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  1. Magpies: 10 things you may not know about Australia's 'favourite bird'
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Y ou wouldn't expect a straightforward play about the Gunpowder Plot from a writer like Frank McGuinness.


Magpies: 10 things you may not know about Australia's 'favourite bird'

But, for all the hectic vivacity of Rupert Goold's production, there were times when I hungered for more political information. It says a lot about McGuinness's play that the key character is the Equivocator: a satyr-like figure, exuberantly played by Kevin Harvey, who shifts from being King James's physical tempter to a Jesuit priest's spiritual conscience.

The idea of equivocation, purloined from Macbeth, haunts the whole play. The kingdom is seen as a blood-soaked masque in which the spymaster, Robert Cecil, loathes the king he serves, and the Catholic conspirators worship God while plotting to kill his earthly representative. All this leads to some dazzling coups de theatre and fine writing. The opening dream-like image of Mary Queen of Scots straddling the corpse of Elizabeth I, who transmogrifies into a living king, is packed with Freudian meaning.

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Speaking Like Magpies, specially commissioned by the RSC as part of the Gunpowder Season to mark the th anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot, brings to vibrant life the background to this notorious event in British history. For immediate download. Check your local Dymocks store for stock. Enter your postcode: Please enter a valid postcode. Please note that prices may vary between www.

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Dymocks - (ebook) Speaking Like Magpies, eBook ()

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Explanation The dispatch time will depend on the status of your item s at our warehouse. Problems with your delivery In the event that the courier company fails to deliver your order due to invalid address information, they will return the order back to Dymocks Online. Emma Donoghue, Thomas Kilroy, If the parrot gets no response when it squawks a natural parrot vocalisation, but receives attention or food when it mimics human speech, it has an extra incentive to repeat human words and phrases.

One proposed [ citation needed ] function for general mimicry is that mimics have evolved to have a wide repertoire of vocalisations to increase their reproductive success. The male lyrebird, for example, adorns his song with many different mimicked sounds, often the songs of other nearby birds, but can include car horns, chainsaws and barking dogs.

General mimicry may help a bird prevent itself or its offspring from being preyed upon. For example, the Australian magpie mimics the call of the barking owl and the boobook owl , both predators of the magpie's young. Some birds, such as the Australian magpie, mimic only those noises it hears whilst in its territory. It has been suggested that birds with complex social organisation may develop an auditory map of their territory, as well as visual, and that mimicking facilitates this process.

There is controversy about whether parrots are capable of using language, or merely mimic what they hear. However, some scientific studies—for example those conducted over a year period by Irene Pepperberg with a grey named Alex and other parrots, covered in stories on network television on numerous occasions [51] —have suggested that these parrots are capable of using words meaningfully in linguistic tasks.

Some in the scientific community are skeptical of Pepperberg's findings, pointing to Alex's communications as operant conditioning. Herbert Terrace, who worked with Nim Chimpsky, says he thinks Alex performed by rote rather than using language; he calls Alex's responses "a complex discriminating performance", adding that in every situation, "there is an external stimulus that guides his response.

Out swords! Kill, kill! He sat her on his shoulder, and she called for bread and wine hoarsely, and prayed him to kiss her. Her habitual refrain: "Pieces of eight!

Frank McGuinness's Dark Masque: Speaking Like Magpies (2005)

Pieces of eight! One in particular has the ability to say "Corn! It further suggests that the cawing of crows originated from their being trained by the Picts to say the name of Kar, a female warrior killed fighting the titular monsters. In the former, a parrot reveals the title of Plato's Lost Dialogue ; In the latter, a parrot dispenses instructions on how to reach a fabled treasure.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Play media. See also: Bird vocalization. Starling Talk. Retrieved May 26, Australian Geographic. Ctesias: On India. BBC News Magazine. Retrieved December 3, International Journal of Comparative Psychology. Retrieved March 22, Journal of Comparative and Physiological Psychology.

Retrieved March 24, Simon and Schuster. Retrieved March 17, The African Grey Parrot Handbook. Hauppauge, New York: Barron's. Bird Channel.

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