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With Chipper being the intelligent part dog, part computer he is, and Jeff being a typical kid who loves dogs, they were a match made in heaven. I will say though that I found the writing a little stilted at times, almost as if the author was not quite comfortable writing "kids-speak". But I'm sure that will improve as he writes on in the series as he's a first class writer, high up there with my favourite authors. I'm really looking forward to book 2 coming in Highly recommended. This is the first thriller Linwood Barclay has written for a younger audience as far as I know and I can understand why youngsters would love it.

It's thrilling with a very decent plot, which may sound far fetched to us oldies, but who knows what may be happening behind closed lab doors in the future? In my job I've been lucky enough to have a set of this title to read and review with some children in school. I will update their opinions in the next day or two with their guardians' full permi This is the first thriller Linwood Barclay has written for a younger audience as far as I know and I can understand why youngsters would love it.

I will update their opinions in the next day or two with their guardians' full permission. NT, year 6 I recommend this book to people who are interested in thrillers. KG, year 4 Just from reading the prologue I could tell this was going to be a fantastic book! I could picture the scenes. I think it could be an interesting story to share with parents. I especially loved the cliffhanger ending and will definitely look out for the sequel.

I would recommend it to anyone from year 4 onwards. MB, year 4 Chase was a brilliant book. It was thrilling, unputdownable and mind-boggling. It was written so well I could see it all in my head, especially the station in the forest. It was full of surprises, so when I had to leave the book for a while I always remained extremely inquisitive, even panicky!

Gary Blackburn

I had a huge shock at the end. RW, year 5 I found this book very suspenseful with the way it focussed at times on one character, then another. There were truckloads of surprises and plot twists, which were so brilliant I sometimes felt gullible. The characters are around my age and I felt I understood what they were going through. JD, yr 5 This book was fantastic. Especially the way each chapter chose a separate character to work with.

I loved how the pressure in the book kept me reading and I think this book marks the beginning of an amazing series. Each chapter got me sucked in more than the previous, and I think this book will do very well. AV, Year 4 The book was really good as it was funny, puzzling and intriguing.

I was not able to put it down because of all the thrilling bits. My favourite part was when the dog, Chipper, was able to communicate with Jeff and Jeff was told about his parents. The ending is absolutely wonderful. I really need to know what happens next! SB-Year 4 The book was very interesting, there was a lot of suspense. I was glued to the book, my eyes were stuck they could not stop looking. It was so intense it was like having a movie in your head. Everything in the world stopped I was just so focused on the book that I forgot where I was and what I was doing.

The characters are so real I felt I could almost talk to them. I am so into this book! The end took me by surprise. I cannot wait to read the next book. OS, year 4 This book is fantastic and very cool. I t has a lots of suspense and a fantastic structure. I love this book!

I would rate it 5 stars out of 5! It is really good.

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I like the way one chapter is written to focus on one area, the next another, and so on. Jun 13, Wendy rated it really liked it Shelves: scify , middle-graders. Twelve-year-old Jeff Conroy living with his industrious aunt who runs a hunting camp on Pickerel Lake misses his parents, hating the isolation and hard work until he meets Emily the daughter of ex-cop and owner of a resort on the same lake.

But all too quickly Jeff and Emily discover Chipper is more than he seems when they hook her computer into the port on his collar. Feisty and impulsive thirteen-year-old Emily Winslow is a tech whiz while Chipper is the highly intelligent but easily distracted dog who loves to chase squirrels and rats. Jun 15, Darren rated it it was amazing. I won this as part of a giveaway on a site called library thing. I enjoyed reading it. I had a good story to it. I liked the variety of characters in it.

I look forward to reading the sequel of this book called The Escape. It was so good that I read it in just one afternoon. I recently won the sequel to this book in a Goodreads giveaway so when I saw that Kobo had this eBook on sale I decided to go for it. What a fun middle grade adventure it turned out to be. I'm looking forward to reading the next one! Jul 09, Heather Pearson rated it it was amazing Shelves: canadian , children. After the death of his parents in an horrific plane explosion, Jeff Conroy is taken in by his seemingly indifferent Aunt Flo.

Even though he is only 12, he toils long days to help run her summer rental cabins. Because his aunt doesn't like dogs, he was forced to give away his beloved dog. Life is looking down until he meets Emily, daughter of the owner of a several nearby rental cottages.

Their friendship is in the early stages when Chipper, a run away dog, bounds into their lives. They soon lear After the death of his parents in an horrific plane explosion, Jeff Conroy is taken in by his seemingly indifferent Aunt Flo. They soon learn that Chipper is a very special dog, with state-of-the-art computer implants.

The people who created him are most anxious to get him back and will do almost anything to achieve that goal. It may seem far fetched to have a dog with such skills and intelligence, but in the hands of talented author Linwood Barclay, I had no trouble accepting Chipper and his gifts. I have always wondered what dogs thing about and what they would say if they could talk with us.

This is a fast paced story that is sure to capture the imagination of middle school readers. They will be able to identify with Jeff and the troubles he is having adapting to life with his aunt. The only problem with this book is that it ended to soon. I'm hanging off the cliff with no idea when the next part of the story will be published.

I received an advanced reader copy of this book from Penguin Random House in exchange for an honest review. There are good things and bad things about this book. Chase reminded me of Dean Koontz "Watchers" where intelligent dogs are the main character. Chipper is a dog who has been part of a top secret mission where electronics have been implanted in his brain and eyes so he possibly could be used for espionage.

But givin There are good things and bad things about this book. But giving a dog intelligence can work against you, especially when you decide the dog isn't up to the job and must be euthanised. Chipper works out something is up and manages to escape in a brilliant manner. His one goal is to find Jeff, an orphan working on his aunts lakeside business. Together they must hide from the men and women hunting for Chipper.

Excellent story for the 8 to 12 year olds. Aug 17, LibraryCin rated it really liked it Shelves: thrillers , animals , young-adult , family , dogs , science-fiction , boys , artificial-intelligence. He manages to outsmart the humans and get away: far away, where he is looking for Jeff. Jeff is years old. His parents both recently died and he is living with his aunt, who is making him work hard at her business. The point of view alternated, mostly between Chipper and Jeff, but I think there was an occasional other POV thrown in every so often.

I will, of course, pick up the sequel. Apr 14, Jood rated it liked it. It was okay but it could have been better. Feb 16, Linda rated it really liked it Shelves: library-audio-books-ebooks , series , canadian , read. Mar 23, Book Bazaar rated it it was amazing. The year old group read Chase by Linwood Barclay for March and it was much more enjoyable than our dud last month! We had a great conversation about how suspense was built from the very first sentence and about the action and violence which was probably more than in many other books we had read - being on the run from a secret organisation who wants to kill you leads to more danger and even death.

Most of us loved it, although some thought a little too violent and the impatient among us hat The year old group read Chase by Linwood Barclay for March and it was much more enjoyable than our dud last month! Most of us loved it, although some thought a little too violent and the impatient among us hated being left in suspense! This is definitely one of our highest rated books - the 4 coming from someone who stopped early as it was a little too violent as the scientist attempted to put the dog down and was later killed.

Jul 17, Book Gannet rated it really liked it Shelves: 4-star-review , children-s-fiction. I found this an exciting, intriguing read that should really appeal to young thriller and sci-fi fans. I have to say, the whole super-smart-dog-distracted-by-squirr I found this an exciting, intriguing read that should really appeal to young thriller and sci-fi fans.

Chipper is a border collie. It also takes a very, very long time for Chipper and Jeff to meet. Once the two do meet, things definitely speed up and the story really begins to take off. In all this is a good start to what promises to be an exciting adventure series. In all, this is definitely one for readers seeking excitement and adventure. ARC provided by the publisher via Amazon Vine. Aug 04, Sylvia McNicoll rated it it was amazing. To be continued? Still more Linwood Barclay is always a good thing. As a children's writer myself, I love the way he's pushed the boundaries.

The threat of killing in the second line? Yet the bad guys only use a stun gun of some sort. They may threaten but the reader feels confident our main characters will survive. View point changes: even the villains voice the story. I love the humour: "'The billions of dollars that have been channeled to our research don't even show up on the boo To be continued? A trail leads from the boat landing parking lot to the site.

Interpretive signs give you a glimpse in to the life ways of the people who once lived in this woodland lake setting. Bagley Rapids Bagley Rapids, set among the pines, has millions of gallons of water rushing down the rapids on the Oconto River. You can walk out to a rock ledge to observe the rapids.

The best time to view this site is spring. Join us for a day of fun! Call for plantation, and one looks north along State Highway 32 more information. Tom will east. Red Arrow Signatureaway Realty Inc. Tom livessouth in the Langlade area at Mountain. Cell thomas. See bunches of nostalgic candies!

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Lovely disposition. Mature at lbs. Import Stock. Also 2 Irish Doodle pups, small size. Hours of operation: M - F ampm Saturday - by appointment Some of the services offered Crew travel required over 50 miles. Price subject to change without notice. Area runners are gearing up for the 34th annual 10 kilometer Tater Trot which will take place Saturday, August 9, at City Park in Antigo. All events will be electronically timed. Those interested in participating in any of the Tater Trot events can register online or print a mail-in registration form at www.

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Over high school teams from a 6-state area compete at this meet and the college NCAA division 1, 2, and 3 races take place earlier in the day. Students get great exposure to showcase their talent in front of many college coaches and get to see former Antigo runners compete at the college level. Because of cuts in the athletic budget, and with no booster club for cross country, the team needs help to get to this great meet. Last year Mitch Easker of Antigo was the first to finish the 10k course with a time of Kevin Filtz of Wittenberg and Rebecca Salvesen of Hatley were the first male and female finishers for the 4 mile event.

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The topping donation came from the family of an employee who just lost her mother and sister to cancer in the last few months. Wooded, ready to build. Sand frontage. Sunset views. Large garage. Lake level, move in condition needs no work, fireplace, new 3 stall garage. Wood Fireplace New kitchen, bath, flooring, furnace. Furthermore, literary journals do not appear to be a get rich quick scheme. Being semi-employed and only mildly knock wood occupied fixing broken things, I can do so.

Well, honestly, that could be a typo — sometimes I am wildly occupied with fixing stuff. Lifeline re-established. We tramp the trails; feed the birds; chop holes in the ice and fish; cut firewood and basically Daniel Boone the shit out of each day. In all of this, I have established a pleasing discipline to write, edit, re-write, edit some more, blog, tweet, facebook, submit. You know — score a touchdown and point to the sky? If anything, I fell ass-backwards into all this, oblivious to the great fortune it took — over generations — to allow me to drink the wild air. To put things in perspective: A few days ago I helped a neighbour with his annual wintertime boat dock tasks.

He brought along a church-sponsored immigrant to help out and also to receive a Manitoba winter driving lesson. The fellow, Yussef, was not exactly built for winter in Manitoba. Here, the three of us stood out on the frozen lake, the nearest human miles away across the barren ice. The sky was blue. Yussef stopped shivering and literally jumped up in the air when he realized he was standing on the ice. Red Fez , a stylish and well-organized literary site online, has just picked up number 15 — the Bart Starr of my short story published list.

They will publish it soon. I learned how to drive a tractor and load a flatbed trailer with skidboxes of potatoes. On the way there, in the mountains, a grizzly bear taught me a little about the writing business. Of course, I did not know it then, but I have come to realize the similarities now that I write fiction every day. On the first day of my westward trip I had driven non-stop, as a sixteen-year old would, and ended up in a wayside rest stop near Golden. I was too tired to carry on to the next town and so I just reclined the plastic seat and fell asleep.

Around dawn, I was awakened by a strange noise. It was the creak-creak-creak of metal followed by some rough noises like gritty sandpaper rubbed across the grain of a plank. I lay with my head just below the bottom of the car window. There, about thirty feet from me was a full grown male grizzly bear. He stood on his hind legs and with his gigantic front paws, swung a gallon steel drum that hung on two chains. I watched him for a while. The creaking sound was the rusty chain, complaining as it stressed its steel moorings in the wooden spar above.

The bear, heeding the call of an aromatic potpourri of watermelon rinds and half-eaten chicken salad sandwiches, was grunting and half-growling in his exertions to defeat the uncooperative swinging drum. His gruff exhalations were the sawing wood sounds. After a time, he dropped down — heavily — onto all four legs and stood resting, sniffing the air.

The drum swung silently, slowly ebbing, losing the energy the giant omnivore had put into it. On each pass, as the drum bobbed from upward amplitude — to apogee — and then was pulled back down by gravity, the post shifted. The bear and I watched together as the post pivoted in the sandy ground on each swing of the heavy drum. A little pile of fresh, damp sand had built up at the base.

Ambling towards the pole, his expressive face looking as human as his ursine features would allow, the brute stopped and sniffed deeply at the wet sand. Staring, he stood for a long moment without moving. Then so abruptly that I twitched in surprise and was instantly aware of my puny defenses, the giant bear stood and began enthusiastically rocking the post.

Luckily, Smokey was so engrossed in his new tactic that he did not notice me sitting up in my seat and only put his beady gaze on me as I tore out of the lot, spitting gravel behind the car as I left. I stopped on the deserted early morning highway a few hundred yards down the road. What the eff is success?

But that is the tough bit. Does the bear look skeptical? He looks skeptical to me. If I think about it some more remember the bear staring at that loose post? So, swing smarter? Sure — but just because it is FUN; it provides a change of pace; it cleanses the palette like Skittles. Not as a strategic ploy, but because writers-editors-publishers are smart, self-deprecating, funny as hell and well — and I should know — garrulous and outspoken.

I saw this, when I was twelve. It is November on the 50th parallel. The scrub White Spruce is still a vibrant green while the surrounding ferns have turned a rusty mocha. Bright lichen florets make the rocks stand out in bold contrast. It is late November.

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Where the hell is the snow? I can only truly enjoy Mexico if my friends at home are completely miserable. Setting, tone, pace, narrative arc, word choice, description, dialogue, exposition, themes and plot — all of these and more are at play in the creation of fiction. This includes several key style considerations.

One important factor is the interdiction of adverbs. Exposition or summarization is seen today in literary fiction as unnecessary and dated. Would those classics succeed if written now? Additionally, my personal experience may indicate that not all regions are on the same wavelength when it comes to exposition. London literati may take a different view than their Vancouver cousins, for instance. Description is a story-telling tool that I use a lot.

It is not a favoured structure by all. Big deal. I get the point. Description stops the action and is a close relative of exposition in terms of not sufficiently trusting the reader to figure things out. Yes, I have a but — a small one God willing, it will continue so. Or it may be that description can help to support a feeling or mood or to otherwise move the story along. It raises the hair on my neck just writing about it!

I loved every six-penny nail! Last, I remember lying in bed at home, recuperating after a nose operation at about age thirteen. As an air passage, it made a pretty good coat hook. Melville — Moby-Dick 2. Home early from work, my dad delivered it, coming into the warm bedroom, snow dusting his winter parka.

He tossed the bundle on my bed. I have not blogged for a few days, but I have been hard at work on a lot of other writerly tasks. It is one of a collection of over fifty that I have created, many of them about the fictitious Mennonite village of Hartplatz. This story concerns acts of honour, violence, justice and redemption. I took cues from Julius Caesar where some of the same timeless themes may be found. The President, Jeanne Gougeon; the editor, Maurice Guimond and the large turnout were all welcoming and I could feel them willing me to do well as I began my oration.

One of my unfortunate involuntary affectations — brought on by nerves I suspect — is sniffing. Yes, like Donald Trump in the US debates.