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  1. Days Gone review – a game of fun and fury, signifying nothing
  2. We settle the score on Sony's heavily-marketed zombie survival game
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Breaker : Towering muscular Freakers capable of withstanding a lot of trauma and defeating humans easily. Reacher : The Reacher is a more evolved Swarmer with greater speed, strength, and intelligence than the average infected. Intelligent: Freakers that still maintain human intelligence while gaining the enhanced strength of Breakers and agility of Newts. The only known intelligent Freaker is James O'Brian , but he implies very heavily that there are a significant number of others and that N. Runner : Infected wolves are incredibly fast, capable of outrunning Deacon's motorcycle.

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Rager Bear : Infected bears that have massively increased durability, and are able to take a lot of trauma, as seen with one having barbed wire and weapons embedded in its flesh, and being completely unphased by it. Crier : Infected ravens that will swarm and attempt to overwhelm Deacon. At some point, survivors began to use Freakers to their advantage. They have been seen as alarms systems and guard dogs to deter would-be intruders, while also being left as a preferred bait for other Freakers that would normally destroy a human camp, thus allowing time for escape and resettlement.

Freakers when unprovoked or unaware of the presence of non-infected human or fauna will merely wander around in search of them. When they find one they will chase them down in a furious frenzy, usually alerting other freakers with their increased movement and vocals, creating a horde that will run down the human, unless they can be deterred somehow.

Days Gone review – a game of fun and fury, signifying nothing

It would be very difficult to outrun a horde, or to hide from one. It is recommended to attempt to cull their numbers, and then finish them off or make an escape. Freakers will behave differently depending on the Weather. Rain can silence some sounds more, dulling their senses of sight and sound.

We settle the score on Sony's heavily-marketed zombie survival game

Snow will grant them a strength boost, but decreased visibility. Freakers are actually still living beings, and act as such. They also seem to retain base primal instincts, such as hunting and as seen where the Freakers corner Deacon on a tower at the sawmill, and also where Deacon blew up a wall, allowing the Freaker horde to rush through. It is unknown if Freakers still retain the required nerve cells to feel pain. This could be proven true, as when a Rager Bear appeared in one of the trailers, it seemed to be unphased and passive about the numerous weapons and barbed wire sticking into its flesh.

Or it could be the fact that they are mindless and zombie-like, and do not have control over their actions. While the Freakers are known to travel in packs and work together, this behaviour is only found amongst the same mutations, as the infected will attack each other if they come within the vicinity of other types of Freakers. However, since they tend to move in a swarm it seems to be a good idea to simply avoid them where possible. It is worth noting that some Freakers can survive longer than most humans when fatally wounded, as some are seen still moving for a little while after losing their limbs.

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Although almost as annoying is the frustratingly long load times that pop up between each switch from gameplay to cut scene and back again — completely ruining the atmosphere and making you wish everyone would just shut up and get on with it. The first third of the game is a slog to get through and manages to make the game seem so bland and predictable we almost wanted to give up.

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But the second act revolves around a cult of crazed zombie worshippers that finally adds some momentum to the story, which leads into the third act that in turn also switches up the locations and threats. So unless you absolutely hate the game from the start we would advise persevering, even if the final chapter never lives up to its initial promise. Days Gone is a very strangely structured game in general, not least because the zombie hordes play no real role at all until right near the end. The use of the hordes seems a terrible waste, considering we thought that was the whole point of the game.

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In Short: A peculiarly constructed open world zombie game that sidelines its most unique features in favour of generic action and unengaging storytelling. Pros: The zombie hordes are an impressive technical feat and learning to deal with them is interesting. Competent gameplay mechanics and plenty of content.

Days Gone: The Kotaku Review

Cons: The story and characters, and really the game as a whole, is very derivative and dry, with repetitive missions and a strange lack of zombies for a lot of the time. Email gamecentral ukmetro. Follow Metro. Days Gone In Short: A peculiarly constructed open world zombie game that sidelines its most unique features in favour of generic action and unengaging storytelling.