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  1. How do UK dietary guidelines compare for sustainability? | Medact
  2. Top 75 Green Living Blogs for an Eco-Conscious Lifestyle
  3. Individual Development Plan (IDP)

Many experts — including the IPCC — say there is still a chance to create a sustainable, cleaner and more equal global system.

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Individuals can hold politicians to account by supporting political parties that put the environment at the heart of their economic and industrial policies. However the IPCC is clear that the real challenge from its report is to politicians, political systems and corporations rather than individuals. Then the final tickbox is political will. We cannot answer that.

How do UK dietary guidelines compare for sustainability? | Medact

Only our audience can — and that is the governments that receive it. Here are some of the things people can do. Collective action Although individual choices and actions are important, experts say people need to unite if the scale of this challenge is to be met, making the political space for politicians and big businesses to make the necessary changes. Eat less meat — particularly beef According to a report earlier this year , avoiding meat and dairy products is the single biggest way to reduce your environmental impact on the planet.

Insulate homes Relatively simple measures such as insulating lofts and draft-proofing doors and windows on a large scale would see a big drop in energy consumption.

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Top 75 Green Living Blogs for an Eco-Conscious Lifestyle

Latest News. Quick Menu. Desktop Version. So how do the UK guidelines compare? While the Eatwell Guide is designed to be suitable for use by the general public, it also informs and influences practices more widely such as in schools and hospitals.

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  5. Although given little consideration during the United Nations Conference of the Parties COP21 climate change talks in Paris, the global food system has a significant environmental impact. Food production and distribution is the leading cause of global deforestation, land use change and biodiversity loss, contributes almost a quarter of human produced green house gas GHG emissions a leading cause of climate change , and is accountable for more than two thirds of all water used by humans.

    While both crop and livestock production impact negatively on the environment, rearing animals for food has a much larger environmental footprint. Raising livestock for meat, dairy and eggs is responsible for around Thus, which foods we choose to eat can have significant impacts on human health and environmental sustainability at a global level, and we cannot ignore the role of dietary guidance in promoting both human and planetary health.

    Individual Development Plan (IDP)

    Several countries around the world have begun to incorporate elements of sustainability into their dietary guidelines, and this blog is focused on comparing the UK to those addressing sustainability elsewhere in Europe. Table 1 compares advice on the intakes of meat, dairy, eggs, fish, fruit and vegetables, pulses and legumes, and carbohydrates and fibre taken from national dietary guidelines of Sweden , Holland , Germany and the UK.

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    Overall, the Eatwell Guide does provide some limited sustainability messaging, and a review by the Carbon Trust indicates that the guidelines are measurably more sustainable than current diets. For example, while the UK guidance does provide an overall message to consume less meat, it does not provide specific guidance around consumption of different meat or dairy products except for limiting red and processed meat to 70 grams per day.

    Sweden and Holland both recommend limiting overall meat consumption to grams per week, which is just over half the current average UK male consumption grams , and less than the average female consumption grams. Sweden, Holland and Germany also provide quantified guidance on dairy products. Although Sweden, Holland and Germany have primarily based their meat and dairy recommendations on health needs rather than sustainability, overall their guidelines go further than the UK in highlighting the environmental impact of meat consumption.

    Whilst Holland and Germany only focus on red meat in this context, Sweden emphasises the environmental benefits of eating less meat and dairy overall, and consuming more plant-based foods. Sweden and Germany also recommend choosing seasonal fruit and vegetables.