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Especially when the word or sentence brings back the moment that created the entry. Ginny Neil. Brainstoming between covers. Thanks for sharing this. It is a hoot looking through jotted down ideas from days gone by … or indeed Storystorms gone by … but they definitely spark the creative juices. Tracy Hora. Cool idea, naming your journal and giving it a specific purpose. Much better than scraps of idea notes scattered everywhere. Sherry Howard. And Gran sounds like a southern gran! We say outrageous things! Kids would love it. Mike must have been or still is a mischievous, daring and funny character.

I can tell by the look in his eye. Jane Dippold. Do you ever read your journal and wonder what a note or entry means?! This happens to me. Not usually, because I try to write down as much as possible as the misfit idea begins to take shape. It can be a pain in the butt to do this sometimes, but the upside is I rarely end up forgetting what I was talking about.

The island of misfit toys has always been my favorite part of Rudolph. I wonder who else lives there? Thanks for your post. Love the misfit ideas concept.

About Emerald

And your grandmother sounds hilarious! Happy New Year! Margie Markarian. Juliana Lee. Love your analogy. So the idea of a journal for misfit ideas is perfect! So my first task for today is to pour through them for ideas, and to name each one. Thank you for sharing your Journal of Misfit Ideas.

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From Misfit to Misunderstood: A Case Study

Like its craziness to ignite the imagination. Cindy Faughnan. I needed this laugh — and I love the Misfit journal. And I want to hug your grandma and maybe drink a beer with her. You say her quotes will make it into something you write one day, but they just did… and they fit perfectly into this blog.

Your grandma sounds hilarious! Your post has inspired me to treat my idea book with a little more Fearless Crazy. Thanks for the inspiration! My Journal of Misfit Ideas is my StoryStorm journal and it is a treasure to me to see the whacky ideas that cross my mind! I feel a little less foolish knowing this playground is a place other adults like to play!

You misfit journal is a great idea. You can write any crazy idea and keep it private. No one will see it but you so you can write anything you can think of-the crazier the better. I love Grandma! Amanda Davis. Thanks for the advice, Mike. Capture ALL ideas-no judgement. Your humorous voice comes through strong in this post too. Love it! Your grandma is hilarious! Great reminder to capture everything!

You know when people ask what 3 people living or dead would you like to eat lunch with? Your grandma is now on my list. Akula Harish. Thanks Mike. Now I know that I judge my ideas way too much and they run away…. Mark Bentz. I really like your Granny Mike…she is my kinda gal.

How to Start a Sketchbook Journal in 4 Easy Tips (Watercolor Misfit)

Fabulous tip, thanks for sharing. Kelly Conroy. What a great tool to let go of all inhibitions and find the zaniest ideas! Carol Gwin Nelson. I love the misfit ideas idea. I need to turn off my inner censor, let my mind play, and record all of those goofy things that pass through my mind. Robin Brett Wechsler. Thanks for sharing your misfit ideas and inspiring post, Mike. I especially love your made-up word! Congrats on your books, which seem charming to me. The goodness and the badness will be sorted out at another time.

Thanks for the LOLs this dreary morning, Mike! I see where you got your hilarity genes from, Mike! Thanks for sharing the importance of journaling your thoughts, no matter how wacky they may seem at the time. Fun post, Mike. And sometimes I find a story in them.

Sometimes the wackiest ideas turn into the best picture books. This just gave me permission to do what I always really wanted to do—-all ideas unedited. Just for my eyes. Thank you, Mike! Who knew??? I have been self-editing some of my misfit ideas. No more. They go in the journal. God bless Grandma! I laughed all the way through this post! I have a problem with shooting down ideas before they make it into the journal, but I think The Sluttiest Mennonite just cured that.

January 7, at am. I need a journal of misfit ideas to sort all this out. Roz Malin. I love the idea of collecting my zany ideas and thoughts that would never be picture books to inspire me to write more zany ideas and thoughts that just might make the cut. Kirsten W. I keep more of a digital journal using Evernote. Charlotte Offsay. I love the advice to not self edit and to just write inappropriate and random and all.

Erik Ammon. Sony characters, that are out of place, seem to find ways into my stories, too. Your post helped bring out a couple more ideas. Thanks Mike! What a great idea with your misfit journal and your Granny is the best! Thank you for sharing!! This post had me laughing out loud! Thank you for that, and for permission to write down all the bad ideas that regularly pass through my head. Elizabeth Metz. I treat my Storystorm journal like this. Thank you for the idea that not everything has to be so perfect but everything can lead to something.

Peggy Jaegly. Mike, I love your idea of a journal of misfit ideas. Truly creative and the process often leads to great inventions. Look how many technologies we have today that even a decade ago we thought could never be done. Thank you for sharing your idea about the journal. I love it and would definitely try it out. I liked the analogy with the island of the missfits. Thanks for a hilarious post and a great suggestion re: the Misfit Journal, Mike! January 6, at pm. I like the idea of a journal that nobody reads, where one can allow oneself to be crazy or boring or whatever one is.

Awesome idea and your book titles really call out to me and beg me to read the book! Thank you for sharing your creative misfit ideas! Thank you for sharing this part of your process. I needed the reminder not to censor ideas but to just let them live on a line or a page and that their future can be determined later. Very true that we do censor ourselves way too much and miss a lot of the creative process that way.

Thanks for the reminder! Thanks for reminding me to not hold back in my idea journal! I would so love to peek at your journal for misfit ideas! I loved this post — so many wacky ideas and I fully appreciate your full throttle permission to be completely off the wall when jotting down ideas!

PS Is dragon pie sweet or spicy? I almost spit out my tea when I read your Sluttiest Mennonite idea that thankfully will never be a PB! I do have a journal, but apparently I need to get a little fearless. These are hysterical and brilliant. OMG, your grandma is a hoot! Glad you could give life to so many ideas. Joanna Rowland. I too, have journals for ideas. Way too many of them. But I agree that writing down ideas good and bad can lead to the one.

Happy writing. I, too, laughed aloud at the Sluttiest Mennonite. Thanks for the weird, misfit ideas, Mike. So, beware, any who pick him up in public. Fearless crazy ideas sounds like a good plan. That is not my OLW this year, but your journal sounds like so much fun. Cathartic, too! Sometimes I feel like all of my ideas are Misfits. Karin Larson. I love this post, thank you. I have some very crazy ideas, so it is always nice to read of others who do as well. First chuckle and real laugh out loud of the day!

I won the silver bell! I really want to meet your grandma! Thank you for celebrating misfit ideas and the freedom to brainstorm so crazily! James Arthur. Thanks for another great post of inspiration! Please excuse me while I go and do a happy dance. Carolyn Lucas. Katie Engen. Also…this begs the question — Which would you rescue first, family photo albums or this journal?

OMG, love this and love your grandma. This post has convinced me NOT to do that. Sharon Langley. Your grandma is a hoot! Janet Smart. Fearless crazy is a great mantra to remember when brainstorming picture book characters and conflicts. Thank you for sharing how you use your journal for misfit ideas. This has literally been my focus for this storystorm. Just jotting down everything and anything that pops into my head that might make a good story. It might not, but the idea might morph into something else.

Thanks for the insight! So awesome. Yesterday I was pondering whether or not to do a picture book about bag hair days. It at least deserves a notation I guess. Thank you for letting me feel free about quirky ideas.

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They go into my computer right now but I like the idea of a small journal! Need another journal now to round up odds and ends- an idea junk drawer. Thanks for a good reminder not to censor too soon. Louann Brown. Thank you Mike. The Island of Misfit Toys is one of my favorite haunts. So much more interesting than all those perfect toys. I love the idea of an entire journal devoted to misfit ideas… mine are on scraps of paper tucked hither and yon. Mary Jane Muir. Great post. I am going to look through my journal for a few goofy ideas.

Danielle Dufayet. Thank you for sharing, Mike. I agree, the imagination is wide open and we need to let things fly -crazy or not! Thanks for shoving me to write my weird ideas down. The ideas turn out to be precious and your grandma is, too. Thanks for the chuckle. I like having a private place with no fear of criticism or reprisals. Purity of thought in a safe place: the journal. I, too, keep journals with all types of ideas. Some have led to manuscripts based on them but most often serve as a way to keep my mind thinking about writing, just like you mentioned.

I have about a hundred little notes squirreled away with these crazy misfit ideas. Now I have an excuse to create a home for them all to live. I have such trouble stopping myself from pre-screening my ideas. Thanks for permission to let the quirky fly! Shelly Hawley-Yan.

The Journal may be private today but how cool for someone your child, your best friend, your fan to peruse some day. Thanks for the post. Prairie Garden Girl. Every writer needs a journal, or two or more! Thank you for sharing a humorous, fun post filled with inspiration, Mike. Anjali Amit. Kristin Wauson. Thanks for the great post! Off to find a blank journal to brain dump all my misfit ideas into. My collection of pb ideas currently reside in a box.

Maybe I should corral them into a journal. Manju B. Howard ManjuBeth. Thanks for the information. I have always loved the land of misfit toys and I love how you tied that into a journal for crazy ideas. Good stuff. It makes me think about having a journal for ideas and then a journal for those ideas which I try to make into a story. Great idea! I am going to get a journal going myself! Thanks for the post:. Miss you! This was a great article!!!! Thanks so much for the idea of a misfit journal and the laughs!

I often feel like I live on the land of misfit writers. I love the idea of misfit ideas. It completely takes away any judgment on an idea and serves as a perfect free space.

Storystorm 12222 Day 5: Mike Allegra’s Journal of Misfit Ideas

One never knows when one of those misfit ideas will become famous. Thank you for your post!! I wish I had written down my grandparents funny comments. I only remember a few. These help with wild crazy ideas which only come occasionally.

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Thank you for making me laugh while I think of a new idea. Love this post, and love your grandma, too! Lynne Marie. YES, exactly! Your post encourages brainstorming or brain implosion! Mike, this is a super tip. Thank you for sharing it. Dayne Sislen, Children's Book Illustrator. I have the same type of journal! Everything you said was so spot on.

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Thanks for the inspiration and the tips. Buffy Silverman. Now to get a misfit journal. Thanks for the post! What is really crazy is finding a story to put them in! So first of all, giant high five for his pen name!!! Thanks, Mike, for the inspiration! And cheers to your not-quite-kidlit-ready grandmother: such a perceptive lady. Anne Bielby. My takeaway for today. Caren Cantrell. Currently, they reside in notebooks, on scrap papers, and in random folders of stories half-started.

Cortney Benvenuto. Kirsten Leestma missleestma. Gabi Snyder. Thanks for the humor and the inspiration, Mike! Keeping a journal of ideas is good but accepting ALL ideas is great. I have a similar journal…. I write quotes I hear from people around town and have mounds of little papers stuffed into drawers. I think putting them in a journal is a much better approach: Thanks! Thanks for the reminder that the ideas notebook is for raw unfiltered ideas, not just good ones. I always wondered about the doll on the island of misfit toys, too.

Thanks for this wonderful post! Thanks for inspiring us and encouraging us! Laura Purdie Salas. Love this—I think I self-censor too much in my ideas journal. The fun grandma! Your story had me laughing out loud. I like your journal idea! Amazing how it clears the brain cloud.

Sensibility and Sense. Patti Richards. Great post, Mike! Gotta love your grandmother!! What a hoot!! She sounds very much like an old-time Vermonter. Brain drizzles!! I have small pads of paper everywhere, in my pocketbooks, tote bags, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom… you never know when inspiration will kick in. I like that this journal of ideas is titled in such a way as to free up the mind and even focus on some confused, mixed-up, off-base, wacky ideas — because they are valued and welcome, not merely excuse them, and send them to the basement… hmm..

Bethanny Parker. Your grandma sounds like a hoot! I keep my idea journals in computer files: one for picture books, one for other writing, and one for business ideas. Using a physical book might be nice, though. I could sit and look through it on the couch or anywhere.

You just did use those two quotes in your writing! Like grandmother, like grandson. Love what your journal says and does.

Some of those drizzles turn into sizzles. Maybe somewhat like your Grandma. Thanks for this fun post! Alexandra Hinrichs. I was just at Staples and fell in love with a tiny notebook that will fit in my purse or pocket. Now I know how to use it! I love the idea of getting a little crazy without fear.

Your grandmother reminded me of my mom-LOL She could roll off lots of crazy sayings. It is a dreary, rainy day in Merchantville, NJ!! This post brought out the giggles and sunshine!! Kim Wilson AuthorKimWilson. I will try to keep my ears more open and my notebook always at the ready to record noteworthy comments and mind rambles!

Debra Katz. All writers should brainstorm ideas without censoring themselves, and this post is a great reminder of how that can be of benefit. Loved the pen name for the chapter book series. Your journal sounds hilarious — and certainly would be helpful for thinking outside of the box! Thank you for these good reminders! Jennifer G Prevost. I love it… everything about it, thanks for sharing, Mike. Sara Matson.

Misfit-Mimi's Journal | DeviantArt

Stephanie Shaw. Some published books have come from those lists. Pam Miller. Thank you Mike for reminding me that words are all around us. Capturing the essence and forming the the scenes and story that make them live on is the best challenge ever. I love strange, quirky ideas. Thanks for giving me a reminder to entertain them! M Lapointe Malchik imartytweet. Love your post, Mike, for so many reasons. I also love that being in a writerly place can be fostered by thumbing through your journal. Thank you for all the ideas about ideas and for participating generously in Storystorm this year.

Heather Gallagher. I have loads of misfit ideas that I abandon but give me a good laugh! Sharalyn Edgeberg. I really zoomed in on that your journal of misfit ideas must go with you everywhere. I also liked that you peruse it often. A journal of misfit ideas gives your brain permission to juggle strange ideas together or just capture the ones that land there.

Your post was such a delight to read, Mike. Congratulations on your successes. Writing is about so much more than the act of typing. Carmen White. Kathy O'Neill. A super helpful idea for keeping all sorts of story, character, and dialogue ideas we all need! Who knows where that will lead me. Marge Gower. Come to think of it, do you know how confused they would be. Who cares what those non misfitty people think? When I heard myself saying it to MY kids, a lightbulb went off.

What if the kid DID wake the dead? There interests are more intellectually inclined ranging from math, elements of geography, reading etc. Even though children with Asperger's are preoccupied and often "in their own world", they are seldom as aloof as children with autism. They show an interest in interacting with their peers and feel hampered by their social deficits when they are unable to relate with their peers.

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