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"The Sphinx and Pyramids Must be Destroyed"

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Anu M'Bantu and Gert Muller. The City. Andrew Lees. Joe Costello. Self-Regulation and Human Progress. Evan Osborne. America's Greatest Challenge: Succession and Continuity. Joseph S. A Plague of People. John Robinson. Charles Baird. There's gotta be a reason for that. In Islam, the pyramids and antiquities of Egypt represent history's ultimate expression of self idolatry. The Quran has many passages dealing with the Muslim prophet Musa confronting Pharaoh and warning him to cease with these projects of self idolatry or face ruin. And the Muslim conquest is the final chapter of this prophecy.

So, in a sense, it's very important that these antiquities remain standing as a monument to the triumph of Islam. For your information, the monuments were there before Islam; it was approximately years after their construction that Islam even 'took' them. Isn't this a testament to the greatness of the Egyptian civilisation that built it? The reason we need to preserve these monuments is not to show the 'triumph' of Islam, but rather to show and preserve the achievements of mankind.

That is the most important reason; if you would like it to showcase the 'triumph' of Islam, it also shows the 'triumph' of the polytheistic, idolatrous Egyptian civilisation which Allah should have destroyed that could build such a great structure that has lasted longer than Islam itself. If you can't understand that and insist that it is a testament to your religion's superiority Please, Islamic leaders. Please destroy the pyramids.

Do so, and even our liberals might start to fathom the evil in Islam.

Ancient History & Civilisation

What the brutal genocide of entire civilizations and the invasion of the few remaining free countries has failed to accomplish, destroying the gravestones of the pharaohs might do. Go for it. Thank you, Mr. Toameh, for your reporting.

Sesheshet - Wikipedia

The threat of the Middle East - at least its extreme factions - to Western values grows ever more pervasive. It is the pull of the Dark Ages over enlightenment. One good thing that will come out of this ridiculous behavior of the Muslims is that Westerners will not longer spend their tourist dollars in Egypt. If this becomes the norm in the greater Middle East, how long before it encroaches on other areas of the globe inhabited by the sorts of Islamists who would willingly follow this example?

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Take Indonesia for instance: the thought of a nonsecular Salafi group gaining power over the military and general population of such a populous Muslim state is worrying in the extreme. And I don't think they would stop at religious icons or structures - they would expand this fatwa to people. Symbolically, it is a triangle, but more accurately a Pyramid. Factions are the power at the pinnacle, the authorities the instrument of power beneath and the collectives the builders of value at the base.

It is a feudal arrangement, little different from the past, merely of greater sophistication. Create Widget. About Nicholas Abson. Learn more about Nicholas Abson.