Recognizing and Clearing Life Patterns

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  1. Recognizing Ancestral Trauma to Heal for Happiness
  2. Examples of Common Patterns
  3. Life Coach helps clients to clear subconscious patterns | Life Coach, Business Coach, Gary Chatham
  4. Recognizing and Clearing Life Patterns

This time, I rationalized that it was because there were so many things to do and the schedule was too tight. Then, when I left my corporate career last year to help others live their best life, I switched to become a full-time coach and personal development blogger. Even then, I would still continue to be late for my appointments. Since my schedule was clearly of my own making now, it became evident that I was late solely because of myself. Here are some common recurring, negative behaviors people deal with in their lives on a day-to-day basis.

Recognizing Ancestral Trauma to Heal for Happiness

For example, if they are not exercising according to their regime, they will just whip themselves to stick to their exercise plan. If they are not sticking to their diet, they will discipline themselves to eat properly. The issue with this method is it requires continuous expenditure of your energy to keep up the results.

As soon as the external force is removed, you start to revert to your natural habit pattern. In addition, by investing external energy to address a particular area, you are left with less energy to deal with other things in your life.

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The reason why that happens is because patterns occur as a result of the internal, fundamental frameworks you live by. These frameworks refer to the inner beliefs and values you hold. To get rid of these repetitive behaviors, you need to look inward, examine what triggers them, uncover the underlying causes and resolve them at the root level.

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  6. The good thing is that since patterns are a result of our beliefs, we can get out of them by changing our beliefs. I also use this in my coaching, helping my clients successfully break out of negative patterns and accelerate toward their goals.

    Examples of Common Patterns

    Before you start this exercise, write down a list of negative patterns in your life, so you can better choose the one you want to get rid of. Start off by picking a pattern which you want to break out of.

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    Then, list down the past five times when you were faced with it. Five is a decent sample size which lets us compare the incidents and spot similarities between those patterns. If you like, you can even list down 10 incidents just to be exhaustive! Not being on time was one of the dominant trends in the past.

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    Whenever I went out to meet someone, it would almost be guaranteed that I would be late for appointments. The lateness would usually range from anywhere between 5 minutes to 20 minutes, or even 30 minutes or more. Now, list down as many factors as you can that led to each incident occurring.

    Life Coach helps clients to clear subconscious patterns | Life Coach, Business Coach, Gary Chatham

    If you have a pattern of sleeping late, write down what the reason that led you to sleep late. Maybe you had work to do, you were talking on the phone with a friend, you had insomnia, etc. It may be possible that each incident has more than one trigger, so list out as many triggers as possible. I would be honored to assist you in recognizing and clearing subconscious patterns that are not serving you in your life. It is an essential part in not repeating patterns that hold us back in relationships, career, and other areas of our lives.

    Retrocausality - Repetitive Patterns in Life - Martina Dimoska - TEDxAUBG

    It is also a big part of what I do as a life coach and relationship coach. I can intuitively help you recognize patterns, and assist you in clearing them.

    Recognizing and Clearing Life Patterns

    Then, we work together to form new patterns in your life that do serve you. Please let me how you are doing, and how I might be able to help. Big or small, they get stored within us - emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Thinking about money is the last thing we want to do.

    So what happens when you are crippled with FEAR, deep dive into doubt, and emotionally loose it energetically throwing you off your A-game?! She is insightful, kind, patient and magical. She helped me identify what the story i've been repeating since childhood that has been triggered for me in my adult life.

    Being able to recognize these patterns I've learned to take my power back, set boundaries, change my story and shift into more self-love. I don't just recommend sessions with Michele, I encourage them.