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I love the light that he fights so hard to repress. I love the dark that he unleashes to keep me safe. The suspense and action were just as good as the romance, and everything blended together flawlessly. There was angst and emotion and humor. There were some fantastic twists and turns. We finally found answers that I was dying to get. I am still really hoping that Joseph will get his own story, and I loved that we got more of his POV is this book.

View all 4 comments. Chrissy wrote: "Wow, love this review! Jun 27, Ashley Allen rated it it was amazing.

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Now this is a amazing way to end a trilogy. I loved Dante and Eve from the first time I read their story and their story just kept getting better. Catherine kept the suspense, romance, and adventure going in this book. You will not be disappointed with this trilogy. Jun 27, Sierra Clothier rated it it was amazing. What an extraordinary ending to the Santiago epic! This author has become true favorite and an automatic one click. She has clearly planned every step of this story until we finally see the end of the Dante Santiago 's chapter.

I say chapter because there's no way he's going to stay as content as he is at the end of the book. We pick up where book 2 ends. Santiago and crew are determined to cut down Sevastian Petrov's ring of kidnapped women. There are twists and turns, and alliances shift const What an extraordinary ending to the Santiago epic!

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There are twists and turns, and alliances shift constantly. Even Santiago's friendship with Joseph Grayson is tested. We also get the background on Grayson's history with Santiago, who gives critical insight on this story and Dante Santiago 's mindset. Dante Santiago is a fascinating character, and Wilcher writes him with no apologies. Even in the middle of chaos, he's the same arrogant, uptight, sexually aggressive alpha male that keeps everyone he cares about on a metaphorical leash. He says things like: "I may be a monster but I'm not a total dick. You walked into my life and everything switched back on.

She believes in him, even when he doesn't believe in himself: 'i haven't tamed Dante. My hand drifts to my stomach again.

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Nothing is perfect in this life Dante and Eve decided to live, but it can be fruitful and positive. What's clear, though, is there is more to their story. There's no way Dante is going to stay so happy. I want more on Joseph Grayson. Jun 28, Stephanie N rated it it was amazing. In this epic conclusion Dante and Eve are in a battle of a lifetime with the mob, and a backstabbing mole that deserves all the punishment he can get. This book is dark but is brilliantly written. If you are looking for a fast pace suspenseful romance than this book is for you.

Wiltcher, writes and incredible witty dialogue. Her plot thickens as each page is turned in the book. Her love of words makes her the best author I have read thus far! Well done on a remarkable series. Jun 27, Penny Riley rated it it was amazing. Wish I could give more than five stars. I have throughly enjoyed the world of Dante and Eve. The chemistry between them was combustible from book one. Two people who should not have been together the love they shared brought them from hell and back. The forces that tried to break them apart just made them stronger.

His darkness to her light. I loved the way they completed each other.

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Beautiful story about two people who heal each other. The twists and turns are mind blowing and the ending is bea Wish I could give more than five stars. The twists and turns are mind blowing and the ending is beautifully written. Hearts on Fire is dark, a little twisted and sexy. As Dante and Eve continue on their journey their love is stronger than before. Dante is still the alpha king and Eve is the strong queen that will bring him to his knees. The war with the Russians is getting worse.

There are leaks of betrayal. Who can you trust? Eve is in the clutches of the FBI. Will she end up in prison? Will she turn against Dante? Mystery and suspense that will keep you on your toes. I hoped for a book for juicy Joseph, sleazy R Hearts on Fire is dark, a little twisted and sexy. I hoped for a book for juicy Joseph, sleazy Rick and Roman. Apr 19, claire jones rated it it was amazing. I read the first two books in 2 days, the characters draw you in and take you on a roller coaster that has you flicking through the pages needing to know the next chapter in there crazy story.

View 1 comment. Jun 28, Sissy's Romance Book Review rated it it was amazing Shelves: series , 4-star , amazon-unlimited , contemporary , dark-romance , trt , arc-author-publisher , should-read-previous-book , kindle-sent , read.

Hearts on Fire

This continues the story of Dante Santiago and Eve Miller, so you really need to read the previous books 'Hearts Of Darkness' and 'Hearts Divine' to fully enjoy this book. I am normally not to big a fan of Trilogies but their story for me was a page turner, so I didn't mind it a all. I Love stories like this, so maybe that is why I loved this sires. I would recommend this author and this series. Jun 27, Nico rated it it was amazing. From the first page right up to the nail biting finish, I was captivated by the continuing story of Dante and Eve. Dante fell out of my favour in book two but he certainly redeemed himself and I fell back into love and lust with him in this.

What an incredible series from a very talented author. Catherine Wiltcher Wow! Thanks so much. Jun 25, Paula D rated it it was amazing. But wow does it end in a bang! Intense overload! I had goosebumps while reading parts and even laughed. Overall my emotions were all over the place. Eve and Dante hot as ever and I fell even more in love with Dante. We see the past and present all come together. One of my favorite series ever.

Looking for a series that keeps you on your toes through every page? No spoilers here just hang on tight and welcome to the Devils playground aka Dante. Jun 26, Mawgan Dipple rated it it was amazing Shelves: arc-reads. This is the final book in this trilogy and I'm sad it's over. The story goes darker than before with eve and Dante thrown in the middle of it all. I loved the insight to grayson and dante's past. You were constantly thrown in a loop, not knowing who was friend or foe, but the love they shared couldn't be destroyed. Totally loved it. Jun 25, Elaine rated it it was amazing.

You broke my heart! I know all book come to an end but this was epic! I'm never going to get this trilogy out my head! I'll read it over and over again, I know it is definitely one of my favorites! Will Dante and Eve finally get that happily ever after or will his past come knocking on his door? May 13, Amanda rated it it was amazing. I am so bummed that Eve and Dante's story has come to an end, but so thrilled that we can look for another book from this world this fall!

She had announced that Rick Sanders is getting his own book, and I couldn't be more excited! Well, unless Joseph gets his own book. THAT might get me more excited. In any case, this book has it all.

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I was on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what was going to happen next. Wou Amazing. Would they find Anna? Would she be alive? Can Petrov be trusted? How about agent Peters? Would they solve the mystery of Isabella? I had so many questions, and thankfully got all of my answers. I also love the chemistry between Eve and Dante. He is so gruff- I just love the bejesus out of it. And Eve, though well out of her comfort zone, really stands up to Dante. She has an impressive inner strength- she stands in the face of her fear, and stares it down. Nothing stops her.

This the first series by this author, and I am so overly excited about it. I can't wait for more! Jun 30, Anne Baker rated it it was amazing. Atonement and Redemption in The Greater Evil What a magnificent end to this superb trilogy written by the most wonderful author Catherine Wiltcher written in the face of adversity! A totally riveting, intensely broken and emotional story!

So, so beautifully written storyline, every word enthrals you to the very end! Unforeseen t Atonement and Redemption in The Greater Evil What a magnificent end to this superb trilogy written by the most wonderful author Catherine Wiltcher written in the face of adversity! Unforeseen twists that you will never see coming. Such a fast paced plot that will blow your mind! Hell really does exist in this conspiracy! The snippets going back to about the capture of Dante and Joseph in Afghanistan shows their courage and why they became the killers for Justice! All Dante wants is vengeance for his daughter Isabella against Sevastien the evil brother of Andrei Petrov!

More lies and secrets ensue between Dante and Eve but she trusts Joseph in her duplicity and opens up to him.

Letting Go Surrender Trilogy, Book 1 Maya Banks

How much more forgiveness can Eve give for Dante to open up to her completely? Who is the traitor in the midst giving Sevastien intel? What are the flashbacks Eve keeps having in her panic attacks?

Is vengeance for Isabella at hand now? Why is true love so cruel? Will their Destiny ever be aligned for true happiness? Is Eve a pawn in a bigger game? This is one serious highly recommended book that you absolutely have to read! I voluntarily reviewed this book after receiving a free copy Jun 28, Lisa Roberts rated it it was amazing. Once you start there is no way of putting this down its like a drug and so addicting. Dante Santiago is everything you should fear and run from and want to run to all at the same time he is one intense captivating sexy Man he had me walking the floors while I was reading I was so nervous and laughing out loud at the same time as Eve his Angel has her voice and opinion and the banter these two have as foreplay is everything you ever dreamed of in the word HOT!!!

We see a lot of danger and nail bi Once you start there is no way of putting this down its like a drug and so addicting. Lucia glanced across Lake Union to where dusk backlit the ruined towers of downtown Seattle. Jan 18 Hello, and happy January! Corbette and Lucia will finally get their adventure. Hearts of Chaos Kira Brady. Oct 21 Hearts of Chaos comes out March from Kensington Zebra!

See the giveaway details at Goodreads. They have no light, in darkness they dwell. Clothed like birds, with wings as garments. May 28 Book 2 in the Deadglass Trilogy has been out for a few weeks, and lovely reviews are starting to trickle in. May 7 It was a sweltering 87 degrees here in Seattle yesterday. We tied with Phoenix for the hottest city. Very few of us have air conditioning, since it rarely gets that hot, but we have abundant cool forests and a few sparkling beaches from which we can dip our toes into the frigid Puget Sound. With me!

Deadglass Trilogy | Kira Brady

At the Book Tart! Book giveaway! Why is this book going to knock your socks off? Apr 25 Less than two weeks before Hearts of Shadow Deadglass 2 arrives on bookstore shelves! The audiobook was narrated by Xe Sands, who did a fabulous job on the novella and book 1.