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A faitful pramise mek fool glad.

Life Lessons from a Jamaican Mother- Happy Mother's Day @JamaicanSinting

Ow waata waak go eena pumpkin belly. Kibba yuh mout. Learn fi dance a yaad before yuh dance abraad. Nuh dash wey yuh tick before yuh dun crass riva. Wait until a victory is confirmed. Nuh hide yuh tick an Iick a man. Tek time mash ant yuh fin im belly. Oily tung nuh mus tell Di truth. Tiddeh fi mi tomorra fi yuh. Yuh life lang but yuh cayliss wid it. Dawg wid to much massa sleep widout suppa. A loose mouth can get you in trouble 2.

Famous Jamaican Sayings and Proverbs with their Meanings

The statement a person makes may back fire on them. Hat neegle bun tred. Ef yuh get your han inna devil mout tek eeh out. A nuh ebryting good fi eat good fi tawk. A nuh wan day monkey waan wife. A nuh same day leaf drap it ratten. The consequences of a mistake may not be felt for years, but will eventually have an impact.

Nothing remains the same. Bucket guh well ebryday wan day di battam mus drap out. Ef yuh bawn fi heng yuh cyaan drown. Good friend betta dan pocket money. Clear conscience sleep a tunda. Those with a clear conscience can sleep well through the stormiest nights. Trouble nu set like rain. Nu betta herrin, nu betta barrel. Don't expect children to be better than, or different from, their parents. Tumuch callaloo mek peppa pot bitta. Hang yu basket whe yu can reach it. Duppy know who fi frighten. Rain a fall but dutty tough. Wise monkey know wha tree fi climb. Day longa dan rope.

Teef Teef from feef, God laugh. Every day yu goad donkey, one day him gwine kick yu. Willin pickny belly full, unwillin pickny belly empty. Yu cyaa ride cow an cuss cow kin. When coco ripe it mus bus. Dawg say 'if im ave money', im woulda buy flea. Mawga cow a bull mumma.

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Someone who appears weak or vulnerable may have powerful allies. Annu every kin teet a laugh.

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Someone who smiles to your face does not necessarily mean you well. Nu dash whe stick before yu done cross riva. Don't be too quick to discard or reject things because you may need them in the future. Nubady neva kick dead dawg. Humble calf suck di most milk. Di house whe shelta yu when a rain, look fi it when sun hot. When you become successful, look out for those that helped you during your hard times. Nu cuss alligator long mout til yu cross di riva. Don't provoke people while they are in a position to retaliate. Tek kin teet kibba heart bun. Peel neck fowl bawl fi life, im nu bawl fi fedda.

Every day devil help teef. One day god wi help watchman. Good people should not be discouraged by the successes of unscrupulous people. Di hotta di battle, di sweeta di victory. Di olda di moon di brighta it shine. If yu cyaa walk faas, tek time run. Master the basics before you attempt more difficult activities. If you bawn fi heng, yu cyaa drown.

Cyaa bury a man an lef out him foot. Quattie bread full monkey belly. Yu neva si pop gun kill alligator. Don't expect success if you set someone a task that is beyond their ability. Bud fly too faas, pass him nes. Bit bit mek poun. Nu jus one way fi heng dog. Di man mek outa honey, fly wi nyam him. If yu fraid a yeye yu cyaa nyam head.

One must be willing to put up with unpleasant things in order to be successful. Anyting stay too long serve two masta. Take advantage of what you have before someone else takes it away from you.

Jamaican Proverbs on Warnings

When cloud shado come, sun nu set. Play fool fi ketch wise. When bull foot bruk, im nyam wid monkey. Fowl gwine fat im begin fram him toe. Hungry mek monkey blow fire. People are forced to become innovative and resourceful under harsh conditions. A nu same day leaf drop it rotten. If yu cuss Johncrow peel head turky wi bex.

People resent when you criticise others that are similar to them. Belly full, pitata ave kin. If yu see everybody a run tek time. Gi a man a haas him want saggle to. Yu nu know how parson get him gown. Don't envy the success of others when you don't know what it cost.

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Before dawg go widout suppa, im nyam cockroach. Crab say im nu trus nu shadow afta dark. If speech wort shillin, silence worth pound. Sometimes it is better to keep your mouth shut. Silence is golden. Cause parrot mek noise, dem say a him one nyam banana. If yu nu go unda fowl coob, fowl cyaa shit pan yu.

Nutt'n beat a trial but a failure. Dance a yard before yu dance abroad. If yu waa good, yu nose affi run. People nuh stone mango tree when it naw bear. Man nu dead, nu call dem duppy. Dawg a sweat and long hair hide it. Thief neva like fi see thief with long bag. Betta belly buss dan good food waste. Jackass seh di worl nu level. Fyah de a mus mus tail, him tink a cool breeze. Some people are happily oblivious to the trouble or dangers hanging over them. Fowl whe feed a yard nu hard fi ketch. Igle jackass follow cane trash go a poun.

People who have nothing to do, or are bored do stupid things to kill time. Fus laaf anno laaf. Before monkey buy trousers, him affi know whe fi put him tail. Make sure the fashions of others suit you before you rush to adopt them. Di ola di moon di brighta di shine. Sick nu care, doctor worst. If you don't care about your own problems, don't expect anyone else to care. Every mickle mek a muckle. If yu want half a bread beg it, if yu want one, buy it yuself.