The Secrets Of Human Brain

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  1. Unlocking the secrets of the human brain -- ScienceDaily
  2. Scientists Are Attempting to Unlock the Secret Potential of the Human Brain
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You should spend as much time writing the headline as you do the rest of the piece. In website content, make your pages welcoming and easily grokked. Secret 2: Our brains love images. Our brains process images much faster than text. Approximately 90 percent of all data that the brain processes is visual. We remember pictures with text more than we remember text alone. Marketing takeaway: Use images, of course—but make them special, and lay off the stock shots.

Unlocking the secrets of the human brain -- ScienceDaily

You can also use a web tool like Canva or mobile app Over madewithover. Secret 3: Our brains love images of faces. Research suggests that natural selection favored humans who were able to quickly identify threats and build relationships. As part of that, we are wired from birth to recognize and prefer human faces.

The part of the brain that processes human faces is right next to the part that processes emotions. Marketing takeaway: Use real people in your marketing materials, and consider putting faces on landing pages, in emails or on web pages designed to drive a desired action. Eye-tracking studies show that our brains will default to first look at human faces on a web page.

Scientists Are Attempting to Unlock the Secret Potential of the Human Brain

So entice by adding, say, a photo of a face that looks toward a call-to-action button or crucial bit of text. Secret 4 : Colors inspire specific feelings. Different colors cue different signals in a brain. In fact, research has shown that 62 to 90 percent of our feeling about a product is determined by color alone. Yellow activates the anxiety center of the brain. Blue builds trust.

Red creates urgency. What colors work best for your company will depend on your brand, positioning and audience. The best approach, as always, is to test how color affects response before choosing. Secret 5: Names change behavior. What something is called affects our reaction to it.

First open database of live human brain cells

A recent study by David R. Marketing takeaway: Carefully consider how your wording might influence attitude as you name products, describe models or options and create customer messaging. Secret 6: We crave belonging. We have an innate desire to conform. Marketing takeaway: Remove anxiety, signal belonging and build credibility with an audience by using social proof and signals—in the form of endorsements from well-known influencers in your market; badges or awards from McAfee, TRUSTe or Norton; media logos from outlets that have quoted or referenced you ; customer testimonials woven throughout a site not exiled to a specific page ; and social widgets and shares, assuming you have a solid social media program in place.

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