A Lesser Dependency

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  3. Forty Years of Dependency? Oil’s evolution since the Embargo
  4. PHP Dependency Injection Container Performance Benchmarks — SitePoint
  5. Ca2+ dependency of serotonin and dopamine release from CNS slices of chronically isolated rats.

This may also have triggered any internal caching done by the container but the same treatment was applied to each container to keep it fair.

Atheist Experience #856: Christianity's Dependence on Ignorance (HD + Aftershow)

Even after ignoring the overhead of loading files, there are still two distinct ballparks here. Note: As you can see by looking at the test code, Symfony, PHP-DI and Aura require considerably more configuration code than the other containers to perform this test. The configuration time was not included in the test.

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The difference between the three top containers is so slight in real terms that you would never notice the speed difference outside an artificial benchmark like this. Zend takes 37 seconds to perform a task Dice manages in under 1 second; certainly not a trivial difference.

Yet again, Symfony takes the lead among the big name containers. DI Containers also have to store and retrieve services which will be reused throughout the application. This test fetches a single instance from the container repeatedly. This is unexpected based on previous results. All the containers except Zend and Symfony are roughly equal with just 0. Rating details.

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Book ratings by Goodreads. Goodreads is the world's largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. We're featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book. Close X. Learn about new offers and get more deals by joining our newsletter. Sign up now. Savoia Manzini, Maria Rita Parameters and the design of the Language Faculty.

Marques, Rui Martins, Ana Maria How much syntax is there in metalinguistic negation?.

Merchant, Jason Fragments and ellipsis. Deriving island constraints with searle and grice. A pragmatic account of bridge verbs.

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Scope domains Toward a Dependency Grammar account of the syntactic distribution of negative polarity items. Paducheva, Elena Paperno, Denis Partee, Barbara H.


Forty Years of Dependency? Oil’s evolution since the Embargo

Pinson, Mathilde On the polysemy of help. Lexis Polinsky, Maria The marvels of Tsakhur.

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Linguistic Typology Backward Raising. Quer, Josep Restorick Elordi, Audrey Richards, Norvin W. Roussou, Anna Processing polarity items: Contrastive licensing costs. Sanford, Anthony J. Moxey Sitaridou, Ioanna The Romeyka infinitive: Continuity, contact and change in the Hellenic varieties of Pontus.

Spotting, collecting and documenting negative polarity items.

PHP Dependency Injection Container Performance Benchmarks — SitePoint

Soltan, Usama The origin of yes—no question particles in the Niuean language. Stegovec, Adrian Perspectival control and obviation in directive clauses. Suzuki, Shogo Tieu, Lyn Toosarvandani, Maziar Corrective but coordinates clauses not always but sometimes. Tubau, Susagna On the syntax of English minimizers. How Not to Elide Negation.

On the typology of negative concord. Mood alternation in Spanish conditional clauses: Condition, cause and the dominion hypothesis.

Ca2+ dependency of serotonin and dopamine release from CNS slices of chronically isolated rats.

Villalta, Elisabeth Mood and gradability: an investigation of the subjunctive mood in Spanish. Viti, Carlotta Syntax and semantics of modal predicates in Indo-European. Wu, Hsiao-Hung Iris On the non -existence of verb-stranding ellipsis in Chinese.