The Fletcher Chronicles (Dag Fletcher Galactic Series)

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Johnny brings a sense of magic and positive motivation to the team, as well as a sense of humor. When Johnny hears an idea that he likes, he's willing to see it through to the end. Rae the Lioness - The fourth of the four leaders. She's a close, personal friend of Mrs. Jumbo, but after she and her son Dumbo moved on to begin a new life, Rae decided to join Benny, Leo and Johnny on their adventure team. Rae brings a sense of compassion to the team, and the power of magic and healing.

Xiro - Leo's second-in-command. Xiro stands as a rolemodel for keeping everyone's hopes up. He makes sure that everyone respects each other and works together, because he believes that is the only way they will survive on their journeys. Dagnino - Benny's second-in-command. Once a member of the villainous El Arca Predators, Dagnino assists Benny of helping everyone stay focused and only engage in a fight as a last resort.

So far, he's the only one who's actually read the manual for Leo's time traveling omnitrix. Kairel - Xiro's mate and a sister-figure to Leo. Kairel voluntarily makes sure that everyone in the team is present and accounted for. She also supervises in projects to make sure everyone is doing their part and has everything necessary. Teresa Tigress - Rae's second-in-command, Dagnino's mate and a daughter-figure to Benny mainly cause he is her creator. Teresa is a take-charge kind of female. She is as strong and fearless as her husband, and often backs him up, as seen in Benny, Leo and Johnny's Adventures of Noah's Ark.

In fact, it was due to seeing her that Dagnino had turned to the good side. Bruma - A friend of Xiro and Kairel and a sister-figure to Benny. Though sometimes a big overly dramatic, Bruma is a survivor-type of lioness as evidenced of her mysterious survival after Noah's Ark.

She brings good luck to her team mates, and bad luck to anyone who threatens them. Panthy - A friend of Xiro and Dagnino, and a sister-figure to Johnny but unlike the other two El Arca girls, she is an older sister figure to someone. Now she puts her acting talents to good use, and she works well together with Bruma and Kairel, making their team work more effective. After Kovu and Kiara inherited the throne, and Simba and Nala joined Timon and Pumbaa in traveling the world, Rafiki decided to do the same.

Benny agreed to let Rafiki join, though Panthy and Dagnino were unhappy about it at first. Lion of Oz - A circus lion from Nebraska. Lion is as brave as he is curious, but is occassionally disillusioned of his bravery since he believes the medal given to him by his old friend Oscar is the key to his courage. Later, he quickly catches up with the team and rejoins them in the hopes of finding his friend Oscar once again. Talon and Maggie - Leo's adopted parents and the leaders of the Labyrinth clan of Mutates and Gargoyle clones. Claw doesn't speak, yet Benny and Queen Eliza are able to interpret him well enough.

Sword-Breaker F. Sword-Born F. Sword-Sworn F. Shapechangers F. Song of Homana F. Legacy of the Sword F. Track of the White Wolf F. A Pride of Princes F. Daughter of the Lion F. Flight of the Raven F. A Tapestry of Lions F. Highlander 3. Scotland the Brave F. Adam Roberts United Kingdom. Gareth Roberts. Jane Roberts United States. The Further Education of Oversoul Seven. Oversoul Seven and the Museum of Time. John Maddox Roberts United States.

Kids World's Adventures Chronicles | Kids World's Adventures Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Islander F. The Black Shields F. The Poisoned Lands F. The Steel Kings F. Queen of Land and Sea F. The Cingulum SF. Cloak of Illusion SF. Space Angel SF. Spacer: Window of the Mind SF. SPQR My. The Catiline Consiracy My. The Sacrilege My. The Temple of the Muses My. Saturnalia My. Nobody Loves a Centurion My. The Tribune's Curse My. The River God's Vengeance My. The Princess and the Pirates My.

Conan the Champion F. Conan and the Treasure of Python F. Conan and the Amazon F. A Heron Caught in the Weeds Coll. Winterwood and Other Hauntings Coll. Lionel Roberts. Michele Brigitte Roberts United Kingdom. Terence Roberts United Kingdom. E ileen Arnot Robertson United Kingdom. Morgan Andrew Robertson United States. R Garcia Y Robertson.

The Virgin and the Dinosaur SF. Atlantis Found SF. According to a Plan of a One-Eyed Mystic. Stephen Allen Robinett United States. Madeleine E Robins -. Andrew Robinson United States. Charles Henry Robinson United States. Eleanor Robinson United States. Frank M alcolm Robinson United States. A Life in the Day of. And Other Short Stories Coll. Kim Stanley Robinson United States. The Wild Shore SF. The Gold Coast SF. Pacific Edge SF. Red Mars SF. Green Mars SF. Blue Mars SF. Forty Signs of Rain NF.

Science in the Capital NF. Sixty Days and Counting NF. Down and Out in the Year Coll. Nigel Robinson. First Contact SF. Second Nature SF. Third Degree SF. Timewyrm 3. Apocalypse SF. Philip Benford Robinson United Kingdom. Spider Robinson United States. Callahan's Crosstime Saloon Coll. Time Travelers Strictly Cash Coll. Callahan's Secret Coll. Callahan's Crazy Crosstime Bar Omni. Mindkiller SF. Time Pressure SF. Lifehouse SF. God is Iron, and Other Stories Coll. Julie Robitaille. Justina Robson United Kingdom. Keeping It Real SF. Selling Out SF. Mark Robson United Kingdom. The Forging of the Sword F.

Trail of the Huntress F. First Sword F. The Chosen One F. Imperial Spy F. Russ Rocklynne United States. Through the Air to the North Pole. Under the Ocean to the South Pole. Emily Rodda Australia. Gene Roddenbury United States. Alan Rodgers United States. Michaela Roessner. The Stars Dispose F. The Stars Compel F.

Lebbeus Harding Rogers United States. Mark E arl Rogers United States. The Expected One F. The Devouring Void F. The Riddled Man F. Michael Alan Rogers United States. Patrick E Rogers. William Rogersohn. Michael Scott Rohan United Kingdom. The Anvil of Ice F. The Forge in the Forest F. The Hammer of the Sun F. The Castle of the Winds F.

The Singer and the Sea F. Shadow of the Seer F. Chase the Morning F.

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The Gates of Noon F. Cloud Castles F. Maxie's Demon F. Richard H Rohmar Canada.

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Ultimatum NF. Exxoneration NF. Sax Rohmer United Kingdom. Dope Non-SF. Yellow Shadows Non-SF. The Golden Scorpion Omnibus Coll. Salute to Bazarada and Other Stories Coll. James Rollins. William Rollo. Dana Kramer-Rolls. Deane Louis Romano United States. David Rome Australia. Bruce W alton Ronald United States. Laurence F Rose. Selina Rosen. Joel Rosenberg United States. Not for Glory SF.

Hero SF. The Sleeping Dragon F. The Sword in the Chain F. The Silver Crown F. Guardians of the Flame: The Warriors Omni. The Heir Apparent F. The Warrior Lives F. Guardians of the Flame: The Heroes Omni. The Road to Ehvenor F. The Road Home F. Not Exactly the Three Musketeers F. Not Quite Scaramouche F. Not Really the Prisoner of Zenda F. Legacy F. The Fire Duke F.

The Silver Stone F. The Crimson Sky F. Home Front My. Family Matters My. D'shai F.

Kids World's Adventures Chronicles

Hour of the Octopus F. Mary Rosenblum United States. Synthesis and Other Virtual Realities Coll. Mordecai Marceli Roshwald Poland.

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Bernard L. David D. Ross United States. The Argus Gambit SF. The Eighth Rank SF. Malcolm Harrison Ross United States. Marilyn Ross United States. Raymond J. Oscar Rossiter United States. Theodore Roszak United States. Memoirs of Elizabeth Frankenstein F. Patrick Rothfuss. The Name of the Wind F. Chuck Rothman United States. Tony Rothman United States. William Rotsler United States. James Rouch United Kingdom. Hard Target SF. Blind Fire SF. Hunter Killer SF.

Sky Strike SF. Overkill SF. Plague Bomb SF. Killing Ground SF. Civilian Slaughter SF. Body Count SF. Victor Rousseau United Kingdom. Jane Routley Australia. Mage Heart F. Fire Angels F. Aramaya F. Jeff Rovin United States.

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Charles Rowcroft United Kingdom. Rebecca K. Rowe United States. Donald S ydney Rowland United Kingdom.

Paperback Editions

Christopher B. Rowley United States. War for Eternity SF. Black Ship SF. Founder SF. To a Highland Nation SF. Starhammer SF. Brazil Broketail F. A Sword for Dragon F. Dragons of War F. Battle Dragon F. The Wizard and the Floating City F. A Dragon at World's End F. Dragons of Argonath F. Dragon Ultimate F. The Ancient Enemy F. The Shast War F. Doom's Break F. J K Rowling United Kingdom. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone F. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets F. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban F. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire F. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix F.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows F. Archie Roy Scotland UK. Space Above and Beyond 1. Aliens Approach SF. Space Above and Beyond 3. Mutiny SF. Gillian Rubinstein Australia. Space Demons SF. Skymaze SF. Shinkei SF. Greg Rucka United States. Keeper My. Finder My. Smoker My. Shooting at Midnight My. Critical Space My. Rudy Rucker United States.

Software SF. Wetware SF. Freeware SF. Realware SF. Anthonty Melville Rud United States. Matt hew Ruff United States. Charles W est Runyon United States. Kristine Kathryn Rusch United States. The Sacrifice F. The Changeling F. Rival F. The Resistance F. Victory F. The Black Queen F. The Black King F. The Disappeared SF. Extremes SF. Consequences SF. Gary Alan Ruse United States. Ahmed Salman Rushdie India. Douglas Rushkoff.

Joanna Russ United States. The Hidden Side of the Moon Coll. Eric Frank Russell United Kingdom. Gary Russell United Kingdom. Jay Russell United States. Celestial Dogs F.

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Burning Bright F. Greed and Stuff F. John Robert Russell United States. Ken Russell United Kingdom. Mary Doria Russell United States. The Sparrow SF. Children of God SF. Sean Russell Canada. Beneath the Vaulted Hills F. The Compass of the Soul F. World Without End F. Sea Without a Shore F. The One Kingdom F. The Isle of Battle F. The Shadow Roads F.

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Richard Paul Russo United States. Destroying Angel NF. Carlucci's Edge NF. Carlucci's Heart NF. Jenifer Ruth. The Protector F. The Guardian F. Leo Rutman -. Owen Rutter United States.