A Republic Without a President and Other Stories

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This group doesn't simply include protesters but a movement of some size to persuade the electoral college to vote for Hillary Clinton instead of Trump. The irony is that it was Trump who threatened to refuse to accept the results of the election, while the Clinton camp charged that Trump was violating the sanctity of democracy. Now each has adopted the other's position. Although, Clinton herself has not sought to overturn the election. Irony aside, it should be borne in mind that asking electors to vote differently than they had pledged to is completely legitimate.

The president of the United States is not elected either by popular vote or even by the mathematics of electoral votes.


9 Things You May Not Know About Texas - HISTORY

Presidents are elected by electors - these are the people voters actually cast their ballots for on election day. All electors are selected by the parties to whom it is assumed they will be loyal. But legally, their vote is theirs and they are empowered by the constitution to use their judgment as they see fit. The founders chose this method, and I think it is a pretty good one for a number of reasons. First, the U.

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Leaving out all those who originally were unable to vote slaves, women, men without property in many states , the founders created a republic. A republic is a system in which voters do not govern directly, but select representatives to speak for them. The representatives are not bound to slavishly uphold public opinion, but to exercise their judgment. They face periodic elections, every six years in the Senate and every two years in the House of Representatives.

The founders feared that passions could arouse the public, and national policy could become hostage to these passions. Therefore, they wanted men always men mediating between public opinion and national policy. They also expected these men to be of substance and property, with much to lose from error and also more difficult to corrupt. This mirrors Trump's argument that he is less corruptible because of his wealth. Therefore, the founders did not believe in direct democracy at all.

They founded a republic, a very different creature. The electoral college is derived from this original conception of republicanism. The founders were trying to solve a serious problem with this system. They did not want a parliamentary system. Parliaments made the executive and the legislature one. They wanted the executive and Congress to check and balance each other and do they ever. Therefore, they needed another institution.

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The founders didn't want political parties as they feared factionalism. They never anticipated the two-party system, which presents voters with basically a binary choice and minor parties on the margins. What could have occurred, and what might yet occur, is complete gridlock -- a situation with many viable candidates, none with the majority of the popular vote or the majority of electoral votes.

Who could solve this problem? Various Authors.

Catalog Record: The white crown and other stories | HathiTrust Digital Library

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Thankful Blossom. Return to Book Page. Ward was an American author who wrote extensively for newspapers and periodicals. This collection of stories was first published in Get A Copy.

A Republic Without a President, and Other Stories

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