Restore the Future: The Second American Revolution

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At this time politics is successfully contained to the two-party tyranny, the fake news media, and the Deep State pulling the strings behind the scenes. President Trump appears too busy — understandably so — to be engaged in the first three reforms electoral, intelligence, taxation , or in creating a truth channel — a two-way truth channel — that connects him to all million eligible voters and allows him to hear from them via a Presidential dashboard that aggregates their thoughts by demographic, location, and issue. Whether President Trump wins the Republican nomination or not, I see a clear opportunity for a coalition team to win in A Democrat cannot win, especially if the President passes an election reform act in Imagine a coalition team, nominally independent but comprised of a nationally-known individuals from each of the two main parties, each of the small parties, and the Independents.

Each individual will run for the nomination of their respective party; if they lose they will continue to represent that party within the team. Imagine this team naming a coalition cabinet and publishing a balanced budget while challenging the president to do the same. Imagine this team having a website alt-gov. Imagine this team having enough money and the organization that money can buy to deliver an email or a postcard to every single eligible voter in the USA? Change is coming. It will be rooted in truth and focused on creating a prosperous world at peace. Educating and respecting the average citizen — and ensuring that cultural and ethnic integrity are protected going forward — are central to peace among nations and prosperity for every community.

President Donald Trump can get with the program — and be the greatest president ever — or he can muddle through the balance of his term and our coalition team will finish the job from onwards. I articulate these thoughts with love and respect for the President — tough love, and unconditional respect. The number is a combination of birth tourists returning to China and Americans of Chinese original remaining in the USA. This point is made largely to support President Donald Trump correct interpretation of the Constitution — as defined by the author of the relevant Amendment, birth citizenship is not a right of those over whom the USA does not have legal jurisdiction, i.

Al Gore was bribed by Warren Christopher to not fight the Florida theft orchestrated by Jeb Bush who as governor removed 50, individuals, mostly blacks and leftist whites, from the voter rolls prior to the election. At the link, in addition to a downloadable PDF the individual memoranda are also in full text online for ease of use of the foreign language translation widget. The real power of Israel is best understood by focusing on how they use people like Jeffrey Epstein to entrap and blackmail politicians, judges, and others in pedophilia and murderous pedophilia; and the ease with which they persuaded George H.

At the link in addition to a downloadable PDF, the individual memoranda are also in full text online for ease of use of the foreign language translation widget. The President has had some very substantial successes but the Mainstream Media MSM controlled by the Deep State and its Zionist underbelly refuses to report them — hence the success of the Trump revolution is in doubt even if his re-election in is virtually assured.

Both books make the case for bottom up sovereignty — localized, distributed authority where everyone is held accountable by people they know. I was honored to be invited to give testimony to both a Presidential Commission and a Senate Commission on this matter. Earth Intelligence Network, Hermann, Jr. Some dispute this, I do not. Landsdale was the father of the modern false flag operation, using fake guerrillas killed by a CIA asset, a Philippine Army Captain, who was then glorified into the Presidency.

Fred Burks, Prescription for a World Crisis. The Russian collaterals are equally important. Codename White Spiritual Boy is key on this. He is currently working with the Chinese to align all appropriate protocols in order to receive his signature. President Putin is entirely correct in asking that William Browder be extradited to Russia for interrogation, but he should not limit himself to Browder: Buzzy Krongard and John Brennan were the ones actually managing the program at the director of President George H.

We can help farmers best, not by expanding Federal payments but by making fundamental reforms, keeping interest rates heading down and knocking down foreign trade barriers to American farm exports. Protect Taxpayers From Government. We are moving ahead with Grace Commission reforms to eliminate waste and improve Government's management practices.

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In the long run, we must protect the taxpayers from Government. And I ask again that you pass, as 32 states have now called for, an amendment mandating the Federal Government spend no more than it takes in. And I ask for the authority used responsibily by 43 Governors to veto individual items in appropriations bills.

Senator Mattingly has introduced a bill permitting a two- year trial run of the line-item veto. I hope you will pass and send that legislation to my desk. Nearly 50 years of Governmentliving beyond its means has brought us to a time of reckoning. Ours is but a moment in history. But one moment of courage, idealism and bipartisan unity can change American history forever. Sound monetary policy is key to long-running economic strength and stability. We will continue to cooperate with the Federal Reserve Board, seeking a steady policy that insures price stability without keeping interest rates artificially high or needlessly holding down growth.

Reducing unneeded red tape and regulations and deregulating the energy, transportation and financial industries have unleashed new competition, giving consumers more choices, better services and lower prices. In just one set of grant programs, we have reduced pages of regulations to We seek to fully deregulate natural gas to bring on new supplies and bring us closer to energy independence.

Consistent with safety standards, we will continue removing restraints on the bus and railroad industries; we will soon end up legislation, or send up legislation I should say to return Conrail to the private sector, where it belongs. And we will support further deregulation of the trucking industry.

View all New York Times newsletters. Every dollar the Federal Government does not take from us, every decision it does not make for us, will make our economy stronger, our lives more abundant, our future more free. New Possibilities in Space Research.

Our Second American Revolution will push on to new possibilities not only on earth, but in the next frontier of space. Despite budget restraints, we will seek record funding for research and development. We have seen the success of the space shuttle.

Feature History - Spanish Civil War

Now we are going to develop a permanently manned space station and new opportunities for free enterprise. Within the next decade, Americans and our friends around the world will be living and working together in space. In the zero gravity of space, we could manufacture in 30 days lifesaving medicines it would take 30 years to make on earth. We can make crystals of exceptional purity to produce super computers, creating jobs, technologies and medical breakthroughs beyond anything we ever dreamed possible. As we do all this, we will continue to protect our natural resources.

We will seek reauthorization and expanded funding for the Superfund program to continue cleaning up hazardous waste sites which threaten human health and the environment. Now there's another great heritage to speak of this evening. Of all the changes that have swept America the past four years, none brings greater promise than our rediscovery of the values of faith, freedom, family, work and neighborhood. We see signs of renewal in increased attendance in places of worship; renewed optimism and faith in our future; love of country rediscovered by our young, who are leading the way.

We have rediscovered that work is good in and of itself; that it enobles us to create and contribute no matter how seemingly humble our jobs. We have seen a powerful new current from an old and honorable tradition - American generosity. From thousands answering Peace Corps appeals to help boost food production in Africa, to millions volunteering time, corporations adopting schools, and communities pulling together to help the neediest among us at home, we have refound our values.

Private sector initiatives are crucial to our future.

Book Review: Tea Party Patriots: The Second American Revolution

I thank the Congress for passing equal access legislation giving religious groups the same right to use classrooms after school that other groups enjoy. But no citizen need tremble, nor the world shudder, if a child stands in a classroom and breathes a prayer. We ask you again: Give children back a right they had for a century and a half or more in this country.

Anti-Abortion Legislation Sought.

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The question of abortion grips our nation. Abortion is either the taking of human life or it isn't. And if it is - and medical technology is increasingly showing it is - it must be stopped. It is a terrible irony that while some turn to abortion, so many others who cannot become parents cry out for children to adopt.

We have room for these children; we can fill the cradles of those who want a child to love. And Tonight, I ask you in the Congress to move this year on legislation to protect the unborn. In the area of education, we're returning to excellence; and again, the heroes are our people, not Government. We're stressing basics of discipline, rigorous testing and homework while helping children become computer-smart as well. For 20 years, Scholastic Aptitude Test scores of our high school students went down. But now they have gone up two of the last three years.

We must go forward in our commitment to the new basics, giving parents greater authority and making sure good teachers are rewarded for hard work and achievement through merit pay. Of all the changes in the past 20 years, none has more threatened our sense of national well-being than the explosion of violent crime. One does not have to be attacked to be a victim. The woman who must run to her car after shopping at night is a victim; the couple draping their door with locks and chains are victims; as is the tired, decent cleaning woman who can't ride a subway home without being afraid.

Compassion for Crime Victims. We do not seek to violate rights of defendants. But shouldn't we feel more compassion for the victims of crime than for those who commit crime? For the first time in 20 years, the crime index has fallen two years in a row we've convicted over 7, drug offenders and put them, as well as leaders of organized crime, behind bars in record numbers. But we must do more. I urge the House to follow the Senate and enact proposals permitting use of all reliable evidence that police officers acquire in good faith.

These proposals would also reform the habeas corpus laws and allow, in keeping with the will of the overwhelming majority of Americans, the use of the death penalty where necessary. There can be no economic revival in ghettos when the most violent among us are allowed to roam free. It is time we restored domestic tranquility. And we mean to do just that. Just as we're positioned as never before to secure justice in our economy, we're poised as never before to create a safer, freer, more peaceful world.

Our alliances are stronger than ever. Our economy is stronger than ever. We have resumed our historic role as a leader of the free world - and all of these together are a great force for peace. Since , we've been committed to seeking fair and verifiable arms agreements that would lower the risk of war and reduce the size of nuclear arsenals. Now our determination to maintain a strong defense has influenced the Soviet Union to return to the bargaining table.

Our negotiators must be able to go to that table with the united support of the American people. All of us have no greater dream than to see the day when nuclear weapons are banned from this earth forever. Defense and Meaningful Arms Pact. Each member of the Congress has a role to play in modernizing our defenses, thus supporting our chances for a meaningful arms agreement. Your vote this spring on the Peacekeeper missile will be a critical test of our resolve to maintain the strength we need and move toward mutual and verifiable arms reductions.

For the past 20 years we have believed that no war will be launched as long as each side knows it can retaliate with a deadly counter- strike. Well, I believe there is a better way of eliminating the threat of nuclear war. It is a Strategic Defense Initiative aimed ultimately at finding a non-nuclear defense against ballistic missiles. It is the most hopeful possibility of the nuclear age.

But it's not well understood. Some say it will bring war to the heavens - but its purpose is to deter war, in the heavens and on earth. Some say the research would be expensive. Perhaps, but it could save millions of lives, indeed humanity itself. Some say if we build such a system, the Soviets will build a defense system of their own.

Second American Revolution (Terra Futura)

Well they already have strategic defenses that surpass ours; a civil defense system, where we have almost none; and a research program covering roughly the same areas of technology that we're now exploring. As this happened, aid was given to the United States. They claimed President Obama was to have an emergency third term, due to the riots. Terrorists also came into the falling nation, trying to claim land but Air Force took them out quickly. Just as that was happening, the United Nations declared this as a worldwide emergency. The UN still supported the United States so they sent aid and troops at Washington DC to protect the President, but that's when an airstrike and bomb went off in the Capital.

Many said that the President was still alive and was confirmed by his administration. When they stated this, they gave out their location, and didn't notice. The Resistance takes all Media over and the US government surrender. The Resistance set up a democracy and picking new leaders. Jason Martinez becomes president of The New Republic Of America and setup a new constitution and starts to build new cites And they set it up by different states with different products but all one together.

All states not mentioned are Unrecognized Territory, due to the War destroying that land. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Table of Contents [ show ].