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Some Puritans had long, curled hair, others refused them as effeminate, and preferred to have their hair cut. A Curiosity — We think of early American settlers as men and boys wearing black suits with white collars and cuffs. They had black hats with a broad brim and a silver buckle. Their shoes were also buckled. The women and girls wore aprons and caps, with long dresses in drab colors.

Bright colors went against their religious beliefs. In truth, they dressed like people of the same class in England. They wore simple but colorful clothes. Well-to-do men owned a black suit and hat for Sunday, and sometimes black shoes. It is doubtful that either the hat or shoes had silver buckles on them. On weekdays the men wore gray, brown, or blue linen shirts and woolen or leather breeches.

Their knit stockings came up to their hips and the usual hat was a wool stocking cap known as the Monmouth cap. Instead of coats, they wore sleeveless cloaks that left their arms free. The clothes of the women and girls were brighter. Their dress might be red, purple, blue or green. The dresses had full skirts that reached down to their ankles. In cold weather, they wore waistcoats, which were usually red. For outdoors, they had hooded cloaks. For the first few years, there was no time to grow flax for linen.

The clothes the Pilgrims had brought with them were becoming worn, so the women mended and patched them. Open-fronted bodices could be filled in with a decorative stomacher. They wore stockings calze outside the breeches calzone , gartered con la gerrettiera below the knee sotto il ginocchio. Youths and poor men wore black stockings of wool. In winter men could wear many pairs of stockings at once. Falbalas balze came in early in the century. They were sewn cucite horizontally round the skirt camicia , and were sometimes of a different material. All men wore wigs parrucche of equal ength lunghezza all round; sometimes at the back they were divided into two and tied with ribbons legate con fiocchi.

Wigs continued to diminish in size throughout the century. At the beginning of the century the increased facilities for trade with the East because of the success of the East India Company, led to the introduction of vast quantities of Indian calicoes cotonine. Boots stivali were necessary because of the terrible state of the roads in wet weather.

Some pirates are also described with pets like monkeys or parrots. They speak English in a particular old accent. These descriptions derive from the figure of Long John Silver, character created by Robert Louis Stevenson in Treasure Island and then adapted into a film in The first Tartan was found in Scotalnd. L ater the colours were determined by local plants used as colorants. Native American clothing depended on the area they lived. Feathered war bonnets are still the best-known Indian headdresses, but they were not the most commonly used.

After colonization, native American clothing began to change. Also white men borrowed clothing from the Native Americans. Fabrics were mainly silks, velvets, and brocades, with woolens used for the middle class and for sporting costumes. The heel tacco of the shoes — still with a squared toe — became smaller and with an oblong buckle usually garned with stones. Upper class men usually carried a cane. Black ribbons attached to the bag were brought to the front and tied in a bow in a style called a solitaire. It consisted in a mask, a long cape, and a tricorne.

The waistcoat was below the waist and the breeches were longer and tighter than before. For hunting they wore the frock — a coat with a brad, flat collar derived from a traditional working-class coat. It was a very radical change which can be compared only to the change in period of the jazz age over a century later.

In the Hampshire Museum Service it is possible to see some of her clothing. I was glad to hear this. Brummel was educated first at Eton then in Oxford. Out of prison he had lost his interest in clothes. They wore single — or. The worst of the vices were coarseness and vulgarity. Not only was immoral conduct condemned; the very possibility of its existence was excluded from polite educata conversation and literature. The homes of the period were overloaded sovraccariche with furniture mobile , very little of which was remarkable notevole for its beauty.

This is a brief description of Victorian tastes made by L. Victorian prudery moralismo was — and still is — famous but there are also some exaggerations about it. The respectable middle and upper classes did not speak publicly about sex and childbirth, but it is also well known that this discretion covered a multitude of sins peccati : in the Victorian period crimes and prostitution flourished as well adulterous relationships.

Toward the turn of the century verso la fine del secolo , wool and cotton vests became more common for daywear abiti da giorno as the three piece suit vestito in tre pezzi increased in popularity. On formal occasions the tailcoats vestito da uomo — single and double breasted singolo o doppio petto — were mainly used. Rather, suspenders or braces of leather or canvas were common. Victorian shirts were cut much more fully than modern shirts. Men wore band collar shirts and for dress occasions added a separate collar and cuff collari.

The most basic accessory for every Victorian gentleman was the cravat , from the basic thin strip to frilly cravats with decorative prints and wide cut black. There was the need for a mor practical way of dressing. The rebellion against the voluminous and constraining fashion of the Victorian period was both a practical necessity and a focal point of social reform.

Shoes were the biggest problem in most families. Few people had more than one pair. Bonnets resembled hats. Another important accessory was the pocket watch and fob orologio da taschino con catena , usually hanging from the front vest pockets. Most men also carried walking sticks bastoni da passeggio of various styles and often wore gloves guanti.

Though tall and red-headed with a fine posture and lovely lidded eyes, she appears far plainer and more fragile in comparison to the dark-browed Jane Morris or the fleshy Fanny Cornforth. Their likelinesses appear in poetry and their very faces stare out of numberless canvases. The voices and meaningful looks of these women, however, are actually the filtered versions of the men who adored and depicted them.

Il Bisbetico Domato 1980 Adriano Celentano Ornella Muti. Italiano commedia

That women became their primary subject shows their belief that women can heal and guide — but it also shows their concern in the contemporary lives of Victorian women: the victims, the old maids, and the prostitutes. These artists hated to see their ideal creatures so degraded and sought to rise them to the higher state they deserved.

Their likeliness appear in poetry and their very faces stare out of numberless canvases. Charles Dana Gi bson — , an American illustrator. For the author, they represented the typical American girls anyone could meet on the street. I saw her everywhere and doing everything.

The Suffragette s — At the beginning of the 20th century, the suffragette movement started showing their ideas. Their gemstones pietre preziose were amethyst, moonstone or emerald. Paul Poiret was one of the first designers to adopt this trend into fashion. The Art Nouveau which flourished in the same age also influenced the designers of the time. Women were forced to to work and started wearing more comfortable clothes suited adatti to their everyday life.

Besides people had to give funds fondi for the war and could spend less money on clothing. For this reason Coco Chanel created cheap jewels made of glass or crystal beads perle. At work and during the war period heels got shorter and the laced shoes scarpe con legacci had round toes avevano la punta arrotondata. As to the hats- which at the beginning of the century had large brims larghe falde — became smaller and with flat brims falda moscia. And the hair? Tango craze — Dancing was very popular and had a great influence on s fashion and the Tango dances made their mark on fashion history.

A famous American dancing couple called the Castles helped spread the new dance crazes and magazines showed the steps of the latest dance, with a graphic for each new movement. People practiced at home using the magazines as guides. When troops were at home on rest leave during the war dancing gained popularity and by many dance halls had opened. Louise Brooke — — American dancer, model, showgirl and silent film actress, — was a woman who influenced the fashion of the period. She used to wear cloche hats and dresses made with luxurious and exotic materials.

Her way of dressing was a way to rebel against the Victorian respectability: shirt skirt, no petticoat, cut short bobbed hair and free arms and legs. Coco created the travelling jersey suit vestito da viaggio di jersey. It consisted of a cardigan jacket, and pleated skirt gonna a pieghe , and low-belted pullover top maglietta con cintura bassa. Shoes were low-heeled shoes. In America it was compared with the democratic black Ford automobile. Daisy Buchanan, the main female character in The Great Gatsby was part of those young socialites living on Long Island in the s.

Their lifestyle was eccentric and extravagant; they cared more about their perfect good looks and free time, than on the rising social problems which will lead to the great and crucial financial breakdown of Women dresses of the s — as The Great Gatsby shows — had often a straight, shift style, avevano una linea sciolta, dritta with a dropped waist vita bassa. Cloches and wide brimmed were popular. The Macintosh — Charles Macintosh created his first raincoat in and soon it was named after him.

Dresses were bias-cut tagliati di sbieco to emphasize feminine curves. In the s women used to change clothes during the day according to the activity of the moment. During Depression they started wearing one dress only — except on formal occa sions. Her only feminine touch of colour was the scarf sciarpa …she wore silky scarves sciarpe di seta around her neck to break the monotony of the neutral colours. The words written for the dedication replicate the typeface riproducono il carattere of war time ration books note per le razioni.

For the evening bolero jacket were very fashionable. Other trends were Toreador pants, Motor scooter slacks, Calypso pants and pirate pants. And over the skirt? The first collection was called Corolle corolla and appeared in The designs gave more volume to the simple dresses of the war. The models had a curvaceous form. Fashion started being dictated by young people and the capital of fashion designers moved from Paris to London.

The book is written in the first person perspective of a teenage photographer, who lives in the vibrant vibrante part of West London he calls Napoli as it is inhabited abitata by Caribbean immigrants, and English people who live on the margins of society. The novel portrays ritrae the newly-formed cultura di recente formazione youth culture, its clothes and music, when groups like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Who invaded every country so to be called tanto da essere chiamata the British invasion.

The TV series that most represents this period is The Avengers Agente Speciale, poi tradotto in Gli Infallibili , a spy fiction with element of fantasy , science fiction and British humour which ran venne trasmessa from to In s fashion broke the past tradition totally. It mirrored the social movements which were starting in the period. The new trends included culottes, bikini, mini-skirt, gogo-boots and pillbox hats.

In Britain music and style were strictly linked and at the end of the decade also the hippy style from North America came and influenced shapes and colours The new icons were famous actresses like Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin, Francoise Hardy , Sharon Tate or models like the shrimp gamberetto Jean Shrimpton and Twiggy who gave their figure to a number of diverse trends. Londra vivace, trascinante. The capital of fashion became Carnaby Street, in the centre of London, near Soho The two main factors which influenced this remarkable metamorphosis from a gloomy oscura capital after the war to a bright luminoso centre of style were youth and money.

The baby boom of the s had brought a younger population and the abolition of the National Service servizio militare in s brought more freedom and fewer responsibilities. Young people rebelled with their music, fashion, design; they refused anything which recalled richiamava the post-War gloom. Here she sold inexpensive, brightly coloured simple clothes which were immediate hits with young girls and boys. These included skinny rib jumpers, ready-to-wear short skirts and dresses, coloured tights, hipster belts, PVC garments and sleeveless crochet tops and hats.

In she opened a second boutique. In Mary Quant showed her first fur collection and launched her first wholesale company. In she presented her first collection for the American market and started to design for J. From she designed for Butterick patterns. In she launched the mini-skirt in London. A fashion show was held aboard the royal yacht Queen Elizabeth and was a great hit. They were seen on American TV. She visited l2 cities in 14 days showing clothes to a non-stop dance routine with pop music accompaniment. In Mary Quant received the O. She also launched a footwear line.

In she opened another boutique. In she introduced hot pants, made of knit or soft materials, worn with floor length maxi-coats allowed to swing open and knee high boots: another instant success. In she opened the Mary Quant colour shop for cosmetics and beauty products. In along with many other designers and celebrities, she joined a product making individual masks which were sold for charity and raised quite a good amount. So women had different possibilities as to skirts.

In appeared also the hot pants and very tight jeans. The first were made of jersey, with long sleeves and mid length. And the shoes…? Young women wore platform shoes also called disco boots : shoes with high thick spesse soles made of cork sughero , rubber gomma or wood legno. The s disco fashion moved into night clubs in the s and became more Romantic and elaborate. The make-up was quite heavy and audacious. Another trend was the hussar like clothing: jackets with gold rims bordi dorati , shirts and baggy trousers pataloni larghi narrowed at the ankle stretti sulle caviglie.

Breath ; treasure. Deign ; vein ; neighbour. Seize ; receive. Foreign ; forfeit ; sovereign. Leopard ; jeopardy. Dungeon ; j uncheon. Feud; deuce. Few ; new ; dew. Sew; sewer. Grey ; convey. Key ; ley ; alley ; valley ; barley. Christian; filial. Carriage ; marriage. Grieve ; thieve. Die ; pie. Lieu ; adieu ; purlieu. The terminations Tion and Sion are sounded like slum, except when t is preceded by. It has a shorter sound, as in Priory; violet. Question ; digestion ; combustion. Bili-ous ; viiri-ous. Factious; noxious. Boat ; oat ; coal. Broad; abroad. Doe ; foe ; sloe ; toe. Boil; toil; joint; boy; toy.

Moon ; soon ; food. Wool ; good ; foot. A, ind. The indefinite article ; the first letter of the alphabet. L' articolo indefinito ; prima lettera dell' alfabeto. Atje, n, ile, pi. An affirmative adv. Yes; indeed; always; ever; continually. Abaddon, n, a-bad'don. The abyss of hell. L' abisso o gli abissi dell' inferno. Abandon, vt, a-ban'don. To forsake entirely ; to renounce ; to yield up. Abbandonare; lasciare; rmunziare ; cedere. Abate, vt, abat. To beat down ; to lessen ; to mitigate. Abbattere ; diminuire ; attenuare. S'abattre ; diminuer ; s'apaiser. Abed, adv, a-bed'. On or in bed.

A letto o in ietto. Abet, vt, a-bet'. To urge on ; to en- courage. Istigare ; eccitare ; spalleggiare. Pousser quelqu'un h, faire une chose ; encourager. One who or that abates, destroys, or diminishes. Chi o che diminuisce, scema, dif- falca. Celui qui diminue. One who abets. Fautore ; istigatore. Fauteur; instigateur. Abbess, n, ab'bess. A female superior of a nunnery Badessa. Abyss, n, a'biss. A bottomless gulf ; a deep pit ; hell. Golfo ; abisso ; baratro. One who abbreviates or abridges.

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An abbreviation. Un' abbreviatura. Adam's second son. Il secondogenito di Adamo. Capable; skilful. Capace ; abile. Capable ; habile ; expert. Abhorred, pa, ab-hord'. Hated ex- tremely ; detested. Aboard, adv, a-bord'. In a ship or vessel ; on board. Imbarcarsi ; esser a bordo. Abord, vt, a-b 5rd'. To approach; to come near; to board an enemy's ship.

Abort, vt, a-bort'. Avorter ; faire une fausse couche. To send away or abroad. Mandar via ; spedire all' estero o al- trove. To tie up as to hinder from. Legare in modo da impedire 1' azione. Attacher ; lier. Around ; near to ; relating to ; engaged in. Abut, vi, a-but'. To approach to; to border ; to meet. Dii'amarsi ; far capo. Aboutir ; confiner. Abroach, adv, a-broch'. In a posture to flow out ; set afloat. Spillato ; in via ; dar libero corso. To come or draw near ; to aijproximate.

Avvicinarsi ; appressarsi ; accostarsi. Approcher ; s'approcher de ; s'avancer vers. Abscess, n, ab'-ses. A gathering of purulent matter in some part of the body. Ascesso; tumore. The two points in a planet's orbit which are at the greatest or least distance from the sun or the earth.

To assent to; to comply with. Accedere ; aderire ; acconsentire. To go beyond ; to proceed beyond, as any measure, limit or quantity ; to surpass ; outdo. Eccedere ; superare ; oltrepassare. Accend, vt, ak-send'. To set on fire ; to inflame. Accendere; infiammare. Allumer; enflammer. Accent, n, ak'sent. Accento ; posa della voce e segno che indica dove collocare la posa. Accent ; ton ; modulation de la voix ; signe ortographique.

To express or note the accent of. Accentare ; mettere gli accenti ; pro- nunciare le parole con i debiti accenti. Ascend, vi, as- send'. To go up or higher ; to climb ; to go or move upward. Ascendere; salire; montare. Monter; gravir. Ascent, n, as-sent'. A mounting up- ward ; the means of ascending ; the rise of a hill ; an eminence. Salita ; pendio. Assent, n, as-sent'.

To consent or the act of agreeing to anything ; consent. Assenso ; consenso. Consentement ; acquiescement. Accept, vt, ak-sept'. To take ; to receive with pleasure. Except, vt, ek-sept'. To take out of any number specified; to take out, as any particular, from a general de- scription. Excepter ; exclure. Expect, vt, ek-spekf. To look or wait for ; to hope or long for. Aspettare ; attendere ; essere in aspet- tativa o attesa. Pine, pin. Note, move, not, son. A going to ; approach; means of approach ; hberty to approach.

Accesso ; abbordo ; mezzo di accesso ; di facile accesso o abbordo. Assess, vt, as-ses'. To determine at a sitting a charge to be paid upon ; to rate. Tassare ; fermare, fissare o stabilire una tassa. Goods sufficient for the discharge of legal claims ; goods answerable for payment. Beni lasciati da un testatore per pagare debiti o legati ; 1' attivo. Axis, n, aks'is. The straight line, real or imaginary, that passes through anything and on which it may be supposed to revolve.

Asse ; verricello ; 1' asse della terra ; l'asse su cui gira una ruota od altro. Axe ; ligne qu'on suppose traverser la terre. Excess, n, ek'-ses. That which exceeds; that which is beyond the common measure. Eccedenza ; soprabbondanza ; smode- ratezza. Accidence, n, ak'-si-dens.

The changes which the declinable parts of speech severally undergo. Le variazioni a cui vanno soggetti le parti del discorso ; rudimenti. Events proceeding from an unforeseen cause ; unfortunate events. Accidents ; cas fortviit. Accident, n, ak'-si-dent. Singular of accidents. Singolare di Accidents. Singulier d'Accidents. Assident, a, as'si-dent. Usually, signs attending a disease. Comunemente con questa parola, s' intende, sintomi forieri di una malattia. Ordinairement des signes qui indiquent une maladie. Accidental, n, ak-si-dent'al. Happen- ing by chance ; contingent.

Accidentale ; casuale ; fortuito. Accidentel ; casuel ; fortuit. Occidental, a, ok-si-dent'al. Pertaining to the western quarter of the hemisphere. Occidentale; d' occidente. Occidental ; de l'occident. Accomplice, n, ak-kom'plis. An associ- ate in a crime ; an accessory. Accomplish, vt, ak-kom'plish. To fulfil ; to execute fully. Compiere ; compire ; condurre a ter- mine. Accompt, n, ak-compt'. Synonymous of Account. Sinonimo di Account.

Synonyme d'Account. Account, n, ak-kount'. Conto ; calcolo ; rapporto ; ragione. Acetic, a, a-set'-ik. Relating to vine- gar ; acid. Acetico ; acido. Unduly rigid in devotional exercises ; rigid. Being in continued pain. Dolore, male continuo. Peine ; malaise. Ahi7i, a, a-kin'. Of kin ; related to. Parente ; consanguineo ; congiunto ; analogo. Possessing acres or landed property. Ayant des acres, des arpents.


Acrid, a, ak'rid. Sharp; hot or biting to the taste. Acre ; aspro ; acerbo. Acre ; mordant ; amer. Actian, a, ak'shian. Pertaining to Ac- tium, a town in Greece Epirus. Tube, bull, tub. CH, chain. J, job. G, go. TH, then. Action,ii, ak'shon. A deed ; an operation. Azione ; fatto ; operazione. Action ; fait ; geste.

Deeds ; power or the effect of power, put forth; a part or parts of a play. Axe, n, aks. Ascia ; accetta ; scure. Sharp; ending in a sharp point; penetrating.

Il corteo storico

Acuto ; aguzzo ; puntito ; penetrativo. Shivering with cold or fear, with fever. Febbre con freddo, brividi, inter- mittente. Add, vf, ad. To join to; to augment; to annex. Unire ; aggiungere ; aumentare. Ajouter ; additionner. At, prep, at, A word which denotes presence, nearness, or direction towards. A; dans; en; un mot indiquant temps et lieu ou endroit. Addict, vt, ad-dikt'. To give up or attach to ; to dedicate. Addarsi a ; darsi in preda a ; abbando- narsi.

S'adonner ; s'abandonner ; se livrer. An order issued by a high authority ; a decree. Editto ; proclama ; decreto. Act of adding ; increase. Addizione ; accrescimento ; aggiunta. The publication of a work, book, writing, Szc. Edition ; impression ; publication d'un ouvrage. Adds, rf, adz. Aggiunge, aumenta, unisce ad altra cosa, Are. Ajoute, augmente. A kind of axe. Una specie di scure o ascia.

Doloire ; herminette. Attach- ment; fidelity. Followers ; partisans ; sticking to. Aderenti ; attaccati ; partigiani ; se- guaci. Adit, V, ad'it. Andito ; adito. Un passage souterrain ; issue. Edit, vt, ed'it. To give out; to put forth ; to publish. Pubblicare ; far stampare ; redigere. Edith, n, e'dith. An English Christian name for a female. Nome inglese di femmina. Nom de femme anglais. Lying near to ; contiguous. Vicino ; adiacente ; attiguo. Adjacent ; contigu ; voisin. Adnascent, 7,ad-nas'ent.

On something else, growing on it. Sovrapposto o crescente su altra cosa. A female adventurer. Prone to incur hazard ; daring. Ardito ; animoso ; arrischiato. Aventureux ; entreprenant; hasardeux. To turn to; to regard ; to attend ; to refer. Avvertire ; volger 1' attenzione a ; ac- cennare ; alludere. Faire attention ; remarquer. Avert, vt, a- vert.

To turn aside or away from ; to keep off or prevent. Scansare ; tenersi lungi da ; impedire. To destroy ; to turn upside down ; to demolish. Distruggere ; metter sottosopra ; de- molire. Opinion offered; giving one's views to ; counsel. Avviso ; consiglio ; parere. Avis; conseil. To counsel, warn, or inform. Avvisare ; consigliare. Prevenir ; conseiller ; informer. The nest containing the eggs of a bird of prey.

Nido di uccelli di rapina. Nid des grands oiseaux de proie. Open to the free air; high in air. Arioso ; alto per aria. Afar, adv, a'fiir. At, to, or from a great distance. Lontano; lungi. Loin ; de loin. South-westerly wind. Vento sud-ovest. Vent au sud-ouest. Transaction in general ; business ; rencounter ; that which is to do or is done. Affare ; negozio ; faccenda. Affaire; occupation. To confirm ; to esta- blish ; to give a sanction to. Confermare ; stabilire ; accordare od approvare.

The same as To affear. Lo stesso che To affear. Affect, vt, af-fekt'. To act upon ; to move the feelings of ; to be fond of. Affettare ; toccare al vivo ; nutrire affetto.

Effect, n, ef-fekt'. That which is done or produced by an agent or cause ; result ; event. Effetto ; successo ; risultato. To make out ; to pro- i duce; to cause to be; to fulfil. Effettuare ; eseguire ; operare ; adem- piere. Aifright, vt, af-frit'.

La gara sportiva

To teri-ify; to alarm. Spaventare ; impaurire. Epouvanter ; faire peur. Struck with fear ; fearful. Che ha paura ; che teme ; impaurito. Afrite, n, a-frit'. An evil genius in the Mohamedan mythology ; a devil Un genio malefico nella mitologia maomettana ; un diavolo. Affront, V, af-frunt'.

To meet face to face ; to insult to the face ; to offend by disrespect. Affrontare ; oltraggiare ; assalire di fronte ; insultare. Affronter ; insulter. Effront, n, ef-frunt'. Boldness of front ; transgressing the bounds of mo- desty and decorum. Sfacciatezza ; sfrontatezza. Effronterie ; impudence. Aft, a or adv, aft mar. Hind; back; abaft ; astern, mar. Del dietro ; della poppa ; a poppa, mar. Haft, n, haft. That by which a thing is seized ; a handle.

Manico di coltello ; impugnatura ; manico qualunque o maniglia. The whole duration of a being ; a generation of men ; a hundred years. A shield. Egide ; protection. To pain ; to affect with uneasiness ; to be in pain or trouble. Appenare ; inquietare ; esser indis- posto. English beer. Air, n, ar. The fluid which we breathe ; a tune ; mien ; gesture ; affected manner. Aria ; arietta ; cantata ; cera ; con- tegno. Air ; air d'une chanson ; air d'une personne ; contenance ou maintien. A town in Scotland. Une ville en Ecosse. Contrazione di Ever. Before ; sooner than.

Prima; prima che; anzi. Err, vi, er. To wander from the right way ; to depart from rectitude ; to mistake. Errare; traviare; sbagliare. One who inherits. A wing ; a side or a passage in a church. Navata di chiesa. I will. Contrazione di " I will. An island. Ait, n, at. A small island. From the verb To eat.

Du verbe To eat manger : Il mangea. Twice four ; expressing the number, twice four. Great dislike or aversion ; hatred. Odio ; astio. Haine ; aversion. Beit so; admit all that ; notwithstanding. Quoique ; bien que.

Albite, n, al-blt. A minerai. Un minerale. A Spanish judge. Giudice Spagnuolo ; alcade. Juge en Espagne. A tree gene- rally grown in moist land. More advanced in age. On the side oj posite to the wind. Sotto vento. I Sous le vent. To assuage ; to pacify; I to soothe ; to repress. A walk in a garden ; a I assage or way narrower than a street. Viale di giardino ; vicolo ; viottolo. To unite by affinity, friendship, or treaty.

Collegare ; unire ; alleare. Allier ; joindre. Alehoof, n, al'-hiif. Ground ivy. Edera terrestre. Lierre de terre. Aloof, adv, a-lijf'. At a distance ; sepa- rate; apart. Di lungi ; da lontano ; alla larga. A quelque distance ; de loin ; au large. Body Excessively cold ; shivering. Excessivenaent froid. Abounding with sea- weed. Algoso ; pieno d' alga. Algueux ; plein d'algue. All, a, al. Every part; the whole; every one. Tutto ; tutti ; ogni cosa. Tout ; tous ; toute chose. AKne ; instrument pour percer le cuir. The American crocodile. Alligatore ; coccodrillo americano.

Una legatui-a ; legare insieme con un anello di feiTo, catena od altro. L'anneau qui sert de lien.

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The gradual washing of earth and other sub stances to a shore. Alluvion ; atterrissement. AUicvium, n, al-lii'vi-um. That which is added by the wash or flow of water, brought from a higher to a lower level. Terra, ciottoli ed altra materia spinta dal fondo del mare verso il lido. Admitted; abated ; bestowed as compensa- tion ; permitted. Ammesso ; dato ; accordato ; concesso : permesso. Aloud, aclv, a-loud'. Loudly ; with a loud voice.

Altamente ; ad alta voce. A haute voix. Allude, vi, al'-liid. To refer ; to make some reference. Alludere ; accennare ; far allusione. Faire allusion. To avoid by artifice or dexterity ; to baffle ; to foil ; to evade ; to escape. Eludere ; schivare ; scansare ; sfuggire. To deceive by false show. Illudere ; ingannare. A hint ; a re- ference to something previously known. Illusion, n, il-lii'zhon. Deceptive ap- pearance ; false show ; fallacy ; hallucination. Illusione ; inganno ; errore. Illusion ; erreur ; prestige. A succulent plant with broad prickly leaves, which yields a very bitter medicinal gum.

A bright circle round the sun or moon or, in painting, the ring that surrounds the heads of saints. Cerchio luminoso ; aureola ; alone. To cry out ; to exclaim with a loud voice. Encourager par des cris ; appeler quelqu'un en criant. Hallow, vt, hal'-l5. To set apart for religious use ; to honour as sacred ; to keep holy. Santificare ; consacrare ; riverire come sacro.

A charitable gift. Am, v, am. Ham, n, ham. The bend of the knee- joint behind ; the thigh of a beast, particularly of a hog, salted and dried in smoke ; a leg. Solitary ; by himself ; by itself. Solitario ; solo ; unico ; soletto. Tout seul ; seulement ; solitaire. Along, adv, a-long'. In a line with the length ; throughout. Lungo ; lunghesso ; rasente. Le long de ; tout le long de ; tout de son long. An elevated place on which sacrifices were offered; the Communion Table.

Altare ; ara. To make some change in ; to vary. Alterare; cambiare; mutare. A rope or strap and headstall for leading or confining a horse ; a roj e for hanging. Cavezza ; capestro ; corda per impiccare. Highest point ; I eminence ; high degree. Altitudine ; altezza ; di alto grado. Posture adapted to some purpose ; gesture. Positura ; attitudine ; atteggiamento. Attitude ; posture.

With strength ; vigorously ; violently. Tutta possa ; vigorosamente. Vigoureusement ; avec force. Stability; truth; a title of Christ ; be it established. Amen; ainsi soit-il. To go between a walk and a trot ; to walk daintily. Andare a 1' ambio ; cavallo che va a r ambio, tra camminare e trottare. Ambler; aller l'amble. Ample, a, am'pl. Spacious ; copious ; rich ; diffuse. Ampio; largo; esteso. Fragrant ; delicious ; resembling ambrosia. Fragrante ; delizioso ; da ambrosia. Amhrosin, n, am'-bro-zin. An early coin struck by the Dukes of Milan. Moneta antica dei Duchi di Milano.

Monnaie ancienne du temps des ducs de Milan. Amid, j9? In the midst or middle. In mezzo a ; nel mezzo di ; fra. Au milieu de ; parmi ; entre. Amit, vt, a-mit'. To lose. An, indef art, an. One ; the form of the indefinite article before a vowel. Uno ; una. Un ; une. An7i, n, an.

Name of a woman. Anna, nome di donna. Annette, nom de femme. Pertaining to or lying near the anus or vent. Appartenente alle regioni dell' ano. Aimai, H, an'nal used in the plur. A relation of events in clironological order, recorded in the year in which they happened. Adoperato generalmente in plurale ' Annals. An7iul, vt, an-nul'. To make void or of no effect. Annullare ; rendere nullo. Analyst, n, an'a-list. One who analyses. Annalist, n, an'nal-ist. A writer of annals. Annalista ; scrittore di annali. A garland or fillet ; a chaplet or wreath. Ghirlanda ; corona.

Guirlande ; bande ; chapelet ; com-onne de fleurs. A ban or curse ; exconamunication. Anatema ; maledizione ; scomunica. A sacred song or hymn. Antifona ; cantico : inno nazionale. An iron instrument for holding a ship at rest in water. A violent passion of the mind, excited by a real or sup- posed injury.