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Maintain a comfortable, relaxed hand position and keep your fingers spread. Quickly extend your fingers and snap them into the palm of your hand. Focus on extending your fingers nice and wide before each snap. Practice repeating this motion several times in sequence. The goal is to create an audible clapping noise each time your hand comes together.

Repeat this motion with your non dominant hand. Once you have perfected the noise with both hands, you can even try clapping both at the same time.

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Method 2. Press your thumb and middle finger of the same hand together. Apply as much pressure as you can without hurting either finger. Relax all other fingers but keep your wrist straight and still.

Navine G. Khan-Dossos at The Showroom, London

Quickly slide your middle finger off your thumb, causing your middle finger to strike the palm of your hand. Repeat the snapping motion for the duration of the time you wish to be "clapping.

Method 3. Open the palm of your hand, as you would if you had both your hands free to actually clap.

Stay in tune with One Hand Clapping for news and updates!

Maintain a relatively relaxed hand position. Find a second surface available. This could be your leg, the program you are holding in your other hand, or something else that is near you. Try to have this surface chosen before the need to clap arises.

One Hand Clapping / Rowan Davidson

This will help you clap smoothly instead of appearing frantic as you find something to use. Repeatedly strike the second surface with your open palm. It should be hard enough to create noise, but not hard enough to break anything or hurt if the second surface is your thigh. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube.

Tips To avoid needing to use these methods, think in advance of times where you may need to clap. If you are at a performance, pay attention to when the song is almost over so you can free up both hands.

One Hand Clapping / Rowan Davidson – Joel Havea

He uses his talent to enter, and win, a mega-money TV quiz show. He then discloses another gift: he is clairvoyant and can predict racing results. He gambles his winnings on race horses and the couple become extremely wealthy and travel the world, staying in luxury hotels. On their return, however, Howard, disgusted by the corruption of the world they have seen - and troubled by prophetic glimpses of a coming decline in civilisation - declares that they must commit suicide together by barbiturates.

Janet resists, killing Howard with a coal hammer. Janet flees with the remainder of their money, to begin a new life abroad, taking her husband with her in a chest. Janet Shirley - The narrator and point of view through which the reader sees the novel.

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Howard Shirley - Aged 27 and the husband of Janet. At the novel's opening, he is working at a used car dealership.

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