Food for Health Cookbook: Gluten-free, Sugar-free, Dairy-free Living Foods

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Beginning with her own story, Catherine leads the reader through her experiences and sets us up with a course of action: first and foremost, read the labels and be aware of what you are eating. She complements her discussions with concise charts of the good and the bad in different food groups. She lays out the research compiled on the subject of food intolerances and allergies, and she provides a great resource of recipes, from snacks to main course meals to yummy desserts, and all that you could possibly want in between. The glossary is succinct and very thorough and useful.

This is a must have guide for all young mothers and for anyone who wants to eat healthily and stay healthy. Well done! A great resource. Love the photos of Mila. This massive book is a mother-daughter team work. It shares much nutrition information and tips, plus one hundred recipes.

The photography is delightful.

what i eat in a day: candida diet (sugar free + gluten free)

This is an excellent book. This well-researched and masterfully created book is a true gift to aware parents who want to give their children the best start to life. At last, a wonderfully creative and thoroughly well researched work of immensely helpful and beneficial guidance, for us as parents! Food and health are inseparable. Toward healing, awareness and peace! Thank you Catherine. Such a brilliantly conceived, carefully planned, beautifully photographed, thoughtful, forward thinking book I can't praise your book enough. Your book hasn't left my reading table since I bought it on Friday.

Award Winning!

It has tapped very effectively into the future of eating. Your book has really changed my life Even though I don't have any children, your book has really changed my life. You have made me so aware of what I'm eating and the products I use on my body and my entire being is rejoicing in using all natural products and eating good healthy food.

I wish that all hospitals would give your book to expectant mothers because everything you have said makes so much sense. Thank you for helping me achieve a new and healthy self. I have a little boy with nonverbal autism and I have endless issues with sugar intake.

I have been searching for books like yours for a long time. Having read this well researched book from cover to cover, I can honestly say that the author Catherine Barnhoorn has done a truly terrific job. My personal favourite is the beautiful spiritual component she has running throughout the book.

Love Food Nourish - Clean Eating, Gluten Free & Dairy Free Recipes

That we need to be mindful and grateful of the foods we consume. I really appreciate your kind words and want to compliment you on the fabulous book that you have written. I think it takes great courage to self-publish and I hope that the book will be a great success. I included it as one of the many books written by Capetonians on the changing diet that we are promoting. Essential reading for moms!

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This is my bible when it comes to preparing food for my little one. So much information, so many great ideas, a phenomenal glossary. Her gentle approach to introducing solids without falling prey to society's obsession with unhealthy treats for babies and toddlers is refreshing and inspiring. This book has delivered over and above what I expected!

I haven tried any recipes yet I only just got the book , but every one has appealed to me so far. With all the things we have to do as a parent, we forget to teach our children how important self care is as they grow. Well baby makes a well adult! Plus, I found the conversation between Catherine and Mila so heartwarming. Thank you Catherine for sharing your love, truth and your knowledge.

New mothers need this book! I certainly wish my mother had this book when I was a baby, spending my first year of life in the hospital due to food allergies! So many newborns suffer for sensitivities and it is an area that needs attention! This books does just that and provides families with easy recipes for any infant, providing healthy options that are easily available in any home!

This is a "go-to" resource for any new mother! A must have for sure! What a beautiful and information packed guide and cookbook for nourishing your baby. Catherine shares her pre pregnancy health challenged journey through the birth of her daughter. Catherine guides the reader to take an active role in educating yourself on the foods you choose for your child. This is a resource book that I will recommend to families with newborns, one that you will refer to over and over again. Thank you Catherine, I wish I had this resource when I was a new mom. Your book arrived yesterday and I am utterly blown away.

This book is a vital one. This book ticks all those boxes and I think it has x factor. Why its not just a cookbook. An expose of what is really in that convenient, ready-made food and the affect it has on your child physically, mentally and emotionally;. If you are a fan of salted caramel you will love this easy to make, no bake salted caramel dessert.

Davina McCall: How to be sugar-free

This layered dessert has a nutty base covered by a delicious vanilla maple cashew cream, topped of by a smooth salted caramel sauce. Gluten free, dairy free, Vegan and Paleo friendly. This refreshing but oh so moreish gluten free and Paleo pineapple and coconut slice is full of delightful tropical flavour with a hint of…. These healthy toddler muffins make tasty little snacks for your little ones!

These blueberry, banana and apple muffins contain no added sugar. They are…. This one pan chicken and chorizo with vegetables cooked in a tomato basil sauce makes an easy, hearty and full flavoured dinner that the…. These peanut butter fat bombs are one of the most satisfying snacks you will ever have!

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