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Share full text access. Please review our Terms and Conditions of Use and check box below to share full-text version of article. Methods: Records of patients with abdominal wall 23 and limb or limb girdle 86 AF were studied to determine patient, tumour and treatment characteristics and outcome. Citing Literature. Volume 91 , Issue 12 December Pages Related Information.

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Previous Figure Next Figure. Email or Customer ID. Forgot password? Old Password. The Pantheon is full of such devices — for example, there are relieving arches over the recesses inside — but all these arches were hidden by marble facing on the interior and possibly by stone revetment or stucco on the exterior.

Some changes have been made in the interior decoration. It is known from Roman sources that their concrete is made up of a pasty hydrate of lime, with pozzolanic ash Latin pulvis puteolanum and lightweight pumice from a nearby volcano, and fist-sized pieces of rock. In this, it is very similar to modern concrete. No tensile test results are available on the concrete used in the Pantheon; however Cowan discussed tests on ancient concrete from Roman ruins in Libya which gave a compressive strength of 2.

An empirical relationship gives a tensile strength of psi 1. Finite element analysis of the structure by Mark and Hutchison found a maximum tensile stress of only The stresses in the dome were found to be substantially reduced by the use of successively less dense concrete in higher layers of the dome. The 16 gray granite columns Hadrian ordered for the Pantheon's pronaos were quarried at Mons Claudianus in Egypt's eastern mountains. Each was 39 feet These were dragged on wooden sledges when transporting on land. They were floated by barge down the Nile and transferred to vessels to cross the Mediterranean to the Roman port of Ostia where they were transferred back onto barges and up the Tiber to Rome.

As the best-preserved example of an Ancient Roman monumental building, the Pantheon has been enormously influential in Western Architecture from at least the Renaissance on; starting with Brunelleschi's meter dome of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence, completed in — the first sizeable dome to be constructed in Western Europe since Late Antiquity.

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The style of the Pantheon can be detected in many buildings of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; numerous city halls, universities and public libraries echo its portico-and-dome structure. C, as well as the California State Capitol in Sacramento. The present high altar and the apse were commissioned by Pope Clement XI and designed by Alessandro Specchi.

In the apse, a copy of a Byzantine icon of the Madonna is enshrined. The original, now in the Chapel of the Canons in the Vatican, has been dated to the 13th century, although tradition claims that it is much older. The choir was added in , and was designed by Luigi Poletti. The first niche to the right of the entrance holds a Madonna of the Girdle and St Nicholas of Bari painted by an unknown artist. The first chapel on the right, the Chapel of the Annunciation, has a fresco of the Annunication attributed to Melozzo da Forli.

The second niche has a 15th century fresco of the Tuscan school, depicting the Coronation of the Virgin. It was originally dedicated to the Holy Spirit. A competition was held to decide which architect should be given the honor of designing it. Giuseppe Sacconi participated, but lost — he would later design the tomb of Umberto I in the opposite chapel. Manfredio Manfredi won the competition, and started work in The tomb consists of a large bronze plaque surmounted by a Roman eagle and the arms of the house of Savoy. It is also known as the Madonna of the Railing, because it originally hung in the niche on the left-hand side of the portico, where it was protected by a railing.

It was moved to the Chapel of the Annunciation, and then to its present position some time after The bronze epigram commemorated Pope Clement XI's restoration of the sanctuary. There are three memorial plaques in the floor, one conmmemorating a Gismonda written in the vernacular. The final niche on the right side has a statue of St. Anastasio by Bernardino Cametti.


Two Hours at Lakum Duckum, Walla Walla

On the first niche to the left of the entrance is an Assumption by Andrea Camassei. This refers to the confraternity of artists and musicians that was formed here by a 16th-century Canon of the church, Desiderio da Segni, to ensure that worship was maintained in the chapel. The confraternity continued to draw members from the elite of Rome's artists and architects, and among later members we find Bernini, Cortona, Algardi and many others. The altar in the chapel is covered with false marble. To the sides are paintings by Francesco Cozza, one of the Virtuosi: Adoration of the Shepherds on left side and Adoration of the Magi on right.

Muscles of the Pectoral Girdle and Upper Limbs – Anatomy and Physiology

The second niche has a statue of St Agnes, by Vincenco Felici. The chapel was originally dedicated to St Michael the Archangel, and then to St. Thomas the Apostle. The present design is by Giuseppe Sacconi, completed after his death by his pupil Guido Cirilli. The tomb consists of a slab of alabaster mounted in gilded bronze. They also organize picket guards at the tombs. The altar with the royal arms is by Cirilli.

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The third niche holds the mortal remains — his Ossa et cineres, "Bones and ashes", as the inscription on the sarcophagus says — of the great artist Raphael. The epigraph was written by Pietro Bembo. The present arrangement is from , designed by Antonio Munoz. The bust of Raphael is by Giuseppe Fabris. The two plaques commemorate Maria Bibbiena and Annibale Carracci.

Behind the tomb is the statue known as the Madonna del Sasso Madonna of the Rock so named because she rests one foot on a boulder. It was commissioned by Raphael and made by Lorenzetto in In the Chapel of the Crucifixion, the Roman brick wall is visible in the niches. The wooden crucifix on the altar is from the 15th century.

The bust is a portrait of Cardinal Agostino Rivarola. The final niche on this side has a statue of St. Rasius S. Erasio by Francesco Moderati. Rago to the rescue! I really like these all-in-one girdles - they keep everything in it's proper place! This is my 9th shoot I'm at Amanda's a lot. I wanted to wear the open bottom girdle you see here.

I love that stuff. Amanda helped out in providing the shoes and robe. The Harris Hawk Parabuteo unicinctus formerly known as the Bay-winged Hawk or Dusky Hawk, is a medium-large bird of prey which breeds from the southwestern United States south to Chile and central Argentina. Birds are sometimes reported at large in Western Europe, especially Britain, but it is a popular species in falconry and these records almost certainly all refer to escapes from captivity.

The name is derived from the Greek para, meaning beside, near or like, and the Latin buteo, referring to a kind of buzzard; uni meaning once; and cinctus meaning girdled, referring to the white band at the tip of the tail. John James Audubon gave this bird its English name in honor of his ornithological companion, financial supporter, and friend Edward Harris. The Harris Hawk is notable for its behavior of hunting cooperatively in packs consisting of family groups, while most other raptors hunt alone.

This medium-large hawk is roughly intermediate in size between a Peregrine Falcon Falco peregrinus and a Red-tailed Hawk Buteo jamaicensis. In the United States, the average weight for adult males is about g 1.

Gumball - 99 Bottles of Age Appropriate Beverages on the Wall

They have dark brown plumage with chestnut shoulders, wing linings, and thighs, white on the base and tip of the tail, long, yellow legs and a yellow cere. The vocalizations of the Harris's Hawk are very harsh sounds. The juvenile Harris Hawk is mostly streaked with buff, and appears much lighter than the dark adults. When in flight, the undersides of the juveniles' wings are buff-colored with brown streaking.

They can look unlike adults at first glance, but the identical chestnut plumage is an aid for identification. Set in 22 acres of woodland and wildflower meadow, there are over birds of prey on view, from the tiny Pygmy Owl to the Steller's Sea Eagles. Many of these birds are involved in the spectacular daily flying demonstrations, whilst others are part of important breeding or environmental enrichment projects. The Trust has a bird of prey hospital that treats approximately birds of prey each year; hides to view wild birds in the wildflower meadow; a twice daily Heron and Red Kite feed; and a Vulture Restaurant and keeper's talk.

Every visitor can hold a British bird of prey and there are extra activities during weekends and school holidays for our younger visitors; including tractor rides, runner duck racing, Raptor Passport Trail, and ferret racing. The Trust is a conservation charity and award winning visitor centre that has for many years worked in the fields of conservation, education, rehabilitation and the research of birds of prey. The light touched on the tops of the trees for just a few minutes before the whole canyon was bathed with brilliant light.

Many of these trees showed damage from beaver, which are non-native in the Sierra. I wonder how long they'll stand. I revisited this site last weekend Oct --most of the trees are dead now it looks like. Many are girdled by beaver chewing, and though they still had leaves and showed color, they probably are already pretty much dead. The rest stand in water and had no leaves on them at all. Next year there may be no glow left. When this display of the aurora first began, it rose like a fountain of celestial color, with this strong flare of red,accompanied by a ghostly pale green, from behind a distant mountain.

It remained in this mode for quite some time, then exploded into a sky girdling , whirling spiral of light. However, once it reached this crescendo of intense motion and brightness, all traces of the red color, and even the violet hues, were entirely lost. The photos I shot after this point were of lesser interest, being uniformly emerald, and of such vast extent that I couldn't well establish points of reference, for scale, on the frame provided by even my widest lens.

Fired using Flashpoint triggers. Location at Image Essentials Studio.

US3075532A - Molded rubber girdle - Google Patents

Lipstick from Glam Affair - Summer Hair from Lelutka - Serena Sweeden. Thanks to Lenabem Anna for the wonderful background. Explore Trending More More. Tags girdle. Related groups — girdle View all Girdle and full slip. Corset, Girdles and Stocking. View all All Photos Tagged girdle. Van Raalte Exquisite Nylons by Spenser. And girls don't be fooled by FAKE nylons There isn't any.

All that physics by Paco Calvino. That jazz! Body Shot by Nicole Meyers. Night of the sea by Marilyn. I saw you, night of the sea, as you were born, bruised by infinite mother-of-pearl: I watched the starry threads weaving and the electricity of your girdle and the blue motion of the sounds that harass your devoured sweetness.

Thank you! Off Guard by GirlyAndie.

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Up in Honey's Room 1 by daveordavid A small collection of photo's that I snapped of Divinora back in Ludlow, Shropshire by Oxfordshire Churches. I took this whilst taking pics on the top of a church tower. A Winter Eden by Robert Frost A winter garden in an alder swamp, Where conies now come out to sun and romp, As near a paradise as it can be And not melt snow or start a dormant tree. It lifts existence on a plane of snow One level higher than the earth below, One level nearer heaven overhead, And last year's berries shining scarlet red.

It lifts a gaunt luxuriating beast Where he can stretch and hold his highest feat On some wild apple tree's young tender bark, What well may prove the year's high girdle mark. So near to paradise all pairing ends: Here loveless birds now flock as winter friends, Content with bud-inspecting. They presume To say which buds are leaf and which are bloom.

A feather-hammer gives a double knock. This Eden day is done at two o'clock. Nancy Day: a. Richard Taylor Jr. June 29, Edmonds Bookshop, Fifth Ave. Taylor is a motivational speaker and author of three bestselling books. The year-old is sharing with the nation how he overcame morbid obesity, depression, suicide, failing in college and domestic abuse. When a woman comes between Sgt. Michael Cassidy and Lt. Call Edmonds Bookshop: 5 p. Call for more. Black Lab Gallery: 7 p. The gallery offers a poetry reading each Monday evening at Hewitt Ave. For more information, call Cafe Zippy: 7 p.