability is threatened with the arrival of Jake Romero Jake is tall, dark a When passion is stronger than pride Helen Shaw's relaxing vacation on the stunning island of Santos is ruined when she steps off the ferry and sees Greek tycoon Milos Stephanides.

For two long years, news reporter Matthew Quinn was held captive by rebel forces. His dramatic escape made headlines. But Matt has returned scarred, believing that he can never love another woman Oliver Ferreira desired Grace more than any woman he'd ever known. However, he couldn't take what wasn't his Grace worked for Oliver's brother, Tom; in fact, rumor had it that she was Tom's mistress. Common sense and e Tess Daniels's new job in Italy is off to a bad start when wealthy vineyard owner Rafe di Castelli accuses her of being responsible for the disappearance of his teenage son. It's actually Tess's younger sister whom Rafe is after -- and she's gone mis Olivia found the comfort and passion she craved in the arms of South American tycoon Christian Rodrigues.

She found something else that she'd always longed for, as well -- after one night of reckless passion, Olivia discovered she was expecting Chris Jake McCabe separated from his wife, Isobel, convinced that the daughter she gave birth to was not his. Insistent that Emily was Jake's child, Isobel struggled on as a single mother. But now Jake finds himself in Isobel's life once more -- and cau Two years ago in Miami, Abigail Leighton spent one unforgettable night with irresistible, enigmatic Alejandro Varga. But malicious lies broke them apart, and Abby left determined to forget about Alejandro forever.

Demetri Kastro has dark suspicions about Joanna, the young and very attractive woman who has escorted his father home to Greece. Though the elderly millionaire is ill, Demetri is certain Joanna isn't what the doctor ordered! Sara was beautiful, secretive -- and haunted. Matt Seton was both intrigued and annoyed by his unexpected houseguest. She wouldn't tell him where she was from, but he could tell she was running from something.

Common sense warned Matt not to get i The price of seduction Was it possible Cassandra had a son, even though she'd been married for less than 24 hours before she was widowed? Her brother-in-law, Enrique de Montoya was caught off-guard. He couldn't forget that he'd tried to stop A wealth of passion The arrival of wealthy businessman Gabriel Webb in Rachel's life is about to change everything Gabriel seems sincere in wanting to help single mom Rachel and her young daughter.

But she isn't prepared when he touches Discovering the savage truth Pregnant and single, Isobel Dorland yearns for a real family life. But though she's head over heels in love with the father of her child, she knows that he's in no position to offer her marriage. A night of desire, a lifetime of passion? Ally Sloan's flattered when a gorgeous stranger seeks her out. Single again, after years in a loveless marriage, a heady night of desire is just what she needs to boost her confidence and remind her that l Memories of a long-ago summer night still taunt Laura Neill.

With all the provocative innocence of youth, she stole into her stepbrother Oliver's bedroom, and discovered love and fleeting happiness in his arms. With her financial situation so precarious, Paige Tennant has walked right into Nikolas Petronides' hands. It's obvious that he's not forgiven her for waling out on him years ago.

Vintage Series

But what else could she have done after he's s Would a lie keep them apart? Her friend was clearly set on marrying Matteo di Falco She never meant to fall in love Alex Kellerman's life had fallen apart at his wife's untimely death, which ultimately cost him custody of his baby daughter. Now, fighting to win his daughter back, he didn't need any further rumors to spoil his c Olivia had mixed feelings about going to stay in Los Angeles to write up film star Diane Haran's rags-to-riches life story. This was the woman, after all, who had seduced Olivia's husband away from her.

Have at it. View all 7 comments. Aug 25, KatieV rated it really liked it Shelves: heroine-shrew , forced-seduction , locale-italy , hqn-presents , pre-2k-oldie , hero-vengeful , heroine-vengeful , shotgun-wedding , heroine-tortured-vulnerable , wallbanger. Definitely old school as has been stated before. Those triggered by consent issues should be wary. This is one story that would have definitely been better served by being longer than the category format allows.

The h is not easy to like at times. She was raised in the high society Knickerbocker type NY style. Her grandmother was a huge snob and very much Victorian in her attitudes. Julia couldn't help but be shaped by the way she was raised. She was a snob, even if she may not have co 3. She was a snob, even if she may not have considered herself one and she was VERY sexually repressed. However, you do see glimpses that she was innately a much more generous person when it came to the lower classes than her grandmother.

The scene where she gave the H ice cream when they were children showed that she had a heart and didn't like seeing someone left out. Unfortunately, we don't get to see much of that side of the heroine again. The inclusion of her old nursemaid, Lucie, was the only way that we saw her true self. She didn't treat the nursemaid like a slave but more of a mother figure. It also highlighted how very immature the h was. She acted very much like a child at times, throwing tantrums against the H and Lucie would have to calm her and tuck her in bed, etc.

I could understand her anger toward the hero. Personally, I think she should have let her sister take responsibility for herself, but I suppose she felt like she was responsible as the older sister to try and get her out of the bind she was in with gambling debts and therefore keep her upcoming marriage untarnished. This is a book that wouldn't be written today. There are lots of shades of gray when it comes to sex and consent.

The hero did have culpability in this. He offered the heroine a sleazy deal her body for the gambling debts and then when she got scared and turned all snobbish, insulting Miss High and Mighty, he got angry and there was a forced seduction type of scenario. Then again, she had said she'd pay the debts that way Sort of like a combo of consensual prostitution and forced seduction I'd say. Lots of issues around the h's repression and her shame at part of her enjoying sex with the hero. She ends up pregnant and frankly horrified by it.

She considers abortion, which was a very risky move for the author to take, especially in an HP. It will likely turn some people completely off since it is such a divisive subject. This was a gripping read, but could definitely have benefited from being longer. The resolution was quite quick, as most HPs are, but particularly quick in many of the oldies that tended to be sans epilogue.

She was so jealous of the idea of other women and even jealous of the fact that the H cared more about the baby than her. She does deal with her issues by trying to hurt the H though.

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He certainly wasn't blameless, but at times it's hard not to want to pinch her as it's so obvious he's trying. View all 9 comments.

Weitere vorgeschlagene Titel

Dec 28, Jacqueline J rated it it was ok Shelves: forced-arranged-convenient-marriage , heroine-is-a-bitch , pregnancy , zhp-challenge , childhood-friends-or-young-lovers , from-wrong-side-of-tracks , harlequin , harlequin-presents. Oh my goodness, what a bicker fest. Most of the book was taken up with incredibly long scenes where all they did was verbally attack each other and sad to say it was mostly the heroine.

It might not have been so bad but the scenes were each 10 to 15 pages long. You just got tired of it. I can stand the bickering if there was some other sort of stuff going on in between but it was all the same until the end where she magically realizes that she loves Oh my goodness, what a bicker fest. I can stand the bickering if there was some other sort of stuff going on in between but it was all the same until the end where she magically realizes that she loves him. You could tell all along that he loved her although I don't see why. View 1 comment.

Very old school. She appears to hate him until the last few pages. It's clear even without his POV that he wanted her from the very beginning. It took her until the last few pages to realize it. Wrapped up a bit too abruptly. Feb 25, Kiki marked it as dnf Shelves: abuse-drugs-triggers. I get it, I really do, heroines a bitch, probably a whore too. But the thing is a whore has the right to change her mind anytime she wants, and once she dies, if you don't listen, hey buddy sorry to break it to you, but that's kinda sorta rape.

And making a deal using her body makes her a whore, but him either insinuating, or accepting that deal, what does that make him? If we take the backdrop of the whole romance genre and the ease of the situation away and put this in a real life situation be I get it, I really do, heroines a bitch, probably a whore too. If we take the backdrop of the whole romance genre and the ease of the situation away and put this in a real life situation between a prostitute and her client, isn't the man the reason why she has to do the job?

Her sister may have put her in the hard place where he could ask for her to offer her body, but at the end of the day HE asked for it. No matter what he should no longer be a likeable character. Heroine kinda has every right to hate him. I can see what people mean by he didn't force her. If she has to make the deal, clearly not much choice was left.

Once a protagonist takes advantage of a situation in such behaviour it kinda becomes irredeemable. Look, I know I'm turning a light romance novel into something big, but, that's how it looks to me and that's how the society has reached the point it has today. Apr 04, Charlie rated it really liked it Shelves: family-angst , hero-was-celibate , marriage-woes , proper-old-skool , bad-boys , forced-seduction-abounds , mills-boon-harlequin , hero-is-italian , heroine-has-issues , pregnancy.

There was definitely some "forced" seduction going on here if we can say that the h succumbed to the H's bribery when her sister ran up a large debt in his casino. However, she did chose to pay the price with her body rather than forced in the sense of the word that she was unwilling. The H also confesses he would never have taken it that far and was prepared to let her off until she acted like a total and utter snob about him. It is hinted that despite not wanting to be there she didn't have an There was definitely some "forced" seduction going on here if we can say that the h succumbed to the H's bribery when her sister ran up a large debt in his casino.

It is hinted that despite not wanting to be there she didn't have an unpleasant time but unfortunately their 1 night of "passion" has consequences and she ends up married to the H. Much drama and misunderstandings ensue and there is of course labour drama at the end which lead to declarations of love on both sides. I loved their meeting as kids it was so sweet its a shame evil and interfering family got in the way. I'm throwing my sister to the wolves if she ever brings HPlandia trouble to my door! View all 3 comments.

What an absolutely shabby book!!! All through the book the h kept saying how much she hated the H and how her circumstances were forced upon her. I wanted to shake her hard and tell her to grow up already! Then suddenly, somewhere in the middle of the last page, she finds her one and true love! Sorry but I m not buying it! I would say avoid this book at all cost What an absolutely shabby book!!!

I would say avoid this book at all costs. Reading Vogue would be a better time investment! Dec 24, Leona rated it really liked it Shelves: hqn-presents. This is one of those older angst ridden "you done me wrong" reads. I liked the heroine, she gave as good as she got I never once doubted his motives. My only wish, I would have liked the ending to be drawn out more. I felt a little cheated in that things wrapped up a little too quickly View 2 comments. Apr 02, iamGamz rated it it was ok Shelves: contemporary-romance , harlequin-mills-boon , adult-fiction , angst-angst-angst , annoying-heroine , dark-and-delicious.

Rome and Julia knew each other from childhood. Julia was the granddaughter of a wealthy, snobbish woman and Rome was the son of one of the grandmother's cleaners. During a birthday party Julia saw Rome looking in on the fun and offered him a dish of strawberry ice cream.

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He threw it on her lovely shoes and she cried. That caused Rome's mother to lose her job and made Rome hate Julia's family.

Lo and behold the casino owner is none other that Rome. As payment for the debt and after being insulted by Julia he gave her an option. Choosing her sister's stupidity over her virginity, she spends the night with Rome. Two months later she's at her sister's wedding and Rome shows up. He takes one look at her and knows she's pregnant with his child.

He offers marriage, she threatens abortion. He forces her hand and makes her marry him and move to a beautiful home in Italy. He tried. She blamed him for the pregnancy as if she didn't make the decision she did.

Just a Memory Away

She threatened to get rid of the baby. Even thinking up ways to force a miscarriage. Every time the H tries to hand her an olive branch, she throws it back in his face - literally at one time. I despised this h. It wander until the very last page that she realized that she was in love?! I finished the book only because I needed to see how long the h would keep up her childish, petty behavior.

And good lord it was never ending! If you want to read about a spoiled, vindicate, rich girl, this is the book for you. Otherwise, just save yourself the agony and don't bother reading it!!! The names of the characters and the story is a rough play on "Romeo and Juliet".. So I know this book was published in , therefore was no sex-all drama-drink during pregnancy era- but what honestly annoyed me was dearest Julia. She had a very self righteous OTT aggravating attitude! She complains about the "misdeeds" done to her by her hero from page 1- even though it was she who got the H's mother fired which led to him being destitute as a kid- she who went to ask for his help in forgiving her sisters IOUs- and she who kept talking of reputations, how she doesn't want to marry below her social standing and constantly trying and talking about deliberately miscarrying their kid.

Her hatred was just plain annoying, because hormonal or not- she came on as a plain bitch. Being from medical background, I feel the woman has full rights to her body and whatever fetus she is carrying- but the repeated threats of inducing abortion by the h were a bit uncomfortable to read- along with the h's constant chiding of the hero and wanting to be with OM. You deserved so much better Rome! Did like Lucie though. So, yes- I hated the shrew of the heroine and I honestly wished I could smack some sense into her until the very end, and more. Egh, instead of reading this- get some anti hypertensives instead because this will make you mad.

Jun 16, Megzy rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed the angst. The author does a terrific job in building the characters. Nothing is black or white. Feb 04, Jen rated it really liked it Shelves: read-in , mills-boon-harlequin , old-school-romance , book-swap. This is rather radical as it depicts a woman falling pregnant to a man before marriage oooh aaah, we say today. It was satisfying to see poor Julie antagonise Rome to no end, although you kind of feel for the guy after a while!

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  • Rating: 3. Jan 08, Sultry Steamy Reading rated it liked it Shelves: category-romance , romance. This book has an outdated theme. Seriously, most women these days no longer have to worry about carrying a man's child, or of what a man thinks of her when she has gambling debts. However, I am giving this book three starts because it was written in a way where you can understand where the heroine is coming from. The hero was also portrayed successfully as a complicated man who has learned his life lessons and was dealt a hard hand when he was young.

    I don't always agree with their arguments, but I get what the author wants to relay. The small tokens of wisdom as well from a secondary character is nice and subtle but is not lost in the love story. Mar 30, Roub rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. Ok if you can get beyond the constant back and forth recriminations this book was actually worth my time.

    The ending was awesome. Her nurse maid Lucie what a great secondary character. It worth a read and it was a sweet kind of story without sex and no real violence. Dec 28, Pavkah rated it it was amazing. One of the few Winspear's I hadn't read before but thankfully had sitting around. I loved Julie and Rome's relationship and bitingly angry verbal exchanges. Feb 04, Tammie rated it liked it Shelves: harlequin. I really hate how mean she was to him and then suddenly she realizes in the last chapter she loves him.

    just a memory away mills boon vintage desire Manual

    I had a hard time believing the HEA except that I knew Rome would fight for it for the sake of his family. She just held on to her bitterness to long for me. The last few pages saves my rating but barely. Jul 22, Gege86 rated it really liked it. I loved, loved the hero, while on the other hand I hated the heroine like no other. The hero Rome has a casino and her sister went there and gambled more than she owned, so Julia, the heroine, went there to try and get back the IOU's only to find their old maid son who own the casino.

    Jun 12, Lorrane Gloriya rated it really liked it. I wish it to be a little longer. It was different from other hq novels and the heroine was strong till the end. Jan 18, Anuradha rated it it was ok.