Just Like Other Daughters

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  1. Julia's Daughters by Colleen Faulkner, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®
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  3. Just Like Other Daughters
  4. Book review: ‘Just Like Other Daughters’ by Colleen Faulkner

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Julia's Daughters by Colleen Faulkner, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

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  3. Julia's Daughters.
  4. Just Like Other Daughters – Colleen Faulkner Novels.

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Your browser is too small for this website. Within days, Chloe and Thomas, also mentally challenged, declare themselves in love. Alicia strives to see past her misgivings to the new possibilities opening up for her daughter. But there is no way to prepare for the relationship unfolding, or for the moments of heartbreak and joy ahead.

Just Like Other Daughters

With grace and warmth, Colleen Faulkner tells an unflinching yet heartrending story of mothers and daughters, and of the risks we all take, both in loving and in letting go. Colleen Faulkner lives in Delaware where her family settled more than three hundred years ago. If not, give an example. Would you have responded differently than Alicia when Chloe first came home saying she and Thomas were going to get married?

Do you think Randall loved his daughter?

Book review: ‘Just Like Other Daughters’ by Colleen Faulkner

What about issues of sexuality and fertility? Are independence and autonomy worth the risk, no matter the cost? I have received no other compensation and the opinions expressed are mine and mine alone. The links to the book are Amazon affiliate links. Probably not. Many times since Nathan was born, loving friends and family members of adults with Down syndrome have talked to me and not used it.

The other thing that I struggled with was a scene involving an organization that I strongly oppose. Then come along as I do my part to drive away the shadows, and since you've stopped by, take a minute to download these Sunny Quotes Printables, free and designed just for you. Thank you so much for you lovely review of Just Like Other Daughters.