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In-charge of HR Record. Any other work assigned by the Higher Authorities. II The HR. Conducting limited departmental competitive examinations for filling up the vacancies meant for Promotion through selection such as Asstt. Accountants, Asstt. PA, Hindi Translator etc. Processing of cases of promotion of relevant categories of departmental promotion committee meetings. To process the cases for issue of NOC for registration with Employment Exchange of the categories of posts under his control. To process the cases of issue of No Objection Certificate for obtaining passport afresh or renewal thereof with the approval of the DGM HR in respect of the categories of posts under his control.

To perform the duties as Member Secretary in various departmental promotion committees under his control. Co-ordination with Govt. Cases of House Building Advance for the categories of staff under his control. Holding of enquiries and other matters. Any other work assigned by the higher authorities. To circulate important decisions of Govt. Updating orders regarding punctuality in attendance. Issuing circulars regarding instructions on office procedure. Reports regarding absentees-follow-up action.

Record management drives — conducting of. Policy matters regarding compassionate appointments, Transfer policy. Any other work assigned by senior officers from time to time. In-charge of Housing and Confidential Cell.


The Deputation

The matters pertaining to House Building Loan, recovery of licensing fee as well as damage charges. Preparation of priority list allotment of official accommodation. To act as Estate Officer. Any other work assigned by the higher offices. Budget Cell. Preparation of yearly Establishment Budget, Mtc. Allotment of taxies, taxi bills. To maintain record of official vehicles and other related matters. To process the cases relating to Fixed Conveyance Allowance. Assignment of ARR work.

Microfilming of records. Any other duty assigned to him by the Higher Authorities. Duties of Dy. All personnel matters including leave, allowances etc. Liaison and any other work assigned by the higher authorities. Keeping record of meetings. Attending visitors. Dispatch of confidential letter.

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Attending telephone calls. Watching submission of returns in time to higher officers. Any other work assigned by the officer. Dispatch of confidential letters. Any other work assigned by his officer. Ensure timely procurement of stationary items from the stationary stores and distribution amongst the staff. Collecting of data and making available to the higher officers dealing with the case. Process and examination of important cases marked to him. Any other work assigned by the Senior Officers. To assist the various committees constituted for promoting Hindi in the various departments of the Company.

To translate from English to Hindi and vice-versa. To keep the records of the Hindi Cell. Any other work assigned by the senior officers. Grade-I Supervise the work of the staff in the section. Ensure punctuality and regularity in attendance amongst the member of staff. Submission of monthly attendance statement of the staff. Any other work assigned by the higher officers. Grade-II Process and examine the cases entrusted to him. Maintain diary and submit to Sectional Head once in a week.

Bring to the notice of the Section Head for necessary action those important cases where delay is occurring. Preparation and submission of weekly statement of cases pending with him. Provide assistance to higher officers in important cases when called for. Close the file when no further action is needed in the cases. Any other work assigned to him by higher officers specifically. To put up the letters, files, daks to the Sectional Heads for marking and filing in the relevant files.

Typing work as and when required. Any other work assigned to him by higher officers. Daftry Provide files and their proper maintenance. Replacement of covers of files when needed. Trace out the missing files amongst the section. Give and take the concerned files with him. Preparation of list in respect of the files which have been sent to the other departments and submission the same to the higher officer.

Help the dealing Assistant in filling the papers. Stitching the files after closing. Pasting of vouchers. Any other work assigned by the Sr. He will have a general know how of the machine and the working of the vehicle. He will maintain upto date and in perfect order the log book of the vehicle. The completed log book may be handed over to the concerned offices so that the same can be made available when required.

He will be responsible for renewal of vehicle license, road tax including fitness of the vehicle under his charge. He will be responsible for any kind of cleanliness of vehicle under his charge as also for penalty imposed by the concerned authority for negligent driving and disobedience of the traffic rules and regulations. He will be available as and when required for discharging the duties. Any other work assigned to him by his superiors. ALM Non Tech. Distribution of office files and records amongst the various officers and dealing hands and out side departments.

To render assistance for procurement of store items from stationary stores. To serve water to the staff and visitors at periodical intervals. Any other work assigned by his superiors. Duty List Of Chief Vigilance Officer Even though detection and punishment of corruption and other malpractices are certainly important, what is more important is taking preventive measures instead of hunting for the guilty in the post corruption stage. On the punitive side: i To ensure speedy processing of vigilance cases at all stages.

Manager VIG.

Edmond Cocquyt, Jr

To supervise the investigations of complaints against the officials of DTL. To supervise general inspection of various sections of DTL in regard to punctuality etc. To liaise with various agencies of Govt. To supervise internal establishment matters of the Vigilance Department. Any other work assigned by superior authority. He will be responsible for investigation or to cause investigations into the complaints against the officials of DTL.

He will consider the investigation reports and put up the findings to Dy. Manager Vig. Any other work assigned by the Dy. They will investigate the complaints against the officials of DTL and put up the investigation reports. Any other work assigned. AG-I Vig. Pro-active Vigilance-Checking of punctuality, uniform, drinking alcohol etc.

Checking of staff in operation at girds regarding maintenance of log sheet. Inspection and gathering of information through intelligence staff for ensuring Security of Vital installations. Registration of new cases. To maintain records of property returns. Legal Assistants:- They will attend to hearing in assigned cases and liaison with counsels and obtain copies of court orders etc.

Chief Medical Officer Administration of all dispensaries of Transco.

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Control and supervision of Medical and para medical staff. To ensure availability of medicines, printing material etc. To visit all dispensaries of Transco for redressal of the day-to-day problems, surprise check of medicine stock and storage, surprise check of medicine stock and storage, proper issue of medicines, problems of patients and general condition of sanitation and hygiene in the dispensaries. To arrange regular medical check-up of retired Transco employees for commutation of pension.

Arrangement for timely procurement and issue of the medicines from the Central Medical Stores to the individual dispensaries as and when bulk procurement of medicine is made. Preparation of the Annual Indents of the medicines, printing items and other allied items and for the timely availability of these items for use in the Medical Department. Making substitute arrangements vide the regular staff in during their leave period or their sudden proceeding on leave being emergency services.

Handling and finalizing audit matters. Preparation of Budget of the personnel, viz. Medical and para-medical both and sanction of the posts additionally required for the Medical Deptt. Sanction cycle allowance to class IV employees. Looking in to the grievances of the staff working in the Medical Deptt. Conduct meeting etc. Attending the meetings in connection with the Medical Deptt. Any other work assigned by the management. The workload among the Pharmacists etc. Date of manufacture and expiry. A register for record of the same will also be maintained in a proper way. All these duties will be in addition to the normal duties of M.

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Head Pharmacist Posted in the Dispensary To deal with the day-to-day correspondence received in the dispensary To assist the Incharge of the dispensary in all technical matters related to the pharmacy To check the medical claims submitted by the employees for verification To handle the incoming and outgoing dak received in the dispensary. All official work related to purchase of Emergency medicine stationary and other office equipment and other work related for smooth functioning of dispensary.

To supervise the staff working in the dispensary. To assist the CMO during —various meetings. To submit the statistical data as and when required. To deal with the day to day dak received in the office of CMO. Viz Items manufactured by Govt. To arrange the meetings as per the advise of the Medical Board. To handle incoming and outgoing dak of medical board.

The Display Board

Pharmacist will be working under the overall control and supervision of CMO. Pharmacist on INJ. Duty He will be responsible for the efficient functioning of the Injection room provided. He will ensure that Syringes, needles, etc. He will maintain a separate tray for Penicillin and Inj.

He will keep ready at all times a spare syringe and requisite Inj. He will check the physical appearance of the medicine in the Amp.

Owen’s Wheelchair

Vial, date of expiry, etc. He will specifically enquire from the patient of any adverse reaction to any Injection at any time. He will give all subsequent Inj. The 'First Division' of prisons was reserved for 'political prisoners'. The outcry caused by the imprisoning of the women as 'common criminals' led the government, on 31 October, to announce that Suffragettes would be treated as 'political prisoners'. This accommodation was withdrawn later, when the Suffragettes started their arson campaign.

In the north of England, WSPU organizers sought out women willing to go to prison, and arrangements were made for their brief stay in the homes of London suffragettes. Two days before the demonstration the WSPU held secret meetings at which delegates were divided into fourteen groups, and each group was provided with a leader. Tickets for the Caxton Hall had been sold out well in advance Amidst great excitement, a resolution condemning the omission of women's suffrage from the King's Speech was passed, as was a motion that the resolution be taken to the Prime Minister.

Rise up, women! Rise in thousands, singing loud a battle song. Right is might, and in its strength we shall be strong,. And the cause goes marching on. When the first contingents reached the green beside Westminster Abbey, the police announced that the procession could continue no further. The women refused to halt. As they went forward, mounted policemen began to ride through their ranks, in an attempt to break up the march, and constables on foot seized women and shoved them down side streets and alleys.

The struggle continued for several hours, as bedraggled women hurled themselves again and again against the police. Fifteen women managed to reach the lobby, where they were promptly arrested. By 10 p. Most of the women arrested were given day prison sentences. Finally, on 21 June the Union would hold a mass meeting in Hyde Park Like several previous meetings, the Women's Parliament of February was timed to take place just after the King's Speech; once again, the Government's failure to include women's suffrage in its programme would be followed by a march from the Caxton Hall to Parliament.

The march which took place on 11 February was much like previous marches, save that the WSPU hired two furniture vans and had them driven to the public entrance of the House of Commons; upon arrival, twenty-one women concealed inside the vans threw open the doors and rushed into the lobby, from which they were speedily ejected. By the end of the day, fifty-four women had been arrested. On 19 March On 21 June, 30, marchers wended their way to Hyde Park.

Wells were among those who rode in four-in-hand coaches at the heads of processions. The march also included forty bands. In order to accommodate the crowd, the twenty platforms had been placed about yards apart. In the centre of the demonstration area was a large furniture van. The roof of the van served as a conning tower, from which the proceedings were directed by the blowing of bugles. The crowd, which was tightly wedged around each platform, was fairly orderly, but there were disturbances at three platforms During this week, WSPU members were to do without luxuries such as cocoa, coffee, and tea, perform extra work, or use other means to raise funds for the Union.

John Galsworthy, H. Nevinson, and E. Lucas all donated autographed copies of their books to be sold. At the direction of Mrs Pethick-Lawrence, purple, white and green banners were made, each eight feet by three feet.

Each banner would be borne on two six-feet-long poles. To advertise the event, Christabel had thousands of handbills printed, as follows:. Women's Social and Political Union. The police also procured some copies being handed out in Trafalgar Square. On 13 October, after eluding the police for a day, the three women presented themselves for arrest at 6 p. That evening, about 60, people gathered in the vicinity of Parliament Square.

Five thousand constables had been placed on special duty, and they completely cordoned off the square. As on previous occasions, groups of suffragettes tried to force their way past police lines, and were arrested for trying to do so. During the course of the evening, twenty-four women and thirteen men were arrested, and ten persons were taken to hospital.

One woman - Keir Hardie's secretary, Mrs Travers Symons - managed to enter the floor of the House while debate was in progress. Mrs Symons said a few words before being taken out. The women argued in court that 'rush' did not imply violence or any illegal act. However, the judge found them guilty and bound them over to keep the peace. Some of the women had managed to procure front row seats, and removed their cloaks to reveal mock prison garb. The first heckler, Helen Ogston, had come armed with a dog-whip, to ward off handling of the sort meted out by stewards at previous meetings.

As stewards forced her out of the hall, she flicked at them with the whip. During the rest of the evening, the heckling was so persistent that it took Lloyd George two hours to deliver a twenty-minute speech. Many of the hecklers were ejected roughly, emerging with cuts, bruises, and torn clothing. In his speech, Lloyd George had nothing new to offer; he merely endorsed Asquith's [policy]. He was a brilliant politician, and he knew quite well that the Suffragettes intended to heckle him.

He let the women ruin his speech because he had decided to allow them to 'let them break up their own meeting I have no desire to speak by gracious permission of Queen Christabel'. He realised that the Suffragettes actions were harming their cause as much as helping it. Ejected without being arrested, she returned on 24 June and used indelible ink to stamp the quotation on the wall. This time she was arrested. Subsequently, a small initial deputation set out, led by Mrs Pankhurst and composed of eight women, two of whom were elderly.

The police conducted the little group to the door of the Commons, where Chief Inspector Scantlebury, the stout, red-faced head of the police attached to Parliament, gave Mrs Pankhurst a large envelope. The envelope contained a letter from Asquith's private secretary, stating that the Prime Minister would not receive the deputation.

everyone in the van its time for deputation Manual

Mrs Pankhurst threw the letter to the ground, saying that she would not accept it - she and the ladies accompanying her were subjects of the King and had come in the assertion of a right. He told her she was striking him for a purpose, and that he would not be perturbed After Mrs Pankhurst gave Inspector Jarvis two stronger blows and another woman knocked off his hat, arrests were obtained. A prolonged melee followed in which 3, police were engaged, and women and 14 men were arrested You'd think the Iraqi government would have more important things to think about than tongue-in-cheek actions in Flanders; and, of course, you'd be right.

The two men were not Iraqi diplomats at all; the event was just the latest in a long line of eye-catching stunts by Edmond Cocquyt, Jr Cocquyt Sr is himself a local activist and chairman of a local retailers' group. Cocquyt the son was one of the organisers behind the massive volksfeest, or people's party, in Ghent to mark the new world record.

In , Cocquyt photo, right pretended to set up a new political party, the N-GA or New Ghent Alliance, which claimed unilateral independence from Brussels' "interference". The logo and other party materials looked suspiciously like those of the N-VA, and Cocquyt was listed as "party ideologue".

Party policy also included the annexation of Terneuzen in Zeeland and the expulsion of all West Flemings. The twist came when they prominently featured sponsorship from Maes Pils, a sacrilege in the city of InBev. Cocquyt was also involved in the Ghent version of the Use-It tourist map for young people and is a familiar face around the Gentse Feesten. Last week, it was a joy to watch as Carl De Vos, the extremely serious political scientist and professor from Ghent University, tried to crack a smile as he acknowledged the record- marking events on the late- night discussion programme Reyers Laat.

At the same time, Cocquyt, all poker-faced intensity, described how young people were proud that their political representatives had managed to hold out so long, just so Belgium could achieve such an honour. Belgian surrealism at its best: you think you get the joke, but the joke you get is not the one everyone else is in on.