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Image zoom. Alice was popularized in the novel, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Another famous Alice? Another famous Bonnie? Bonnie Raitt, the 10 time Grammy Award Winning musician. Another famous Clara? Old English. A popular name among royalty and is the name of several saints. Another famous Genevieve?


500 Old Fashioned Dog Names

Lillian comes from the flowering plant, Lily, and is a symbol of purity. Another famous Lillian?

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Lillian Gish, Theatre and Film actress who lived to Another famous Martha? Martha Stewart, TV personality, author, businesswoman. Minnie was made popular as Minnie Mouse by Walt Disney. Another famous Minnie? Minnie Pearl, Country Singer and Comedian. Millicent has been used as a given name since the Middle Ages. The name of the month comes from Maia, the Greek goddess of fertility. Another famous Mae? Short for Eleanor. Popularized by First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt. Another famous Nell? In Homer's Odyssey, Penelope was associated with marital faithfulness.

Another famous Penelope? Another famous Phoebe?

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  7. Phoebe Cates, actress and model. Roses are associated with love and beauty. Another famous Rose? Rose Kennedy, matriarch of the Kennedy clan. When it comes to choosing a name for their daughters, parents are turning more and more to classic names. The tried and true older names, are simple, but hold a wealth of meaning.

    Giving a name to your baby is one of the first, and possibly the most, important decisions you will make for her in her young life. You want to make sure you are taking the time to consider all your possibilities. Be sure to really investigate the meaning of the name, the way it sounds, and even the historical figures who stand behind it. Vintage names have lasting appeal. They are timeless, dignified, and classy rather than being obnoxiously trendy. It seems you can never go wrong with a classic name. Classic names have far richer meanings than the one or two words that are usually used to describe them.

    We found 20 of the most popular names of the past years, and are confident that one or two of them may find a permanent spot into your heart. Mary is one name that has stood the test of time. The name Mary has been on the most popular name lists for centuries. Once it began to drop in popularity however, Mary never regained her top spot. Unfortunately, the name is used less and less each year.

    Mary has always been a name that symbolizes religious Christianity. However, in an era where parents are choosing more individualized names for their children, more unique choices like Nevaeh heaven spelled backwards are being used. When you hear the name Elizabeth, your first thoughts probably turn towards the current Queen of England. Queen Elizabeth is the longest reigning monarch in British history. It has remained on the top charts of many countries for decades.

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    It has also been a favorite choice for both first and middle names, and in fact, most people can name at least one person they know personally who has Elizabeth as some part of their name. If chosen, your daughter would share the name with famous and beautiful celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Elizabeth Banks, and Elizabeth Hurley. If you choose to name your daughter Emma, she will have some pretty large shoes to fill. Inspirational women like Emma Churchill and Emma Goldman, who helped pave the way to a better world for the rest of us, share the name.

    Churchill founded the Salvation Army in Newfoundland, known for providing disaster relief and humanitarian aid to those in need. The name skyrocketed and has stayed at the top of the charts ever since. Some people think Emma is becoming over exposed and have turned to names such as Amelia and Ella instead. A name that actually means princess, Sarah was originally borne of the mother to Abraham, as told in the Old Testament. In the story, she tried unsuccessfully for years to have a child of her own.

    Miraculously she gave birth to her only son, Isaac, at the old age of 90, as declared by God. Celebrity beauties such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Sarah Silverman share this feminine name that has endured through all the eras. Margaret is one of the most Christian and royal female names in existence. Attached to the patron saint of women in childbirth, this name has graced various queens and princesses in the world's history.

    Margaret means pearl, or cluster of blossoms, and a girl bearing this name might have characteristics of being extremely bright, and a spiritual teacher. Her nickname was The Iron Lady, which she earned by having an uncompromising leadership style. Adorable nicknames like Meg, Maggie, Peg, and Marge, have held much appeal for parents, and have kept Margaret in the running as a top name choice. It has become a fairly unused name of late, so if you do choose it, you will possibly have the only Margaret in your area. With a meaning of grace, girls who are named Ann are often uplifting and inspirational women.

    In fact, the sainted mother of the Virgin Mary was named Ann. Your daughter might appreciate being named after brave, beautiful, and inspirational women such as the famous Anne of Green Gables, Anne Hathaway, Anne Frank, and baby photographer Anne Geddes. Many people shy away from Ann now, feeling that one syllable names have become plain and boring. However, if you choose the name Ann, you are providing your child with a name that will probably never be mispronounced, even in other countries. Have you ever heard the story of Jane Eyre? After being deceived by him, Jane embarks on a journey searching for her true destiny.

    Imagine being a girl named Jane, and reading this love story with your namesake as a heroine, over and over again. Jane is a very old name, once used so much it became generic and started to be used to describe generic people such as Jane Doe, or G. Its popularity declined for a while, but Jane has started to work its way back up the charts again, as celebrities such as Jimmy Kimmel are naming their baby girls Jane. Girls with this name, share it with not only historical figures such as Jane Eyre, but also people like Jane Austen and Jane Fonda.

    The strong, yet sweet, name Alice is a name that entices a feeling of happiness and optimism. The name became well established in medieval times, surged in popularity, but began to fall in the latter half of the 20 th century. It has begun to pick up speed again recently, as people are looking towards names with classic, antique charms. Perhaps the most famous Alice known, is the one from Alice in Wonderland. The enchanting story of a girl falling through a rabbit hole and into a fantasy world stole the hearts of people everywhere.

    The success of the novel sent the name Alice soaring into popularity. The book, originally published in , is still read regularly today. It has also been told on stage and on screen. More charming than Margaret, and more dainty than Mary, many feel the name Alice is a charming name for a young child, that ages gracefully into adulthood. You might be hard pressed to think of an Ellen you know on your own. But if we remind you of people such as Ellen DeGeneres and Ellen Pompeo of Grey's Anatomy you might realize the name isn't as uncommon as you once thought.

    Ellen means a bright, shining light. Ellen was developed as an English form of Helen in the Middle Ages, which was made famous by the Spartan queen who was abducted.

    500 Old Fashioned Dog Names

    Her abductions set the mythological Trojan war into motion. Ellen became the most common variation of Helen, and began a career as a popular female name in numerous countries. In recent years, however, it has been noted as a slightly boring name, and has shifted to becoming a middle name as opposed to a first. A child named Annie might be one who has qualities which make her a wise, mystical, eccentric, and an imaginative little girl.

    The charming name has a childlike quality that many parents find appealing. The name was perhaps made most famous by the comic strip Little Orphan Annie. The comic strip grew into a never missed radio show. Since then, Annie has been viewed on stage and in theater. Little Orphan Annie had a lot of spunk, determination, and grit which are all characteristics most parent hope their own children inherit. A more sophisticated version of the name, Anna, seems to be the one used more today.

    However, a name like Annie has endurance. Even though it has surprisingly lost some of its popularity, we are sure it will find itself climbing up the charts once again. Florence is a name that means flourishing or blooming. Some believe the name is a geographical place name - named after Florence in Tuscany, the capital city of Italy, better known today as just Florence. Interestingly enough, Florence, Italy was one of the most important trade cities in Europe, and said to be "flourishing" in activity.

    People named Florence are known to be humanitarians, spreading love and sensitivity to those who cross their paths. In fact, it is a name that has been shared by several early Christian saints. The name has been neglected in the United States for many years. The charming old-fashioned name has darling nicknames associated with it that might lead you to choose it.

    79 Old Lady Names

    Imagine having a little girl running around your feet by the name of Flo or Flossie. One of the few Old English names that have survived since the Norman Conquest, Edith has a famous story behind it. She birthed an illegitimate child that she named Edith. She eventually escaped, and took Edith back to the nunnery. Edith also became a nun, and chose to wear fancy garments, unlike the other nuns, claiming that she could still be pure even though she chose not to wear tattered gowns. Edith was beautiful, noble and intelligent and loved by all.

    After death, she became a medieval saint throughout England. Today Edith is thought to be more of a frumpy, old lady name. Even with old-fashioned names coming back into style, we are not able to find any celebrities who have chosen Edith as a name for their child. Emily is an English version of the Latin name Amelia, and it means rival. It is a timeless classic, and very British. The name evokes images of women who are smart and beautiful, like the famous authors Emily Dickinson and Emily Bronte.

    Emily Dickinson was the poet who became a recluse while writing a collection of treasured poems. Emily Bronte wrote the classic novel, Wuthering Heights. She was a private person who found an outlet in writing. Because of them, the name Emily is synonymous with the words independent, individualistic, and successful. Emily held the number one spot on the list of top names for twelve consecutive years. However, it became a name that was over used, and people who would have once chosen the name, have turned to similar names such as Emma.

    When hearing the name Eliza, many people think of the famous Eliza Doolittle. She was the spunky, loveable girl that Professor Higgins turned into a charming, intelligent lady in the novel, My Fair Lady. The novel became so popular, that Eliza was played by Julie Andrews on stage, and Audrey Hepburn on screen. The name skyrocketed from there. Today, the name does not seem as overused as other old fashioned names that are once again becoming popular. It is a lovely name that has a bit of feistiness associated with it. Wouldn't it be fun to have a name that is a palindrome?

    You would be able to spell your name the same both forward and backwards. Hannah first became popular in the 16 th century. Puritans chose the name for their daughters, keeping with the customs of adopting Old Testament names as an act of modesty. In the Biblical book of Samuel, Hannah was married to an unpleasant man, and was unable to have a child.

    She met a priest who told her that her wish would be granted, and she finally became pregnant with her son, Samuel. It never goes out of style, and is a gentle sounding name. A person named Susan, which means lily, can be described as someone who is bright and inspirational.

    500+ Most Poular Girl Names in U.S. History 1880-2014

    A person who is a teacher. Susan has many nicknames, some of which include Sue, Susie, and Zuku.