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  1. 2. Dig a trench around your tent
  2. 21 Best Family Camping Games - Childhood
  3. How to Plan a Successful Family Camping Trip
  4. 1. Scavenger Hunt

If you can find a cheap local source for it, a few armloads will be more than enough for a campfire for an evening. With a good firestarter like what I described above , starting a campfire with dry wood and a few dry sticks is really easy. We also have several old mismatched plates, bowls, spoons, and forks from old sets that we had in college. We keep a pair of flashlights in the camping box. Any flashlights will do, though you will eventually have to replace the batteries. Check them before you go camping.

Another useful item is a Dutch oven , which you can use to cook pretty much anything over a campfire. Sandwiches and simple soups always work well.

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We usually bring along a cooler loaded with ice packs to keep some items cold, but this is not strictly necessary. We usually keep a bottle of sunscreen in our camping box as well to prevent sunburn, which can make an otherwise fun camping trip quite painful. Once you get beyond this core list, supplies become very optional depending on your personal needs and desires. Everything you really need for this search is online.

2. Dig a trench around your tent

My favorite place to start the search for a campground is at Go Camping America , which provides a pretty robust search tool and a nice interface. There are large differences in campground quality and Go Camping certainly does not list all of them. Another option well worth considering is a national or state park. This directory helps you find national parks by state, as well as links you to state-by-state directories of state parks. Your best approach is to figure out where you want to go, then use all of these resources to develop a nice list of campgrounds in that area, then start researching those campgrounds.

Many campgrounds let you reserve a specific campsite well in advance using online reservation systems. I find this feature to be wonderful and it often makes the difference when deciding where to camp as a family. The first thing to consider is that the site is relatively flat or has a good chance of having a relatively flat spot on it. Pitching a tent on a slanted spot means everyone rolls together in a giant jumble at one side of the tent, making misery for everyone. Most sites do have this, but I would avoid sites that seem to be small and directly adjacent to lakes or other waterways as they can sometimes have very limited flat space.

Which sites have running water? If not all do, which sites are close to running water?


21 Best Family Camping Games - Childhood

Which sites are close to the restrooms? You want to be fairly near one, but probably not right next to one. When camping with a family, these considerations make a world of difference. Here are some of the things we often do when camping. Fishing: If there is a lake or river nearby, we almost always go fishing. Our family owns a few fishing poles and a small tackle box, which provides everything we need for the simple fishing that we do on our camping trips. Just make sure that you have a fishing license if needed in the area — the campground office can give you all the details.

Hiking: Almost every campground you visit will be loaded with hiking trails, usually with a wide variety of lengths and difficulties. I love the ones about the coats in the pillow cases and having a small extra tent for playing! That would also come in major handy if it were a rainy day. Great tips! My God, baby wipes should be in bold and highlighted. Thy are the perfect multi use cleaning tool for my camping trips. Very Good article on Camping with family. It is really helpful if you can add more article on camping and outdoor travel with children. Great post!!! However, if that is not the case and you are rather looking to go on a family camping sort of thing with your car.

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How to Plan a Successful Family Camping Trip

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  • How to Plan a Successful Family Camping Trip?

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1. Scavenger Hunt

Amazing great tips! Trail running is basically hiking 2. Grab the family, hit the trails and pick up the pace—just watch out for pesky rocks, branches and wildlife! Bouldering is essentially rock climbing without the harness, done on smaller rock formations.

Print this Camping Checklist before you Go

With proper preparation and supervision, there's little chance of injury other than a scrape or two on the knee. Kids will develop strength and learn strategic thinking and perseverance. So, apparently there are apps these days for identifying local shrubbery with ease—but where's the fun in that? Ditch the technology, grab a big book of plants or this easy printable identification pack and start arguing about whether that leaf is poison ivy, poison oak or just a regular non-rash inducing bush!

Bird watching or birding, just like stone collecting or identifying local plant species, is another activity that's exclusive to the great outdoors.

For younger children, print this fun DIY bird book. For older kids, buy an advanced field guide to help them spot all the birds in the area. Geocaching is one of the most enjoyable activities for kids to do when camping because it's an activity that you can only do outdoors. First, hide a treasure for your kid to find, then use a GPS device to find the exact coordinates of the treasure.

Register the coordinates on GeoCaching. If you're looking for someone else's cached item, make sure to replace it with one of your own at the end of the hunt so the fun can continue. If you're from a big city, it's possible your kids have never truly star-gazed before—and that's a shame! Flashlight tag is like regular ol' tag, only better, because no one gets tagged too hard by an older sibling and starts crying sound familiar?

Choose which family member will be "it," send everyone off to hide and then watch as your entire family scrambles around to get away from the dreaded flashlight beam. Don't forget extra batteries in case your tagging tool runs out of juice! Board games and card games are so much fun, but kids these days can hardly take a turn without sending a text or snapping a selfie.

Instead, take your deck of cards and your favorite board games out into the wild where there's nothing to do but enjoy each other's company—Wi-Fi free.