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When I asked Guerrero if the conventional philosophies that govern training and treatment in the N. Brady and Guerrero emphasize that the player has the final say over his own training and treatment decisions. Brady gets this. But he feels responsibility now, as a veteran, and speaks of spreading the Tao of Alex in terms of helping people. Brady played the entire opener, a loss to Miami. His calf gave him little trouble, but his play was listless; he wilted in the South Florida humidity, like the rest of his team.

After leading at halftime, the Patriots were outscored in the second half, , and outgained in yards, Brady was sacked four times in the opener, lost two fumbles and lumbered off the field after each, looking dispirited and every bit his age. Patriot Place, as the larger complex is called, emerges along a could-be-anywhere blotch of car dealerships, billboards and fast-food restaurants on Route 1 between Boston and Providence, R.

Fans from outside New England might envision Foxborough as a quaint village of greens, flinty shop owners and assorted Ye Olde tropes. In real life, Gillette Stadium is a kind of efficient football Oz that reeks of merchandise, corporate sponsorships and winning. The team had relied heavily on its running game to win its second matchup, against Minnesota, and it barely defeated Oakland at home the next week.

The Patriots then went to Kansas City for a Monday-night game against the Chiefs and were destroyed, Brady, who threw two interceptions with one returned for a touchdown , was pulled in the fourth quarter and replaced by Garoppolo, who threw his first touchdown pass in what was his N. On the sidelines, Brady appeared not to congratulate the rookie for his milestone, which was noted in the New England news media as evidence of an emerging generational clash.

Fans and the press love a deathwatch, especially when it involves a team that always wins. But the Patriots of this century have been widely resented for reasons that go well beyond any jealousy. Brady himself has denied any knowledge of or involvement in Spygate, but he does tend to discuss his need to win in notably desperate terms. His ruthless competitiveness is legend, as is his reputation among players for trash talking, whining to referees and general unpleasantness on the field.

All of which made the Patriots especially appetizing prey for football commentators in October. Brady dispatched that presumption on his first possession, leading the Patriots down the field on a play, yard touchdown drive. He ran the ball three times and completed two passes. Later he threw a yard pass to the tight end Rob Gronkowski that made Brady the sixth player in N. The Patriots went on to win, Belichick presented the game ball to Brady for his 50,yard milestone in the postgame locker room, and everyone cheered.

I saw Brady briefly there. He was wrapped in a towel and carrying a toothbrush, exiting a shower room that was echoing with singing and chanting teammates. Shortly afterward, at his postgame news conference, Brady was asked if he was aware of the doom-saying that had been directed at him. But what about all the slights and doubters? He always seemed to have such clear recall of those.

But his Cheshire cat smile betrayed an unmistakable satisfaction. Writing for Grantland, Charles P. The victory began a seven-game winning streak that tied the Patriots for the best record in the league, Brady looked like a different quarterback than he had been earlier in the season. A spry and healthy gazelle! He limped badly off the field, which elicited obvious concern. It was a dreary, sleeting day in Foxborough — perfect weather for a Belichick news conference. Because his team has won three championships this century, Kraft has had occasion to give the acceptance speech upon receiving the Super Bowl trophy in front of the biggest television audience of the year.

Those remarks have tended to be slightly overwrought, but the Patriots organization dutifully treats them as if they were pearls from Gettysburg. On this day, he wore a wrinkled blue dress shirt, and his hair and desk were a mess. He was sucking hard candy to alleviate a dry throat. Multiple TVs were on, and one office wall was filled with game balls and numerous prints and photos, including one of Kraft at the Western Wall beside a skullcap-wearing Brady.

Kraft, who was raised in an observant Jewish family in Brookline, Mass. After a few minutes, I cooled things off when I raised the possibility that things could end badly between Brady and the Patriots. They often do for stars around the N. They have traded or released several of their most accomplished players over the years, sometimes in the most callous and untimely manner. Kraft calls the N. He said the hardest part of owning a team comes when his emotional bonds conflict with hard bottom lines. But it does seem that the harsh realities tend to be heavy favorites when they face off against familial loyalty at Patriot Place.

Unburdened by diplomacy or loyalty to anyone but his son, the original Tom Brady did not hesitate. And I know that because I know what Tommy wants to do. The Patriots had finished the season , the best record in the A. I told Yee that I could definitely make it, and on Jan. But when I arrived a day later, the security booth was vacant, the gate at the end of the driveway was locked and nothing happened when I pressed the intercom button. I was now a few minutes late. Belichick had cut players over less. Finally, the gate opened.

The quarterback was waiting on his front stoop. This was an allusion to a TV ad that Brady did for Visa a few years ago in which his linemen sat with him at a fancy restaurant. Brady asked me what happened when I pressed the intercom button at the gate. Nothing, I said. He shook his head with the exasperation of someone who still considered himself close to being the regular guy whose front door in San Mateo was readily opened to those who knocked. I grew up a few miles, and tax brackets, away from here a few decades ago, when it was not uncommon to see Larry Bird outside his unassuming Brookline home washing his car or mowing his lawn.

He led me into a den that doubles as a gallery for his photos and mementos. There were no signs of the M. No Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year awards, no photos of him with the presidents and popes he has met. He saves end-zone pylons from big games. He kept a ball from his first Super Bowl victory and a pair of cleats from his second.

He just had no idea where they were. His wife took over the decorating after they moved from their brownstone in Back Bay in Boston last year and into this 14,square-foot manor. But Brady tends not to equate immortality with hardware anyway. Brady had always preferred the bustle of city living and for years was one of the few members of the Patriots to actually live in Boston, despite the minute commute to Foxborough.

Brady was sporting a brown playoff beard, a lush beige cardigan and, on his sockless feet, a new pair of UGGs, the Australian-made sheepskin boots that he endorses. He stood at the window and admired the view out back. He led me into a yard behind the house that is next to the Country Club, one of the oldest golf courses in the United States. Much of this 5. Brady pointed to a barnlike guesthouse being built next to the backyard.

It will be a place to do yoga, work and even photo shoots. He turned back to the golf course and was nearly chop-blocked by the family pit-bull mix, Lua, darting by. Brady again declared the view beautiful, this time modifying his description with a most un-Zen-like profanity. He marched me back into the house, through the kitchen and past a shelf that displayed a large glass menorah. Not that I know [expletive] at People throw out numbers: 42? Does Brady have an age to which he thinks he can still play?

I was simply trying to state some problems need to be corrected, if we do not look back in history for answers, where do we look? Especially big events like WW2. We need to put in efforts to preserve their culture while still helping them out, that one seems obvious. Giving loans instead of handing out free money is what has been helping the most. If we keep the people accountable for what we give them, they will surely pay it back after making profit. That is the most business orientated thing to do, in a time when business tactics are needed in the dying economy.

This blog is trying to say that the idea is a lot more advanced than just the need of shoes. If we start putting logic into our giving, maybe we will go somewhere without destroying a nation, a culture and an economy all at once. My name is LaJames. I am fully aware of what a black market is, in fact, I have been to a couple myself in Eastern Europe. Regardless of context when one conjures up images of Hitler, American Indians, and slavery in a an argument; one loses all credibility.

Yet you continue to do so. Americans wanted the indigenous to be gone for numerous reasons and not a single one had anything to do with charity. You must be awfully young to keep up with this nonsense. The education that you are recieving in America is teaching you to be an opinionated ignorant hater. If the next and upcoming generation of business owners see a model of charitable while still profitable operations, the world will change for the better. However, if we continue on the trajectory we have been on; we will eventually reside on a oligarchial planet.

Learn some more lil fella grow some more and maybe write me in a few years when you have done something. Problem solved, right? Poverty, or any issues that stem from it, is a complex situation — so why should the answer be so simple? Lajames, What do you think a black market is? We must have a different definition. A black market in Africa is where the Blacks shop. Tons of them. They are being sold though. And all my historical references were to say that The Western Civilization, Americans for the most part, do not know how to guide and preserve other cultures.

I feel you are arguing for the sake of arguing, with no depth or reason to back it up. And that my friend, is what young people do. We make the shoes to order to ensure children are given new shoes that fit them. Learn more about the Giving Pair here. These programs help children get the care and opportunity they need to keep them healthy and in school.

TOMS works to give shoes to children in need throughout their childhood. Once we identify a community that needs shoes, we continue to give to the children in that community to help them stay healthy and in school. Kelsey Timmerman your a complete Idiot. And you have way too much pathos and gramatical errors in your argument.

Try to sound more formal. They hope their payment makes it in time to save that dying kid, they sure hope. Yet they do not stop to think. They simply give; they have a generous heart and a generous amount of money to go along with it. Is giving with emotions always the right answer though? So, what is that stability you ask? It is logic. Giving in to emotions can always be an easy thing to do and sometimes smart , but will you follow up on your emotions with logic? Logic is especially needed in this day and age, as the call for a logical way of giving is becoming ever needed.

Giving logically and effectively is the key to alleviating not only the poverty in Africa, but all over the world. Let us narrow the scope to just Africa for now, as I have some 18 years of personal experience in this country myself. To turn this problem around, we need to inform both donors and receivers of the logical way to give and receive. We need to make sure that there is a lasting and effective way to spread this knowledge, and make sure this knowledge will not only stick around, but be used.

We want to make sure that once we know the money is being spent on what is intended, that it is being spent right, not just on the first impulse the receiver of the donation has. First, let us note that I will only be talking about Christian missionaries. The truth is though; these stories apply to anyone with a heart for the needy. It was two years ago in that this incident occurred. I was sitting by the Zambezi River, fishing and having a good time.

A man comes and sits beside me, introducing himself as an American missionary. He said he had quit his job and was at that point-in-time depending completely on church aid. I was amazed, somebody depending on a body of people for well-being. It was a true sign of trust between him and funders back home. He told me he had started a youth group back in the capitol city of Lusaka. Then I saw the car he entered into, a brand spanking new land rover. Yet, the question itched at the back of my head. At first I thought I was a mad man. An ill person, the only person set on a mission to stop people generously giving to corruption itself.

Then I met Jonathan Martin, a man who had written an entire book on the subject of giving wisely. His book is titled Giving Wisely; a book with 10, copies out and growing. It seems to match everything I was desperately trying to convey. We met and had coffee, and talked for about 4 hours on the subject. He told me I had been quite alone on my quest to find truth for a while, and still am. How do we truly discover what our money is doing? Let me expand. He came to the United States, attended seminary, and then joined an organization to help him do just that. Ben became frustrated with the organization because they did not always agree with him and not all the money that he had raised went to his ministry.

As he got back to his country, he found that his child was extremely sick and needed to be hospitalized. He was fearful of his child dying, yet did not have the money to take him to the best hospital that he knew was needed to save him. He raised the money in the United States, and when he got into his project, his daughter came home with the bad news that she has lost her college scholarship midway through her junior year.

The next time he went to the United States to raise money, he had in mind his three other children who would soon be entering the university. They could do so much more for Jesus with the education, and all he had to do was add a few extra dollars to each project. Soon, this man with a heart and passion for God had become one who saw money as a means of buying everything he wanted. It was not his money to spend, as the people who gave were deceived into thinking ALL of their money was going to go towards what they intended. This would be like a grocery store diluting all of their drinks with water, yet sell the product without telling the customers they did so.

Likewise, how many people would give to a missionary that spends a large amount of the money on themselves? Missionaries are people who need to be willing to live at the bare minimum, in order to make the maximum change.

memes catalog

Most go overseas expecting to live life just as luxuriously. It is not just single missionaries who can become corrupt with the need for money. In a blog in an article called corrupt charities by Lucy M. Much of the money collected goes into the pockets of the people canvassing for the money. Yet they are recklessly stealing money from others.

Doing the very thing the bible tells them not to. It would be okay if their financial reports matched their alleged actions. Sounds like a miracle of Jesus to me! Neither is acceptable though, yet we still fund trillions of dollars a year into the cause. The people who give to the organization almost never know who they are giving to, and what the money they give will specifically do. Will it go to the presidents T-bone steak, or helping a butchery business in Africa get back in its knees?

The donor will never know. All the power that World Vision has is a sure recipe for disaster, but humans will not look back in history to see the huge mistake they are making in this present moment. Because nothing like this has ever happened. So we come back to the question once again, how do we effectively send our money overseas when even a relationship with a missionary can go bad? Again, the answer would be having a relationship. Today, what is a relationship though? Friends on Facebook? That is merely two electronic pages connecting information. Is emailing the missionary a relationship?

Again, no. They can say what they like, when they like through email. Even reading for truths in a face to face conversation is not enough, for we can never know when a person is saying one thing but doing another. And remember, we should not mistrust them as a friend. We should mistrust them because they are human. Especially when you are in a third world country where luxuries are sparse! So, how do we keep our friend from not using the money foolishly? It would appear simple: to keep them accountable.

This is something friends do outside of missionary work, they keep each other accountable. It beats me. They should visit back consistently, reporting what and why they are doing things, telling the people their money is not going to waste! Moreover, they should be welcome to questioning. They should be able to answer to hard questions. It is obvious they are not using the money wisely if they get mad at you for questioning. For who would be ashamed to report back that they have done great things with the money that was given? Even if the person fails at the mission they said they would accomplish, they can still tell the donors they honestly did what they asked of them.

Even then, that is not enough! Some people are sneaky, and your money is your business! If you donate to a missionary or organization, make sure they have an accountant. This is the best way to know that the money is not just randomly slipping away. The sad truth is that people do not like the hard work involved in giving. Also, you cannot make personal relationships with all the employees who work for the organization. Who knows at what level each employee is using the money for corruption?

It was interesting to go onto the World Vision website and try and look for any contact information, there was nothing! I would be surprised if they could answer the easy questions. And yet people give without asking a single question. World Vision and Invisible Children have both been to my college campus. This is what most people saw: A need within the country through the videos. This is how most people reacted: they gave money.

This is what I saw: a business like strategy to evoke the feelings of confused teenagers in order to make money, using things within their popular culture like shoes and shirts in order to triple the interest, and profit. This is honestly how I reacted: Utter anger in my head. I ripped up all the checks people were writing, and tipped over the display of fancy items you can buy.

Instead I sat by in sulking silence. For I knew the money was going to the intelligent business men and women, no matter what I did in that room that day. Money can easily corrupt the individual, but more easily corrupt the masses. When there is a charity with money stacked high, and lots of people backing the riches they make, a single person cannot contest. The only solution is to let this information sink in, for the charities themselves must have a majority of workers who want to make a lasting change. They should be able to use their business-like brains to figure out what they are truly doing.

Therefore, the solution is to give to people you know well, and can keep accountable. When people realize that relationships are the key answer, they relax, and start giving to someone they know, or someone a friend knows. But let us ask a hard question right here and now; what if that money is buying corruption? Creating jealousy? Destroying a culture? And we now realize journey is not over. How can it be though? If people want to make a big change, within a big issue, they will have to put in some even bigger work.

A garden with many weeds does not stop growing weeds after the first pulling, likewise poverty is not just something that has just one answer to solving. We also need to know that the money is effectively preserving the culture of the country, and making a change in which money is not just fed to the economy. The answer should be able to reduce the need, and increase the supply. America is literally killing Africa with too much kindness, while there is a more logical and efficient way to go about supporting the needs of Africa. Like the time I had been fishing, a white now retired missionary came and sat down beside me.

He was a German man who had learnt what giving to the needy meant the hard way. After years of struggling through trying to increase the standard of living for the people, he realized nothing was working. Sure, giving to them, was doing something for the then and now. Yet, he said he felt convicted. And just before retiring from his missionary work, he realized that giving money was really just a big waist.

He said he started holding people accountable for the money he gave, even the food he gave. He made it so that they were forced into finding a way to make it by themselves, and sure enough, they did. Of course, he did not jump out of their lives. If there was someone especially in need he would give, but now normally only in loans. He said they needed to find happiness in their own lives by becoming independent, and stop taking free-bees from the generous Americans. The only problem was: most of them still had other sources of getting free hand outs.

And most other places giving free hand outs were getting a generous profit from their fellow donors. He described it as a war that could only be fought with knowledge, and that money was the core evil of what was going on. The culture was adapting to all the American-like handouts, being completely wiped out in itself. And larger portions of food, toys or clothing were given to some families than others, as there were too many to give to. The worst thing he said: Is that it all happens under the table. People do not realize where there money is going- but worse.

Most of it is not good news. Let me get his straight fist: I mentioned before people using business strategies for charities. Let it be noted I am against people who use these strategies for personal gain, without using their knowledge to actually better the society they are working within. Many people are guilty of this. When big corporations charities , are making money, no questions are asked.

Businesses are experts at only letting what they want to be known, known. If they wanted me to know about such unaccounted for and dangerous giving, they would gladly let me ask. Their few attempts at showing trust and accountability are weak to the trained eye. The bigger problem is we are giving to and dealing with , a society and culture we are not familiar with.

Should I remind you of what the majority of America thinks of Mexicans as right now? Or what they did to the Japanese before and after World War two? For that is just what kind of people we are in real life, coming to assumptions of others and wondering why our views on the world are so disproportioned. Because we must change our views before we change our actions, so there are reasons to our newly reformed actions. We are a nation with a lot of potential with the education we are given. At one point China kicked all missionaries out of its country, and disallowed foreign aid.

Belief in God rocketed like never before, and natives started relying on themselves. It is not who they are, nor I hope it never will be. Africa is a land of simple and lively people. In honesty, I see more happy people in Africa than I do in this nation, and that is not an exaggeration. I like going to Africa for a different experience in culture, yet more and more every year I am reminded of my home in Oregon. How does this apply to how we give then?

They handed all the kids a box of crayons, took a picture, and left. The Crayons were taken from the kids as soon as the missionaries left, as the adults also wanted crayons. They were unhappy they were not given crayons either. The chief expects to be given the crayons first, so he may distribute the crayons among his people himself.

It is like walking into somebodies house here and giving kids different gifts without running it by the parents. How do you know the parents will approve of these gifts you are giving the kids? We seem forget we are no longer in America when Americans travel overseas. If you give money to a relief source, research to make sure they know about the culture. Ask them how much effort they have put into to it, ask them what they have learned. What does Africa need though? Or does it need strong proteins to build its own economy?

America has so much left over, it will, and has been, knocking Africa sideways. We have been feeding an ill and starving wild dog rich chocolate. Sure, the dog will eat it, but what good will it do? We try to tame the wild dog, when the dog truly wants to be wild. What we need to do is watch it in its own habitat, watch how it operates, how it eats, study what it needs to survive outside of our compassionate grip. If this dog does not want to be held back by a human, we should try to make the recovery operation as quick as possible. Build the dog a shelter it can temporarily rest in, release live rabbits in its area so it learns how to hunt again.

Let it slowly regain its own strength, and then let it be. Remember the park ranger rule, we are to let what was be, be.

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We are there to let Africa temporarily back on its feet so it can fight its own war. Are there not able men and women within that country? Let us give them some dignity, instead of stripping it in order to put a Good Samaritan badge on our chest. Now that we know that we need to work within the culture, how do we let the country start helping itself, truly sustaining itself without the need of us, ever again! There are many answers, and there are two I would like to explore to give to you an idea.

The first seems surprisingly greedy, it is to give out loans, not money. Think about it though; who is to say it is only the missionaries who need to be held accountable? Even if our missionaries are held accountable, that money normally ends up somewhere else. Sure, a gift is good here and there. However, if it is only ever gifts, what will make the natives think that they need to spend the money wisely? They are now free rangers with the money. If we give loans, we still need to fund money. Just not over and over and over in a desperate attempt to cure poverty.

Once we give, the receiver of the loan will have to come up with a way to pay the money back. This will make them open up a business, invest in the nation. The money will then be returned after a profit is made, so the money can go back out to somebody else wanting to open up a business. The answer seems so simple, yet why do we not have the answer figured out? In my interview with Martin, he told me of a woman in Northern Africa who picked up the challenge of the local government and the U.

They had tried 35 times, and she came in with the idea of loans. Businesses started popping up everywhere, and because people had the money from their businesses, they could spend it on other local businesses. If we want instant gratification, chocolate is the answer. A very sweet answer, but it is also very sticky. The answer that will provide the wanted change, like so many claim to want, will come with the work and time of stimulating the local economy.

It will exceptional hard considering the state we have already put the locals in, I state of wanting without any expected return. Maybe this generation has already become too lazy, misunderstood, and not motivated. Never the less we should start now, and we will start seeing major results in the first 10 years. I feel I have left the secular persons opinion out, I have been talking about making God known in these foreign countries, and about missionaries and churches.

You do not need to be a missionary, you do not need to believe in something beyond yourself. The fact is we all have sympathy towards the needy, and so you are called to help just as much as a man of God. Non-religious people going along with their own plans, rejecting this plea for change based on religion. If a few of us change our plan of action, the natives will simply turn to others who give free hand outs. There are plenty of non-religious handouts. The fact is, I have not quoted the bible once. Though the Bible does contain examples of Paul calling his church members to accountability, getting in and helping quickly, and getting out just as fast, it is only an example.

Christians would base part of their need to help on the bible, but they do not specifically need it for logic. In this case I have proved as a Christian you do not need to rely on the Bible for logic, for this very purpose, to let any non-believers know it is all just plain experience of previous mistakes. Christian organizations that have principles can go astray, and that is bad. There are no common principles among people who have no status within religion, for each and every single person decides their own rules. Within Christianity there are expectations to adhere to, making corrections easier and less offensive.

How can a secular organization be judged on things they do not follow? None of these rules are religious, they do not ask you to bow down and worship a God. They ask you if you truly want to make a difference, believer or not. A secular organization that went heavily astray, and is famous for its huge scandal, is the Three Cups of Tea books scandal. On the website, they display the book for sale.

Is the law enough to enforce the accountability of charities though? If religions cannot retain it, though it is their responsibility, how far can the government go? The government can only crack down on large scandals like Three Cups of Tea. Even then, this man still went five years of irresponsibly lying for money. We as a nation, not just a Christian religion, need to start focusing on where our money goes. Poverty attacks everyone, so we as a people need to disregard these problems and attack the corruption of people like Mortenson head on, not leave it for government to handle when they have other responsibilities.

We need to act by not funding these fools in the first place, and soon enough the appease of making a fake organization will not be as tempting. We need to stop buying from companies that use charity as a means of profit. Remember the crayon story? The same thing is happening with shoes, on a large scale. When we are tackling the problem of trying to change the economic crisis of Africa, silly games like selling shoes for a large profit need to be swept aside. What this company does is create a fake mask on the actually goal of charity. The goal of charity is for us to get in and help the people build their own businesses, sustain their own economy, and become their own people.

Giving free gifts does not build confidence, it leaves the constant reminder that these people are in need and that nothing will ever change. Is that really what we want to be doing? Sure, the idea of giving free things is nice. Temporary change is putting a mask on what we should be aiming for in the future though.

Why not give to an organization that gives loans to businesses that make shoes in the local area, by locals, for locals, with no profit at all going to America? We cannot, as Americans, make the excuse that we need the foreign money for our own dying economy. That is ridiculous. If we cannot make ends meet with businesses on our side of the seas, giving shoes in foreign countries is not going to boost our economy in a significant way. It is strategies we use for our businesses here in America that will change the economy here in America.

Likewise, if we let the people in Africa rely on their own business strategies once we get out, they can look at what they need to change as a country, instead of having to swim through the large flow of money America throws at them. America is causing clutter in their economy right now, when all they need is a good base and their own well-fortified and structured economy to make it through the times. What if our own economy fails? It is the strategies we have helped the natives come up with that will help them get through the rough time, while the free pairs of shoes will go to rot in under a year.

What is this shoe company you ask? Like stated before a person will buy a pair of two dollar shoes here in America for about fifty dollars, giving a free pair of shoes to someone in poverty. The whole idea is sugar coated in emotions, fashion, and good intentions. It makes one wonder what their original intention was in the first place; to look stylish, look like they are a good person, or do they actually think they are making a significant change?

The problem is poverty. If you have read this paper, and do not believe that giving gifts will do harm, at the very least research if the company you donate to actually donates like they say they do. Charities can be just like presidents on a presidential campaign, they will promise something very well looking, but never back it up in real life. The main call is to help in any way you can, yet if you are going to give you should be smart and get the biggest bang for your buck. Being smart with money is especially needed in the economic crisis the whole world is slowly dipping into. Once free money dries up, integrity will increase.

Let us remember that love and hard work will be the true healer, and that money is just a means to resources. Not a means to life. Work cited Caldwell, Lucy. Corbett, Steve and Fikkert, Brian. When Helping Hurts. Chicago, IL: Moody Publishers. Giglio, Mike. Martin, Jonathan. Giving Wisely? Personal interview.

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Three Cups of Tea. Timmerman, Kelsey. TOMS Shoes official store. World Vision. If it is a market in Africa why would you call it a Black Market? Yes I attend Warner Pacific. My problem with your argument again is that you offer zero solutions. It seems that you are great at pointing out corruption, shortcomings, and other problems. Yet when it comes to solutions you offer; love, cultural integrity, and little else.

My friend is leaving for the Horn of Africa in a month. Unfortunately, this region now requires military intervention. There is a famine happening there. A famine is defined as 6 out of every 10, people starving to death daily within a region. Would love and cultural integrity help those starving children? Then what are you offering up here? Your whole paper focuses on corrupt individuals from charitible organizations. Great we know they exist. How about the corrupt governments in these affected areas?

How do they propose to improve their situations? They have had decades and yet somehow they have failed to counteract mother nature and the extreme lack of rainfall in the region. So warlords reign supreme and steal the aid sent by outside agencies. That really sounds like a culture worth preserving. What is happening is they are sending the Army over to Djubuti and the Army is comprised of engineers and security forces interested in preserving life.

It is odd to me that somehow you think love and hard work would somehow do the same thing as American tax money and efforts. You live there part time and are still so clueless. Band-Aid that. This nonprofit religious effort is making some radical change in the world. What are some others that you have found? I will research this one. My solution it seems you have not read my paper , is to give logically.

I did not mention the government of Africa because that is not the focus of my paper. The focus of my paper is showing what our money is doing. The government would be an out-group, yes. Joel : Hello, and thank you! Servo [as Tom's Mother] : Oh send him to Harvard, will you?

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  • How Accurate Were Tom DeLonge's Alien Claims? An Investigation!
  • The fetish club;
  • Instinct Animals.
  • Maria (Clasicos de la literatura nº 1) (Spanish Edition).

Thank you, hello! And thank you! Tomoko : Hello! Servo : [laughing] Hello! Officer Kondo : Heh? Joel [as Tomoko] : [whispers] They will all die by Gamera's hand! I wish to be the first to be crushed! Earth vs. Crow [as Bueller] Servo [as Bueller] : Oh, and you must have a wire rack. Professor Bueller : Do you know Crow [as Man 1] : Uh Now he is pleasing.

Crow [as Man 2] : Duh, I was under da bleachers at da ball game, and dat's when da cop chased me 'n' asked me what I was doin' Man 2 : I shaid mishter, ah shaid mishter, dis, dis ishn't your seat, see ah' been sittin' here whol' lot longer 'n' you sheem t' think ah have, and Servo : Ah, Garrison Keillor. Professor Bueller : Many of his listeners won't be able to understand him, and those that do Joel [as Bueller] Erhardt , no! So that's what happened to him! Servo : Wow. Erhardt] : Enjoy! We'll scuttle the story and run her aground. We'll try so hard to slow the plot down!

Ohhh, we'll make you a movie that's long and immense. Way hey, slow the plot down! Just give us a script that makes no friggin' sense! He's chicken — never jumped at all. Crow [as Announcer] : What's this? He's forced his way into the announcer's booth. What's that in his hand?

Oh no! Servo : Forget about life-jackets this is The 50's. Ted Husing : It read: "Want immediately one live bobcat, two cub black bears, and three six-foot diamondback rattlers. Servo [as Harpo Marx ] : Honk! Crow [as Groucho Marx] : Make that three hard-boiled eggs. Don't you know you're wanted in Chicago? Servo [as Husing] : For voting twice? Ted Husing : Say, you made a mistake picking that tree.

I'm afraid you're out of luck this time. Crow [as Bobcat] : Naaah, bite me! I will prevail! Mine is a noble race!

Ashes to Ashes (David Bowie song)

And so Ross Allen fills one third of his day's orders. What's next? Joel : Hurting the people you know and love? Crow : Chasing rabbits on a mini-bike until their hearts explode? Ted Husing : Now you've got a boatload of live cargo — a wildcat, three six-foot rattlers, and a couple of little teddy bears.

It seems to me, I'd call it day, or call a taxi, or Teenage Caveman movie [ edit ] [A desolate prehistoric valley is shown. Joel : Not very. Joel : This script is like a telephone directory! Crow : But not as interesting. Someone, possibly the principal introduces the speaker in silence.

Crow [as Principal] : Hello. Am I on? Is this thing on? You wanna look at that, Helen? Servo [as Matronly Woman] Joel : And Ayn Rand! Crow : chuckles maniacly Joel : Be cool! Be cool! Oh, that's good! Now let's get out of here. Oh, shoot! I mailed it to myself! Joel : It's from Ed McMahon!

It says I may already be a winner! Howya doin'? We're gonna have a great time! We're gonna be pals! It's the Woodstock of the 50s! Vic Damone's on next. Joel [as audience member] : Play "Whipping Post"! Look, look look at my crotch. Loooook at my crotch. Nearby, a lamp with Kay's name on the lampshade is seen. Narrator Joel [as Kay] : How do Pop-Tarts work? Kay : What are you doing to major in, Helen?

Louise : What are you going to take, Jean? Joel [as Jean] : I'm going to take Bob for everything he's got! Kay : You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to teach. Joel [as Kay] : Because I can't do.

We have to be subjugated to men?! Voice Over : What is "Home Economics"? Crow : Boy, you'd think they would have told us by now Joel, Crow, Servo [singing] : Here we come, walking down the street Servo [singing] : It's a wonderful world when you're married, when you have a family Servo : And to re-enact the last scene from Anna Karenina.

Joel [as Ken] : Ha ha! My chick's dead! Ken : How will we do it? Rocky : Easy. Servo : Wha— wait a minute. Servo : Oh, I don't know; a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away? Crow : Yeah Joel : Yep. War of the Colossal Beast [ edit ] Mr. Servo : "A sick cookie". Joel : Oh. Joel, Servo, Crow : [singing to the background music in the opening credits] Come on and buy some crap from us You know that you want to And the white race will salute you As you prance and gad about! B Natural : Boy! Am I glad to see you! Crow : Well, it's not mutual!

B Natural : Knew your father, I did!

Author, Speaker, Touron

Joel : Hey, leave my father out of this! B Natural : And your grandfather! And don't be too sure I wasn't in the garden with Mr. Servo : Yeah, you were the snake! B Natural : The spirit of music's inside all of you. Crow : No, I bathe. B Natural : In you Points straightforward while Crow imitates a missile hitting and Joel acts like he's hit [At the high school hallway, student Jim shows his new clarinet while Buzz watches.

We could dance! Crow [as Buzz] : Don't hit me! Buzz : No thanks I mean I've got a lot of reading to do. You know, that big history essay Jeanie : But that's not due for two weeks! Buzz : I know Jeanie Servo [as Buzz] I gotta finish my letter to Jodie Foster. Joel [as Buzz] : [in a whiny voice] That hurt. I'm all messed up inside. If only an androgynous man would come and visit me Servo : Meanwhile, the Midvale police visit his locker.

Find out why they call him "Buzz". B Natural : Better wait 'til he calls on me, though Servo : Yeah, calls for Satan. Buzz's Mother : All right, dear. Oh, and Buzz? Crow [as Buzz's Mother] : This time, don't make so much noise when you "read. I was popular! B Natural : Whether you know it or not, you sent for me! When you reached down to grab that music, to make yourself feel better, you awakened the spirit of music inside you!

That's me , B Natural! Servo : [excited] So I'm attracted to guys now? B Natural : You sing a baby a lullaby, and it coos. Crow [as Jerry Lewis ] : The lull-a-baby-bye! B Natural is talking about joining the school band. B Natural : And wait 'til you see the kicks you get out of it, Buzz. Servo : Kicks! B Natural : The glamour of the uniform B Natural : The thrill of traveling for a band competition Servo : The all-night coke jags in cheap motels!

B Natural Crow [as Buzz] : Yeah, that's nice B Natural : When you want to show dignity, Buzz, try a French horn! Joel : Uh, Mr. B, what would you know about dignity? B Natural cavorts before the lifesized musical staff as "his" instruments play together. Servo : Ladies and gentlemen, please accept our sincere apology for all of this.

Crow [as Buzz] : Forget music, I wanna dance! B dances to some music. Servo : See, Buzz? It's really fun to be psychotic. B appears in the music store and begins talking. Crow : [in a midwestern voice] Oh cripes. Polish, polish, polish. That's what I do all day. Watch for the red man, you're wrong. Crow : This trumpet is flatlining! Joel : Say, that guy's got a way with a ballad. Crow [as radio host] : Well, the old clock on the wall says that's all for the Stridex Medicated Band hour B Natural appears and gives the "okay" symbol.

Servo : Ah, but in real life, Johnny is last chair with the preschool band. War of the Colossal Beast movie [ edit ] [Joyce Manning and others, looking for her giant brother Glenn, are in a Jeep rolling down a Mexican back-country road. Take one down, pass it around, 99 years of solitude! Servo : No, no, the whorl pattern is completely wrong. Sheriff : [upon discovering a giant footprint] Whatever made this must have been sixty feet tall.

Joyce : Glen was sixty feet tall. Crow : Think there's a connection? The Unearthly [ edit ] Posture Pals short [ edit ] [as the short begins, a logo for Avis Films appears. Servo : The story you're about to see is true. No names were changed because no one was innocent. Crow, Servo : Hi, Sally. Joel : 'Cause they're on the payroll. Joel : Yeah, they'll go to Burger King and get crappy hats.

Narrator : Tommy, Jimmy, Jane, and Mary are very interested in this announcement. Servo : Hey, who wouldn't be? Narrator : But they are not happy with what they see. Servo : They're disgusted and filled with self-loathing! Narrator : For Tommy is indeed surprised Crow [as Tommy] : No! Joel : He's got VPL. Servo : Hey, and let me tell ya Narrator : Now Jimmy is disturbed to see Crow [as Jimmy] : Nuh-uh! Nothing doing! That ain't gonna work! It's not flying with me, Pops! Narrator : He's leaning backward out of balance, just like a house about to fall.

Servo [as Narrator] : Just like his dad on Friday night! Narrator : And what gives Jane her worried frown? Joel : Valium? Narrator : Look at the board. It's plain to see that Jane must practice standing straight to grow up like a lovely tree. Servo : All of a sudden, it's iambic pentameter here. Narrator : Our Mary is a happy girl Servo : imitates repeated burping Narrator Crow : She should jut go home to bed. Green Eggs and Ham. Servo : Thank you, Sam-I-Am. Arms swing easily at the sides. Crow : Yes, very much so. Narrator : —when Jimmy stands off-balance. Crow [as Narrator] : Tears of shame pour down Tommy's face.

Joel [as Jimmy] : Ms. Tommy drew a bong! Tom : Heh-heh Narrator : At last, the big day has come. The class is taking their second posture test. Tom : Yeah, after Slim-Fast! Joel : And who will have a Sealy Posturepedic childhood. Narrator : And the other three children win the other posture crowns. Servo : Definitely a fix. Narrator : Don't you agree that these four children deserve to win after trying so hard to improve their postures?

Joel, Crow, Servo : NO! Crow : Their chances of ever being cool are ruined for life. Appreciating Our Parents short [ edit ] [Little Tommy examines his neatened room. He looks in his closet. Servo [as Narrator] Joel [as Narrator] : Tommy's the Lathe of Heaven. The Unearthly movie [ edit ] [The camera focuses on Dr. Conway lantern-jawed John Carradine as he reassures new patient Grace. Conway's office for an appointment. Gilchrist turns to enter Dr. Conway's inner office. Conway's mournful after-dinner organ performance, Mark gets up to check on Natalie.

Crow [as Mark] : Yeah, that's why I'm leavin'. Servo [as Groucho] : I can't think of anything else! Conway's guests. Joel : Well said. Conway's dim-witted servant Lobo occupied. Girmar : Must we go to sleep now, Father? I want to see Santa Claus some more. Bomar : I want to see more toys! Kimar : No, go to sleep! Cricket lighter. Servo : [in nerdy voice] You know… if they cancel Battlestar Galactica , I'm gonna kill myself.

Santa's going to whimper like a whipped pup. Joel [as Santa] : Don't worry, we'll give them to dyslexic kids. Girmar : Look, Santa! Joel [as Santa] : We'll have to sell this stuff to Wham-O! Crow : Santa Claus, killed in Vietnam. Forrester : Ohhh, Frank! What a lovely watchband! This must have set you back a pretty penny!

TV's Frank : Well, actually, I, eh… didn't have any money, so I… took the liberty of hocking your Rolex and… to pay for that, heh heh… Dr. Forrester : You… hocked… my… Rolex. TV's Frank : Yah… Dr. Forrester : Well, it's the thought that counts. Open your gift. TV's Frank : Oh, boy! I bet it's a book! Forrester : Yes, it is a book, Frank. It's… it's called Final Exit.

I've been stealing your plasma at night so I didn't have to spend any of my own money. TV's Frank : Heh heh. Oh, Henry! This is the sheriff's office! Crow : Office?! That's a car. I might need you. Max : I'm going off duty for the day. Holly : Oh sure, a loner, I got the scene. Just reading the classified ads in the local motel until Dick Powell comes running down the television alley at midnight with a gun in his hand.

Trumball : You got a warrant, sheriff? Servo [as Sheriff Kyle] : Yeah, I got a made-for-tv warrant right here. Crow : I hear his theme music, he's around here somewhere McAlister : I am not for hire. Okasa : We are all for hire. In dark times McAlister : The dark times have gone. Servo : You guys speaking in haiku all of a sudden???

Servo : We'll be the judge of that. Max : We're being followed! Servo [as McAllister] : Of course we are! We're in an action-packed, made-for-tv movie! Take a turn here on Steven J. Cannell Boulevard! Max : Don't tell me why they're following us. I like surprises. Crow : Well, here's a surprise Servo [as Okasa] : Damn. He knows Doug Henning. Max : You all right? Joel [as McAllister] : I'm fine, but I'm out 20 bucks. Let's head back to the magic shop.

Check it out. Are you? Carrie : Yeah, I'm here. Oh Max, a long day. Max : I hear ya. Nothing comes. Season 4 [ edit ] Space Travelers [ edit ] [The astronauts are discussing sleeping to preserve oxygen] Crow : Well I have sleep apnea so I won't need much. Chase : [singing] The Lord said, "Laugh, laugh, laugh! The horror! Servo : That makes thirty dollars! He's a little depressed. Morrissey : [turns to Dr. Forrester] He hurt me with that remark. Did I mention that I cried?

We're basically evil, granted, but a lot of what we say is just good-natured ribbing. Morrissey : Well, it hurt me. Morrissey : This is a song that I wrote in a time in my life when I was very, very, very sad. Breakfast, actually. It's called "Hairdresser in a Coma": I cried last night, I died a million deaths. Thinking of your sweet face, and the way you sing. I cried inside, we lied and died. And then I cried again. I must have weep for hours Servo [as Yogi] : Oh Jeez, I told you to floss!

Joel : This guy's just funny, you can't explain it Servo : He'll pass a stone in a minute that'll make ya howl. It's good! Joel : Oh, this is so offensive on so many levels. Not allowed. Crow : The illegal smuggling of mimes. Nobody ever talks about it. Joel [as Woody] : Oh yeah? Well you're a Mick : I mean, back where you came from you may be somethin', but— Crow [as Woody] : Nope. Pretty much squat there, too. Mick : We ain't stupid. Bolo : Nobody's calling anybody stupid, Mick.

Crow : Not on screen anyway. Teenagers from Outer Space [ edit ] [The mature alien captain emerges from the spaceship. Spacecraft Captain : We are the supreme race!