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The show includes never-before-seen images acquired by the Hubble Space telescope, and a journey through a black hole created in collaboration with Academy-award winning visual effects company Double Negative. Each event will also feature question and answer sessions to allow attendees to clarify their cosmos-related curiosities. Cox is professor of particle physics at the University of Manchester, in England. He is renowned for his entertaining and informative programs on the BBC, including the award-winning series Wonders of The Solar System, and for his best-selling books including Human Universe and Forces of Nature He has been lauded for his contributions to the field of physics and science communication and was elected Fellow of the Royal Society in To find out more about his tour, click here.

Der Ticketvorverkauf startet am Montag, den Oktober, um Uhr. Aber nicht nur psychisch. Verschlimmert Einsamkeit bereits kleine Krankheiten? Mit dieser Frage im Hintergrund wurden bei einer freiwilligen Untersuchung, unter dem Psychologenteam um Chris Fagundes, Erwachsene getestet. Diese sollten erst ihre sozialen Interaktionen angeben.

Im weiteren Verlauf wurde ihre Einsamkeit evaluiert. Eine leichtere Ansteckung liege bei den Testpersonen jedoch nicht vor. Evidence from other studies also indicate a correlation between loneliness and increased suffering, as well as a weakening of the immune system. Keeping good company is important for humans. The mental health of people who feel excluded or isolated will suffer in the long run.

However, the effects are not only psychological. The situation also affects physical health and well-being. Even a simple cold can feel a lot worse. This is the conclusion reached by psychologists from Rice University, as published in the academic journal Health Psychology. To give more support to their assumptions and older studies, an experiment was conducted, in which volunteers were infected with the common cold virus.

Then they observed how the social network affects the course of the disease. According to Angie LeRoy, who was part of the research team conducting the study, it is a well-known fact that loneliness can promote various chronic diseases or premature mortality. They tried to find out, if loneliness also has an influence on minor illnesses, such as a simple cold, which anyone can get. With this question in mind, adult volunteers were tested in the study conducted by Chris Fagundes and his team of psychologists. The participants were first asked to provide information on their social interactions.

Subsequently, their level of loneliness was evaluated. The participants were then infected with a cold virus and placed in quarantine for five days.

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It was interesting to note that participants who had previously been classified as "lonely" by the psychological test, markedly suffered stronger symptoms of sore throat, cough, and runny nose. Thus, it can be concluded that isolation can aggravate cold symptoms, or make people feel afflicted by symptoms more severely. However, these participants were no more likely to get infected. Stattdessen steigt die Scheidungsrate. Anfang August stellte die chinesische Post zum bevorstehenden "Jahr des Schweines" eine neue Briefmarke vor.

To slow down the ageing of the billions of inhabitants, the government has repeatedly relaxed the one-child policy introduced in and practically transformed it into a two-child policy in But the young Chinese show little interest: The number of births, which rose briefly in , is falling, just like the number of marriages has been declining for years.


Instead, the divorce rate is increasing. In the north-eastern province of Liaoning, families with many children will no longer be punished; instead, they are encouraged to have more. In Jiangxi in the south-east, abortions will no longer be forced in the future but made more difficult instead.

At the beginning of August, China Post introduced a new stamp for the upcoming "Year of the Pig" in Even this was understood by young Chinese as a further appeal to have children: The stamp depicts a boar, a sow and three laughing piglets. Binbin Youli, a female blogger wrote, "I don't know how much the government would have to pay me before I give birth to three children. But those who sow regionality will reap contradictions The call for patriotism has reached Austria's supermarkets.

They should choose Austrian seasonal products over cheaper imports. Will the country need more shopping baskets bearing the Austrian flag in the future? What looks good at first sight, tastes appetizing and promises a vital momentum to many farmers, fails to live up to its promises upon closer inspection.


Die Harzreise

Critics say growing consumer patriotism is unrealistic, and often simply dishonest. We cannot turn back time. No one should be forced to only eat what just happens to be ripe and to remove citrus fruits from their diet. Those who preach only to consume local produce are furthermore turning a blind eye to the growing export all over the world.

The food industry issued the following response: Those who sow too much regionality will reap contradictions. The Low-carb Diet combines the latest evidence to create a nutritionally complete, very low-carbohydrate, high-protein and high-unsaturated-fat eating plan. The results of our rigorous clinical research trial of the diet show that the benefit it provides are huge. In this clinical study, overweight or obese adults with type 2 diabetes were divided into two groups. Those in the first group were to consume an energy-restricted, very low-carbohydrate, high-protein, high-unsaturated-fat and low-saturated-fat diet 14 per cent high-quality carbohydrate, 28 per cent protein and 58 per cent fat with less than 10 per cent saturated fat — in other words, the Low-carb Diet.

In den folgenden Jahren kamen etwa Albaner nach Italien. Inzwischen ist ihre Zahl auf eine halbe Million angestiegen. Die Anzahl der eingesetzten Kommissionen ist vergleichsweise klein. Es kam zu 80 Verletzten und 29 Festnahmen. Ich befrage meine neuen Bekannten zu dem Vorfall. Er ist einer der wenigen, die Zugang zum CIE haben. Manche haben ihre Eltern sterben sehen, alle haben tagelang Hunger und Durst gelitten.

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Andere sind hier auf Lampedusa geboren. Ihre Lage ist furchtbar, ihre Zukunft ungewiss. Als die Albaner mit der Vlora in See stachen, hatte er gerade das Priesterseminar absolviert. Sie wollen wissen, wie es weitergeht. Auf der Insel leben Fischer. Unser ganzes Leben haben wir es so gehalten.

Und wenn das neuerdings verboten ist, brechen wir das Gesetz. Diese Menschen riskieren ihr Leben, wenn sie sich ins Ungewisse aufmachen. Nur selten verirren sich Touristen hierher. Die meisten der Besucher sind Italiener. Vielleicht erinnern sich manche Besucher an ihre Vorfahren, vielleicht suchen sie die Passagierlisten nach einem bekannten Namen ab. Den Verzweifelten von heute geht es nicht anders. Dort kann man sich bis heute ansehen, was die Ostdeutschen alles versuchten, um der DDR zu entfliehen und beispielsweise nach Westberlin zu gelangen, das von einer an die Kilometer langen Mauer umgeben war.

Am Anfang des Films Terraferma sinkt ein voll beladenes Boot. In Italien leben 3 Einwanderer. Trotzdem weisen Journalisten und Aktivisten wie Don Angelo darauf hin, dass andere Pauschalisierungsmechanismen greifen und der Gesetzgeber sowie die Medien immer wieder versuchen, die Immigranten als Gruppe zu kriminalisieren. Aus diesem Grund protestieren sie.

Da darf Heine's Harzreise freilich nicht fehlen! Wie funkeln und blitzen ihre Diamanten! Aug 27, Wortlichter rated it it was amazing. Sein Blick ist detailreich, kritisch und ironisch. Mit romantischen Blick und scharfer Schreibfeder, erleben wir die Harzreise als Reisebericht der besonderen Sorte.

3.5 Vocabulary

Seine Zeitgenossen kamen unter seiner Feder meist nicht gut weg. Da ich selbst aus dem Harz stamme, konnte ich mir alles sehr lebhaft und bildlich vorstellen. Ich musste oft Schmunzeln, wie aktuell Heines Berichte doch sind. May 22, albionlady rated it liked it Shelves: books-and-stories-read-in Shelves: own. This is terrible. Heine has a wit but applies it too frequently until it becomes insulting. Not every paragraph deserves a witticism, yet he persists. Why should anyone care? The writer is only concerned with showing his shiny penny while proclaiming it a brilliant This is terrible.

The writer is only concerned with showing his shiny penny while proclaiming it a brilliant diamond in order to fool the ignorant. Half way through the book, I gave up. I cannot endure such foolishness. I genuinely enjoy reading Heinrich Heine's work. It can be insightful. It can be wickedly funny. It can reveal things about him that, with even a general background knowledge of his life and I don't claim to have a knowledge any deeper than that , become more interesting than they first appeared. A reader who dislikes the style of the era may not much enjoy his prose, but I do enjoy it. It makes me think, and it makes me laugh, and it gives me a glimpse at the writer and his world.

That said, al I genuinely enjoy reading Heinrich Heine's work. Perhaps I just didn't notice it, but there didn't seem to be a lot more that went into the selections than picking a few examples of similar length to one another that were then put chronologically. I have some reservations about the translation as well, but will reserve too strong of judgment on that until I've brushed up my German enough to read some of this in the original.

It's by no means a bad translation, but I wasn't thrilled with it--and I have a distinct feeling that it's because Robertson chose to use a theory of translation that isn't a favorite of mine. But that is rather an issue of personal preference. Aug 20, Susanne rated it really liked it Shelves: classics. A school classic which I read, because I'll be teaching it. I know that students won't love it, will struggle with it and probably despair of it - but I did enjoy it.

One of Heine's first publications it is naturally quite entrenched in the romantic period. The nature descriptions and the effect the have on the spectator are lavish, full of extravagant words and descriptions of feelings and that's a little hard to stomach. But underneath is always a fine thread of irony which in some parts turns A school classic which I read, because I'll be teaching it.

But underneath is always a fine thread of irony which in some parts turns into fullblown sarcasm.

Heine isn't kind with the people he meets and his view on Germany as a society is already distant. But this is what makes this fragment an enjoyable read. Heine does indeed rarely disappoint. De vrolijke verteltrant, de spitante ironie en de laatdunkende beschrijvingen van de Duitse burgermentaliteit zijn heerlijk; het fragmentarische vertellen, de onvertaalde Duitse gedichten en het verouderde taalgebruik werken dan weer op de leeszenuwen.

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  5. Met een interessant en uitgebreid nawoord van Heine-kenner Martin van Amerongen - echtgenoot van de vertaalster Anneke Woudstra - die de reis dunnetjes overdeed - zij het met de wagen, naar eigen zeggen omdat hij het delige volledige werk van Heine diende mee te sleuren! Van Amerongen biedt tot slot ook een interessante 'poging' tot bibliografie aan.

    Die Musik der Zukunft | Eurozine

    Mar 06, Shahzeb rated it it was amazing. My first encounter with proper poetry sublime enough to get you lost. For the reader it's good and for the writer it's easy to imagine it was special. The edition also had the town of lucca It's also a nice one to read. On it's relevance through our time and age I am not sure but still it's deserves a praise.

    Reisebericht durch das Harzgebiet. May 14, Maximus Gallicus rated it really liked it. A beautiful description of a beautiful place - what more could one want? I have an older edition. I don't know if anything has been changed with this book in the last ten years. View 1 comment.