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Over the next six months, I finished writing the book and had gained a following—and 6 million reads of it! Right now, my main source of income is through the advances that I get from traditional publishers. I wake up when my husband leaves for work between and get to work myself! For me, that means I head out to the living room, grab some coffee, and then take up residence on my couch for the day. This could be anything from writing a first draft of a novel, editing a manuscript, working on marketing projects, answering interview questions, storyboarding my next book or writing up an outline.

Through lots of hard work, dedication and perseverance.

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For nine years I wrote every night for an hour between 11pm and 1am. Even when nobody else was reading them. You have to be self-motivated to be an author. I often get asked advice on how to write a book. All I can say is to actually sit down and write. In terms of how to put an idea on the page? For me personally, I visualize everything I write. The fact that media is changing to allow more people to create and distribute their own content. Self-publishing, YouTube, iTunes, etc…all these creative worlds have been opened up so that creators can make things happen for themselves if they choose to do so.

It just means more opportunities for everyone. Gone are the days that YA content was only for teens. While I was there I learned responsibility having to get myself to work on time, listening to my manager , how to deal with a variety of personalities and what it felt like to be somewhat financially self-sufficient. I would probably let go of my ego a lot sooner. For nine years it told me that to be a successful and legitimate author I had to be published the traditional way. I hate to think of all the opportunities I missed out on because I thought I was too good for them.

I would love to have come to the realization sooner that they were just opinions and not necessarily the view of the entire world at large. Say yes to almost every opportunity that comes your way. I said yes to Wattpad because ultimately I had no real reason to say no. I had no idea that I would end up getting 18 million reads of one of my books, which would lead to a 3-book deal with a major publisher!

Imagine if I had said no to joining the site! I accept writing conference speaking engagements, participate in giveaways, get involved in new ventures and partnerships. And there may just be a connection worth having out there in the audience.

Life's a Witch Career Summary

Hey, you never know! Say yes! Javascript is not enabled in your browser.

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Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. A teen witch must avenge injustices of the past—and cope with a new crush—in the Wattpad sensation that received more than 18 million reads. This witch lives a charmed life… For Hadley Bishop, being at the top of the social pyramid has its drawbacks.

Her key to magically having it all?

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As a descendant of the first woman executed in the Salem Witch Trials, Hadley understands the consequences if her secret gets out. With everything at stake, can Hadley trust her magic…and her heart? Visit her at BrittanyGeragotelis. I was breathing heavily and my hair was matted to my head with sweat. I looked over at the digital clock on my nightstand and cursed when I saw what time it was. I bet no one else has to worry about their beauty sleep being interrupted by the memories of a woman killed during the Salem witch trials. I sighed and threw back my covers dramatically before hopping out of bed and making my way over to the bathroom.

After pulling open the shower curtain, I turned the knobs in the tub until steam filled the room. That was actually the truth. My count was now at 11, Did I know everyone on my friends list? But there was a very good chance they all knew me. Not to sound snobby, but people seemed to be drawn to me. Because who really wants to question popularity? I pulled at the bags under my eyes until they disappeared into my face.

When I let them go, the puffiness returned, making me look much older than my seventeen years. Smiling, I admired my fresh-looking skin from various angles, and then stepped into the shower and relaxed under the stream.

Placing my hands on the wall in front of me, I let my head fall forward so the water was pounding across my neck and shoulders. Whenever I dreamed about Bridget Bishop, I woke up with the worst pain in my upper body. An hour later, I was all washed up and heading downstairs to eat and watch CNN. I hate being unprepared when people bring up current events. I pushed the power button on the remote, then took the box of Fruity Pebbles out of the pantry and poured myself a generous bowl.

Plopping down in the chair right in front of the TV, I let my legs hang over the armrest and started munching away.

LIFE'S A WITCH by Brittany Geragotelis | Kirkus Reviews

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I never missed an opportunity to start my day off on the right foot. I tried to pay attention to what the anchors were saying on the screen, but after a few minutes, my mind wandered back to my dream. Hundreds of times, actually. Beyond the fact that it was totally messed up to watch this woman be hanged over and over again, I knew that what I was seeing had really happened.

And to top it off, she happened to be related to me. Go figure. This time was different, though. The exchange had left me feeling even more emotionally drained than usual. Since I could remember, my mom could always communicate with me telepathically. This new wrinkle gave me something to think about, and I made a mental note to talk to my mom about it later. When my spoon hit the bottom of my empty bowl, I was brought back to reality. Tossing my dirty dish into the sink, I glanced at the clock on the stove.

Heels make a statement. They convey power, sophistication, and sex with every step. Another thing I learned early on was that having an air of mystery about yourself can only work to your advantage. And you should never let go of all your secrets. I spotted my group of friends before any of them saw me, and studied them critically. Bethany, Sofia, and Trish sat huddled on the steps of the school speaking quietly to each other. Probably about the latest gossip or even possibly about me. You never knew with those three. Only I knew that the kind of flawless they exuded took over an hour and a half to perfect.

Our male counterparts leaned up against the wall behind them, hands in their pockets, looking very runway chic. This was the cool crowd. And I was its queen. Sofia saw me first and scurried to stand as I walked up. She passed me a jumbo-size latte, still warm to the touch.

Life's a Witch (Life's a Witch Series #1)

I took a sip and smiled as the liquid warmed me from the inside out. Though I appreciated her effort, nothing could taste the same as vanilla. Not even something as yummy as caramel. When the adults from Hadley's coven suddenly vanish, it seems that the past is catching up with the present. All the evidence points to an age-old rival coven as the culprits, and Hadley must lead the young witches of her coven in a fight to avenge their elders and rescue their missing parents.

At the same time, Hadley is distracted by the mysterious and gorgeous Asher, who seems to have plenty of secrets of his own, not to mention a bit of magic. But whose side is he on? With everything at stake, can Hadley trust her own magic - and her heart - to guide her coven to victory? Brittany Geragotelis, a former Olympic-bound gymnast and magazine editor, is a self-professed pop culture junkie turned author. Visit her at BrittanyGeragotelis. Get our latest book recommendations, author news, and competitions right to your inbox.

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