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Between realism and poetry, La Zone is one of the first films focusing on life at the margins of society which opens a bitter window on an unusual and unknown side of Paris, far from the promenades in the grands boulevards and from the bourgeoisie of the capital.

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France 73' Directed by : Cyprien Leduc, Antoine Janot Le Sommeil de la foule is an urban symphony of our time, a journey through the core of the Parisian underground, through its plays of light and shade and its fading effects, through the flow of bodies which give life to it. It is a dream made of details of bodies, objects, reflections, spaces and colors which mix together in the harmonious rhythm of this artificial labyrinth. This document, shot at night and recently found in its original version, gives a precious perspective of the lively activities in a place crowded with men, animals and machines working in what once was the biggest market in Paris that does not exist anymore.

The lights sparkle, switch on and off, overlap and dance, celebrating the modernity and dynamism of a rejoicing city.

Accès refusé

With sharp irony, the film shows Edouard Goerg in the role of an exuberant misogynist and Sauvage in the role of his cousin. Sauvage is a poet who, through his visionary eye, donates us a portrait of his city and gives us the possibility to feel and imagine the excitement of the crazy years during which its beauty became apparent.

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  8. The political rebellion in France brought about social equality for the working classes, just as Jane seems to advocate equality and freedom of expression for women. France and the French language are built into her struggle for social emancipation as a woman. At Lowood School, Jane learns to express herself through drawing and French.

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    Indeed, French is spoken by the educated ladies, as is confirmed by the narrator who specifies that Blanche Ingram speaks French to her mother Jane Eyre , Jane suffers from the feeling that something is lacking in her existence and is restless and dissatisfied as a consequence. This is one of several occurrences where Rochester associates French with smoking, thereby suggesting how the foreign language acts as a kind of smoke screen, hiding the unsaid or the improper.

    He uses the French language to constrain himself and to stay within the boundaries of social propriety. Paradoxically, French is associated not with spontaneity and excitement but with the quintessentially Victorian values of self-government and earnestness. It is significant that the first French phrase Jane uses in her voice as narrator is an expression of propriety: it occurs when she recalls her concerns that by seeking economic independence through employment she might be compromising her social reputation, or going against the grain of acceptable Victorian behaviour. She uses the language derivatively and in imitation of her mother who had schooled her.

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    Jane Eyre , By describing these guests using foreign terms, Jane the narrator is both marking their social difference and also suggesting that they are playing a role. Edouard Fairfax de Rochester Jane Eyre , and affectionately grants her governess French citizenship when she addresses her with the diminutive French form of her name: Jeannette Jane Eyre , Like the disguise of the gipsy fortune-teller he had donned earlier, French allows him to lift his inhibitions and to say more than he would normally allow himself to say.

    Rochester however traces another trajectory for her from fairyland to reality when he describes her as a changeling, fairy-born and human bred Jane Eyre , The foreign phrase functions as a cover-up, describing the apparent domestic comfort which hides the horrific secrets of the attic. She thus invents a verb to refer to her activity as a woman preparing the house for Christmas, and enquires of St John if he has understood what she means:.

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    My first aim will be to clean down do you comprehend the full force of the expression? My purpose, in short, is to have all things in an absolutely perfect state of readiness for Diana and Mary before next Thursday; and my ambition is to give them a beau-ideal of a welcome when they come. I am to take mademoiselle to the moon, and there I shall seek a cave in one of the white valleys among the volcano-tops, and mademoiselle shall live with me there, and only me. I told her not to mind his badinage; and she, on her part, evinced a fund of genuine French scepticism: denominating Mr.

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    She is ruled by reason and becomes mistress—not of Rochester—but in a village school. Which is better? It is healthy, and both nurtures and disciplines her. The conclusion assesses whether uprooting her from the immorality of Paris and embedding her in an English environment has given her a good education. Jane Eyre Norton, Wise and J.

    Le Cinéma de la Plage is opening with a French duo

    Oxford: Shakespeare Head Publishing, Shirley Andrew and Judith Hook. Harmondsworth: Penguin Classics, Eells, Emily.

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    Lonoff, Sue. Victorian Studies