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Gertrude Barrows Bennett

He never speaks for himself, and is seen very briefly only twice. But as the story ends he is finally back home at Elsinore, and Claudius feels that the resentful young man can be trained up into a properly domesticated prince and, matched with Ophelia presented as a pretty but rather vacant young woman , reliably produce heirs to extend this benign dynasty From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Knopf Publication date. Dewey Decimal. Selected works of John Updike. The Carpentered Hen Telephone Poles Henry Bech Olinger Brewer Tarbox.

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William Shakespeare 's Hamlet. Dumbshow Induction Quiddity Substitution. Sources Criticism.


Styled as the memoir of a famous composer named Kuhn, Gertrud tells of his childhood and young adult years before it comes to the heart of the story; his relationships to two troubled artists, the eponymous Gertrud Imthor, and the opera singer Heinrich Muoth. Kuhn is drawn to Gertrud upon their first encounter, but she falls in love with and marries Muoth, whom the composer befriended as well some years before.

The two are hopelessly ill-matched, and their destructive relationship provides the basis for Kuhn's magnum opus. Like many of Hesse's novels, there is a strong influence derived from Nietzsche, specifically his work The Birth of Tragedy. Muoth represents the passionate Dionysian elements of art, while Gertrud represents the more refined Apollonian elements. The fact that Kuhn's opera is the result of their relationship suggests the combining of the two elements to form a work of high art.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. If my reading is correct, it's basically like she is using a painting to comment on the current state and recent history of art while also using paint to comment on colors and the texture of the paint itself. Could it just be pretentious nonsense? Many have said this, but I think that they are wrong. I do not understand it well enough to offer definitive proof though, lol.

Is it pretentious? Dalloway and all of those damned French existentialists, don't we? It's amazing how one can pick out nearly any atom from some Stein novels and find that it captures the overall structure of the work, writ small. It's unified-field literature. Jan 12, Ann E.

Book Review: Gertrude by Hermann Hesse

Wallace rated it it was ok. Because Gertrude Stein. Gertrude Stein because. Because if Gertrude Stein because? In truth I wanted to poke my own eyes out as I laboured through this book. I read reviews heralding it as the book of how a creator creates.

Gertrude and Claudius - Wikipedia

As I followed, line by line, all I could think of was that story about the emporer having no clothes on and I was that kid that said, "no he does not! I wanted an Epiphany. I wanted to feel changed for the Because Gertrude Stein. I wanted to feel changed for the better in some way. Unfortunately, I was only me at the end of the book and no closer to having any kind of clue what it was all about. I am disappointed and a bit annoyed.

Perhaps i should string all my notes together, throw in some chapter breaks and publish it as The Novel Of You're Welcome.

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  • Jan 07, Ms. It is interesting that of the six or so people who rated this book, not one of them actually wrote any comments. My hypothesis is that none of them actually read the book because this book is virtually unreadable. Opening at random I quote, "Having heard may having heard may it having heard may it be having heard it. Please unite plans. To feel that it were not satisfying if she were not satisfied I'm sure Ms.

    Stein gave great parties, but this is not great literature.

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    • Feb 17, Sarah rated it really liked it. So many sentences in this book that I loved, and I don't particularly like writing reviews, so I will keep it short and give you one of the top five, IMO: "To run and balance and orangutan. Nathan rated it really liked it Sep 09, Tim rated it did not like it Sep 20,