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  1. 2 Get off to a slow start
  2. Do These 5 Exercises Every Day to Stay Fit for Life
  3. Stay Fit For Life | DK UK

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It can be elaborate, too. You can determine a workout routine upper body, lower body, abs, legs etc. Build rewards into your calendar.

2 Get off to a slow start

So, make yourself stick to the rules and it will be a lot more fun! Do not beat yourself up! Do the best you can each day.

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Allow yourself to start over. Just start over again. Talk about it.

Do These 5 Exercises Every Day to Stay Fit for Life

Share your goals with family and friends. There's logic to this brief vacation. Fact is, you can progressively increase your training load only for a limited time before it becomes a physical and mental burden. In small amounts stress hormones help you move faster and rebuild quicker. But when they begin to accumulate over long periods of intense exercise, they can degrade your immune repsonse and cause logy, depressionalike symtoms of overtraining. Even elite athletes take time off at some point.

Lance Armstrong, for example, didn't mount his bike for two weeks after the end of cycling season. He knew he needed a break, and so will you. Next step: Develop a new goal.

Stay Fit For Life | DK UK

Just as you did last April or May, conjure up a grand adventure. Want to run your first marathon this spring? Always dreamed of a trekking trip in the Himalays? You get the idea—a motivational carrot to prod you out of the house during your next push for the peak. And to stay on the safe side, make more than a mental commitment. Do them for a while, reach a personal goal, and move on to something else.

With a month of active rest under your belt, and a new goal, you can restart the program. However, just as your muscles need to adapt, so should this plan. A basic plank flips that switch on the encasement muscles of the vital organs and rib cage and should never be left out.

Skip to main content. Home Fitness. Katie Rosenbrock. A fitness expert explains why you should do these five exercises every day. Catarina Cowden. These exercises should also serve to improve the strength needed to function in life. Variations: squat with forward kicks;sumo squat with lateral leg lift; squat, salute and reach left arm up and forward as right leg extends backwards and up, then opposite 3.