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Edward Bromberg , Iris Adrian. Not Rated 80 min Comedy, Musical, Romance. K min Drama, Horror, Thriller. Jeong-won is a man with no memory of his childhood and his real family. At the beginning of the film he witnesses the deaths of two young girls. He begins seeing the girls dead bodies Approved 59 min Action, Crime, Drama. Small-time showgirl, loved by two decent men, poses as a stripper to infiltrate a nightclub whose owner is believed responsible for her father's murder. Director: Louis J.

20th-century American dancers

Performances of the greatest exotic dancers are collected here for the first time, from Little Egypt in to the great striptease headliners of the golden age of Burlesque. Not Rated 67 min Documentary, Comedy, Music. This is a compilation of several s burlesque acts, so there's no real plot to summarize. There are some strippers, some stand-up comics of the take-my-wife-please variety and cult Charlie investigates murders connected with insurance fraud. This one is set in San Francisco's Chinatown. Director: Terry O.

Approved 85 min Action, Adventure, Comedy. Scatterbrained Sally Elliott tries to get a job as a Fuller brush girl and desperate for money she borrows her friend's kit without permission and her attempts at selling cosmetics Passed 65 min Crime, Mystery, Romance. A wealthy lawyer begins to suspect that his inattention to his wife has resulted in her taking on a lover. It turns out that he's right, but her lover also has a lover--and when HIS Passed 88 min Comedy, Music.

In order to help her father get his silver mine running, a burlesque queen returns home to Arizona and gets a job as an enterainer at a dude ranch and runs into a romantic mining engineer and a counterfeiter. Approved 21 min Short, Comedy, Music. Approved 83 min Comedy, Music, Romance. The son Romero of a department store owner enrolls the store's sports clerk Henie at a university to use her as an advertisement for their fashion department. She falls for a teacher Approved 67 min Comedy, Music. Edithea Alden, a college girl from a wealthy family, is working at night as dancer in a nightclub.

When the leading lady Rose is loosing the customers attractiong, Editha gets her job, but A girl who works in a music store discovers, on the eve of her wedding, that her intended husband already has a wife. Documentary, Music. Using the frame of an evening of vaudeville, eleven women perform striptease dances. Interspersed are four routines of comedians Joe Young and Gene Doyle. Rita Grable introduces each Approved 83 min Comedy, Music.

Nancy Willows Constance Towers , pretty blonde high school teacher, writes song lyrics which spark the careers of struggling young pianist-composer Martin Adams Keefe Brasselle' and Not Rated 71 min Documentary, Comedy, Music. The legendary pinup queen Bettie Page stars in a marvelous burlesque show, alongside '50s icons Lili St. Approved 82 min Comedy, Music. Joe and Fay Wilson are a happily married vaudeville team. But when a reporter discovers, that one of the chorus girls in the troupe is a slightly eccentric heiress, who bugs sometimes out Approved 58 min Drama, Music, Romance. A precode romantic melodrama about a burlesque dancer and a country boy who must pretend to be married.

Not Rated 72 min Documentary, Biography. Satan's Angel is a legend among burlesque dancers. Her legacy is filled with San Francisco counter culture, Las Vegas stage door Johnnies, and a sexuality she refused to closet. Angel has Director: Joshua M. Passed 61 min Adventure, Comedy, Romance. Approved 46 min Comedy, Romance.


Its is NYC in and taxi-cab owners Tim McGuerin and Eddie Corbett are making a hard-scrabble living with the one tumbledown cab they have between them, and take shifts driving. A light-hearted celebration of British sex films from the s to the early s. Presented by Angus Deayton, the programme includes interviews with movie veterans Robin Askwith and Do-gooder Joe McDoakes is the guest on the "Know Your Relatives" TV show where, to his chagrin, many of his black sheep relations reveal the skeletons in the family closet.

Director: Richard L. Blake , Ralph Brooks. Unrated 87 min Action, Horror, Sci-Fi. Three stories across the centuries of individuals given the power to raise the dead, set in feudal Japan, s USA, and a post-apocalyptic future. This "mockumentary" is an homage to Neo-Burlesque framed around a fictitious retreat, Camp Burlesque. Directors: Joshua M. Votes: 8. Approved 61 min Adventure, Comedy, Romance.

Adam Tripp Charles Ruggles , a mild-mannered, timid office clerk, becomes the butt of several practical jokes on his wedding-eve night, and nearly loses his bride-to-be, Anne Baker Ona Munson. Votes: 7. Not Rated 44 min Short, Comedy, Romance. Tumbling After is a smart and sexy improvised comedy about a burlesque dance troupe on a downward spiral. A festival fav, this burlesque of burlesque dance won the jury award at the Waterford Film Festival Ireland. Standard stuff. And of course so are the titles of the books.

It sure looks like it.


Borrow a celebrity. This sort of appropriation was not unique to Gourdon. Were they illegal in the past? Not in Italy, apparently—Ornella Muti must have known her image was being borrowed, since she worked primarily in Italy and Sukia was published there. Same goes for the Striscia la notizia showgirls.

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Maybe they were flattered. If so, they should have looked inside the comics, where their characters were ripping throats out and shanking dudes in the groin. Washington D. Rampage John F. These two photos showing burlesque dancer Lili St. Cyr were shot today in for a Los Angeles Examiner story about St. It was a different type of club for her—it lacked the intimacy of her normal venues, and would sap some of the heat from her act, but the place was world famous and considered by the smart set to be classy.

During St. But the nudity was an illusion, the cleverest part of her act, achieved through a combination of lighting, positioning, flesh-colored underwear, and sheer athleticism as she slipped quickly from behind a towel and into the sudsy tub. Cyr and Herman Hover. The charges were the usual slate. Cyr called upon celebrity lawyer Jerry Giesler—an event the two Examiner photos at top are supposed to be illustrating—and Giesler proceeded to help turn what was already a media boon for St.

American Burlesque performers

Cyr into a full bonanza. Giesler was a showman, and he loved cases that had the potential to increase his fame. He made assorted sensational statements to the press, including one in which he promised to have his client perform her bath routine in the courtroom, and another in which he opined that putting together a jury of peers required empaneling a dozen strippers. He described St. Cyr as merely trying to improve her station in life, just an industrious woman trying to carve herself a piece of American pie.

The press ate it up. The trial was scheduled for early December in the Beverly Hills Courthouse.

Lili St. Cyr | Revolvy

He introduced St. He drew diagrams on a blackboard illustrating how different observers' vantage points toward the stage were blocked by St. Cyr's maid. The sight of the portly Hover attempting burlesque sent ripples of laughter through the courtroom. The women found her elegant and remote—the opposite of what they had expected. And the cops did their part for St.

Lili St. Cyr

Cyr's defense by being terrible witnesses. One claimed that she emerged from the tub completely nude the normal conclusion to her Interlude, and just as illusory. It was as if St. Cyr's dance had dumbfounded the cops. The confusion has extended even to the present day. For a performance that lasted barely fifteen minutes, it has had an amazing amount of conflicting information attached to it. Columnist Army Archerd claimed St. Cyr performed a reverse strip, beginning nude in the tub and emerging to be slowly dressed by her maid indeed, that was an oft-performed variation, so it is certainly possible it happened that night.

Who's right, and who's wrong? Short of using a time machine to return to October there's no way to tell. At the end of the six-day trial the jury acquitted St. Cyr following a mere seventy-eight minutes of deliberations.

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There had been no indecent exposure. At least not that night. All St. Cyr admitted in court she knew police were in the audience, thus she was especially careful that night. But what of other nights?